A marriage without intimacy – Are you stuck in a sexless marriage?

A marriage without intimacy – Are you stuck in a sexless marriage?

A sexless marriage is where sex is infrequent or non-existent to the point where one partner feels dissatisfied with the relationship.  A marriage without intimacy cannot last.

Sexless marriages bring heartache and pain, and are far more prevalent than most people think.  It is estimated that upwards of 15% of marriages in the United States are sexless marriages, but the true percentage can never truly be known.  When one partner is disinterested in making love, it can leave the other feeling alienated, isolated, and angry.  Your advances are rebuffed, and even when you make special time for intimacy, your partner either ignores you or has some excuse as to why they do not want to make love.  These relationships either end in total heartache, or both parties accept their circumstances, but live in a loveless relationship where neither is happy.  It’s important to recognize whether or not you are in a sexless marriage, and to take action as soon as possible before the years wear on, and you wake up one day dissatisfied with your relationship.

One thing you must not do is have an affair.  It’s easy to think about doing.  You feel you can patch things up with your current spouse, but get your physical needs met elsewhere.  This is dangerous.  You will ruin your relationship with your spouse if they ever find out, and really, if sex is the most important thing in a  relationship to you then you need to simply leave your spouse and move on.  Otherwise you need to deal with them honorably.

The relationship becomes especially destructive when you are the one that has a high sex drive.  Most people who need an active sex life have a hard time feeling intimate and close with someone without having sex with them on a regular basis.  It almost feels as if the partner who is withholding sex is the one holding all the cards in the relationship, and it can add a dimension of frustration and anger to the relationship that can be nothing but poison.

It’s time for you to get information in hand and act.  How can you identify whether or not you are stuck in a sexless marriage?  There are two books that have helped so many women in their sexless marriages, and those are “The Sex-Starved Marriage: Boosting Your Marriage Libido, A Couples Guide,” by Michele Wiener-Davis, and “The Sex Starved Wife,” by the same author.  These books will help you identify exactly why it is your partner does not seem to desire you, and what you can do to bring the flame back into your life.

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