Are dating sites worth it?

Are dating sites worth it?

Online dating is here to stay.  The number of online dating sites out there has exploded and there’s no going back.  But, should you get in the game?

What is it that you seek to get out of it?

There are dating sites that cater to every niche imaginable, so the first step is to figure out your own goals.  You can use dating sites to find someone for one night stands, long term relationships, or people who share a common interest.  There are even dating sites designed for people of a certain religion or ethnicity, so if you remain focused on your objectives, you should find a site that’s just perfect for you.

In fact, for those of you who are shy and do not know how to step out into the dating world right off the bat might find that online dating sites allow you to take things at your own pace.  It’s like speed dating, except no one there staring at you! Just be careful.  It’s usually easy to tell if you’re speaking to whom you think you’re speaking, but all basic rules about safety apply.

There is a dating site just for you!

Dating sites are great for those who are really picky or have a very strict set of guidelines in choosing their mate.  Dating sites also work wonders for people new to an area or are living in a spot where there are not a lot of communal places to meet new people.

If you’re looking for an intense experience and want to find your soul mate, then sites like and e-harmony are right for you.  E-Harmony takes a look at your personality type and asks deeper questions about your likes, dislikes, and your hopes for the future.  If you’re looking for a more long term relationship, one that may eventually lead into marriage, then and are the right places to start.

What if you’re more into having a fling or a weekend flight of fancy?  There’s dating sites for you too.  You could try if you want a brief, fiery romance, or Adult Friend Finder if you want a midnight hookup.  You’ll find plenty of likeminded people on these sites.

Whether you want to find someone to walk with you down the aisle or someone to head out into the city on a new adventure, online dating sites offer a wide variety of people to choose from and are a great way to get into the dating scene.  I know plenty of people who have met the love of their lives online, so there’s a good chance you could too!

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