Are you fighting with your girlfriend?

Are you fighting with your girlfriend?

Are you spending almost every day fighting with your girlfriend? If so, this isn’t healthy and you need to take action. What kind of action you take depends on how you feel. Do you like/love your girlfriend and want to stay with her? Or do you find yourself trying to care but not really caring?

fighting with your girlfriend
There is always the fun of making up.

1. I like/love my girlfriend and I want to stay with her.

-> Then you need to show it. Fighting with your girlfriend isn’t going to help things. It isn’t going to solve anything. It will, however, ruin your relationship. Try talking calmly and rationally with one another. Really listen to what your girlfriend is saying and she will really listen to you. Work to find a compromise. If after several days you cannot come together, then you may need to look for a good couples psychologist. Couples therapists are wonderful because it allows an objective person to come in, without any bias, and listen to you. Then the therapist can help you both to see both sides and find a way to solve things that works for BOTH of you. Finding a way to satisfy both parties is important. It’s the only way to save your relationship.

2. I try to act like I care, but I really don’t.

-> It’s time to move on. Get out of that relationship. It isn’t fair to your girlfriend and it isn’t fair to you. You’re fighting when you shouldn’t even be together. Perhaps you can still be friends or maybe it just isn’t going to happen. Either way, it’s okay. Just know that you need to do your thing and take care of yourself. Be nice when you break up with her, but don’t stay with her because you feel like you have to. You don’t. And it isn’t fair to either of you.