Best Ways to Make Your Ex Jealous

Best Ways to Make Your Ex Jealous

Do you really want to get back at your ex?  Here are some tips to make him wish that he or she had never left you.

The best way to get revenge is to make your ex jealous of you.  I usually try to recommend to cut off all ties with your ex, but there are some occasions where it might be emotionally gratifying to get back at them.  However you are not to do it in an aggressive, stand-offish measure, you want to really wow them.

The best way to make your ex jealous is to make the miss what they already had.  You want to show off a brand new you that will wow them and make them curse themselves that they ever thought the grass was greener on the other side of the fence.  You see, people always second guess themselves in relationships.  Rarely if ever are they that confident.  Everyone is insecure in some way.

The first thing you need to do is build yourself a killer body.  You should look ten times better than you did when you two were together.  This is really a must.  Because the basic strategy is for you to disappear and come back later as a brand new you.  You are going to drop off the social scene.  You are not going to see any of your friends or any other mutual acquaintances.  The next time your ex sees you, they will see a whole new person.

Get some articles on eating right and read a few books on dieting.  You cannot get in shape and have a beautiful body without eating the proper diet.  You also need to get yourself exercising!  There are some great plans out there, like P90X, that you can use to get in shape and look your best.  Spend 6 months babying yourself and preparing yourself to be the new you.

Then, step out onto the stage.  That’s right, step out!  You look great, your clothes are fashionable, and you are sexy.  You see, confidence is that basis of sexuality.  You want to attract everyone around you.  Now, when your ex sees you, they won’t understand why they left you in the first place.

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