Boring in Bed

Boring in Bed

Question: My wife thinks it’s boring in the bedroom…or our sex life is boring but I’m not sure what to do about it.I don’t really know anything about sexual activity other than what we’ve already done. What should I do to make the bedroom more interesting for her? I feel like this is really important to her and I need to find a way to support her. Do you have any advice?

Boring in Bed
It's not always just the sheets that need warming up.

Answer: Men and women are often on different pages when it comes to their sex lives. The most important thing that you can do is find out where you both stand. Find out exactly what she means by “boring” sex. She may not know. Or she may have plenty of ideas on what she’d like to do or try.

If she does know what she wants to do or try, then act on it! Listen to her and try her suggestions. They may be more pleasurable for you as well. It’s great that she feels close enough to you to share this with you. Many partners have a difficult time sharing this information with one another but it seems that your wife has been open and honest with you.

Honor her honesty by educating yourself. Go read a few articles on various sex positions, sex toys, role-play, etc. Head to the local library and read a few books. Too embarrassed to view these items in the library? Go to Amazon, read some of the book reviews and purchase one or two books that seem to be working for others. Read them and choose a few tips or activities to try with your wife.

The best way to solve this situation is to be open and honest with her as well. Tell her how you feel about trying new things and what you currently think of your sex life together. You have an opinion too!

Work together to find new things to explore and soon your “boring in the bedroom” will turn into a “sexy, thrilling bedroom” experience!

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