Cars That Impress Girls

Cars That Impress Girls

Men have been wondering this question for decades:  What kinds of cars impress girls? The answer is actually simpler than you think…

It all depends on your age. If you’re really young yet, then it doesn’t matter what you drive. If you’re under eighteen, your girlfriend will just be impressed that you can. This is particularly true if you are from a large city or an area where public transportation is vastly available.

Otherwise, your choice of car could say a lot about who you are and the way your girlfriend feels about you. Hopefully she will fall in love with you for you, but if you’re just meeting the perfect car can tip the scales in your favor.  You need to remember three magic words when you are picking up your car to pick up your date:

Sleek. Professional. Clean.

That isn’t a make or model of a car but that’s what matters most. A vehicle, preferably a car or something unique like a jeep, that is sleek, professional, and clean. This is what you want.  You want to look like the guy that she wants to go out with, the guy that knows where the fun and excitement are at.  You also want to look like you are put together and mature.  These three words will work wonders if you apply them to your choice of car.

A girl wants to find a guy who is fun, but they also want someone who is dependable. Someone who is mature and carries a level of professionalism with them if need be. A sleek, professional car that is clean will speak volumes about you. It will make you appear more attractive because it looks as though you take pride in yourself.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be an expensive car.  Just look like you can take care of yourself.

Live on the edge? Swap professional for edgy and fun with a vibrant color or a jeep instead of a car. Just remember to keep it clean and still opt for a sleek look rather than a rugged look (unless you actually use your vehicle for rugged trips through the woods and such. Otherwise, it’ll just look silly).

Ultimately it’s the way you carry yourself and the way you present your car. If you open the door for her, you’ve already set a strong mood. It’s up to you to do those little things that will increase the overall attractiveness of not only your car, but also YOU!  It’s just that simple.

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