Always Fighting

Seeing marriage problems signs early is very important.Seeing marriage problems signs?

What do we need to watch out for if we think we’re seeing signs of marriage problems?  We might think our marriage is going just fine, but are there special signs we should keep an eye on so that we can predict a problem before it becomes too much to handle?  There are, and if you’re knowledgeable, you can save your marriage before it’s too late!

First off, how often do you and your spouse make love?  Physical intimacy is the bedrock for many marriages.  Without it, your marriage devolves into simply a great friendship, and for many people, that’s just not enough.  If you feel your love life has taken a turn for the worse, it’s time to head off the problem and do something spontaneous and romantic.  Make sure that it breaks your normal routine and that your spouse is genuinely surprised.  Nothing builds romance and passion like uncertainty and spontaneity.

Another marriage problem sign you need to watch out for is if your spouse seems distant or aloof when they had been interested and engaged before.  This can be a surefire sign of marriage boredom, and if left to fester, can turn into strife later.  Marriage is supposed to build both people within the relationship and can offer ways for both people to grow and experience life in ways they couldn’t as individuals.  If your relationship isn’t accomplishing this, boredom can set in, and so can the wandering eye.

Does your spouse avoid you?  This might be, in fact, unthinkable for a couple.  However, when the glow of being newlyweds fades, have you fallen into the rut of monotony?  Do you feel that you do not need to do anything special for your mate now that you are married?  If you don’t show your partner that you value your relationship with them, they may feel slighted and distant.  They may find that staying at work extra hours or going out with their friends may be preferable to being home with you.

This might sound harsh, but relationships are ongoing and require a lot of work.  Your partner entered the marriage with you out of love, respect, passion, and because they though their life would be enhanced.  You most likely did for the same reasons, or more.  You cannot just rest on your laurels after you say “I do.”  It’s time to make the most of your relationship with your partner and to cherish them.

Do activities you know your partner loves, or talk about subjects they like to talk about.  Let them know you value your time together, and your marriage will take on a new character.  Change your home décor and buy a new car.  Go to a movie you would never otherwise go to or take up a new sport.  Take your spouse out to an art festival or to samba dancing.  There’s a world of new activities.

There are more signs of a strained marriage, but if you notice that your spouse is avoiding you, or you are having fewer and fewer chances to have intimate relations, or if you feel like your partner is just plain bored, there are ways to head off these problems so that you don’t find yourself in a psychologist’s office, wondering why you have to now have marriage counseling.

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If you need to make up with your partner there are some do’s and don’ts to consider.  

So, you and your significant other have had a big blow out, and now you want to know the best way to makeup so that you can move on with your lives?  Well, good!  There are some things you need to keep in mind when making overtures to your mate, because while you can easily repair your relationship and get back on trap, you do run the risk of setting yourself up for another big argument.

First off, I hope you have not been brooding and have gone back to your routine and living life.  Fights happen in couples.  There’s nothing strange about it, and most certainly nothing to halt your life.  If you’re ready to include your significant other back in your life, then it’s time to make the first overture if they have not already done so.

Now, depending on the nature of your argument there are all sorts of way to let your partner know that “Hey, I want to restart our relationship and move past this bit of ugliness.”  It could be as simple as a phone call or a visit to see your partner after work.  If you are genuinely in the wrong, then do not be afraid to apologize with a gift or to simply say “I’m sorry.”  Those two words have healed so many relationships!

If you had a really horrible argument and you do not feel confident that your partner will just start from scratch, then it’s not a bad idea to schedule some time to sit down with them.  Most fights start because of some misunderstanding and a lot of times it’s where one side isn’t honest enough with the other.  We’re so afraid to hurt the people we love that we hold things back, but make the situation worse in the long run.

One of the best pieces of advice I ever gave a friend was to try and turn an apology meeting into a date.  My friend invited his girlfriend to see a waterfall.  The scene was romantic, and a lot of the problems they experienced just melted away once they got away from the world of stress, cell phones, and angry bosses.  Changing your environment is a strategy that works.

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If your marriage needs help and you just don’t know what to do, go on Youtube and find Tony Robbins.  His breakthrough series is inspirational, and you can use it to help repair your marriage.

It’s an amazing series that covers mostly relationships – people who are married and they’ve been through some sort of trauma. It gives an amazing insight into outside-of-the-square marriage help that is for sure.  Everyone that has seen it has said it has changed their lives.  I really recommend that you stop what you’re doing and watch it.

With one couple the husband lost his job and they were suffering from some massive financial difficulties.

One couple in the series was having problems getting through a hard patch where one of them contracted a debilitating disease.  It was so heartbreaking to see how their medical bills strained their relationship, but the husband stood by his wife until eventually she was cured of the disease.  Some say, his love for her is what cured her.

You quickly realize, after watching this television show, that relationships are strong when certain things occur. It’s great marriage help because it’s very real and you can see what works and doesn’t work. Too many of the people feel sorry for themselves or are stuck in the past or haven’t recovered from a personal trauma – and this destroys their marriage.

In the case of the couple facing a terminal illness, the husband didn’t feel sorry for himself, he took control of the situation and decided to let his wife know he was sticking by her until the very end.  He had an abiding faith that is the secret spice for any great relationship.

He takes a very strong leadership role within the relationship and becomes the rock. Not enough marriage help encourages this in my opinion.

The second thing is that if you don’t deal with your own issues, you don’t deal with your own problems; you kind of bring both your partner down and the relationship down.  Remember, you know you’re in a great relationship where you care for your partner just as much as you would care for yourself.

It’s very easy to be selfish in a relationship when you have problems but being in a marriage, your problems end up becoming your partner’s problems whether you like it or not. Looking for marriage help might not be all you need. You might need personal help along with marriage help.

Keep watching the series and you’ll learn all sorts of life lessons.

There was one particular couple who he sent to Skid Row down in LA and believe me that gave him a huge jolt.  Their marriage was saved because of it. It would be better if all marriage help was as transformational as this account he gave.  Sometimes we gain the most once we conquer our darkest hour.

It serves a lesson to consider putting yourself right outside your comfort zone when you are improving your marriage. Don’t look for marriage help as an easy way out. Use marriage help to encourage you to take some risks.  Marriage advice is designed to challenge you, to do thinks you didn’t think were possible.

So it might be time for you to put a bit of pressure on your relationship, to make a decision, to add a bit of leverage, to do something different and put yourself under a little bit of extra focus.

This might be the catalyst for turning your marriage around.

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Dealing with a marriage in trouble requires some drastic measures.  Don’t worry though, I’ve got some great advice that works!Marriage in trouble?

Don’t let marriage problems ruin your life.  I know, it probably feels like the walls around you are crumbling.  You fight with your spouse all the time.  The bills keep coming in, but you have no money to pay them.  You blame each other for everything that goes wrong, and you haven’t been on a romantic date in months!  Don’t worry.  Take a deep breath.  If your marriage is in trouble, then you need to proactively go after the problem.

The #1 cause of marriage stress is financial related.  Couples normally break up after a layoff or some other horrendous financial calamity.  Sometimes it’s because bills pile up and you have no idea how you’re going to make it from month to month.  This happens to anyone and it is nothing to be embarrassed about, and it is definitely not the time to be at each other’s throats.  It’s time to come up with a new budget, to try and find a cheaper place to live and a cheaper car, and take time out to get your lives together.

If it’s not financial stress, then maybe there has been infidelity?  I know how hard this time in your life can be.  You feel your spouse has betrayed you and your wedding vows, and you don’t know how you could ever pick up the pieces of your broken marriage.  The first thing to do is not jump to conclusions.  I cannot tell you how many phone calls I get from hysterical wives who think they’re husband is cheating on them, basing their assertions on the fact that they saw him walking down the street with another woman.

Don’t make assumptions!  The woman you saw your husband with may or may not be sleeping with him. She may be an old classmate or a childhood friend.  Men and women can have platonic relationships, even when they’re married!  If you really feel he is cheating on you, hire a private detective and gather some evidence.  If he is indeed seeing someone else, you’ll have to breakup with him and most likely move to a new city.

If your marriage is in trouble because of substance abuse problems, I have to be honest and say that it’s probably not going to work out.  Sure, people can come out of alcohol programs and drug programs better people, but usually substance abuse destroys relationships and the people who abuse.  It may be too late if they’ve become violent or withdrawn.  It might be time to leave.

Marriage troubles are tough, and sometimes we have to understand when our marriage is no longer salvageable.  However, if we come into our marriage from a position of strength, where we are actively looking for problems to solve and mountains to climb, then we can get out of the marriage trouble woods quite quickly.

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I have done a lot of research and looked at a lot the studies on marriage breakdown and we can look at this from many ways.Marriage Breakdown?

We can examine it from the societal perspective, from a legal perspective, from a financial perspective but one thing is for certain divorce takes a major cause there on everything from the health care system to your own physical and mental health.

Research shows that marriage breakdown is taking a hold in many countries and the results are increased level of stress and a fundamental breakdown of structures of support.  If you are experiencing a marriage break down, then you need to know what it means and what you can do to pick up the pieces of your life.

A marriage breakdown can happen rapidly.  Maybe you feel like your marriage is slipping through your fingertips.  Maybe you are arguing with your spouse constantly and the stable domestic pattern you had established is now starting to unravel.  You find that you are not really looking forward to coming home to your spouse and find yourself working longer hours to stay away.

Marriage breakdown can happen slowly too.  Sometimes, neither partner feels brave enough to speak their feelings clearly to one another, and let things fester and rot before they get to the root of the problem.  This is actually worse, as one partner can really go along thinking everything is fine, and then one day, their spouse just explodes.

Marriage is an ongoing process, and to prevent marriage breakdown, you will have to take an active part in making sure your relationship is happy.  The magic of your honeymoon can make you feel that the good times will last forever, but a lot of it has to do with the effort YOU put into it.  This might seem like harsh advice, but it’s an opportunity.

The first thing to do is to remove the cause of the stress.  Do you ever take vacations with your spouse?  What about going out on a date?  It doesn’t have to be a big production where you dress up in suits and go out on the town.  A great date can be sitting at home and watching a movie with popcorn, it’s all about ambiance and atmosphere.

Are the pressures of child rearing too stressful?  Grab a babysitter and let the kids have some fun without you for an evening.  You cannot keep doing the same thing you’ve been doing and not breaking the pattern you’ve got yourself into.  Preventing a marriage breakdown is about creating a new paradigm.

Marriage affords all sorts of benefits to the couple and to society as a whole.   When you’re sick you have someone to depend on.  Marriage provides more income and family stability.  This is why we try to prevent marriage breakdown because all that we gain from happy marriages is worth the work to keep them going.

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If you’re having marriage difficulties, there is something you can do.
Marriage Difficulties - Useful advice that can help you if your marriage is in trouble

No one ever said marriage would be perfect, and few relationships are.  When you’re facing marriage difficulties, there are a few things you can do to preserve your marriage and bring order back to your life. The first thing to do is to be honest with yourself as to what is truly the problem.

One major problem in marriages is if there is a difference in the sexual needs of both partners.  One partner may have a high sex drive and want to make love more often than the other.  Maybe you feel hurt that you have to shun your partner’s advances, and make them feel you don’t want them sexually.  You love your partner, but you just do not want to make love as often as they would like, and it’s starting to become a problem.  This causes a rift in many relationships, one that you don’t want to cause.  It may be time to expand your horizons and explore your sexuality more.

We often let the stresses of modern life make us feel we can put sex off, or that there are more important things to do. 

Nothing could be further from the truth.  The intimacy you share with your partner is the core of your relationship and you must do what it takes to save it.    If your job or a big project is making you feel stressed, then put it down and take out some time to spend with your significant other, just the two of you.  You don’t necessarily have to do something grand, like go to a tropical island.

Even the simplest dates, like walking through a park or doing an activity that you can bond over, go a long way in rebuilding a relationship that’s been mired in domestic drudgery.  Once you are relaxed and not thinking about the next deadline or your bosses face on Monday morning, you’ll find being intimate with your partner much more natural.

Sometimes intimacy is not the problem in a marriage.  Maybe you feel like you and your partner are reliving the same day over and over again. 

Routines are good, but too much can lead to boredom and stagnation, and that’s not what endeared you to your partner in the first place.  It’s time to spice it up, and not just in the bedroom.  In these cases you’ll have to do something very much out the ordinary.  Some couples go to exotic locales while others take up new hobbies that they can enjoy together.

Try and do something that involves meeting other couples, or dressing up and going someplace elegant. 

Some couples take up ballroom dancing, which is a romantic activity where you can dress up, go on an adventure, and break up your routine.  If you are outdoorsy, then visiting a scenic spot and going happy can be a romantic trip and rekindle your relationship.  Anything that gets you out of the house and away from the daily grind.

How to make up with your girlfriend after a fight is an eternal question every guy wonders…How to Make Up With Your Girlfriend After a Fight

You see women respond to things in very interesting ways.

That’s why what you think about how to make up with your girlfriend after a fight might be incorrect.

There’s things that women really like that a lot of guys aren’t even aware of and sometimes how you deal with the fight and how you make up with your girlfriend has to do with the levels of attraction she has for you more than anything Learning how to make up with your girlfriend after a fight has more to do with “you” than anything you specifically do towards her.

More attractive guys don’t have to worry as much about how to make up with your girlfriend after a fight because they deal with less of the problems of relationship fights.

It’s really these levels of attraction that — are what is going to help you make up and help you boost your relationship.

One of the best ways to boost attraction is to think which where you can develop your inner strength is — this has to do with your persistence, your will power, your self discipline, your inner stamina to follow your decisions.

And it’s really about sticking to what you want. You will determine how easy or hard knowing how to make up with your girlfriend after a fight is.

When you’ve coached a lot of guys on getting better with girls, you realize that the guys with internal strengths are far more attractive to women.

These are the guys who can get their goal no matter what.

And these attractive guys don’t worry so much about how to make up with your girlfriend after a fight because they get more respect from their woman.

These are the guys who get results; they stick with what they want.

Maybe it’s succeeding in business or losing a weight or being socially confident, changing habits but they are able to make it happen.

So their woman respects them more.

They get results.

And in that lies the secret to how to make up with your girlfriend after a fight.

They have this essence of inner strength within them and because of these inner strengths; they get what they want to have in life.

Now if you’ve got a little bit of time between now and your girlfriend, come to seriously boost your inner strength, so you guys you can do that, it’s the best way of exercise, putting yourself through some very difficult, hard exercise that makes you struggle and makes you sweat, makes you absolutely full of pain, you push through it.

Next is to start focusing more on your goals, develop more discipline, take more action on them, don’t look down or take the easy road.

Learn how to make up with your girlfriend after a fight by being more of that kind of guy.

Seriously start to make your goals happen, start to live the life of your dreams by taking more actions and getting results.

Determine how to make up with your girlfriend after a fight by having less tolerance for mediocrity or people not treating you in an amazing way.

A certain way to increase your mental strength has to come from just your attitudes to facing your fears.  Facing your fears is almost one of the ultimate ways to develop inner power.

You see everyone tends to avoid their fears and stay away from them and have resistance to them.

The stronger guy they’re the attractive guys they openly and are keen to face and overcome their fears.

They tend to enjoy it.

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Realize that couples fighting can actually be healthy.  It’s all about how you look at  your relationship.

It is actually possible to have a relationship where you never fight, but most healthy relationships have disagreements.  

There’s nothing wrong with having a fight with  your significant other.  You must always be assertive.  Assertiveness doesn’t mean being rude or being violent, it just means sticking up for yourself and what you feel.  It’s a sign of self respect.

Some couples do fight an inordinate amount, and if you feel you fall into that category, then there are a few things you could try.

If you find yourself arguing a LOT with your significant other, then it may be a sign that you two are just not compatible.  This happens to a lot of couples where very little holds them together outside of attraction.  Remember, you are in the relationship to help you grow.  If it begins to get unbearable, it’s not a bad idea to look elsewhere.

If you feel like your relationship is worth saving, then there is a reason you feel that way.

You might be thinking that there are people out there who don’t experience couples fighting.  That’s not really true, people are good at putting on airs for others while fighting when the doors are closed.

Realizing that no relationship is perfect will actually calm you down.

The thing you need to know is that couples that don’t fight, often are very good at expressing their views. They can communicate.  One thing about couples fighting is that it is very draining.

Couples that don’t fight think about the other person.  They share empathy, they’re not looking to insult or condemn, to put too much pressure on the other or get the other to judge. These couples don’t waste energy on things that don’t matter in the long run.

It seems in some relationships that maybe one or both people actually enjoy fighting.  How do these couples work?

Perhaps their life is such that they lack enough drama in their life because they’re not chasing their goals enough, that they need the relationship to get their daily fill of drama.

So couples that are often successful in their relationships realize that what’s happening outside their relationships is also important.  They know what they’re doing with their time and energy.  This plays a very big part on what’s happening inside the relationship.  You can emulate this.

For example, one of the biggest toxic effects on relationships is having a lot of stress in your life.

So if you’re experiencing a lot of stress in your life, maybe at work, maybe in other areas, this is naturally going to flow into your relationship and negatively affect it.  Be conscious of how this affects your relationships.

Think about the bigger picture, realize there’s no point being right if you’re unhappy.

So improve your communication skills, your listening skills, talk softly when you need to, ask for specifics and make sure you can always find some common ground with your partner, even when you are dealing with something that seems unresolvable.

Make sure you often agree to disagree or you can let your partner have a bit of a win. It’s not really about winning or losing.

Know when it’s worth investing a lot of time and energy into something and know when your ego is just getting in the way.  More often than not, it’s not a big deal at all.

The more you can keep your big picture focus, the less you’re going to have to deal with relationship fighting.

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So you’ve just had a fight with husband and you are at a loss at what to do next?Do you fight with your husband?

Communication between men and women is difficult, but not impossible.  Fighting with your husband can be very depressing as a woman.  Most of the time it feels like you’re running up against a brick wall.  Maybe he has bad habits he won’t change, or maybe you feel you don’t spend enough time together.  Maybe you’re having more and more conflict with each passing week with your husband, and you don’t know why?

First off, you do not want to nag.  A lot of conflict in relationships occurs when the husband thinks that the wife is nagging him about things she doesn’t understand.  Try to pinpoint when and where you have your worst arguments.  Is it when he’s at his most stressed?  Husbands carry a lot of responsibility for the safety of their family and the upkeep of their home.  If he feels you are starting in on him when he gets home, it can easily start an argument.

If you’re not fighting about domestic problems then what are you arguing about?  Some married couples argue a lot about money.  It’s easy for a husband to feel insecure if he is not able to bring in enough for his family.  Maybe you’re behind on your payments, like a mortgage or a car, and you wish your husband did more.  This may be a good opportunity to start thinking about the situation from his perspective.  Does he hate his job?  Has he taken a pay cut?  If he’s working hard, but it doesn’t make ends meet, he might feel frustrated and it doesn’t help that you are adding onto the pyre.

Financial situations don’t have to bring strife between you and your husband.  Maybe it’s time you took a look at your budget and see where you can cut back.  Or maybe, you could learn to work from home and take in extra income.  When one partner is blamed for everything that goes wrong in a relationship, it’ easy for them to feel like you’re just blaming them.  Work as a team and you’ll find that you’re arguing less.

Let’s make this emphatically clear: if your husband is a substance abuser or is violent, you need to call the police and leave the relationship.  A man does not have a right to hurt his wife, and if he threatens your life, take him at his word and leave the house.  A restraining order might not be enough to keep him away, so be sure when you leave that you do it in secret and you do it for keeps.  Some women think that an alcoholic husband is okay, or that it’s just a phase.  In some cases, that’s true, a husband can overcome an addiction and repair a relationship, but if the relationship is abusive, you have to leave.

Don’t blame yourself if you are having fights with your husband.  You need to make a logical assessment of the situation and work from there.  Always be attentive, listen, and try not to blame your husband for everything.  Take a look in the mirror, and see if there are any things you can change to make the relationship last.

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One of the things that’s going help you most in order to prevent fights with your girlfriend is to deal with them, and learn how to be more assertive.Fighting with your girlfriend?

Fights in relationships are inevitable, you are not going to agree on every little thing, and in fact, many couples say that if they never fight with their partner, they don’t feel any attraction. The important thing to remember is that whenever conflict comes up, you need to remain assertive.  Being assertive does not necessarily mean being a jerk.  Being assertive means being firm about your own feelings and thoughts.  It’s important that if you get into a fight with your girlfriend, that you need to be assertive: it’s actually healthy!

Healthy, honest communication is all about setting boundaries.  Everyone has boundaries, and if you get in a fight with your girlfriend, you need to understand her boundaries as well as your own.  You’ll find that a lot of your fights are caused by one or both of you stepping on each other’s boundaries and causing a misunderstanding.  This is when being assertive is really great for your own mental health.  You do not want your boundaries to be stepped on without your girlfriend understanding.  Remember, women want a man who has self-esteem and who will stick up for himself.

If you are not assertive, then what ends up happening is that your boundaries get constantly stepped on, and with every transgression you become a little bit angrier.  It’s natural, but you do not want to let your anger bottle up inside until it explodes.  That would be a recipe for a relationship disaster.  In this case, being assertive early on in the relationship, even if you are scare of breaking it up, is much better than suppressing your own emotions.  Remember, assertiveness is healthy!

If you find that you and your girlfriend are arguing constantly, it could be that you need better communication skills.  Misunderstandings happen, but it’s not good that you spend most of your time arguing.  You’ll find that many of your arguments are over small or meaningless things.  In those cases, it might be good to take a break from each other.  Some couples spend a lot of time together.  This is easy to do when you first start off with your relationship.  You’re in love and everything you do together might feel like magic.

However, if you spend too much time with someone, it’s easy to let little things annoy you.  You need to have a life outside of your girlfriend where you pursue your own interests and live your own life.  You need to keep balance within your life, and you’ll find you’ll be having fewer and fewer fights with your girlfriend.

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