I get a lot of questions about ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends. Everyone wants to know how to win an ex-boyfriend back.

They miss the companionship and most importantly, they miss that particular person. They aren’t interested in finding a new love, they just want the one that they already had.  This is perfectly human!  Don’t feel bad if you find yourself in this position.

If this is you, do not despair. This article will give you a few basic ideas about how to win an ex-boyfriend back without begging. Whatever you do, don’t beg. Men do not find that attractive. They will not want to come back. And if they do come back…it might not be for reasons that you would like.  To be honest, some men will not think twice to use a woman for physical comfort, so remember to maintain your self respect.

Do some self reflection!

First, look at why they left. Do you know? If you know why your partner left you then you need to figure out how to change that aspect of yourself. If it isn’t something that you want to change, then you shouldn’t be pursuing this relationship. Maybe they hated the way you always argued.  Are you an argumentative person?  Be honest, because if you don’t change the problem then there is no way you can win an ex-boyfriend back.

Second, discover who you are.  Men love confident women.  Period.  Confidence is sexy in their eyes. I’m not asking you to be arrogant, to think of yourself as the “Queen Bee” or “God’s gift to the world.” I’m asking that you find yourself attractive, you appreciate some of your talents, and you learn to love yourself. Walk with purpose. Create goals for yourself and follow them. Step outside of your comfort zone and increase your boundaries.  Believe me, he’ll react.

Third, work on your appearance if necessary. I know that you don’t want to hear this and no one does, but it may be one reason why your partner left you. Did you stop going to the gym and keeping up your appearance?  Men start getting the wandering eye when their partner starts to let themselves go.  It’s a harsh truth.

You’ve got your inner game in line, now what next?

Lastly, find ways to occasionally bump into him without making it look as though you tried. Don’t bump into him often, but once a month would be good. You don’t want o appear as if you are stalking him.  Nothing scares a guy off more than an obsessive girl. Let him see what he’s been missing without asking for him back. Then, watch him come crawling back to you. You may find, that after all this time and self-discovery, he isn’t as great as you previously thought. You may discover another man that you’d rather have. Either way, you’ll find yourself with more options.

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When I personally wanted to get my ex girlfriend back I focused on becoming more attractive to women. We’ll go over some advice for men on how you can improve your sex appeal.

Essentially you want to improve your sex appeal so that you become a lot more attractive to women. All women.

The effect is going to be that when your ex-girlfriend will see that she has to compete for you.  You’re a prize. You have something that everyone wants.

Investing some time, energy and money into boosting your sex appeal is going to give you a massive benefit.  It really doesn’t take much either, so you’ll get a lot for putting in very little.

I want to give you five things you can do right now, that will dramatically boost your sex appeal. These things helped me get my ex girlfriend back more than anything else and are fantastic initial steps to take.

The first one is your style. Try to develop a style that fits your personality and is trendy.  When I was trying to get my ex girlfriend back, I decided my new style would be one of “quiet sophistication.”  I looked like a model out of a magazine.

To get my ex girlfriend back you really need to add an element of class to the way you dress.  Women love this.

Looking to dress in a very understated and powerful way is what is going to dramatically boost your sex appeal.  It says that you know about style, and that you know about how to enjoy life.

Number two is getting in shape, seriously. I wanted to get my ex girlfriend back and I started hitting the gym hardcore. Twice a day at first.

You’ve got to be fit.  You’ve got to be in shape.  If you don’t take time to take care of yourself, why would you take care of her too?

We never feel as good as men until were fit, healthy and strong. I wanted to get my ex girlfriend back and I changed the way I looked. I was willing to put in the hard work and endure the pain. Are you?

So work out and do the type of exercise I recommend, which is called functional fitness.

Functional fitness emphasizes building up your muscles to do hard tasks.  It’s not just about having perfectly chiseled pecs, it’s also about feeling healthy and having a strong body.

When I wanted to get my ex girlfriend back I decided to really harden up as a man.

The third one is your fragrance, get some new aftershave, get something expensive, classy, makeover your daily routine. When I wanted to get my ex girlfriend back, I invested in an expensive cologne that said, “I take care of myself.”

Your face wash, your body wash, the type of deodorant you use – these are all very important.

We want you to be elite when it comes to how you smell.

Step number four is to learn some dance moves.

This is a great way for you, if you’ve just broken up with a girl, to meet new people, to move your body, and to start feeling good.

A man who can dance is usually a man who can turn a woman on. I wanted to get my ex girlfriend back so I took dance lessons straight away.  Sure, most men cannot dance well.  Find a class, and learn!

See if you can feel it, see if you can let go and relax a bit at the same time.

Use this as a feel good exercise, not only to attract women using your hips.

The fifth one is to become more of a gentlemen, it’s time to brush up on your manners.

Brush up on your chivalry and start to add a little bit more class to your life.  Be polite, yet firm.  Learn how to act as if you are a prince on a stately vacation.

What we want to do is totally shock your ex girlfriend when she sees you.

The way you look, the way you move, the way you talk, the way you hold yourself, the way you behave.

We want her to think you are a brand new man.

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One of the key principles in knowing how to get an ex boyfriend back is to have a very smart contact strategy…How to get an Ex Boyfriend Back

A lot of your success in getting him back is going to come down to how you can manage the contact aspect – for example do you call him or text him? Or Facebook him? Knowing that is knowing how to get an ex boyfriend back.

How do you initiate contact – by phone or online? And how do you intend to catch out with him whether it’s a date or a coffee or drinks and also how you intend following up, whether that’s email or text message?

These questions are everything with knowing how to get an ex boyfriend back.

Give a serious thought to your contact strategy because this is going to play a very big part in how receptive he is to catching up with you, and your catch-up strategy can create increased attraction and will give the greatest chance of success.

So I’m going to give you two small tips, they’re going to help you with your contact strategy. They’ll make how to get an ex boyfriend back a little bit clearer.

Your contact strategy is everything that includes communication between the two of you, whether it’s global or via technology or online, contact is what it’s all about. Think about how to get an ex boyfriend back as mostly a system to get him back in contact with you and back into your life.

Tip number one – your first few points of contact need to be very relaxed, no pressure and easy going, it might be a comment on his status on Facebook, it might be a happy birthday message, for whatever it is you wanted to be very easy going, to be very relaxed and to have no hints of pressure or emotional connection.

Knowing how to get an ex boyfriend back is about knowing how to keep communication “light”.

You wanted to be very easy going, down to earth, and you wanted to be very friendly and informal.

The second contact strategy that’s very important is when you meet him to assess the situation; all you want is a bit of background information. Learning how to get an ex boyfriend back is a bit personalized to your individual situation.

You want to know whether he’s got a new girlfriend or not, you want to know the extent of whether he’s moved on or not and generally how his life is going and if you can with your day, make it pretty relaxed and casual.

I wouldn’t make the face-to-face contact somewhere that could lead to sex, I would encourage you to make it perhaps during the day time, and you want to NOT talk about the past. Learning how to get an ex boyfriend back is about the future.

You want to talk about the future and you don’t want to talk about any sensitive issues or anything that could cause an argument or a difficulty between you. Knowing how to get an ex boyfriend back is about keeping it unemotional.

You certainly don’t want to be talking about past hurts or problems or anything sensitive at all. Figuring out how to get an ex boyfriend back is about attraction.

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