Boring Sex

It’s a nightmare of an experience: being trapped in a sexless relationship.   You feel like you’re on a journey all alone.

Sexless relationships are painful and it always saddens me to hear from people who feel trapped in them.  Usually, they are sexless marriages where there is plenty to keep the couple together, but without the physical intimacy, the relationship is not enjoyable and feels hollowed out.  It feels like other couples are enjoying their marriages, and you’re not.

If you’re in a sexless relationship, and you’re saying to yourself, “What do I do?” here’s some advice.

First, if you are the one that wants to make love, but your partner doesn’t, do not blame yourself.  It’s not you.  You are just as attractive and wonderful as you were when you and your partner were making love.  In most sexless relationships, the partner that does not want to make love is usually the one that has had some horrible past where they were traumatized.

This is why it is so important not to blame yourself, because it mostly likely has nothing to do with you!  Realizing this keeps the strife out of sexless relationships.  Molestation, rape, or other types of horrible past trauma are often the cause of the fear of intimacy in sexless relationships.

But I feel so lonely…

How could you not?  Your partner doesn’t want to be intimate with you.  It’s a big rejection.  You will have to accept that from here on out, you’ll have to rebuild the connection you two once shared bit by bit.  If you truly love the person and are willing to make this commitment, then that speaks volumes 

I’m not trying to belittle your feelings.  You will have to learn to bring up this painful subject with your significant other.  You will most likely be the one that will have to make suggestions as to what to do, such as couples therapy or initiating physical intimacy.  If you love your partner, you will find this process to actually make your relationship stronger.

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Sexless marriages are usually caused by some past trauma or by a feeling of emotional separation.  There are ways of dealing with this. 

There are a variety of different things that could be what causes a sexless marriage.  What causes sexless marriage? it differs in each relationship.

There could be a physical or hormonal issue with one person. There could be a medical issue that is making it difficult for them to have much sex drive.  Some people just do not want sex as often as other people.  Some partners are severely mismatched in terms of sex drive, but there are plenty of ways to deal with this problem.

There might be some sort of mental or emotional issue that’s causing you or your partner to be less interested in sex, it could be something as far back as childhood and it could have to do with previous sexual relations. Knowing what causes sexless marriage is about going on an investigation mission.  For women, this is usually due to rape or molestation earlier in life.

The next thing to think about is that it might be something that the other partner is doing. They may have lost attraction. Or perhaps sex isn’t exciting enough or risky enough for them. It may even be boring. They may feel too much pressure to perform.  Never pressure your partner, it makes it worse.  Sex must be free and passionate, not locked down and stuffy.

It could be something to do with changes in their body, such as: after child birth, or menopause, or even to do with male menopause which is not really well-known. It could deal with Madonna-whore complex or a lack of communication.

So what’s really important is that you do investigation, research, study, you get your hands on everything and anything on the topic of sexless marriage, and you figure out what’s going wrong in your case.

You might be able to do it yourself with honest communication but you may need a sex therapist. In fact, I really recommend a sex therapist because you might find it easier to talk about your sex life with a stranger who will not judge you for what you say.  You’ll discover what you need as you go along in the process. Take it seriously and devote enough time to the process.

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The sexless relationship advice I am going to give you is based upon understanding the importance of sex.Sexless Relationship Advice

If you’re looking for good sexless relationship advice then the internet is filled with them, but how do you know which advice is right for you?  There are a few things you should think about if you think you are in a sexless relationship, and depending on your answers, you can decide what best to do.  This is a difficult period in your life, so it’s time to get good information and make smart decisions.

A sexless relationship is where one partner has lost interest in sex.  Usually the couple only has sex a couple of times per month, or does not have sex at all for long stretches of time.  This can be very frustrating for the partner who wants to make love.  You can feel rebuffed and unloved, as if your partner no longer wants you because the intimacy in your relationship has gone.  What should you do?

The first piece of sexless relationship advice is for you to not blame yourself.  It can be very hurtful if your partner does not want to make love and has no interest in physical intimacy.  You begin to think that you are not attractive anymore, and that there must be someone else.  This may not be true, and you cannot start to become paranoid or think the worst, because this could only make the situation worse.

If you have been in a sexless relationship for months, then it might be a good idea to go see a therapist.  These are trained professionals who have treated people with this problem.  Some sexless relationships are caused by past trauma, such as rape or molestation, and will require someone who is a trained therapist to deal with those problems.

What else can you do if you are in a sexless relationship?  You’ll have to rebuild intimacy between you and your partner bit by bit.  Going months without any physical closeness has probably done its damage on the level of trust you have for your partner.  You should start by having long conversations again where you share your innermost secrets, and cuddle.  Some couples find that holding their partner for a protracted length of time heals old wounds and builds intimacy quickly.

You are looking for sexless relationship advice because you do not want to necessarily leave your partner right away.  This is good.  It means you care for them and want the relationship to work.  Some of the advice here works, but really, to deal with the larger issues of your relationship you’ll need a trained therapist with years of experience.

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Sexless relationships are filled with pain and acrimony, but there really is sexless relationship help out there and it can be useful to you.  Don’t despair!  Read on and see if you can use our advice to help you get through this assuredly difficult time.  
Sexless Relationship Help?

I will be the first one to tell you that a lot of the sexless relationship help out there is practically useless.  I’ve read so many other self proclaimed dating gurus give people all sorts of silly advice about what to do with their sexless relationship.  I’ll give it to you straight: it’s a difficult problem that takes months of concerted effort and planning to fix.  Anyone that says otherwise doesn’t have enough experience.

A sexless relationship is where sex happens infrequently, if at all.  Usually, it’s because one partner has no interest in making love.  The key to figuring out whether or not you’re in a sexless relationship is to figure out how long it has been since the last time you and your partner made love.  If you  go weeks or even months at a time without having sex, then it’s a sign.  Sexless marriages lack basic signs of intimacy, like hugging, cuddling, or kissing, and the relationship becomes robotic.

The biggest thing you can do is not to blame your partner, whether or not you’re the one that wants to have sex.  If you feel your partner is holding out on you, and you begin to blame them, then you can seriously exacerbate the situation beyond all hope.  It’s easy to feel angry and rejected, and it can be difficult to temper our emotions, but when you listen to my sexless relationship help, you’ll see why.

Most of the times, a sexless relationship results from one partner bringing back old baggage from a previous relationship.  Sometimes your partner does not want to be intimate because they were sexually abused or raped in the past, and they simply compartmentalized their feelings.  Their fear of intimacy results from the abuse, but they’ve become accustomed to simply suppressing it.  It’ll come out when a relationship develops.

If you get mad at your partner or play the blame game, then you’ve taken an awful situation and have turned it into a tragedy.  Your partner will start blaming themselves for awful acts that happened to them in their past.  What could have been a healing, coming together and strengthening of your relationship would turn bitter and mean quickly.

Seek a therapist for sexual relationship help.  Do not blame your partner, and try to control your emotions.  Do not resort to adultery.  You may as well call a divorce lawyer.  I know you feel you have to go elsewhere for sex, but you’ll drive your partner into even greater depths of depression.  Believe me, the one who turns down the sex suffers more than the one who wants it.

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Feeling stuck in a sexless relationship for men is one of the worst feelings imaginable.  For a woman, a sexless relationship is a sign of something much deeper.

Whether you are a man or woman, a sexless relationship is something that cannot go on forever.  For men, not having sex for months at a time is equivalent  to torture.  For women, a sexless relationship feels like being in a closed space without warmth or light.  Sexless relationships are more prevalent than you might think.  Over 1 in 6 couples surveyed said that they were having sex only once a month, if that, which is the very definition of a sexless relationship.

What is a sexless relationship?  A sexless relationship is where the couple doesn’t have sex for months at a time.  It is healthy to have sex weekly, if not daily.  A relationship begins to wither on the vine when there is little to no physical intimacy.  A relationship like that cannot survive.  I have seen a lot of couples struggle with sexless relationships, and the ones that try to ignore the problem or just erroneously think that sex will magically return to the equation find themselves in divorce court.

A sexless relationship can have many causes.  Sometimes it’s the stress of work.  You have deadlines and bosses breathing down your neck, and you feel completely exhausted when you come home.  The last thing on your mind is sex.  The problem is that if this becomes a habit then your partner will begin to think you want nothing to do with them.  They’ll think you don’t desire them any more, and would prefer dozing off to sleep then spending time with them.

This starts a vicious cycle.  You get stressed and don’t desire sex, and then your partner becomes distant.  Then as they become more distant, when you do want to make love, they feel betrayed and want little to do with you.  This is really awful and I’ve seen it happen to couples who don’t know how to break out of the cycle.  My advice: reinvent your life.

If your job is causing your marriage to collapse, think about a new job.  Think about new ways of making money or taking a vacation.  Taking a hit in salary is worth a good relationship.  Learn to live with a little less.  You’ll find that in turn, your relationship will start to heal.  It will take time and may only happen bit by bit at first, but you cannot fix a problem if you do not invest time in fixing it.

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Do you know what’s the sexless relationship definition?  You might be pondering this question if you’re worried you’re stuck in a sexless relationship.

It’s not hard to define a sexless relationship.  A sexless relationship is defined as any relationship where the couple has infrequent or no sex.  Infrequent is defined as having sex less than ten times per year.  That means the couple only has sex once a month, if that!  Sexless relationships are also defined by lack of physical intimacy outside of sex, as well as distance between partners.

How can you tell that you’re in a sexless relationship though?  Some people see warning signs, but then they think that there are other signs that point to being in a normal relationship.  Some people don’t even know what a normal relationship is like.  Here’s one truth of relationships: sex is natural.  If you’ve been with your significant other for any length of time, sex is natural and sex is necessary.  Sex doesn’t mean just the act itself, but also cuddling, kissing, hand holding, flirting, and all of the other intimate things we do before we have sex.

A sexless relationship is hollow.  It’s where neither partner feels intimate at all, and that’s because there is usually no hand holding, no cuddling, and little in the way of communication.  If you’re the one that wants to have sex but can’t, then you will know you’re in a sexless relationship when your partner constantly rejects  your advances.  You’ll feel frustrated and your hormones will get to you if you remain faithful to your spouse or significant other.

If you’re the partner that doesn’t want to have sex, are you pushing away your partner’s advances?  Do you feel stressed, that something is bothering you but you just can’t put your finger on what?  Have you had a past trauma in your life, such as sexual assault or molestation?  Sometimes we bury the pain of our past but then it resurfaces when our life changes and we have someone we live.

What’s the sexless relationship definition?  It’s basically a lack of the glue that binds relationships.  It’s hard to put your finger on when you’re the one in the relationship, but your body knows that it’s not getting the intimacy and love that it should be.  If you need tips on how to deal with your problem, then keep on perusing this site.  I have plenty of articles to help you through this difficult point in your life!

There are many possible sexless relationship causes – let’s analyze them together.

There are many things that can cause a sexless relationship. It isn’t always easy to narrow it down and oftentimes it may be a combination of several things. There are physical issues, mental issues and emotional problems that can all play a role as well as the level of communication in your relationship.

There are just so many things that can cause a sexless relationship. There are well over 100 unique and clear sexless relationship causes.

If you want to treat your relationship, then look at it in a scientific way. Examine which things could be contributing to your sexless relationship and then address those individually.

You don’t want to get too offended or take things too personally in this process. Often sexless relationship causes might be things you haven’t even heard of.

Once you figure out the causes, you may need to look again. Even if your parnter thinks they know the caues, often, it isn’t the real reason. Sometimes people’s self-awareness is such that they cannot recognize the real reasons for their behavior. It’s difficult to find the causes on your own. This is where an objective party such as a couples therapist can help. Family and friends will not only be non-objective but they will most likely be biased towards you or your partner.

You need to create a winning game plan that addresses all of the sexless relationship causes in your relationship. Most people try to fix a sexless relationship with a very poor strategy.

You need to have a bullet proof strategy. You need to take action to resolve this situation. Make sure that you are not feeling extreme emotions such as anger or frustration. You need to have a clear mind throughout this process. You also need to be supportive of your partner and listen to his or her needs in addition to your own. Communication is key.

So get your partner invested in this process with you! Knowing sexless relationship causes is only part of – your partner needs to be actively involved.

Next, encourage your partner to share and communicate openly with you. Do not guilt-trip your partner or make them feel uncomfortable.

Lastly, be confident and open-minded. Retain hope or your relationship doesn’t stand a chance.

Visualize the relationship you want and work to make that vision a reality. Identifying sexless relationship causes is just the beginning of the process. Stay positive and remember that his can be resolved. It can be fixed. You can have the love of your life back.

Are you in a sexless relationship and want out as soon as possible?  Well, here’s some advice!

Sex is a key element to any intimate relationship, and being stuck in a sexless relationship is frustrating, demoralizing, and leaves you with crippled self-esteem.  It is easy to feel like you’re drifting further and further apart from your partner once the fire goes out in your relationship.  There are many reasons why a passionate relationship has lost its life.  You could be stuck in a routine from which you feel there is no escape.  Maybe you are stressed from work, family, or other outside forces that make sex the furthest thing from your mind. Before you go looking for a new partner, there are some things you can do to bring passion back to your relationship.

Do not blame yourself or your partner.

Conflict with your partner is never going to bring passion back to your relationship, and can make a sexless relationship that much worse.  Most of the time the reason you and your partner are not making love is beyond both of your control, so there’s no use pointing fingers.  The best way to fix the situation is to be sensitive to both of your needs.

Start a new chapter.

Take some time and try to rekindle the flame between you and your partner by going on a vacation and turning the cell phone off.  It’s time to leave work, family, and all of the stresses that you’re used to and take a vacation.  The further away the better, and remember, no laptops or anything that will drag you back to your old life.  You’ll feel like you’re in another world, and there is nothing better for healing a sexless relationship than forgetting everything that brought you and your partner to that point and starting anew.

Spice up the bedroom

Try out new positions or role play.  Make love in the most romantic spots you can find.  Be spontaneous!  Go out and go on adventures with your lover and do things that you’ve always wanted to try but always found excuses not to do.  Part of the reason you got stuck in a sexless relationship is that you fell into monotony, and new adventures are the best way to free yourself from the grind.

Finding yourself stuck in a sexless relationship after marriage is challenging. You may very well be thinking: “But I didn’t sign up for this? I thought with our love, we would have a happy, healthy, and balanced sex-filled relationship. Why am I stuck in a sexless relationship after marriage?”

Being stuck in a sexless relationship after marriage is more common than most people think!

I’ve read thousands of case studies on being stuck in a sexless relationship after marriage.  It’s a larger societal problem than we might think. Some people are currently dating someone and not getting sex very often and the others are married to someone and nothing is happening.  It’s really eye opening when we think about sex and relationships.

The amount of research available is astounding. That’s because a sexless relationship after marriage is fairly common.

I know!  I was shocked to find this out as well.  And what I found through doing this extensive research about it is that it isn’t clear what you can do to fix it. Some actual case studies of a sexless relationship after marriage studied people who did not even have sex on their honeymoon.

There’s lot of explanations about what it feels like and a lot of theories but no one seems to be offering solid advice on how to actually fix the situation. Sexless relationship after marriage is common but the common advice is too generic to be helpful.

You’ve probably already tried to fix this problem. You’ve probably talked about it and discussed your feelings with your partner. I’ve found that many partners respond negatively when you ask for more sex. Dealing with a sexless relationship after marriage can be all the more difficult if your partner is not willing to communicate with you.

I want to help you with this situation. I would like you to do a one month in-depth study: to fix your sexless relationship after marriage.

It’s almost like a type of research project, where you’re going to diagnose what the cause of the problem is and then develop a plan to fix it.

There are literally hundreds of different reasons for being in a sexless relationship after marriage. Everything from physical issues to emotional to psychological to relationship problems and personal issues. The list is almost endless but what you need to do is find out what the causes are. First, try to identify the root cause. Fixing the root cause often eliminates any other causes.

I want you to remain a little bit emotionally detached, not to take anything personal, and not to put any pressure on your partner of give them a hard time, making them feel bad about themselves. This is simply a process about unearthing what’s wrong.

You need to figure out what’s causing it, like when you go out from medical check-up and something’s wrong and they do a series of test to identify what’s causing it.

This is what you need to do with your relationship because a sexless marriage certainly isn’t healthy and it’s going to make you pretty unhappy.

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If you’re a woman in a sexless relationship, then my advice to you is going to be different than the advice I would give to a man.  Don’t worry, help is on the way. 

A sexless relationship is where the couple has sex less than 10 times per year or less.  It’s pretty clear when you’re in a sexless relationship.  Intimacy bottoms out and it feels like you aren’t connected.  If it’s the male that doesn’t want to have sex anymore, then there are things you can do.

My husband is not interested in sex.

It’s really important to understand, first of all, that being in a sexless relationship is allowed to be a deal breaker. You can leave a sexless relationship.  Do not think you have to man a sinking ship.  My sexless relationship advice for women is first and foremost, that you are allowed to leave the relationship.

Sometimes we can feel guilty about leaving a sexless relationship but you need to do whatever is best for you. If you do want to stay around, then begin working on the situation immediately.  There isn’t a relationship in the world that is healthy when sex is not a part of it.  You just have to accept that and move on.

I don’t want to leave him.  I want to rebuild our relationship.

i hope that you do want to stay and fix your relationship, but I just wanted you to know that you don’t have to. if you’re ready to read on, i will help you keep your relationship in my sexless relationship advice for women.  It’s not impossible.  It’s difficult, but not impossible.

What I do want you to think about – is that it is a big deal. So don’t only make small changes. Be willing to do anything to fix it.

Can we just live without sex?

Sex in a relationship is a big deal. Just because everything else is perfect in your marriage – doesn’t mean that you should just ignore this. It will only get worse.  You have to help him through his psychological blocks against sex.  If it’s you that does not want to have sex, you may have had a past trauma that you are not owning up to.  Were you raped?  Molested?  Were you mistreated in a previous relationship?

It is at the center of your relationship. In terms of a dart board – it is the bull’s eye. I think you’ll find that sexless relationship advice for women doesn’t always mention that this is a big deal. I would encourage you not to put up with this situation any longer whether that means leaving or whether that means fixing your relationship by making it happy and healthy.

You need to make sure your partner realizes how important this is to you. Even if they would rather avoid or resist the issue, they need to stick with it for you. Make it a priority and you can enact change in your relationship and your sex life. This is the best sexless relationship advice for women: know that it IS a big deal and it CAN be fixed.

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