Christian Marriage Advice

If you are a Christian couple, then you most likely already know the importance that prayer can play in your relationship. It’s important that you remember this and honor this in your time together.

Prayer relationships.
Sometimes a kiss is like an answered prayer.

Many couples find that they keep their prayer life separate when beginning a new relationship. If your partner is also a Christian, then there is not any reason to hide your faith from him or her. In fact, you should share it with one another. This goes beyond attending church together but actually praying together.

Instilling a prayer life in your relationship will help you grow closer together and strengthen your bond as well. It joins you together with God. It acknowledges that God is an important part of your lives and you want him to be present in your relationship.

One of the best ways to talk about prayer and your relationship, is by asking your partner about their prayer life. What are some of their favorite things that they do? Do they enjoy lighting candles? Going to chapel? Saying a particular prayer?

Get together and pray. Perhaps every night before you go to bed, the two of you could talk about your prayer life together or say a prayer together over the phone. It doesn’t matter how you decide to bring prayer into your relationship, but it does matter that it is there.

Prayer and your relationship should be growing together. It will make for the happiest relationship.

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