Couples Therapy

Are you feeling desperate about your marriage?  Are you practically screaming, “Fix my marriage, PLEASE!”  I can help…

If you’re seriously wanting to fix your marriage, what you’ve really got to do is to start realizing the power of your thinking and your decision making.

You probably are starting to understand the effect of maybe making poor decisions in the past or perhaps thinking and how it led you to do things that weren’t very helpful at all. Getting to the point of wanting to fix your marriage is about realizing what you’ve done wrong in the past that has caused things to reach this point.

You have to be honest about your situation.  If your actions are the problem, then they’re the problem.  Look in the mirror first before you start blaming your spouse for everything.

So I want to encourage you be aware of how you’re approaching your marriage, how you think about being married, how you think about your wife, and see in if there’s anything that’s creating a problem.  The problem may just be in your mind!

If it’s not, and there are real problems to your relationship, relax!  Things could always be worse, and they can always be better.

Number one is learning to how to heal stress.

See, marriage difficulties cause a lot of stress and when you’re stressed you just don’t make smart decisions.  It’s true!  You don’t make intelligent decisions and you don’t always do what’s best for you. You can’t think of how to fix your marriage because your mind might be cloudy and foggy right now.  Who could concentrate staring divorce in the face?

If you want to improve your marriage, you need to release the stress, and focus on being positive.  If you are not causing the strife in your relationship, then you can focus on how to help your partner.

Being clear eyed about the problem is key.  Is your marriage under stress because you are not being intimate as much as you both would life?  Are money problems drowning you?  Are you arguing about little things because of bigger problems?

Different people respond to difficulty in very different ways, but what I encourage you to do is handle difficulty with a smile.  your relationship can come out stronger!

I’ll give you an example, in the morning I train in the park with a personal trainer.  He’s a real military type.

He makes me do pushups and run up hills and it kills me.  You know a lot of mornings I vomit, but what it does is it gives me a very positive frame of mind and I am ready to take on challenges.

Everyday I’m paying some guy to push me to the limit. I’m actually seeing the positive side of challenges.  Challenges are there to strengthen us.  

I’m actually learning that a lot of good things happen through hard work, discipline, and pain.

So it’s important for you to understand that sometimes difficulty isn’t a bad thing. Needing to fix your marriage might actually teach you some really powerful and helpful things.

Sometimes being challenged isn’t always the worst thing for you.  Fixing your marriage is just another challenge.

When you’re rebuilding your marriage, fall in love again.  Your spouse has so many qualities that made you want to be with them in the first place.  Find them again!  Discover new ones.  A big part of letting your spouse know you are serious about the relationship is never giving up.

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So you’ve just had a fight with husband and you are at a loss at what to do next?Do you fight with your husband?

Communication between men and women is difficult, but not impossible.  Fighting with your husband can be very depressing as a woman.  Most of the time it feels like you’re running up against a brick wall.  Maybe he has bad habits he won’t change, or maybe you feel you don’t spend enough time together.  Maybe you’re having more and more conflict with each passing week with your husband, and you don’t know why?

First off, you do not want to nag.  A lot of conflict in relationships occurs when the husband thinks that the wife is nagging him about things she doesn’t understand.  Try to pinpoint when and where you have your worst arguments.  Is it when he’s at his most stressed?  Husbands carry a lot of responsibility for the safety of their family and the upkeep of their home.  If he feels you are starting in on him when he gets home, it can easily start an argument.

If you’re not fighting about domestic problems then what are you arguing about?  Some married couples argue a lot about money.  It’s easy for a husband to feel insecure if he is not able to bring in enough for his family.  Maybe you’re behind on your payments, like a mortgage or a car, and you wish your husband did more.  This may be a good opportunity to start thinking about the situation from his perspective.  Does he hate his job?  Has he taken a pay cut?  If he’s working hard, but it doesn’t make ends meet, he might feel frustrated and it doesn’t help that you are adding onto the pyre.

Financial situations don’t have to bring strife between you and your husband.  Maybe it’s time you took a look at your budget and see where you can cut back.  Or maybe, you could learn to work from home and take in extra income.  When one partner is blamed for everything that goes wrong in a relationship, it’ easy for them to feel like you’re just blaming them.  Work as a team and you’ll find that you’re arguing less.

Let’s make this emphatically clear: if your husband is a substance abuser or is violent, you need to call the police and leave the relationship.  A man does not have a right to hurt his wife, and if he threatens your life, take him at his word and leave the house.  A restraining order might not be enough to keep him away, so be sure when you leave that you do it in secret and you do it for keeps.  Some women think that an alcoholic husband is okay, or that it’s just a phase.  In some cases, that’s true, a husband can overcome an addiction and repair a relationship, but if the relationship is abusive, you have to leave.

Don’t blame yourself if you are having fights with your husband.  You need to make a logical assessment of the situation and work from there.  Always be attentive, listen, and try not to blame your husband for everything.  Take a look in the mirror, and see if there are any things you can change to make the relationship last.

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One of the things that’s going help you most in order to prevent fights with your girlfriend is to deal with them, and learn how to be more assertive.Fighting with your girlfriend?

Fights in relationships are inevitable, you are not going to agree on every little thing, and in fact, many couples say that if they never fight with their partner, they don’t feel any attraction. The important thing to remember is that whenever conflict comes up, you need to remain assertive.  Being assertive does not necessarily mean being a jerk.  Being assertive means being firm about your own feelings and thoughts.  It’s important that if you get into a fight with your girlfriend, that you need to be assertive: it’s actually healthy!

Healthy, honest communication is all about setting boundaries.  Everyone has boundaries, and if you get in a fight with your girlfriend, you need to understand her boundaries as well as your own.  You’ll find that a lot of your fights are caused by one or both of you stepping on each other’s boundaries and causing a misunderstanding.  This is when being assertive is really great for your own mental health.  You do not want your boundaries to be stepped on without your girlfriend understanding.  Remember, women want a man who has self-esteem and who will stick up for himself.

If you are not assertive, then what ends up happening is that your boundaries get constantly stepped on, and with every transgression you become a little bit angrier.  It’s natural, but you do not want to let your anger bottle up inside until it explodes.  That would be a recipe for a relationship disaster.  In this case, being assertive early on in the relationship, even if you are scare of breaking it up, is much better than suppressing your own emotions.  Remember, assertiveness is healthy!

If you find that you and your girlfriend are arguing constantly, it could be that you need better communication skills.  Misunderstandings happen, but it’s not good that you spend most of your time arguing.  You’ll find that many of your arguments are over small or meaningless things.  In those cases, it might be good to take a break from each other.  Some couples spend a lot of time together.  This is easy to do when you first start off with your relationship.  You’re in love and everything you do together might feel like magic.

However, if you spend too much time with someone, it’s easy to let little things annoy you.  You need to have a life outside of your girlfriend where you pursue your own interests and live your own life.  You need to keep balance within your life, and you’ll find you’ll be having fewer and fewer fights with your girlfriend.

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Couples have fights.  This is reality. Did you just have a fight with your girlfriend, and you’re worried you’ll break up?  Here’s some advice.

Did you fight with your girlfriend? Worry you'll break up?

It is natural for arguments to happen between couples, in fact, some couples seem to do nothing but argue.  Some people say that if they didn’t argue or disagree with their significant other, that they would not feel any attraction to them.  This is not a recipe for a breakup, in fact, having healthy disagreements with your girlfriend is to be expected.  If you’re feeling depressed and think your relationship is going to end, you might need to calm down and examine your thoughts.

You have to remember that no relationship is perfect and one argument isn’t going to ruin a great relationship if the two of you really work together.  You have to do what is best for yourself in these types of situations, which includes being firm.  It of course depends on what type of argument you had with your girlfriend, but the best thing you can do is remain confident and strong.  Do not grovel!  Nothing turns off a woman more than a man who grovels at her feet or refuses to act like a man.

Arguments can be tough

If you had an especially bad argument, then maybe it’s time the two of you took a break from each other and did other things.  When a relationship starts off, everything is great, and you might see each other every day.  After a while though, if you two don’t have lives outside of each other, then your relationship can be strained.  You might be seeing too much of your significant other, so it might be time to dust off some old hobbies.

Should I try to make up the day after or wait?

Wait a few days after the fight if it was especially bad.  Take your mind off whatever was causing the conflict and move on.  You might be wondering how to restart your relationship.  You don’t want to slip back into the pattern that resulted in the fight in the first place.  Don’t apologize or grovel, unless you really are the one at fault.  Instead, try to find something funny to say, or invite your girlfriend out somewhere that you know the two of you like.  If the argument was really your fault, the best way to say you’re sorry is with actions, not words.

I still feel that our relationship is on the rocks…

The worst thing you can do is to imagine the worst or to brood.  If you sit at home and blame yourself for the argument, or blow it out of proportion, you will put yourself through a needless emotional wringer.  If it really was an awful argument, you have to give yourself cool down time.  You cannot sit there and obsessively think about it, so get out and do something you know you like!

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It really sucks when you fight with girlfriend all the time. I mean this is really not how you expected it to turn out, right?Fighting With Your Girlfriend

You finally get a cool girlfriend – she’s hot, the sex is great – and THEN you fight with girlfriend all the time. It really sucks.

 When people come to me and tell me that they fight with girlfrie all the time, I can’t help but think that there’s got to be better things that they could do with their time, seriously.

I have to tell you myself, I wouldn’t have a lot of patience with fighting with my partner all the time.

I just see it as such a wasteful use of energy. I’m pretty focused on my goals and dreams and I hate anything that takes me away from it. Especially when my focus is shot because of it.

And let’s face it if you are in a fight with girlfriend all the time your ability to focus is going to be seriously reduced.

It takes a lot of time and energy and focus away from achieving your goals and living your dreams.

So it’s really important that you ask yourself what’s really important in your life and what you really want. If having a fight with girlfriend all the time is about your life is really about.

Is fighting with your partner all the time how you want to live your life and what you want your life to be about?

Having a fight with girlfriend all the time could be a sign that you need to give your life a bit of makeover or your partner needs to might be a sign that your lives are too boring, you’re not focused enough or you’re not doing enough fun stuff together.

It might mean you’re lacking a bit of direction on your life and it’s time to really lift your gear. If you are kicking it in your life and really getting results you won’t put up with having a fight with girlfriend all the time – seriously.

When partners fight – you fight for a wide variety of reasons and sometimes partners who fight regularly is actually a sign of a healthy relationship, personally I’m not much of a fan. I couldn’t be bothered with the idea of having a fight with girlfriend all the time.

I just could not be bothered fighting all the time with my partner.

I find it too all exhausting, too draining and a really waste of time. I’ve got better things to do. I wouldn’t put up with it. The idea of having a fight with girlfriend all the time gives me an instant headache.

There are so many better things I could be doing with my time, such as either exercising or achieving financial freedom or hanging out with my friends or work on my many interest.

So I give yourself a better job, give you a bit of a smack(!!) and make sure you’re actually spending your time in ways that benefit you.

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Do I need couples therapy? That’s a question you can be faced with and you might be unsure whether to do it or not.Couples therapy, do you need it?

Couples therapy can work wonders for a relationship on the rocks and may be necessary to save your marriage.  However couple’s therapy is not for everyone, and you may be wondering if it’s even necessary or whether or not it works in the first place.  Hundreds of people go to see a couple’s therapist and achieve great results, while others find that their relationship falls apart regardless, so there are a few things to consider.

First off, couples therapy is not cheap.  A competent couples therapist can cost anywhere from $75-$150 per hour!  This means you have to really research any therapist you’re considering and decide whether or not the price is worth it.  You can usually save money by going to a couples retreat, especially if you feel the need for a vacation, as the retreats are usually group therapy and cost a bit less.  Be sure that your therapist is accredited and try to research to see if they have a lot of success with other couples.

Who seeks out couples therapy?

You normally seek couples therapy when you are experiencing problems in your relationship that seem to have no end in sight.  Sometimes people carry baggage or emotional pain from a previous relationship, and it manifests itself negatively in their current relationship.  This happens a lot with married couples with children, where the stress of daily life and raising children makes keeping up a relationship more difficult.  In these cases, many couples slip into having a sexless marriage, and divorce seems imminent.  In such cases, a marital therapist might be just the trick.

A couples therapist is also great if you find that your relationship is filled with strife and arguments.  If your evenings usually devolve into a screaming match, then a couples therapist can help work through your issues.  The best thing about most couples therapists is that they are intensive, where you work with a professional in a quiet, controlled setting.  This usually helps both you and your partner remain calm and freely talk about your innermost feelings.

Anything else I should know?

Be very careful with couples therapy though, because the results may not be what you expected.  Some couples leave therapy and decide that it’d be best if both people went their separate ways.  Most couples therapists will not recommend for either partner to remain in the relationship if it would have a negative effect on either.

Couples therapy isn’t for everyone.  For minor problems, you can save a lot of money and time by just purchasing books or taking time out of your schedule and talking the problem out with your partner.  If you are constantly fighting or feel that there are deeper issues in your relationship that neither you nor your partner really have a handle on, then couple’s therapy may be the best investment.

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Couples therapy is a good idea.  Some people wonder whether or not it’s worth the time and effort.  Some people think, “Couples Therapy – Can it Help?”  It can!

You see different people experience different things from couples therapy or what probably makes the biggest difference is how much ownership you’re taking in the process.

What do I mean by ownership?

It is how much you’re investing in the process, how much you want it to work, and the sort of level of commitment we have. Couples therapy is not a passive process where you just attend and cross your fingers and hope it works.  It involves doing exercises, activities, and it calls upon you to make a lot of decisions for your life.  Your relationship will not repair itself.

You know, are you trying to outsource making your relationship better to this therapist or are you looking to do much of the leg work yourself?I highly recommend taking this approach to this so realize that a therapist can only do too much, however much therapy you get is going to make the biggest difference to your relationship as you putting in a huge effort to make it work.

Couples therapy is not a magic solution. What it is there to provide is some ideas for you to action. Couples therapy is designed to help you help the relationship yourself.

So the sort of attitude you want to have is one of being very proactive, one of not being passive, and showing that love and initiative. couples therapy always works much better if you play an EXTREMELY active role in making it work.

So always take an elite mindset into this, always do the as many of the recommended exercises you can, invest the most into the process, being honest as open as possible. Put 110% into the couples therapy process.  Do not be afraid to try out what your therapist asks you to do.  Sometimes it’s hard. You might have to leave your comfort zone.  In fact, I guarantee you’ll have to leave your comfort zone.  If you didn’t, because couples therapy is supposed to be hard.

Not only couples therapy but also any other information you read and advice you implement into your relationship. The success of couples therapy varies from relationship to relationship mostly because different people have different levels of commitment to the process.

Don’t resist change.  Couple’s therapy will result in you changing your world view.  It will happen, just let it happen and you’ll see a big change in your life.

So I highly recommend putting as much effort into this process as you can, taking as much action, pushing as hard as possible to get the absolute best result because you’re going to get out of it what you put in.

Use couples therapy as a way of boosting your level of commitment. Then it will work.  I guarantee it.  

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Have you ever heard of the ladder theory for Couple’s Therapy?  It’s really great and it’s very easy to learn if you’re willing to put in the time.

Ladder theory is probably not the most reliable thing to base a relationship around. Often couples therapy ladder theory is used to explain why you are having problems in your relationship.  The ladder theory is based on “moving up the ladder,” meaning that when you solve one problem you immediately move up the ladder to the next.

Big problems require big solutions, but instead of spending all your energy trying  to solve a big problem all at once, you do it in steps, climbing the ladder with your spouse or significant other until the problem is solved.

The first rung of the ladder theory is cooperation.  Do you and your partner cooperate?  What big challenges have you faced together?  What problems have you overcome?  This will help you examine whether or not you’re working as a team with your spouse.  Relationship building start with cooperation.

The next rung up the ladder is called conflict.  What do you do when you and your partner have conflicts?  Do you have big blowouts that last for days with lots of angry make up sex or do you let the anger simmer?  There is no couple in the entire world that does not have problems and that does not have conflict.  What you do when conflict strikes is what’s important.

The next rung is your future.  Where do you see your relationship heading?  Will there be wedding bells in the future?  Do you see yourselves growing old together, or do you want to keep your relationship at the “just fun” level?  It doesn’t matter what specifically you want to do, it matters that you understand where you’re at and where you’re heading.

The ladder theory of couple’s therapy is a systematic way to get people to look at  their relationships in an objective manner so they smooth out problems before they ever start.  A licensed professional will take you through the entire ladder process, so sign up today with a therapist and go through the process yourself!

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Couple therapy can be a really smart move to strengthen your relationship and, if needed, it can solve any major problems that might affect your harmony.

Couple’s therapy is an investment in the health of your relationship.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a psychiatrist, books, CDs, or just making sure that you have date night once a month; there are all sorts of ways to maintain a relationship and ensure that our bond doesn’t break.  Relationships are like a bed of flowers.  It needs regular watering and love.  Without that, the garden withers away and dies.  I sound dramatic, but really, there’s nothing more important than couple’s therapy.

Do you and your spouse bicker constantly?  Do you feel like acrimony and anger are just around every corner?  I knew this couple that avoided each other almost at every turn.  I was friends with the husband, and he would tell me that they spent most of the evening away from each other, working on separate projects and generally keeping their interaction to a minimum.  I thought to myself, “What kind of marriage is that?”

I told them that their relationship needed a tune up, and right away!  There is no way that a married couple should feel that they need to be far away from each other.  Their marriage was on the rocks, but neither of them seemed to know it.  They just settled into a pattern, and that was that.

I bought the husband a series of CDs off of Amazon for him and his wife to watch.  I knew that he wasn’t going to take the initiative to do things himself, even though I tried to give the best advice I could.  Sometimes people need to hear things from strangers.  They started working on their relationship and diligently did the exercises necessary to rebuild intimacy between them.  They breathed new life into their relationship.

Even if things are going well, do not neglect couples therapy.  You may have a problem, and it may be growing bigger right under your nose without you knowing it!

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We have a lot of experience with helping people just like you to have a better marriage.

I want to talk about a very powerful principle with regards to having a better marriage.  There’s a book written about it and I highly recommend getting this book if you can. It’s called “Radical Honesty” and it’s really about taking the level of honesty you have to a whole new level in your life, with yourself, and in particular, your relationship.

Usually increased honesty and a better marriage go hand-in-hand.

I’ve got to say the level of honesty that the author goes to in his relationships does scare me a little bit. I find his level of honesty to be very confrontational.  The author makes his case though that the root cause of many problems in relationships is a lack of honesty.  It’s better to say what you feel than suppress your feelings and explode later.

Having a better marriage is an excellent goal and this can be achieved with a dramatic surge in honesty in your relationship. You may think this is risky, but it will take a very big load off your shoulders. Not only can honesty help you have a better marriage, it’s a powerful feel good tonic at the same time.

Self censorship is a marriage killer.  The book goes into great detail at how many married couples experience a lot of problems simply by hiding each other’s feelings from each other for fear something awful will happen.  In fact, honesty can be very healthy.  Ripping the bandaid off now makes more sense.

I highly recommend as a way to have a better marriage, learn to be more honest with each other.

This will be a gradual process.  Learn to just say what you feel.  Saying what we think and how we feel straight out   We learn in our youth when to show our emotions and when not to, so undoing all of that programming will obviously take time.  Be patient with yourself!

You’ll find that being honest will decrease a lot of your anxiety, a lot of your stress and will strengthen the bonds of your relationship because as you set the lead of being more honest, your partner is going to feel motivated to be a little more honest as well.

Implement the concept of radical honesty in your relationship. It’s the secret to a better marriage.  Stop keeping secrets, stop hiding things and stop lying. Having a better marriage is worth any pain that is associated with truths.

All dishonesty does is cripple your self-esteem and reduce your self-worth and it’s like a toxic poison for how you feel about yourself. Having a better marriage is only one of the side-effects of being more honest Be radically honest.

So shed this completely, make an effort to be more honest with your partner than you’ve ever been before and more honest with yourself.

Your marriage will love you for it.

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