In continuing with our date night idea posts, we’re going to take a look at one of the most popular date night ideas, dinner. Dinner on date night might seem boring, but in fact, it opens up to all sorts of possibilities.

Going out to dinner on date night is a tried and true method of having fun while going out.  However, you want to make going out to dinner on date night special, and not monotonous or boring.   What are some things to think about when going out to dinner, and what pitfalls should you avoid?  How can you make going out to dinner as a date night something you and your date will remember for years to come?

Go somewhere exotic!

Don’t eat what you normally eat!  Go out to someplace exotic and new.  Some of the best cuisine to try for adventurous people is Ethiopian, Honduran, or Polynesian cuisine.  Ethiopian restaurants offer interesting décor, and you will have to sit on the floor on cushions and eat a variety of food with spongy bread.  Honduran cuisine is colorful and features a lot of vegetables native to Honduras, and Polynesian restaurants offer tropical décor as well as entertainment such as belly dancers or fire twirlers.  If your date is the adventurous type, then these types of restaurants are just the thing.

Go someplace elegant and dress up!

How do you make going out to dinner as a date night unique?  Dress up!  Take that tuxedo out of the closet or that sequined dress you haven’t wore since last summer’s wedding, and hit the town.  Some restaurants have dance floors and live music where you can dance the night away.  Nothing makes a date night more special than stepping out on the town as if you were fancy socialites.

Choose great scenery!

Some restaurants offer romantic scenery, like the revolving restaurant in Seattle or a cozy bed and breakfast on Chesapeake Bay.  Nothing sets the right mood for date night better than watching the churning ocean and smelling the salty sea breeze.

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We’ve decided to do a series here on Relationship Rewind where we will discuss ideas for date night.  Nothing is worse than not knowing what to do on date night, and since I’ve received so many requests for advice on where to go out on the town, I’ve written this series to help answer these questions.

Movie night is one of the simples date night ideas out there, and is a tried and true method of developing a relationship with your date.  Whether you’re going out to the movies or staying in and popping in a DVD, a movie is almost the standard for date nights.  It’s a great way to learn about your date and see whether or not you two have much in common.

What type of movie should we see?

Comedy, comedy comedy!  Comedies are a great ice breaker and perfect for first dates.  It’s much easier to form a bond with your date when you’re both busting a gut in laughter.  Be sure to pick something that is universally amusing, and not something vulgar or crude that may turn off your date.

Is it better to go to the theater or stay at home?

It depends.  For the first few dates, going to a movie theater is better because it’s a public place.  If you and your date feel comfortable with each other, then curling up on the couch with a box of popcorn sounds like a great date night.  If you’re the guy, be sure to pick the movie yourself and try to take control of all the details.  This will help you seem confident and in control.

Any way to do something out of the ordinary for date night?

If you watch a lot of movies for date night and feel that you like the idea, but need something to change up the routine, then try watching foreign films or a genre you rarely if ever watch.  Remember, be spontaneous and adventurous, and your date night will be that much better.

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When looking at dating profile tips, it’s important to remember that your profile needs to adequately express who you are.  You want to leave some mystique though.

It’s difficult to sum yourself up in one profile, but you have to do your best to attract the men who are browsing through.  Basically, think of your profile ad as a 30 second commercial all about you.  You have to be able to sell yourself in just a few seconds.

First, make sure you upload plenty of pictures. Men want to know that you are a real person and that you exist. One photo not only makes you seem fake but makes it seem like maybe you only have one attractive photo of yourself. Let them see who you are by first knowing what you look like.  I can’t stress this enough.  People don’t necessarily trust what they see on an online dating site.

Second, avoid cliches. Avoid these at all costs. Everyone uses them and you won’t stand out. You won’t be interesting. We know that you have so much to offer but they don’t know that. All they get to see of you is your profile. Make sure that they get a feel for who you are. Don’t just say, “I’m unique” or “I’m looking for my best friend” and “I don’t do drama.” Make it more than that. Get specific. Share a sliver of you.

Third, don’t wait to initiate contact. Too many women wait for the man to introduce themselves or to message first. In the online dating world, it isn’t too forward to say “hey” first. Go ahead. Don’t sit back and let someone else get him.  A dating site is not like a bar.  In real life, you wait for men to initiate contact.  On a dating site, those conventions are gone.

No matter what, remember that there aren’t any rules. Other than not scaring away a potential boyfriend, anything goes. Have some fun. Share a little without giving away things like your phone number or street address. Enjoy yourself. You never know who you’ll hit it off with and end up meeting later.

In the end, make sure you are 100% comfortable with what you are sharing because you are sharing it with people that you don’t know very well. It wouldn’t be good to give them access to extremely personal details. However, saying that you love Wednesdays or that you love that feeling when you first wake up and then lie in bed before beginning your day…these things aren’t going to ruin you. They may be personal, but they won’t harm you to share them. In fact, they may intrigue someone. With these women dating profile tips in mind, you’re ready to go meet people through online dating!

So be yourself, but be careful. End of story.

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online dating profile photo tips for women
A picture really can be worth a thousand words.

If you’re looking for online dating profile photo tips for women, look no further. These three tips can change the way online dating works for you. Sometimes women get little response from other men and they wonder why….here’s why.

It’s simple really.

#1. Your Profile Photos

You have to have them. Not just one, but several. Men are particularly interested in the physical attraction elements of a relationship. They won’t want to spend time communicating with you if you only have one photo up. They aren’t dumb. They are well aware that you could have thousands of hideous photos and decided to post this one attractive photo. Now, I’m not saying post unattractive photos. I’m just saying  post multiple good ones. This gives a man confidence that he might be attracted to you.

# 2. Profile Photos with Sports

Men love profile photos of women being active. If you play sports or enjoy running, walking, hiking, biking, etc. then get a photo or two up! Let them imagine playing sports with you. Remind them that you are healthy and attractive.

#3. Please SMILE

Don’t smirk or try to look sexy. Most likely, even if you do look good, men will see it as a negative thing. Save that for them.

Post a multitude of photos so that the men can start to get a feel for what YOU look like. It’s the same thing that we do when we add someone on Facebook. Oftentimes if we have not met them in person we take a gander at their profile. Check out their photos. This helps us get a feel for what they really look like and it makes the person feel more real.

These men who are looking at you are interested in meeting the real you. They want to know what they’ll be getting themselves into and the best way for them to know is to see photos of who you are. So share yourself!

Men have been wondering this question for decades:  What kinds of cars impress girls? The answer is actually simpler than you think…

It all depends on your age. If you’re really young yet, then it doesn’t matter what you drive. If you’re under eighteen, your girlfriend will just be impressed that you can. This is particularly true if you are from a large city or an area where public transportation is vastly available.

Otherwise, your choice of car could say a lot about who you are and the way your girlfriend feels about you. Hopefully she will fall in love with you for you, but if you’re just meeting the perfect car can tip the scales in your favor.  You need to remember three magic words when you are picking up your car to pick up your date:

Sleek. Professional. Clean.

That isn’t a make or model of a car but that’s what matters most. A vehicle, preferably a car or something unique like a jeep, that is sleek, professional, and clean. This is what you want.  You want to look like the guy that she wants to go out with, the guy that knows where the fun and excitement are at.  You also want to look like you are put together and mature.  These three words will work wonders if you apply them to your choice of car.

A girl wants to find a guy who is fun, but they also want someone who is dependable. Someone who is mature and carries a level of professionalism with them if need be. A sleek, professional car that is clean will speak volumes about you. It will make you appear more attractive because it looks as though you take pride in yourself.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be an expensive car.  Just look like you can take care of yourself.

Live on the edge? Swap professional for edgy and fun with a vibrant color or a jeep instead of a car. Just remember to keep it clean and still opt for a sleek look rather than a rugged look (unless you actually use your vehicle for rugged trips through the woods and such. Otherwise, it’ll just look silly).

Ultimately it’s the way you carry yourself and the way you present your car. If you open the door for her, you’ve already set a strong mood. It’s up to you to do those little things that will increase the overall attractiveness of not only your car, but also YOU!  It’s just that simple.

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If you know the secret to making your girlfriend feel wanted, you’ll both be happier…


When your relationship is going well, don’t wait for something to go bad or think that things will continue that way forever.  You should do a “relationship tune-up” which is what I recommend to help in making your girlfriend feel wanted.  Relationship tune-ups are necessary to keep the vitality and life in our relationships.  Without it, we slip into stagnation.

Surprise your girlfriend!   I don’t mean for you to be a stalker, of course, but you do need to add some spontaneity to your relationship.  If she gets bored, then the flame and passion of your relationship quickly fades into oblivion.  Being unpredictable makes her think about you even when you’re not there, which makes her crave you.  But, if you’re not a particularly spontaneous guy, what are you to do?

One thing I always say is that you should breakup your routine.  I realize some people are creatures of habit.  You like routine and you like the safety that normalcy bring you. That’s perfectly fine, we’ll start off with baby steps.  How about seeing your girlfriend where she would never expect you?  Sometimes I would dress up and roleplay with her while I knew she was at her favorite cafe.  I’d pretend to be a high rolling casino mogul, and she was the young girl who caught my eye.

You can have fun with this idea!  Relationships are supposed to be about having fun, so the more enjoyment you can inject, the more your girlfriend will feel wanted. The other “relationship tune-up” I recommend, is leaving little creative thank you notes.  This is vital if you live together.  Try leaving little notes saying “You’re the best” or anything funny that pops into your head.  Try to do it creatively.  Remember, spontaneity is the key here.

Remember, she wants to know that she is THE woman in your life, and that you treasure her as well as yourself.  Leaving little notes, or doing a little roleplay is not out of the question.  Try and get outside your comfort zone.

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Question: I’ve been feeling really jealous lately of this girl who is dating my ex-boyfriend. I didn’t realize how much I liked him until I saw him with another girl. What do I do? I want my ex-boyfriend back. I miss him and I think he misses me. I don’t want to hurt his current girlfriend, but I really do want my ex-boyfriend back, NOW. Help!

I want my ex-boyfriend back
A little sugar can make things cook again

Answer: Okay, so we know that you want your ex-boyfriend back. The real question is: how? This is a tricky situation because you’re right, you don’t want to hurt his new girlfriend. She hasn’t done anything to you except take the man you want back. I’m assuming that she isn’t doing this to spite you but because she found a man that she was attracted to and who was available, so she started dating him.

First, you need to spend more time with him. If you’re going to get him to fall back in love with you, then you need to be around so he can miss you. Don’t let him cheat with you, however, as that will only make him despise you. He’ll see you as someone who came in to break up the relationship that he had rather than see you as someone who just wants him back in her life. So start by spending more time with him. As friends.

Flirt. When you’re with him, don’t be needy. Don’t be overly flirty, but drop subtle hints. Let him know that you might still like him. He needs to think that if he broke up with his current girlfriend, you would be interested in being with him. Don’t let him think that you’ll cheat with him, but let him know that you’re not dating anyone and you still find him attractive.

Lastly, have fun with him. When you’re spending time together, it needs to be fun and meaningful. He has to have a reason to want to come back. Make him remember what he loved about you and how much he’s been missing it. As you spend time with him, keep your distance when you’re apart. Be with him or be without him. Soon, he’ll realize that he wishes you were always with him and he’ll be texting, calling and tweeting you, asking you to spend more time with him as his girlfriend.

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Are you looking to spice up your relationship? Many couples encounter stagnant phases where their relationship turns from romantic into boring. This article will cover what activities and actions can help you fall back in love and spice up your relationship!

Dear Ryan – My relationship is so boring I’m falling asleep.  Help!

Anyone who is looking to add a bit of “fun” and “spunk” to their relationship needs to realize one thing: You must be open if you want to spice up your relationship.  If you stick to the same boring things you used to do, you’ll get the same result every single time.  Relationships are supposed to have a spark of spontaneity to them.

You won’t find new ways to spend time together if you aren’t willing to be open to the possibilities around you. Start by creating a list with your partner of all of the different things that you would like to do together.  Just brainstorm.  Remember, there are no stupid ideas during brainstorms.  If you think that going to a Star Trek convention might be fun, just write it down.  It doesn’t have to turn into reality.

Then choose one to do. These activities can include things such as white water rafting, couples massage, joining a club or group together, attending an event or a concert together, etc. These could involve the bedroom as well. Trying a new sex position or incorporating toys into your bedroom could spice things up. It doesn’t matter what you want to do as long as it’s new.

Remember this formula: New = exciting.

I’ve seen dozens of couples fall out of love with one another simply because they were bored! This is one of the worst ways to end a relationship because both people still care deeply for one another but just aren’t sure what to do to rekindle their love. They aren’t sure how to make their relationship exciting.

When looking to spice up your relationship, just remember that it’s important to be open and to try things that both of you are interested in. At the same time, be willing to explore what your partner suggests, and vice versa. It’s important that you are taking risks and exploring opportunities together.  Half the fun is that you have someone to explore with.

These kind of actions will only strengthen your bond together and help to add excitement to your life. Usually it isn’t the relationship that is stale but it’s the actual individual lives that are. Spice up your life by doing something new with your partner and watch what it does for your love life!

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