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Of all stressful first dates, one stands above the rest: the first Thanksgiving date. Though you have been on multiple dates with that special someone, this one is unlike all others. In any Thanksgiving date scenario, there are thousands of reasons you may have nightmares prior to the big day. If you and your significant other are planning on spending the day together, you have to deal with the stress of cooking an elaborate, impressive meal. If you are planning on visiting each other’s families, then you have to worry about making good impressions on them. However, do not fear. With these tips, your first Thanksgiving together will be a success!

If you and that certain someone are planning on spending the holiday at your place, it is no question that you will want to make it special. Though you may have no experience cooking, a turkey is a Thanksgiving staple. In order to make your dinner a success and impress that special guy or girl with your culinary talents (even if you really don’t have any), you have the options of enlisting the help of a few good cookbooks, watching instructional online videos, or – if you have no faith in your cooking abilities – buying dinner. Even if the meal is only mediocre, light some candles and let the romance make up for it!

If you plan on spending Thanksgiving together at a family get-together, you do not have deal with the stress of having to cook a dinner single-handedly. However, you may have to deal with the stress of having to meet your significant other’s family. After all, you want to make a good impression, don’t you? In order to do this, remember to be friendly, polite and respectful. They will definitely approve!

Though the thought of your first Thanksgiving date may leave you with feelings of anxiety, do not worry! Follow these tips and enjoy the holiday together.

Need some ideas on how to have an awesome first date?  There are a lot of things you can do that you may not have thought of.

Do you want a first date that stands above the rest? Do you want a date that can be qualified as “awesome?” Well, with these suggestions, you can have the first date of your dreams! Though it may seem difficult to come up with awesome first dates, with a little creative thinking, you can come up with a spectacular idea! So go ahead; impress that special someone with not only the date’s sheer awesomeness, but with your awesomeness too!

One idea for an awesome first date is a four wheeling adventure. Not only is it incredibly fun and exciting, but it will give you and that special someone the chance to talk and get to know each other better. If both of you share a four wheeler, it is the perfect opportunity to strike up some conversation. Though you may be covered in mud and dirt by the end of the date, it will be worth it!

What about going to a rock concert on a first date!  I went to a Led Zepplin concert with a date way back when and it was one of the best nights of my life.  Everything about the concert made the date a success.  We did mosh pitting and we sang all night long.  Let’s just say the night ended with us in the backseat of my car in the concert parking lot.

Another great idea is to hit up the bowling alley. Though the idea of wearing other people’s shoes may secretly terrify you, it’s only a small sacrifice – trust me! Bowling is both fun and humorous, especially when you consistently get gutter balls. Plus, in the process, you and that special someone will get to know each other between bowls. After you are done, you can continue the conversation over a delicious pizza!

Going to an amusement park is one of the coolest, most exciting first date ideas in existence; it’s always a great choice! Not only will you be getting to know that special someone you’ve had your eye on, but you will also get to ride adrenaline-inducing rollercoasters in the process! What can get better than that?

With these awesome first dates, you and that special someone are sure to have an incredible time together!

Do you like to bring flowers on a first date? Well, you are quite the gentleman! Though first date flowers are completely optional and are – by no means – a requirement, they can show that special lady that you have been thinking about her. Not only will this show her what a sweet guy you are, but it can also be a great way to kick off an amazing first date together.

Though some say chivalry is dead, they are completely wrong. I have never met a woman who did not enjoy being treated like a lady. Everyone likes to be respected and appreciated, and by bringing flowers prior to a first date, you are saying that you care. Since flowers are only optional, she will know you went the extra mile for your first date together.

Bringing flowers before a first date is a winning move, but it important that you remember to keep it sweet and simple. One of the biggest mistakes men make is showing up to that special girl’s door with an entire floral arrangement or multiple bouquets. Though she might appreciate that gesture when you are in a long-term relationship together, she won’t think it’s as appropriate for the first date. Instead of impressing her, it is likely to make her feel uncomfortable – especially if she has nothing to give you in return.

Since different flowers have different meanings, make sure you choose wisely. Though you can never go wrong with a single red rose (the ultimate symbol of love), you can also get more creative and stray from the norm. Tulips are beautiful flowers, and the colors have very specific meanings. Pink tulips will let that special girl know that you care about her, red ones will declare your love for her, and yellow ones say that you are hopelessly in love.

Bringing flowers on a first date is a decision that will show that special girl you care and will ultimately pay off in the end.

First dates are magical – or a nightmare.  Always remember to relax!

What can be more emotionally distressing that the thought of a first date? Not a whole lot, I can tell you! Even after you have made it past the initial stress of asking out that pretty girl or handsome guy, you are still faced with the pressure of the next step – making the date a success!

A first date can be incredibly nerve-wrecking, but it can also be an amazing and enjoyable experience! Though you may be asking yourself thousands of questions and stressing out, it is completely normal to be apprehensive. What will he/she think about me? Will I like them? How should I act? Is the date going to be fun or boring? However, try your best to ignore these questions and have confidence in yourself. Relax, have a good attitude, and hope for the best!

Do not panic too much about that first date, because it is likely that you will have a wonderful time! A first date is a great way to determine whether or not you have chemistry with that person you asked out, so getting to know each other is essential. In order to do this, come prepared with many interesting questions and conversation topics. Additionally, make sure you use good listening and speaking skills and are respectful to them the entire time.

One of the biggest mistakes people make on a first date is pretending to be someone they aren’t in order to impress the person they are on the date with. Though it might work for a short period of time, they will eventually see through it and realize you were being dishonest with them. Not only does this hurt the other person, but it hurts you in the process too.  You want to find someone who loves you for who you truly are, not the person you pretend to be.

A first date may have you stressing out, but just remember to have confidence in yourself and know that everything will work out for the best!

Do you want to let that special someone know that you had a great time with them? If so, then sending a first date email is a great way to stay in communication! Though most people believe that texting is the best way to continue the conversation post-date, if you are a computer-savvy person, then email is an excellent option for you. Plus, an email offers many advantages that a text message does not.

Since emails are typically longer, well-written and detailed, they will allow you to say more than you could with a text message. Additionally, they can also be more personal and heartfelt than a text message. If you are a strong writer, sending an email will not only show off your talents, but it will also let you use your skill to win over that special someone! Go ahead; be elaborate if you wish, and write something worth reading.

It is essential that you keep your email clever and interesting. Since they are lengthier than a text, you want it to keep that special someone’s attention the entire time they are reading. If your email is long, dull and dry, it is unlikely that they will enjoy it. Boring them to tears is unlikely to impress them – or to get you a second date. Grab their attention with your words, and ask them questions that they can respond to!

In your email, be sure to let them know that you enjoyed the date! Spending all that time typing an email and forgetting to mention that you had a good time is a mistake you don’t want to make. Thanking them for the first date is a thoughtful gesture, and should always be included in a first date email. If you are feeling extra bold, suggesting going on a 2nd date is an excellent decision too!

Finding good first date tips can be hard, but fortunately, you’ve come to the right place. Prior to the big day, you will probably be experiencing those nervous, anxious feelings. What should I expect? Will they like me? Will the date be a success? These questions are few of the many that will likely race through your mind. However, with the following tips, you will have the knowledge you need to ensure the date is a success!

The first tip is to both look and dress well. When you see each other on the date, the first thing they will notice about you is the way you look. Therefore, if you show up for the date looking sloppy and unhygienic, you are unlikely to make a good first impression. Spending a little extra time grooming, selecting an outfit, and applying tasteful makeup will ultimately pay off in the end!

The second tip is to have confidence and be yourself! Though it the most important tip of all, many people completely forget about it. Instead, they get so caught up in impressing that special someone that they lose themselves in the process. Show them how amazing your true self is! If you like yourself, they will have no option but to like you too.

Respecting that special someone is completely vital, and if you fail to do so, you are unlikely to get a second date with them. Arrogance and rudeness are not attractive traits, so avoid them at all costs. Use your best manners and act like the gentleman or lady you truly are.

Another great tip is to come prepared with interesting questions to ask and good topics to discuss. Conversation is incredibly crucial on a first date, so be ready! Also, remember to use good listening and speaking skills.

With these good first date tips, you can shake away those feelings of anxiety and have confidence that your date will be an amazing one!

Let’s face it; when we think of first dates, we always think of the typical dinner and a movie. Watching a movie together is an incredibly popular way to hang out with someone new, and there are multiple ways in which you can go about a first dates movie. The type of theater you go to and the genre of movie that you see can both play huge roles in whether your first date is a success, so make sure you choose wisely!

For those of you who prefer more comfortable, casual first dates, invite that special someone over to your place for a movie night. Though a regular movie theater is a great choice, a movie date at home offers many advantages. Since you do not have to worry about being disrespectful to other movie-goers, you can converse with that special someone as much as you would like! Just don’t forget the popcorn and assorted candy.

The drive-in theater is another great location for a movie date. It offers the privacy of an at-home movie date but in a public setting. Additionally, if you like the idea of watching a movie together under the stars, then it is ideal for you! The old-timey, romantic feel of a drive-in is perfect for your first movie date!

In addition to location, the genre must also be considered when planning a movie date. Depending on your decision, it can either make the date a success or failure. Though some people really enjoy romance movies, watching one on a first date may make both you and that certain someone uncomfortable. The best movie genres for a first date typically include comedy (keeps you laughing and lightens the mood), action/adventure (heightens the energy), and horror (will bring you to closer together).

First dates movies can be tricky, but with these tips, you can make yours a success!

Are you about to embark on a first date with someone of a different nationality? Though you may be nervous, especially about the culture shock aspect, you do not have to worry! First international dating will not only allow you to spend more time with that person you’ve had your eye on, but it will also help to expand your understanding of different cultures and lifestyles. Can there be a better win-win situation than that?

The first step of international dating is overcoming the original culture shock. Does this person behave differently than you expect them to? Do they find your behavior odd too? Since different countries have different codes of conduct, there might be times when you consider each other’s actions outside the norm. However, it is important that you realize this and do not assume your date is weird or bizarre because they act differently than most people you know.

Being respectful of that certain someone’s beliefs, values, ideas, and traditions is essential. Though you may see the world differently, that does not mean that you are right and they are wrong. Keep an open mind and let them teach you about their ways of life. Not only will you and that special someone get to know each other, but you will also learn about another culture in the process.

If there is a slight language barrier between you and the special someone you asked out, remember to have patience with them. Speaking in a non-native language can be challenging, so do not expect them to be perfect at it. If they need you to speak slower, then do not be offended. Be courteous at all times.

With this helpful advice, you will have the means necessary to make your first international date a success! Do not be afraid to embrace another culture; ask out that foreign hunk or beauty!

Dating is fun.  Dating is enjoyable.  Dating will make you a better person!

Dateing, dating….however you spell it, it is a great way to get to know that certain someone you’ve had your eye on.  Though it can be a slightly nerve-wrecking process, it can ultimately pay off in the end! Not only does it allow you to figure out if you have feelings for that special guy or girl, but it can also lead to a potential relationship or even a marriage!

What is dating all about?

So you asked out that special guy or girl, now what? In order to start off the dating process, you have to go on a first date. Since first dates are slightly unpredictable, you may find yourself feeling nervous. However, have confidence in yourself and do not worry! Coming prepared with good conversation topics and questions is a great idea and can help to relieve your anxiety. In addition, coming prepared with these topics and questions will also help you to get to know that special someone and prevent those dreadful awkward silences.

What happens after the first date?

After the first date, it is essential that you ask yourself a few very important questions. Was the date enjoyable? Did I find myself attracted to this person? Would I like to go on another date with them? If you answered yes to these questions, then go ahead and set up a second date! If you enjoyed the first date and spending time with that certain someone, then do not be afraid to make plans to see each other again.

Once you have been on multiple dates with that certain someone, you are considered to be “dating.” It is likely that – by this time – you will consider each other boyfriend and girlfriend also. Dating someone or being in a relationship can be a wonderful thing, so enjoy every minute of it. If this person makes you happy, then go ahead and spend as much time with them as possible!

Do you prefer the casual first date? You are not the only one. Many people prefer less refined dates because of their comfortable nature, which allows you to feel less pressured and stressed than you would were you going to an upscale restaurant or some other fancy place. But how should you prepare for a casual first date, and what should you expect?

One piece of advice for a casual first date is to dress appropriately for the occasion. If your first date is a picnic in the park, showing up in a dress and heels or a suit and tie will not only alarm that certain person, but it may also make you feel uncomfortable in the process. Always consider where you will be going on your date and dress accordingly. If you are going on a date that may potentially be messy, like a four-wheeling expedition, it is a good idea to wear old cloths.

But what are some other good ideas of places to go on a casual first date? There are literally thousands of options out there, so coming up with one that is perfect for you should not be a problem. If you are both huge movie buffs, invite them over for a movie night complete with popcorn and boxed candy. Or instead of a movie night, you can invite them over for a creative cupcake bake-off. If you would prefer to go to a public location, the park and local coffee shop are two great places because of their relaxed environment.

A relaxed environment is the greatest advantage of a casual first date. If both you and that special someone feel comfortable, getting to know each other will be much easier. When you are stressed and nervous, as you might be on a date with high expectations, it makes it more difficult to hold a conversation. So go for that casual first date! Not only will you feel comfortable, but you will have a fun time in the process!