Dating Advice

Since first dates rely on making good first impressions, it is essential that you remember a few important pointers before embarking on your big day. You want to make that special someone see what a great person you are, so it is essential that you “wow” them with your personality, looks, and good attitude. With some first dates tips, you will have no problem accomplishing this!

The first tip is to look and dress your best. If you have to spend a little extra time on your hair, makeup, and outfit, then do so. Trust me; it will be well worth it when you see the look on that special guy or girl’s face.

The next tip is confidence! How can you expect that special someone to like you when you don’t even like yourself? Though it is sometimes hard to ignore your insecurities, by focusing on your positive traits and attributes, you can give yourself an instant self-esteem boost. Remember, confidence is always sexy!

Since nobody likes someone who is rude and disrespectful, be sure to use your best manners. If you are a man, be chivalrous; if you are a woman, act like a lady! Though some people may be attracted to the bad boy/ bad girl image, if you act like a jerk, you are unlikely to get a second date.

Contributing to the conversation is essential to a first date. How else are you supposed to get to know that special someone if you do not talk to them? Make sure you are a good listener as well as a good speaker. Many people are guilty of talking about themselves too much, so do not be one of these people!

By following these helpful tips, you will not only make your first date a success, but you will also be likely to get a second date in the process!

No boyfriend or girlfriend? No problem! Though some people may think that being single is far inferior to being in a relationship, they are completely wrong! Being single not only gives you more freedom to discover who you are and focus on yourself for a while, but it also allows you to meet and get to know new people without the fear of hurting your significant other. So singles do not fret; you are in a great position!

Some of the most successful people in the world are single. Why is this? Being single allows you to focus your time and energy on bettering yourself and achieving your goals and dreams. Though being in a relationship can be a great experience, it can also make you lose focus on what you want in life because you are too preoccupied with your significant other.

By choosing to remain single, you can also focus on discovering who you are. Many people in serious relationships run the risk of losing themselves. When you are single, you have space to breath and do not have to change for anyone but yourself. If you like to dance around the house every morning to rap music, then go ahead and do it! Be yourself, because you do not have to worry about a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife judging you for it. Your quirkier traits define you, so do not suppress them for someone else.

In addition to having more “you time,” the single life also gives you the opportunity to meet many new and exciting people. Since you do not have to worry about offending your significant other by chatting with attractive, interesting people, you can feel free to get to know them as well as you would like! Go ahead; explore your options. This is what the single life is all about!

Do you want to “wow” that special someone by bringing a first date gift? Gifts for first date are not only a thoughtful gesture, but they can also be a contributing factor in making your date a success! So go ahead; bring a small token to let that certain guy or girl know that you were thinking about them. However, do not get carried away. Since it’s the only the first date, the simpler the gift, the better!

One of the most popular first date gifts are flowers. Not only are they beautiful and simple at the same time, but women will adore them! Since different flower s mean different things, be sure to select the right ones.

If you would prefer to give her roses, red ones are representative of love and white ones are a symbol of purity. If you would prefer carnations, pink ones say you’ll never forget her, and red carnations will tell her your heart aches for her. Another beautiful flower choice is the tulip. Pink tulips let her know you care, red ones declare your love for her, and yellow tulips say that you are hopelessly in love.

Though bringing flowers is a good choice for a first date, it is important that you remember to keep them simple. If you show up with an entire floral arrangement, you might make that special girl feel uncomfortable – especially if she has nothing to give you in return. Save the more elaborate gifts for much later dates.

Another great gift option is a souvenir from your first date together. If you go to a concert, get them a t-shirt, and if you go to an aquarium, get them a shark-tooth necklace. If you happen to go to a fair, carnival, or amusement park, show off your skill by winning them a stuffed animal!

Are you fed up with regular dating? The hassle and stress of trying to find the right person can be difficult sometimes, but there are alternatives. Online dating has become very popular in the past decade, and it has many advantages over the typical dating experience.

One of the greatest aspects of online dating is that it allows you to meet people that you normally wouldn’t in your daily life. Since you are limited to the area in which you live and work, you may never get the opportunity to meet people that you may really like. With online dating, you can meet people from many different places.

In addition, online dating will match you up based on your personal preferences and common interests. This way, you do not have to go through multiple dates to find out that you have absolutely nothing in common with the person you asked out. Not only does this save you time and energy, but it can save you from heartbreak as well.

Once you are matched with some options, you can get to know each other even better through online chat. Face-to-face conversation is wonderful, but talking via the internet is far less nerve-wrecking. Since you will feel more comfortable, getting to know each other will be a breeze.

After you have been chatting for some time, you may come to realize that you have feelings for this person and want to meet them. The beauty of online dating is that you can take it from the computer to reality. Decide on a place you would like to go, and plan a time to meet up! If there is chemistry between you, do not be afraid to continue seeing each other.

Though some may say that regular dating is superior to online dating, they are wrong. Both have their advantages, and depending on your preferences, they are both great ways to get to know new people.

Did you land a first date with that handsome guy you’ve had you’re eye on? It is no question that you are incredibly excited, but as the date gets closer and closer, you may find yourself feeling nervous too. What will it be like? How should I act? Will we hit it off well? These questions may perplex you, but with some helpful first date tips women, you will have that special guy falling for you in no time!

Though he will not judge you based solely on your looks, they can often help you to make a great first impression on him. This may mean that you will have to spend a little extra time on your hair, makeup, and outfit selection, but it is well worth it. Wait until you see the look on his face when he comes to pick you up! If you are not sure what to do with your hair, wearing it down – either straightened or curled – is a good choice. As for the makeup, wear enough to highlight your features and keep it fairly simple. You want him to see you, not your painted-on face!

While on the date, always remember: confidence, confidence, confidence! If you are insecure about yourself and the way you look, that special guy will be able to see that. Sometimes, being insecure is a turn-off. How can that special guy feel comfortable around you when you can’t even feel comfortable about yourself? Though confidence doesn’t come naturally to every woman, focusing on your talents and attributes will give you instant self-esteem.

In addition to looks and confidence, contributing to the conversation will also have that guy smitten. Be a good listener as well as an interesting speaker. Coming prepared with interesting questions to ask him is a great idea and will ensure that you get to know each other. With these tips, you will be sure to impress that lucky guy and have a great first date!

Even the manliest, most confident men get nervous prior to a first date. It’s impossible not to, especially if you want to impress that pretty girl and have a great time together! Though this first date anxiety may have you feeling insecure, you can bring back your confidence with a little help. By following these tips for first date for men, you will have the essentials to make your first date a spectacular one!

First of all, it is essential that you both look and dress your best. Though you may typically only spend a couple minutes on your appearance, a little extra grooming prior to your first date will pay off in the nd. Most women prefer cleanly shaven men, so do not show up looking like a scruffy lumberjack. Additionally, adding a little good-smelling cologne will be sure to draw her in and keep her close to you all night. As for the clothing, you can never go wrong with a nice pair of jeans and an attractive button-down shirt.

While on the date, it is essential that you act like a gentleman. If you are rude, arrogant, or act like a tool, it is unlikely that you will get a second date. With this in mind, it is important that you remember to treat everyone – especially that special girl – with respect. Chivalry is not dead, so do not be afraid to open the door for her or treat her like the lady she is.

Since conversation is one of the most important aspects of a first date, it is essential that you contribute to it. How else will you get to know that girl you asked out? Some men have the tendency to brag about lves, about anything from their car to their athletic abilities. Do not be one of these men. Excessive cockiness is a turn-off to many women, so avoid it at all costs. Be a good listener as well as a good speaker, and be genuinely interested in what she has to say.

With these tips for first date for men, you will have no problem getting a second date with that special girl!

So, you’re having butterflies in your stomach about going on your high school first date?  Remember, confidence is the key.

Do you remember those golden days back in high school when you had a date every weekend? High school is perhaps one of the most popular times for dating and relationships, and it is a wonderful time to discover what qualities you are looking for in a significant other. But what should you expect from a high school first date? Well, with this advice, you will not only learn the answer to this question, but you will also find out how to make that date an overall success in the process.

Is dating in high school really all that different than adult dating?

Not really.  I mean, you’re essentially doing the same thing: you’re seeking out a prospective mate and you’re going through a process of getting to know each other to find your likes and dislikes.  There’s no need to think of it in any more complicated terms than that.  Life is just that simple in this case.  In fact, simpler because you’re so young!

Since high school is a time when you are growing from a teenager into an adult, you may not have as much flexibility in dating. After all, there are curfews, parents, school work, sports and extra-curricular activities that may prevent you from having a serious relationship. However, the weekends are a perfect time for a first date, and so are school activities like homecomings and proms.

Okay, I think I’ve got a date set up.

After you have worked up the courage to ask out that pretty girl or handsome guy that caught your eye in chemistry lab, you move on to the next step: coming up with an idea for a first date.

Wait, Ryan, where the heck should we go?

One great idea for a first date is going to a school sporting event. Since it is more casual, you will not feel uncomfortable or pressured. Watching the big football or basketball game is not only exciting, but it gives you and your crush the opportunity to get to know each other. Also, since most high schools have dances, homecomings, formals, or proms, you have the option of asking them to one.

Do something quirky.  I went out with a girl to an old record store where we jammed to Led Zepplin and all the great music of the 1970s.  It wasn’t the most orthodox first date, but it was really fun and we had a blast.  Remember, dating is just about having fun.  It’s not a business meeting or a job interview.  Don’t treat it as anything else!

In addition to school-related events, you can also go on a “regular” date, such as dinner and a movie. You can also feel free to get as creative as you’d like with first date ideas. Go karting, anyone? Enjoy your youth and have a great time on your high school first date!


Was it his incessant bragging or her cat obsession that did you in? Let’s face it; we have all had that one first date that still gives us nightmares. Though most first dates work out quite well and are also completely enjoyable, there are some that you can consider to be the worst first date ever. Whether it was the fault of the person you asked out, the location of the date, or even yourself, bad first dates are a part of life.

A couple months ago, one of my colleagues and I were exchanging stories about some of our memorable first dates. Eventually, we got on the subject of our worst first dates – the ones that we will never forget because of their sheer, catastrophic nature. Though my worst first date was pretty unfortunate, it was nothing compared to hers.

In her junior year of high school, Cindy agreed to go on a date with a guy who – according to her friends – had been in love with her since the 5th grade. Though Cindy was not particularly interested in him, being the nice person that she is, she decided she would give him a chance. Poor Cindy had no idea what was in store for her that night.

She recalls the beginning of the date being normal.

“He picked me up and took me to dinner at my favorite restaurant. Though he seemed nice at first, he slowly started to get weirder and weirder,” Cindy told me.

While they were at dinner, he kept telling her how beautiful she was and how they could have attractive, genetically-superior children together. In addition to this offense, he tried hand-feeding her pasta and yelled at the waiter for “eyeing his date.”

Many people have had similar experiences to Cindy – if not worse – because bad first dates are a part of life. Did you just have the worst first date ever? Don’t worry; it happens to everyone at some point in time.

Think it’s silly?  It’s actually more popular than you think!

Is that special someone taking you to an elegant restaurant? If so, then it is time for some first date dress up! Since more refined locations have a stricter dress code, it is essential that you dress for the occasion appropriately. Showing up in jeans and a sweatshirt will not impress that special someone, so make sure you select an outfit that is not only classy, but is also sure to wow!

For women, dressing up usually involves wearing a dress or a skirt. Since there are countless types of dresses to choose from, you should have no problem finding one that fits your preferences and flatters your figure. If you want to look sexy for this occasion, a sheath dress in red or black will do the trick. Since it is form fitting, it will show off your beautiful curves! If you would like a dress that is flirty and cute, a flowing baby doll dress is perfect. Choose a wrap dress for a romantic, candle lit evening in order to really stun that lucky guy! The type of shoes you pair with these dresses is completely up to you, but gorgeous heels never hurt.

Wearing a skirt and blouse combination is also acceptable for an elegant date. A high-waist pencil skirt flatters many different figures, and it is sexy and classy at the same time. Wearing it with a silky or lacey blouse will be sure to melt his heart!

As for men, khaki pants and a nice shirt are acceptable for a date that is dress-casual. If you would like to dress the outfit up even more, you can do so by adding a tie. However, if you are going somewhere with a very refined dress code, wearing a suit is a good idea.

First date dress up is not as difficult and stressful as some would expect, and with these ideas, you will look stunning!

While a man is stressing about the way his car looks prior to the first date, it is likely that the woman is stressing about what she will wear. It is given that you will want to look beautiful in order to impress that special guy, but what sort of outfit will have the power to do this? First date clothes for women is a complex topic, and it is important to take into consideration where you will be going and what you feel comfortable in.

If you are going to a refined location, it is important that you dress up. Since the place will be elegant, it is essential that you look elegant too. Clothes perfect for a fancy first date often include materials such as lace, silk, cashmere, and even sequins. Though they are not necessary to include, they often make a wonderful statement! A dress is perfect to wear for this occasion, but a skirt and blouse is also a great choice. Either of these outfits will be sure to stun that special man!

If you are going to a more casual location, jeans will do the trick. Since they are so versatile and can be worn with nearly anything, you can choose a top that reflects your personal style. Whether it is a flirty blouse or a cozy sweater, you will feel comfortable and confident. The shoes you wear are another choice that is completely up to you. If you prefer high heels, then wear them; if you are a fan of knee-high riding boots, don’t be afraid to slip them on over some skinny jeans. k

First date clothes for women depends not only upon the location, but on personal style preferences as well. These outfit suggestions will help you to feel beautiful and confident, and they will also impress that special guy in the process.