Dealing With Jealousy

Question: I’ve been feeling really jealous lately of this girl who is dating my ex-boyfriend. I didn’t realize how much I liked him until I saw him with another girl. What do I do? I want my ex-boyfriend back. I miss him and I think he misses me. I don’t want to hurt his current girlfriend, but I really do want my ex-boyfriend back, NOW. Help!

I want my ex-boyfriend back
A little sugar can make things cook again

Answer: Okay, so we know that you want your ex-boyfriend back. The real question is: how? This is a tricky situation because you’re right, you don’t want to hurt his new girlfriend. She hasn’t done anything to you except take the man you want back. I’m assuming that she isn’t doing this to spite you but because she found a man that she was attracted to and who was available, so she started dating him.

First, you need to spend more time with him. If you’re going to get him to fall back in love with you, then you need to be around so he can miss you. Don’t let him cheat with you, however, as that will only make him despise you. He’ll see you as someone who came in to break up the relationship that he had rather than see you as someone who just wants him back in her life. So start by spending more time with him. As friends.

Flirt. When you’re with him, don’t be needy. Don’t be overly flirty, but drop subtle hints. Let him know that you might still like him. He needs to think that if he broke up with his current girlfriend, you would be interested in being with him. Don’t let him think that you’ll cheat with him, but let him know that you’re not dating anyone and you still find him attractive.

Lastly, have fun with him. When you’re spending time together, it needs to be fun and meaningful. He has to have a reason to want to come back. Make him remember what he loved about you and how much he’s been missing it. As you spend time with him, keep your distance when you’re apart. Be with him or be without him. Soon, he’ll realize that he wishes you were always with him and he’ll be texting, calling and tweeting you, asking you to spend more time with him as his girlfriend.

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Should you get revenge on your ex-girlfriend? You just broke up. Maybe you’ve been dumped, Either way, you’re thinking you might like to get revenge. Should you?

Revenge isn’t a good idea. It may sound wonderful to think of ruining her life, embarrassing her in front of her friends, or even physically hurting her. However, the consequences are simply too large and the rewards are few. It isn’t always a good idea to get revenge on your ex-girlfriend.

Of course sometimes revenge is necessary as long as it’s civil. You should you get revenge on your ex-girlfriend – but the right type of revenge.

You’re allowed to get revenge on your ex-girlfriend as long as it’s in a civil and legal way.

Here are three things that you can do to get revenge on your ex-girlfriend:

First of all, get yourself a beautiful new girlfriend. Nothing’s going to bother your ex-girlfriend as much as seeing you with a smoking hot new girl. This is a positive way to get revenge on your girlfriend.

If you begin dating your perfect woman, then you can even enjoy this process. No need to do it just to annoy her, but do it for yourself as well!

Secondly, become unbelievably successful. If you want to get revenge on your ex, you’ve got to find a way to be successful. It doesn’t matter in what necessarily, money and finances, sports, academics. Just find something that you can excel at that lets her know what she’s missing out on.

There’s nothing worse for a girl than dumping her guy only to find that he has this really successful quality about him. make sure that she sees this quality. That is key.

It will drive her crazy and it will be a big win for you. Should you get revenge on your ex-girlfriend? Sure, just make sure it is about your success – don’t make it entirely about her.

Lastly, get revenge on your girlfriend in a healthy way that really benefits your life and doesn’t have any negative side effects is for you. Don’t embarrass yourself.

If she sees you and you’ve got yourself a new girlfriend, you’re more successful and you’re unbelievably happy, that’s the best revenge you could ever get. Happiness is ultimately one of the largest goals in life and she’ll wish she had stayed with you.

When you finally get revenge on your ex-girlfriend, make sure you savor it. Once she sees that you have moved on with your life and are happy, she’ll be confused, saddened and potentially devastated. Remember, everyone wants what they can’t have.

And finding your own happiness along the way is an added bonus!

Seeing marriage problems signs early is very important.Seeing marriage problems signs?

What do we need to watch out for if we think we’re seeing signs of marriage problems?  We might think our marriage is going just fine, but are there special signs we should keep an eye on so that we can predict a problem before it becomes too much to handle?  There are, and if you’re knowledgeable, you can save your marriage before it’s too late!

First off, how often do you and your spouse make love?  Physical intimacy is the bedrock for many marriages.  Without it, your marriage devolves into simply a great friendship, and for many people, that’s just not enough.  If you feel your love life has taken a turn for the worse, it’s time to head off the problem and do something spontaneous and romantic.  Make sure that it breaks your normal routine and that your spouse is genuinely surprised.  Nothing builds romance and passion like uncertainty and spontaneity.

Another marriage problem sign you need to watch out for is if your spouse seems distant or aloof when they had been interested and engaged before.  This can be a surefire sign of marriage boredom, and if left to fester, can turn into strife later.  Marriage is supposed to build both people within the relationship and can offer ways for both people to grow and experience life in ways they couldn’t as individuals.  If your relationship isn’t accomplishing this, boredom can set in, and so can the wandering eye.

Does your spouse avoid you?  This might be, in fact, unthinkable for a couple.  However, when the glow of being newlyweds fades, have you fallen into the rut of monotony?  Do you feel that you do not need to do anything special for your mate now that you are married?  If you don’t show your partner that you value your relationship with them, they may feel slighted and distant.  They may find that staying at work extra hours or going out with their friends may be preferable to being home with you.

This might sound harsh, but relationships are ongoing and require a lot of work.  Your partner entered the marriage with you out of love, respect, passion, and because they though their life would be enhanced.  You most likely did for the same reasons, or more.  You cannot just rest on your laurels after you say “I do.”  It’s time to make the most of your relationship with your partner and to cherish them.

Do activities you know your partner loves, or talk about subjects they like to talk about.  Let them know you value your time together, and your marriage will take on a new character.  Change your home décor and buy a new car.  Go to a movie you would never otherwise go to or take up a new sport.  Take your spouse out to an art festival or to samba dancing.  There’s a world of new activities.

There are more signs of a strained marriage, but if you notice that your spouse is avoiding you, or you are having fewer and fewer chances to have intimate relations, or if you feel like your partner is just plain bored, there are ways to head off these problems so that you don’t find yourself in a psychologist’s office, wondering why you have to now have marriage counseling.

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Do you really want to get back at your ex?  Here are some tips to make him wish that he or she had never left you.

The best way to get revenge is to make your ex jealous of you.  I usually try to recommend to cut off all ties with your ex, but there are some occasions where it might be emotionally gratifying to get back at them.  However you are not to do it in an aggressive, stand-offish measure, you want to really wow them.

The best way to make your ex jealous is to make the miss what they already had.  You want to show off a brand new you that will wow them and make them curse themselves that they ever thought the grass was greener on the other side of the fence.  You see, people always second guess themselves in relationships.  Rarely if ever are they that confident.  Everyone is insecure in some way.

The first thing you need to do is build yourself a killer body.  You should look ten times better than you did when you two were together.  This is really a must.  Because the basic strategy is for you to disappear and come back later as a brand new you.  You are going to drop off the social scene.  You are not going to see any of your friends or any other mutual acquaintances.  The next time your ex sees you, they will see a whole new person.

Get some articles on eating right and read a few books on dieting.  You cannot get in shape and have a beautiful body without eating the proper diet.  You also need to get yourself exercising!  There are some great plans out there, like P90X, that you can use to get in shape and look your best.  Spend 6 months babying yourself and preparing yourself to be the new you.

Then, step out onto the stage.  That’s right, step out!  You look great, your clothes are fashionable, and you are sexy.  You see, confidence is that basis of sexuality.  You want to attract everyone around you.  Now, when your ex sees you, they won’t understand why they left you in the first place.

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Being jealous of an ex girlfriend of your boyfriend is a painful experience.  What you need to learn to do is to let the past go.  Give it a funeral, and move on.

I give two pieces of advice whenever someone has just broken up with a girlfriend or boyfriend: focus on yourself, and give the past a funeral. These two pieces of advice are like magic to any of my friends who have tried these two principles out.  What do I mean by “focus on yourself” and “give the past a funeral?”

After a breakup, it’s all too easy for us to start blaming ourselves for everything that went wrong in a relationship and to think negatively about what could have happened.  You are feeling jealous of the ex girlfriend because you want things to be the way they were before the breakup, and you think that you are insufficient to bring the past back to the present.

This is why you have to focus on yourself.  Go out with your best buds and have a guys night out.  Go to the movies or play a sport to get your emotions under control.  As men, we have to be physical and treat ourselves because we are used to canning our emotions.  Go to the gym or go out to the bar, but whatever you do, start focusing on yourself.

After having some fun, go back to your place and start cleaning.  Remove all of the old junk from your old life.  Wear different clothes and speak possibly to yourself all day long.  Volunteer or start a second job so that you do not give yourself time to sulk or to brood over your ex-girlfriend.

Next, give your relationship the funeral it deserves.

If you do not get back with your ex-girlfriend, then your relationship has withered on the vine, and it’s time to move on.  It’s time to know in your heart that your ex-girlfriend is gone forever, and to give your old relationship closure.  Ways to do this include getting rid of anything that reminds you of her, and focusing on your new life and the new you.

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When you are jealous of ex boyfriend you’ve got to deal with some really difficult emotions and feelings. Overcoming being jealous of an ex boyfriend is very important if you truly want to be happy.

You don’t need to be jealous of your ex-boyfriend if you follow a few simple rules.  The green eyed monster is tough to deal with, but I’ve seen a lot of women get over their ex-boyfriends in no time flat if you just follow certain behaviors and ways of thinking.

1. You might just be better off without him.

This is the common thing we say to console ourselves when we break up.  We tell ourselves that life will somehow be better.  Well guess what, often it is!  You broke up for a reason, and if you haven’t made up within a few weeks, then you can almost safely say that the relationship is dead.  That may be a good thing!

Compare yourself before and after the relationship.  Were you a better woman before the relationship?  Were you more confident?  Did you have more friends?  Was your work/life balance in place?  If he disrupted all that, then you can say with full honesty that you are indeed better off without him.

2. Focus on yourself after a breakup

This is my general advice for whenever you breakup with someone, and if you’re feeling jealous, it’s advice that will carry you far.  Don’t focus on your ex boyfriend, that will only increase your jealousy.  You’re feeling envy because you’re focusing too much on him and nowhere near enough on yourself.

It’s time to go out and pamper yourself.  Get a new hairdo, change your clothes, and visit a spa.  You have to be your best friend after a breakup.  If you are not reminding yourself about how wonderful you are, and how much you treasure yourself, then it’s easy to sink back into dark thoughts of envy.

3. Give your old relationship a funeral

It’s time to move on.  There’s nothing more you could have done.  Do not spend time analyzing the past because you have to move on from it.  You have no other choice but to face the new day.  I know, this sounds like a Disney movie, but I’m telling you the harsh truth.

Take all of your old photos of your boyfriend and anything else that would make you think of him, put it in a shoebox, and give it a Viking funeral.  That means you find a large body of water, and set it out to sea.

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If you are jealous of your ex it can really be a painful thing to deal with. Your ex doing better than you really does stink!Jealous of your Ex?

Don’t sit there and stew!  If you don’t try and fix the situation, then you’re going to have a lot more problems than just being jealous of your ex.  You’re jealous because you feel that they’ve moved on past your relationship and are living the “good life.”  They’ve got new friends, a new apartment, a new job, and a new lease on life, and you’ve been left in the dust; the bitter ex who can never get back what they think they’ve lost.

Get Real!

I tell it straight.  If you’ve been reading my dating advice, you already know I cut straight to the chase.  Do not idolize your ex or think that somehow their life is perfect while yours is in the gutter.  It’s probably not even close to the truth.  A lot of times when we break up, we get angry at ourselves and think that there was something more we could have done to keep the relationship together.  When our ex leaves and we’re jealous, it’s usually a result of those feelings.

Always remember, your ex could just be putting up a good front.  This is common right after a breakup.  I’ve seen it so many times before.  The ex puts up a brave front, when really, behind the scenes they are actually more hurt about the break up than the other partner.  They hide their pain by putting on a great smile when they leave for work in the morning.

Think about it, why are you seeing your ex so much?  Are you sure that all your chance run ins are just that, chance?  It’s possible that they are staging a lot of your little run ins.  I knew someone like that.  She was so broken up after the breakup that she put on a sexy red dress and found ways to see her ex boyfriend.  She knew he would be seeing friends at a movie theater, so she just happens to bring a date to the exact same theater.  She knew his habits, and always found ways to run into him.

In reality, she wanted the relationship to start back up again, and she felt if she looked better than she did before, she might win him back.  She wasn’t right, but later she found out that he wasn’t the guy for her in the end and she later found herself a great boyfriend after reading my advice articles.  When you’re jealous of your ex, just remember, the feeling might indeed be mutual.

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Being jealous really does suck.  You’re jealous because you spend too much time thinking about others, and not enough time focusing on what makes you great.

Jealousy occurs when we don’t think much of ourselves, and we project that onto other people.  Most people think jealousy actually has to do with being inferior to someone, but it really doesn’t.  It’s all about what you think of yourself.  Have you ever noticed that confident people with high self-esteem do not have problems with jealousy?  It’s true.  it’s because they value themselves.  Curing jealousy means learning how to say, “I’m great!”

If you don’t know how to value yourself, then no one else is going to do it for you, but where to begin?  If you have low self-esteem, then it’s going to have to be built, brick by brick.  Start first by dressing yourself up.  Don’t look slovenly or wear old clothes anymore.  tart treating yourself to the latest styles and fashion.  If you’re a guy, then you might want to look at what the new professional look is, and take that on for yourself.

One way to take pride in yourself is to develop new hobbies and become successful at them.  Part of the reason you might have low self-esteem is because you do not recognize all of the special talents that you possess, but have yet to see fully blossom.  Take up a new sport or find some artistic hobby that will unlock your latent potential.  It will also open up new avenues to meet new people, which is critical when we’re feeling in a jealous mood.

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Learning how to stop being jealous could change your life.

You don’t have to be a slave to the green eyed monster anymore.  For those of you who are suffering because you constantly feel jealous in your relationships, then I have some advice that can really help you move on with your life and start feeling confident again!

Jealousy is a type of fear

People fear all sorts of things in life, from getting fired to losing their loved ones.  Fear is natural, but uncontrolled fear is deadly and poisons our relationship and robs us of the joys of life.  I have talked to many couples where one partner suffers from jealousy, and usually, after a lot of run around, I finally get to the heart of the problem: that partner is afraid their significant other is going to leave them for someone else.

It’s the same song and dance every time.  They take offense at every little thing and believe that their partner is one step away from leaving them with a billionaire to go off to some exotic island.  When one partner is in a jealous state of mind, then everything becomes scary, even things that don’t make any sense or are otherwise innocuous.  Take this one couple I talked to, let’s call them Rob and Sarah.

Sarah was jealous because he saw Rob walking down the street with a girl she had never seen before.  Sarah had not ready any of my articles on how to stop being jealous, so she just assumed that the girl Rob was walking down the street with was his new lover and he was cheating on her.  Once Rob got home that night, he and Sarah had a screaming match.  Rob had no idea what happened.

From Rob’s perspective, he met an old high school friend he hadn’t seen in years and didn’t want to let the opportunity pass.  Rob had no intention of leaving Sarah. In fact, he had secretly bought a ring to propose to her and just hadn’t found a good time.  After that fight, Rob began to have second thoughts on whether or not Sarah was right for him.

Jealousy makes us see things that aren’t there and ruin relationships that are otherwise perfectly fine.  We do this out of fear.  The thing that beats fear is knowledge.  Sarah never asked Rob who the girl was, nor did she snoop and find out if she was too afraid to ask Rob directly.  She also didn’t trust Rob or believe in his character, which doesn’t say much for their relationship.  Sarah just could not stop being jealous, and now their relationship is on the rocks.

Don’t be like this couple, and learn to have confidence in your partner.  If you suspect something is up, investigate before coming to conclusions!

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If your marriage needs help and you just don’t know what to do, go on Youtube and find Tony Robbins.  His breakthrough series is inspirational, and you can use it to help repair your marriage.

It’s an amazing series that covers mostly relationships – people who are married and they’ve been through some sort of trauma. It gives an amazing insight into outside-of-the-square marriage help that is for sure.  Everyone that has seen it has said it has changed their lives.  I really recommend that you stop what you’re doing and watch it.

With one couple the husband lost his job and they were suffering from some massive financial difficulties.

One couple in the series was having problems getting through a hard patch where one of them contracted a debilitating disease.  It was so heartbreaking to see how their medical bills strained their relationship, but the husband stood by his wife until eventually she was cured of the disease.  Some say, his love for her is what cured her.

You quickly realize, after watching this television show, that relationships are strong when certain things occur. It’s great marriage help because it’s very real and you can see what works and doesn’t work. Too many of the people feel sorry for themselves or are stuck in the past or haven’t recovered from a personal trauma – and this destroys their marriage.

In the case of the couple facing a terminal illness, the husband didn’t feel sorry for himself, he took control of the situation and decided to let his wife know he was sticking by her until the very end.  He had an abiding faith that is the secret spice for any great relationship.

He takes a very strong leadership role within the relationship and becomes the rock. Not enough marriage help encourages this in my opinion.

The second thing is that if you don’t deal with your own issues, you don’t deal with your own problems; you kind of bring both your partner down and the relationship down.  Remember, you know you’re in a great relationship where you care for your partner just as much as you would care for yourself.

It’s very easy to be selfish in a relationship when you have problems but being in a marriage, your problems end up becoming your partner’s problems whether you like it or not. Looking for marriage help might not be all you need. You might need personal help along with marriage help.

Keep watching the series and you’ll learn all sorts of life lessons.

There was one particular couple who he sent to Skid Row down in LA and believe me that gave him a huge jolt.  Their marriage was saved because of it. It would be better if all marriage help was as transformational as this account he gave.  Sometimes we gain the most once we conquer our darkest hour.

It serves a lesson to consider putting yourself right outside your comfort zone when you are improving your marriage. Don’t look for marriage help as an easy way out. Use marriage help to encourage you to take some risks.  Marriage advice is designed to challenge you, to do thinks you didn’t think were possible.

So it might be time for you to put a bit of pressure on your relationship, to make a decision, to add a bit of leverage, to do something different and put yourself under a little bit of extra focus.

This might be the catalyst for turning your marriage around.

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