Dealing With Jealousy

Dealing with a marriage in trouble requires some drastic measures.  Don’t worry though, I’ve got some great advice that works!Marriage in trouble?

Don’t let marriage problems ruin your life.  I know, it probably feels like the walls around you are crumbling.  You fight with your spouse all the time.  The bills keep coming in, but you have no money to pay them.  You blame each other for everything that goes wrong, and you haven’t been on a romantic date in months!  Don’t worry.  Take a deep breath.  If your marriage is in trouble, then you need to proactively go after the problem.

The #1 cause of marriage stress is financial related.  Couples normally break up after a layoff or some other horrendous financial calamity.  Sometimes it’s because bills pile up and you have no idea how you’re going to make it from month to month.  This happens to anyone and it is nothing to be embarrassed about, and it is definitely not the time to be at each other’s throats.  It’s time to come up with a new budget, to try and find a cheaper place to live and a cheaper car, and take time out to get your lives together.

If it’s not financial stress, then maybe there has been infidelity?  I know how hard this time in your life can be.  You feel your spouse has betrayed you and your wedding vows, and you don’t know how you could ever pick up the pieces of your broken marriage.  The first thing to do is not jump to conclusions.  I cannot tell you how many phone calls I get from hysterical wives who think they’re husband is cheating on them, basing their assertions on the fact that they saw him walking down the street with another woman.

Don’t make assumptions!  The woman you saw your husband with may or may not be sleeping with him. She may be an old classmate or a childhood friend.  Men and women can have platonic relationships, even when they’re married!  If you really feel he is cheating on you, hire a private detective and gather some evidence.  If he is indeed seeing someone else, you’ll have to breakup with him and most likely move to a new city.

If your marriage is in trouble because of substance abuse problems, I have to be honest and say that it’s probably not going to work out.  Sure, people can come out of alcohol programs and drug programs better people, but usually substance abuse destroys relationships and the people who abuse.  It may be too late if they’ve become violent or withdrawn.  It might be time to leave.

Marriage troubles are tough, and sometimes we have to understand when our marriage is no longer salvageable.  However, if we come into our marriage from a position of strength, where we are actively looking for problems to solve and mountains to climb, then we can get out of the marriage trouble woods quite quickly.

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If you’re having marriage difficulties, there is something you can do.
Marriage Difficulties - Useful advice that can help you if your marriage is in trouble

No one ever said marriage would be perfect, and few relationships are.  When you’re facing marriage difficulties, there are a few things you can do to preserve your marriage and bring order back to your life. The first thing to do is to be honest with yourself as to what is truly the problem.

One major problem in marriages is if there is a difference in the sexual needs of both partners.  One partner may have a high sex drive and want to make love more often than the other.  Maybe you feel hurt that you have to shun your partner’s advances, and make them feel you don’t want them sexually.  You love your partner, but you just do not want to make love as often as they would like, and it’s starting to become a problem.  This causes a rift in many relationships, one that you don’t want to cause.  It may be time to expand your horizons and explore your sexuality more.

We often let the stresses of modern life make us feel we can put sex off, or that there are more important things to do. 

Nothing could be further from the truth.  The intimacy you share with your partner is the core of your relationship and you must do what it takes to save it.    If your job or a big project is making you feel stressed, then put it down and take out some time to spend with your significant other, just the two of you.  You don’t necessarily have to do something grand, like go to a tropical island.

Even the simplest dates, like walking through a park or doing an activity that you can bond over, go a long way in rebuilding a relationship that’s been mired in domestic drudgery.  Once you are relaxed and not thinking about the next deadline or your bosses face on Monday morning, you’ll find being intimate with your partner much more natural.

Sometimes intimacy is not the problem in a marriage.  Maybe you feel like you and your partner are reliving the same day over and over again. 

Routines are good, but too much can lead to boredom and stagnation, and that’s not what endeared you to your partner in the first place.  It’s time to spice it up, and not just in the bedroom.  In these cases you’ll have to do something very much out the ordinary.  Some couples go to exotic locales while others take up new hobbies that they can enjoy together.

Try and do something that involves meeting other couples, or dressing up and going someplace elegant. 

Some couples take up ballroom dancing, which is a romantic activity where you can dress up, go on an adventure, and break up your routine.  If you are outdoorsy, then visiting a scenic spot and going happy can be a romantic trip and rekindle your relationship.  Anything that gets you out of the house and away from the daily grind.

The question of how to not be jealous is important for you to heal and to regain your confidence.

Jealousy is a form of fear.  You’re most likely feeling jealousy because you feel that your partner might leave you.  He or she might find someone more handsome, with more money, with a bigger car, and your partner will leave you in the dust holding the emotional bag.  Again, jealousy is rooted in fear, so the way we get rid of fear is to build confidence.  It’s as simple as that, and I’m going to teach you how.

First off, if your relationship is so shallow, so brittle, so on the verge of collapse that you think your partner is going to go jetsetting off with another guy or girl, then you need to start becoming more confident in your relationship!  Of course Relationship rewind is filed with good advice on building a relationship on solid footing, so start to build confidence by objectively looking at your situation and finding ways you can make it better.  This is the first step on how not to be jealous.

What if your relationship seems just fine?  You and your partner both seem to enjoy each other’s company.  She finds you attractive you think she’s great.  So where’s the problem?  It might be with you.  Sometimes, our minds create problems where there weren’t any before.  We can imagine that our partner is cheating on us, when that’s not really the case and we’re just projecting our own insecurities on them.

In that case, it’s time you got a reality check.  It’s easy to imagine the worst, but why not imagine the best?  When jealousy slips in, I always take it and trade it in for a positive thought or a funny thought.  For instance, if you are out with your girlfriend, and you think she’s looking at another man, try to trade that thought in for a positive one.  She might have her pick of men, but she’s chosen to go to the movie theater with you!

You see, we create so many universes in our own heads without first checking to make sure if any of them are true.  We also don’t try to create positive universe in our heads. We instead go for all of the negative thinking that can get us nowhere.  If your girlfriend is looking at another man in a movie theater, the sure fire way to not be jealous is to calm down and think positive.   Maybe she thinks the man is ugly.  Maybe he has an ugly sweater and she doesn’t understand why anyone would wear that.  All sorts of things could be the case.

It’s time for you to relax!

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Knowing how to make your ex jealous is a snap if you know how.

There’s no bigger self-esteem boost than to make an ex jealous of the new you.I want to give you five things you can do that will always work to make your ex jealous.These are the things that will probably send them over the edge and make them go absolutely crazy.

You’ll never wonder how to make your ex jealous again.

So here they are – the first thing you can do is act really cool and unaffected.

So if you keep bumping into your ex where you catch up with them, act like nothing ever happened.  As far as you are concerned, nothing’s wrong and you totally forgot the relationship.

That will show you how to make your ex jealous by creating real envy that you have more moved on more than they have.

You want to be as relaxed and as cool as a cucumber, where you want your ex wondering how you’re so cool and how you’re able to get over them so fast.

Learn how to make your ex jealous by being more “over” your relationship than they are.

Try and get out and find someone new.  If you can move on from your old relationship and flirt with new partners, you’ll look secure and enjoying your life.

Hit the dating game running.  You want them to have no idea as to how you found a new mate.  A famous man once said living well is the best revenge.  When it comes to figuring out how to make your ex jealous, truer words were never said.

The third thing to do that will really make your ex jealous is to look at moving away, you know, better if it’s another city.  Heck, I’ve known someone who moved to a different continent.

That’s going to show you how to make your ex jealous by giving your ex a feeling of loss.

They will start to realize that they are missing out on living the life.  They had their chance with you, but now, they’ve lost you forever as you are now out living the life so many people only dream of.

The fourth thing you can do is start to use social networking to help you, post really happy photos on your Facebook, have really exciting status update, maybe pictures of you with attractive people and making new friends.

Learn how to make your ex jealous by enjoying your life more than they are.

Showing your ex you’re having a lot more fun than they are, you’re getting over the relationship way quicker than they are, and that they’re miserable and depressed while you’re out there, you are enjoying yourself is the strategy you should employ.

And the fifth thing you want to do to make your ex jealous is to work hard on your inner self.

That means building your self-esteem and your confidence, being at peace, and healing from any emotional trauma.  This will be an intuitive source of jealousy, but first you can be sure that your ex is hurting and has internal struggles and he’s experiencing a roller coaster of emotions.

So if you’ve invested time and energy into yourself, to make sure you’re happy and you’re feeling good, that you have all your issues solved, your ex won’t help but notice your new radiant, charismatic and present energy.  They won’t know where it came from, and they won’t be able to compete with it.

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So your ex-boyfriend has a new girlfriend and you don’t have any idea as to what you should do?  Well, the worst thing you could do is freak out about it.  You do not want to be seen as the crazy girlfriend.

It can be a very, very stressful situation when you really love someone, when you think the relationship has got a long term future and you have your heart set on your partner and then out of nowhere, they break up with you, even worse if they do it by text.  In fact, I think men who break up by using text messaging are not very manly at all.

And then you find out they’re dating someone else, and it happens quickly after you broke up or maybe even they were dating them while you were dating and they didn’t tell you about this other person when you broke up.  This happens a lot.  Don’t think of yourself as stupid if it happens.  A lot can slip under anyone’s nose.

If your ex-boyfriend has a new girlfriend and this is a real shock you’ve got to realize how much this can affect you.

This can be very confronting and very difficult to deal with but I only want to let you to know is that this is actually a very traumatic situation and you’ve got to deal with it in the same way you will deal with other significant emotional trauma.

Once he gets a new girlfriend, you need to back away from him and move on.  You do not want to be the jealous, crazy ex-girlfriend.  If you start screaming and yelling, or acting out of control, it will push him more into your rival’s camp and not yours.  That’s the opposite of what you want.

So what I recommend is to deal with your emotional trauma at the most serious level you can because actually a condition called post-traumatic stress disorder and a lot of times when you’re affected by a break-up, this is what you can actually be suffering from. They call it PTSD.  Yours might be less severe than a soldier’s, but it’s still pretty serious.

This is why it can be so difficult to stop crying and get out of the love and it can affect your motivation, your energy, your happiness, your ability to be positive, that can be very detrimental for your life.

Don’t feel bad though.  It happens to everyone!

It can make you feel bad about yourself, it can make you question lots of things so it’s really important that you look after yourself and your own mental health and you take the best possible action to heal this emotional difficulty straight away.

So if your ex-boyfriend has a new girlfriend and this really affected you to the point where you are feel awful then don’t just ignore this. Get it sorted ASAP.

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I’ve got some tough advice for you if your ex-girlfriend has a new boyfriend and this really bothers you…

It’s time to move on.

That’s my advice in a nut shell, and some may think that it’s too harsh, but the reality of the situation is that your ex-girlfriend has moved on with her life and it’s time for you to do the same. If you are already cooking up cockamamie plans to try and win her from her new boyfriend or something along those lines, stop yourself.  Remember, relationships are not competitions and they are not supposed to be the source of acrimony and negativity in our lives.  Relationships are supposed to be wonderful affairs.

I understand you might be jealous deep down inside.  After all, her finding a new boyfriend is essentially her way of saying that she doesn’t need you any more.  What more evidence do you need?  She has moved on with her life, and is probably enjoying herself.  Even if you think that your ex-girlfriend got a boyfriend to make you jealous as part of a silly little game, the last thing you want to do is play into her hands.

What you should do is search on this site for my advice on what to do after a breakup.  It’s so important that we know how to move on past things in life and move forward.  There’s only one direction we live, and when we live in the moment and think about ourselves, we tend to be happier.  The best thing you can do for yourself right now is to focus more on your own happiness.

Usually I recommend that people who are feeling jealous of their ex busy themselves with something else.  You should drop off the radar.  Don’t talk to any of your current friends, don’t be on Facebook, just literally drop off the face of the earth and come back a new you.  Watch people’s reaction when you do!  You’ll love it.

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