Falling Back In Love

Learning how to get your husband in the mood might just save your relationship.

Your most powerful tool in your arsenal is your woman’s intuition.  It can tell you all about your man.  I have lots of women emailing me about their husband’s lethargic libido. To get your husband in the mood you might need to change your approach.

You actually know the answers deep inside you, that is to say right now, about how you can get your husband in the mood. I found that you can be the expert on whatever it takes to get your husband in the mood if you can learn to trust your instincts and go with your gut.

It’s seriously is not a mystery and you can look everywhere you want, but I guarantee right now, you know what the answers are. Teaching yourself how to get your husband in the mood requires using your natural inbuilt female intuition.

So I want to give you three exercises to see if you can tap into your female intuition more and see if you can figure out the answer you’re looking for. Watch the results!

First, get a large pad of paper.  If you’re feeling really artistic, get a canvas from a local arts and supplies store and setup a mini studio in your house.  In the middle, write the question, “What turns my husband on?”  Start brainstorming!  There are no wrong answers in a brainstorm.

I want you to draw lines and arrows and circles and answers and I don’t want you to stop until you’ve literally got dozens and dozens of answers.

Be sure that you don’t spend too much time thinking.  This is an exercise in intuition.  You might end up with dozens of answers.  Start picking through them for inspiration.

The second thing I want you to do is do some basic meditation. Sometimes the mistake women make with trying to get your husband in the mood is not finding your own ideas. Or losing that sense of confidence.  Meditation will help you find your center.

I want you to go somewhere with no distractions, maybe a park or a quiet study in your house. I want you to get rid of your phone, anything at all, and I want you to sit there and I just want you to think about what could possibly get your husband in the mood.

All the things that could get him turned on, what could make him want sex more.  I want you to just sit there until you find the answer.

It could be ten minutes, it could be one hour.  Meditation is a gradual thing.  You might get frustrated, angry, stressed and annoyed, but I want you to relax through that process and see if you can get better at tapping into that female intuition that you’ve got right now and you’re not using enough.

There are meditation retreats led by Indian gurus if you really feel that that would help you in learning how to properly meditate.  I went once, and it was a life changing experience.

The third thing I want you to do is when you’re with the husband, I want you to just look at him, but without saying anything. To get your husband in the mood you need to get in touch with his energy.

I want you to see if you can generate more of a connection with him. You’ll be able to get your husband in the mood if you can increase this connection.

See if you can tune in to him and get on his frequency and his wavelength, tap into his mind.  If you can move in sync with his energy, you’ll easily find his buttons and learn how to get him in the mood to make love.

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For couples who need a change, marriage retreats are an excellent idea.Marriage Retrets - Are they everything they promise to be?

If you feel like your relationship with your significant other is on the rocks, then a marriage retreat might be just the thing you need.  A marriage retreat is a form of counseling, where you can take a break from daily living and focus just on your relationship and the troubles that ail it.  Maybe you feel you’ve fallen out of love with your spouse, or perhaps you find that the same conflicts you had in a previous relationship plague you now, even when you had thought you found happiness?  Maybe you’re stuck in a sexual rut, or feel that somehow you and your partner have grown distant, and communication has become difficult, if not impossible.  A marriage retreat is a way to deal with those issues with a professional counselor, in a relaxed, comfortable setting.

Why do people go to marriage retreats?

There are a myriad of different marriage retreats you can try out, depending on the level of intimacy you would like and what type of problems you are experiencing in your marriage.  Some marriage retreats are intensive.  You and your spouse will meet one on one with trained marriage counselors and do exercises to work through your problems.

Do you deal with serious problems while at a marriage retreat?

If you feel you are carrying baggage from a previous relationship, or feel that there is some type of damage you need to have repaired, intensive, one-on-one marriage retreats offer the privacy and intensity you need to work through the most difficult of psychological issues.  For those with especially strained marriages, marriage boot camps are also an option.  Marriage boot camps are a special kind of marriage retreat, and are super intensive.  You’ll perform group activities and exercises designed to rebuild trust and promote intimacy.

You’ll talk about your innermost feelings and work through trauma and heartache that may be damaging your relationship, but which you have thus far found no way to deal with.  Most people who try marriage boot camps say they leave with a new perspective on their relationship and a renewed sense of confidence.  Do be warned though, that the point of many marriage retreats is about finding out what is best for both partners.  Many people leave the retreat feeling stronger in their marriage, but a few find that moving on is best for them.

Who are marriage retreats really for?

If you just feel your marriage could use a kick start, many marriage retreats offer more relaxed programs that are designed more as vacations with group therapy.  Most will whisk you away to a beautiful, scenic area such as a valley nestled within mountains or a seaside getaway.  You’ll find plenty of romantic spots where you and your spouse can be intimate and alone while you drink in the fantasy landscape around you.

These retreats focus more on group therapy sessions where you’ll meet other couples and listen to their problems and provide solutions.  This will help you meet other couples and expand your comfort zone, as well as participate in trust building exercises.  These types of retreats are much more relaxed and are good vacations for couples who feel they just need to breakup their routine and do something new.  These retreats make for good memories and are highly recommended if you want to spend your vacation time building your relationship.


When you’re in a fight with your girlfriend or spouse, it’s best to keep your cool.

People who are most prone to having trouble with fighting in relationships tend to let their emotions rule them, whether it’s anger, jealousy, or hate. These people are pretty much ruled by these emotions. Having an uncontrollable urge to be right can really hurt your relationships.

These people are always in a chaotic state, ruled by emotions that change like the tides of the ocean.

It is key that you do not let your emotions overcome you and control you.  You have the ability to decide what you do, and you can accomplish control of your emotions through discipline.

Losing control of our emotions can lead to results in life we don’t want.  Try to remember the last time you felt a strong emotion, like anger for instance.  Were you in control of yourself?  Did you say something that you now regret?  Did you try to get back at your spouse or partner without considering what you were saying?

Learning how to manage emotions is central to building emotional intelligence and emotional intelligence is what great relationships are all about.

I want to give you a three step plan for dealing with difficult emotions and this is going to help you.Fighting in relationships.

The first step is to do what’s called emotional meditation, and this is where you take some time out, you lay down, and you meditate.  Pay attention to the emotions you’re experiencing right now, earlier today, and even earlier this week.

Reduce the need to fight with your girlfriend by having more peace.

You want to start meditating on the emotions you’re feeling.  Be mindful about how your emotions affect your body. Anger raises our blood pressure whereas happiness releases endorphins.

Learn to not fight with your girlfriend by managing your emotions better.

After these emotional meditation sessions, grab a pen and paper and start to write down what you can do to change the effect of these situations that are causing negative emotions.

Awareness of what you’re thinking and how you’re feeling will get you more control over your relationship.

Write down what it is that is causing you to respond negatively.  Maybe it’s how you think about the situation, maybe you need to change something about the situation itself – or what makes you want to fight with your girlfriend.

Now it’s time to come up with a plan of attack.  You are aware of your emotions and their results in your life.  Now, we need to figure out how to control them so they no longer dominate us.

The third thing that is very important to do is to understand the positiveness even in the most negative emotions, to realize that these emotions aren’t the enemy.

To fight with your girlfriend isn’t always bad. It can cause positive growth in your relationship.

It’s time you learn that negative emotions are not entirely bad.  You can learn from them.  It’s like when you’re driving and a warning light goes off to tell you that you’re low on gas.

That’s what a lot of these negative emotions are – a fight is like a warning sign.

A fight is a warning and, like your car, if you’re going to not pay attention to that fuel light and let it run out of fuel – you have problems.

The only problem with negative emotions is when you don’t take action on them, when you don’t use them as a source of positive emotion; you actually just let the light go on. Use a fight to change things. To make them better.

So get in the habit of understanding what’s causing these negative emotions and use that as some positive motivation to make positive changes in your life. Find the cause of any fight and fix it.

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To make your wife horny you need to know what drives women crazy with sexual excitement. The key to how to make your wife horny is really is being able to stimulate her sexual energy. Be better at her at switching on her powerful internal sexual energy.How to make your wife horny

One thing I really encourage you to do if you want to make your wife horny is to become an expert in kissing.

Men and women often kiss for very different reasons, but for women kissing is often an indicator of how she feels about you. Kissing is a major key to make your wife horny. It does something very different to men than women.

One of the most powerful ways to stimulate her sexual energy and to get her horny is to develop great kissing skills.  It’s a form of physical intimacy that can really build a connection to develop a deep bond. Becoming an expert on kissing will make your wife horny.

Look at spending as much time affectionately kissing and making out with your wife as possible. That’s a shortcut to make your wife horny if there ever was one.  It really works!

I encourage you to focus more on that in the coming month – look to massively increase the amount of time you spend kissing with your wife.  Even if it’s a quick peck on the check or making out on the couch like two teenagers, increase the amount of time you and your wife play tongue hockey.

Study kissing techniques and tools.  There’s a lot of videos out there that can give you tips on proper technique.  Some men think they are great kissers, but are in fact not, and failing to make their wives horny because of their poor skills.  Don’t be one of those guys!

Women get really turned on by kissing and usually in longer term relationships, couples kiss less and less and less. Kissing is a very primal process in humans. For women it creates very powerful intimacy and connection and as men sometimes we can fall out of the habit.

Create that powerful connection and you’ll really make your wife horny.

Usually when people first meet they spend lot of their time kissing and then after a while both parties seem to have a lot less interest in it. Don’t let that be you and your marriage. Keep the fire burning and if it goes out, put forth a massive effort into reigniting it.

I highly recommend basing your entire strategy on making your wife horny and boosting your sex life in your marriage around kissing.

Become a master of kissing, spend a lot of time just kissing your wife. Don’t care what happens next.  Take the focus off of intercourse and more on exploring each other’s bodies.

Don’t have the expectation of sex and remove any pressure she might be feeling. If you are sexually frustrated you could actually be making the problem worse. So don’t do that by having any expectation that kissing might lead to sex.

In fact often kiss her with no intention of sex. That will certainly make your wife horny because it will build in her a sense that something will happen. Tension is the greatest aphrodisiac.

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What can you do to make your boyfriend want sex?

I think what’s really important to understand is that sexual desire and the entire issue of sex very sensitive thing. If you want to make your boyfriend want sex more, it’s worth thinking about what might be causing the problem in the first place.

There are many things that can cause sexual issues – there’s many influences of his sex drive and if you want your boyfriend to have more sex than you’re currently having, you’ll need a strategy.  Men should want a healthy sex life unless they’re the asexual type.  Don’t despair: there ARE techniques you can use to get him in the sack.

there are three things you could get good at, first of all is building sexual tension. Building tension will make your boyfriend want sex.

Building sexual tension is a game.  You have to do it bit by bit.  You have to tease him.  You have to dangle it in front of him and then snatch it away.  Building sexual tension will actually increase the intensity of your love making once you do get him in bed.  It’s like a spring that just wants to snap.

Learn to be a master of sexual tension. Generate massive desire and tension and make him put forth effort to attain you. Don’t just give in and make it easy. Do that and you’ll really make your boyfriend want sex.

The second thing you can do is be good at pushing him to the point of no return.

Guys will resist sex up to a point until they simply cannot say no. So become an expert at getting him to that point.  Every guy’s point is different, but know this, once he gets started he instinctively cannot stop once he’s past this point.

So learn to be persistent, determined, and push until he has no other way out but to make love.  You can do this in many ways.  It might mean that you’ll have to be more aggressive and play with him.  Make out and do a lot of touching.  Rub his chest and touch his skin as much as possible to start the hormones going.

Many women quit and give up too quickly. Women in a sexless relationship tend to get less sex than a man in a sexless relationship because women aren’t typically as persistent as men. They quit too quickly. You want to make your boyfriend want sex by pushing him past the point of no return.

And the third thing is to get into the habit of regular sex, sometimes having sex daily is just the matter of getting into the groove of it.  If you do it regularly, his body will begin to expect it and he’ll be more comfortable.  Often the key to make your boyfriend want sex is to make sex a very regular habit. You just do it without thinking about it too much and you avoid falling out of the habit.

Think of regular sex as a habit and work really hard to get into the habit to begin with, and once you do that it will be a lot harder to fall out of it.

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If you want to make your boyfriend horny you need to know how to press his buttons.

It sounds a bit silly, right?  Men are supposed to love sex and be ready for it at a moment’s notice.  This is a bit of a stereotype and isn’t true of every male.  Some men need a jump start to get going in the bedroom, and as a woman, it’s part of your job to know what buttons to press to get him between the sheets.

How do I find out what his buttons are?

The first thing to do is look at your appearance.  Are you doing your best to look as attractive as possible?  Men want to go to bed with a firecracker, someone that will excite them and make them feel primal.  This doesn’t mean you have to start dressing super skimpy all the time, but it does mean that you should really pay attention to your appearance and look like a woman who knows what to do in bed.

Next, tease him.  Part of what makes him horny is that anticipation that he’s going to have sex soon.  Teasing and flirting are ways of telling him that you do plan to get him under the covers, you just haven’t decided where and when.  Brush up against him provocatively when you walk past or say something dirty.  One thing that drives men crazy is when a woman licks a lollipop or eats food in a sexy manner.  It’s your way of saying “Play your cards right and this could be you.”

Spontaneity is one of the best aphrodisiacs if you can play it right.  Try to have more quickies with him.  It will require you to be aggressive, but to men, there is something very attractive about a woman taking them aside and making love.  Try to pick random places so that he’s not expecting it.

You see, the key to making men horny is to realize they’re hunters at heart.  We haven’t been so far removed from the jungle that this is no longer true.  Thousands of years ago, men would wander and hunt food, so they’re used to responding to excitement.  The idea of finding a woman who will take them to some grove in the forest and make them feel good reaches into the depths of our primal nature.  As a woman, it’d be good to try and tap into it.

If you follow these steps you’ll have no problem getting him in bed when you want it.  He’ll be ready when you want him, and maybe sometimes when you’re not!  Try not to rebuff him when he starts to crave you.  Once he gets started, he won’t want to start.

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If you are a husband and wife in a sexless marriage then you need to fix it ASAP.

A marriage without intimacy is a ticking time bomb!

I just want to say first of all that a sexless marriage is a nightmare, I mean, it’s terrible. A husband and wife in a sexless marriage is a lose-lose situation and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone in the world.  So many people suffer silently, living in a sexless marriage.

You might be underestimating how bad it is. I mean it should hopefully make you feel better but this is suffered by millions of people, eventually, tens of millions of people in America alone are in sexless marriages.

This means they’re having sex less than once a month. One husband and wife in a sexless marriage I read about hadn’t had sex in 2 years!

You may think that’s a lot because in your situation, it may be even less but I’m going to say it’s time to stop putting up with it. If you are a husband and wife in a sexless marriage then you need to seriously change things.

First thing I want you to do is write down a list of your excuses why you’re not dealing with this seriously. Why as a husband and wife in a sexless marriage this is not fixed already…

It might be that you’ve been married for so long or you’ve got kids or some other reason but I want you to write down all the excuses why you’re not treating this as urgent and not doing everything possible to fix the situation.

Step one, get a list of your excuses. Being a husband and wife in a sexless marriage means something is wrong.

Step two, I want you to write down a list of all the pain and suffering that this is causing you from sexual frustration on a physical level to emotional pain on a deeper level, to being rejected on the ego. husband and wife in a sexless marriage

I’m certain there is a lot of pain.

Write down all the pain and suffering that this situation is causing you to feel. Being a husband and wife in a sexless marriage is a recipe for disaster.

It’s like guarantee it’s bad, sexless marriages are a living hell, they literally are a nightmare. Many of the types of husband and wife in a sexless marriage I meet are outright depressed.

The third thing I want you to do is write down what you want to be in, say your ideal relationship, how you would like things to be. If you are a husband and wife in a sexless marriage think of how you would like it instead.

Maybe with your current partner, maybe with someone else but write down what you really want, and what things that you actually desire.

And fourth, I want you to write down what you’re willing to do to make things the way you want.

What steps are you willing to take?

How far are you willing to step outside of your comfort zone?

To what extent are you open to taking action and to what level are you willing to make change and improvement?

Because what you going to need in this situation is a hell of a lot of motivation, if you’re going too far through all your excuses and make this happen, you’ve got to come face to face with the pain and suffering you’re feeling.

It’s got to be real.

You’ve got to really experience it and you’ve got to know how bad it really is so you can get a huge amount of energy to make change.

So it’s very easy just to stay the way you are but that is like a cancer that’s slowly killing you on a deep emotional level.

So what I recommend is to ramp up your efforts to fix this situation to an unprecedented level, I mean, you want to literally become almost like a maniac at fixing this or for situation in your life.

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There are three things you can do that will really help to make your boyfriend happy.

The first one is to understand the male ego.

See the male ego is probably the most mysterious thing to a girlfriend.  Most women just don’t understand the male ego.

A man’s ego determines his behavior, it influences what he does and what’s important to him.  If you can nurse his ego in the right way, he will pretty much do anything for you, will be addicted to you, and will be hopelessly attracted to you.

See what the male ego is all about is feeling like he is in control of his life.

See every man has a need to feel significant, important.  It’s not just the normal need for people to feel important.

He wants to be a hero in his own eyes.  He wants to feel like the future is in his own two hands.

You can imagine in the old days, the men of the front would go out and kill an animal and bring it back.  He’d be the hero and everyone would celebrate, and cheer.  Every man wants to be lauded and praised.

But in modern day life, we don’t get a chance to generally kill the wild beast and bring it back, so we have to do this in our life somehow.  The opportunities are rare though to reenact this feeling.

What you want to do is notice his achievements and celebrate it with him, make him feel like he’s important and that he’s a a hero.  Ponder that for a moment and you’ll discover that the male ego is about giving him validation. That will certainly make boyfriend happy.

The second thing you can do is understand that lot of men don’t think with their head, they think with what’s in their pants.

So become an expert at turning him on and driving him crazy and ramping up his desire and getting him to really want you. Nothing will make your boyfriend happier more than a woman who knows his buttons.

Generally women that are spectacular at getting their men in the mood, are the ones that make their boyfriends happy.

So what I encourage you to do is become a master at getting him turned on and making him want you.  Learn to be seductive!

The third thing we can do to make your boyfriend happy is to understand what happiness and self-esteem is all about.  Encourage your boyfriend to do things that boost his self-esteem and his levels of happiness.

You see your ability to make boyfriend happy is actually limited.

A lot of his happiness comes from himself.

It’s up to him to do it.

You can only be so effective in making him happy, truth be told.

A lot of him being happy is really up to him and what he does.

So it’s not entirely your responsibility, and there’s only so much you can do. To make your boyfriend happy is to create an environment that helps him help himself.

But what you can do is help guide him in many ways, to doing things that make him happy and that’s the smartest thing you can do in the long run.

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Exploring how to save marriage could strengthen your relationship greatly.  The results may surprise you!

Saving your marriage might be the most important thing in the world to you right now, and it should be!  But there are so many people who are letting problems in their marriage fester because they do not know how to save their marriage and just think that things will work themselves out.  Sorry, but saving a marriage takes elbow grease!

First off you need to get your emotions in a stable state.  The reason for this is that one of the worst things you can do to save our marriage is be in a heightened state of tension and then get in an argument.  Arguments are heated exchanges where we may or may not be able to control our emotions.  When we are in the heat of the moment, we may say something that we regret.  That’s why when you are getting ready to really work on your marriage, be in a relaxed state of mind.

There’s a concept in Buddhism that I believe in very much, and that is mindfulness. Mindfulness is a state of mind much like meditation, where we are concentrated and able to objectify ourselves and our surroundings.  This is a great state of mind to be when dealing with a relationship on the rocks.  You see, when fixing a problem, the best thing to do is remove it.  However, when we are not in a rational state of mind, we do not see things clearly.

You see, when you want to know how to really save your marriage, then you will use a scalpel to try and get rid of what’s wrong.  How can you see your own problems clearly when you are wound up thinking about how yuor spouse or significant other has wronged you or any number of other extraneous things we cloud our minds with?  Do you see now where clear, objective analysis is the key to saving your marraige?

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If your marriage needs help and you just don’t know what to do, go on Youtube and find Tony Robbins.  His breakthrough series is inspirational, and you can use it to help repair your marriage.

It’s an amazing series that covers mostly relationships – people who are married and they’ve been through some sort of trauma. It gives an amazing insight into outside-of-the-square marriage help that is for sure.  Everyone that has seen it has said it has changed their lives.  I really recommend that you stop what you’re doing and watch it.

With one couple the husband lost his job and they were suffering from some massive financial difficulties.

One couple in the series was having problems getting through a hard patch where one of them contracted a debilitating disease.  It was so heartbreaking to see how their medical bills strained their relationship, but the husband stood by his wife until eventually she was cured of the disease.  Some say, his love for her is what cured her.

You quickly realize, after watching this television show, that relationships are strong when certain things occur. It’s great marriage help because it’s very real and you can see what works and doesn’t work. Too many of the people feel sorry for themselves or are stuck in the past or haven’t recovered from a personal trauma – and this destroys their marriage.

In the case of the couple facing a terminal illness, the husband didn’t feel sorry for himself, he took control of the situation and decided to let his wife know he was sticking by her until the very end.  He had an abiding faith that is the secret spice for any great relationship.

He takes a very strong leadership role within the relationship and becomes the rock. Not enough marriage help encourages this in my opinion.

The second thing is that if you don’t deal with your own issues, you don’t deal with your own problems; you kind of bring both your partner down and the relationship down.  Remember, you know you’re in a great relationship where you care for your partner just as much as you would care for yourself.

It’s very easy to be selfish in a relationship when you have problems but being in a marriage, your problems end up becoming your partner’s problems whether you like it or not. Looking for marriage help might not be all you need. You might need personal help along with marriage help.

Keep watching the series and you’ll learn all sorts of life lessons.

There was one particular couple who he sent to Skid Row down in LA and believe me that gave him a huge jolt.  Their marriage was saved because of it. It would be better if all marriage help was as transformational as this account he gave.  Sometimes we gain the most once we conquer our darkest hour.

It serves a lesson to consider putting yourself right outside your comfort zone when you are improving your marriage. Don’t look for marriage help as an easy way out. Use marriage help to encourage you to take some risks.  Marriage advice is designed to challenge you, to do thinks you didn’t think were possible.

So it might be time for you to put a bit of pressure on your relationship, to make a decision, to add a bit of leverage, to do something different and put yourself under a little bit of extra focus.

This might be the catalyst for turning your marriage around.

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