Getting Over A Broken Heart

“My boyfriend wants his ex back” is one of the most horrifying realizations a woman can come to while in a relationship. Feeling like you are not good enough hurts pretty badly, and it is never a pleasant experience to be the second choice. However, before you jump to conclusions, it is important to figure out the details.

Are you absolutely positive that your boyfriend wants his ex back? Or is it just an assumption you came to in your head? In this situation, it is essential to figure out the truth. If you think your boyfriend wants his ex back when he really doesn’t, you are at risk of ruining the relationship with your own insecurity. But if you are unsure of the truth, how can you figure out his real feelings without offending him?

Though this may seem frightening to you, confronting him about it is the best option. You may be wary about this for fear of offending him, but he will be grateful for your honesty. Ask him if he wants her back, and if he is unhappy with your current relationship. He is likely to answer the question honestly, so be prepared for either answer.

If he says that he does want his ex back, then you should consider breaking up with him. Though you may care about him deeply, your dignity is more important. A relationship is two-sided, and if he is not putting in the effort, then it will never work – both of you will always be unhappy. However, if he says he does not want her back, then apologize for your accusation and continue the relationship.

By following these suggestions, you will be able to determine if your boyfriend truly does want his ex back before you jump to conclusions and put the relationship in jeopardy.

It’s amazing how often personal priorities are overlooked. Don’t make that mistake…

When you’ve been through a bad breakup it can be difficult to know what to do or to find a new focus. She’s all you can think about and you want to win her back. Maybe you need to find another girl or focus on your friendships. No. After a breakup, the only person that you should be focusing on is – YOU.

Focus on you.

It sounds wrong, doesn’t it? That won’t help you win her back. That will only lead to self-pity or guilt. It’s okay. First, it may help you win her back. Second, in order to process your feelings and work through the breakup, you need to focus on yourself.

Think about the future. There will be another breakup, another girl, another love. You just have to remain open and be willing to go in search of it. This is a time for you to figure out what you want from a relationship and what you want from your own life. No one is asking you to compromise. Choose to do what you want and go after the kind of girls that have qualities that you want.

Let this be a liberating time. Find your own sense of freedom and explore who you are. Your future relationships will benefit greatly from your new sense of self and you’ll feel better as well.

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It’s important to take a break sometimes.  If you’ve been dumped, then you need time to re-order your state of mind.  

When you’ve been dumped, it can be difficult to acknowledge what has happened. It can also be difficult to accept it. You may feel the need to hold on as tightly as you can and reel him or her back in. This isn’t healthy, although it is understandable, and you need to find a way to let him or her go so that you can find someone who will does fit into your life.

Isn’t taking a break the same as giving up on my love life?

Every love life has ups and downs.  Some people marry their first love, and some people have to date for several years before finding someone they are in fact comfortable with.  It’s part of being human and part of the game of dating.  Enjoy it! If you’ve been dumped, taking a break is the best thing you can do.

Taking a break when you’ve been dumped is the best way to do this. I know it can be hard. We’ve all wanted to maintain relationships when it just wasn’t possible. You may be able to be friends, it’s true. This doesn’t mean that you have to say goodbye forever. It does mean that you need to say goodbye temporarily. You need to give yourself distance for a period of time. Figure that you’ll need to be apart, with zero communication, for half of the length you were dating. For example, if you dated for a year, then you’ll want to block off all communication for sixth months.

I still feel so awful from the breakup.  How do I cut off the old part of my life?

Hide him or her from your Facebook newsfeed. Change his or her name in your phone so that you won’t run across it until you’re able to communicate again. Take down photos and put them away in a safe place. It’s important to make sure that you give yourself plenty of space and time to process things. It’s also important to make sure that you are communicating with others and letting go of your past relationship.

Though you may be tempted to get yourself through this rough patch by communicating with your ex, it’s best to find new people to fill that void in your life. This won’t happen if you keep communication with your ex during this crucial healing period. So take a break and let go. Then, when you’re ready, you can welcome your ex back into your life as a friend or you can choose to let them fade away. The choice is yours.

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Here’s a question I received from a faithful reader: He dumped me…

He Dumped Me...
Love flourishes even in stormy weather

My boyfriend dumped me. This is a new experience for me, I’ve never been dumped by anyone before. I thought I would get over it but it’s been a few months and I still am really upset by it. I miss him and I wish he was still in my life even though he dumped me, so I guess I should hate him. I loved him. What should I do?

Answer: I’m sorry that your boyfriend dumped you. The most important thing for you to do right now is to look at the situation honestly. He dumped you, but he isn’t the judge of your true worth. Don’t let him make you feel inadequate. You have something to share with this world, so share it!

I know most people in these situations say “it’s his loss!”  That sounds corny, but it’s true.  Isn’t it better that you break up now, while things are not so serious, before you get married, have kids, and then have to go through that level of heartache!

You don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t appreciate you. All of you. It sounds like this guy isn’t necessarily mean, but he definitely isn’t interested in you as a girlfriend. It may be hard, but it’s time to move on.

The best way to do this is by finding new things to do. Look for new activities and clubs. Spend time with family and friends. Let yourself have other meaningful relationships with men. Don’t hide yourself away from the world and let yourself continue to spiral into sadness.  Closing yourself off from the outside world now could spell doom for you.

If you’ve been feeling this way for months and you haven’t noticed any real improvement, then it may be time to consider seeing a psychologist. It doesn’t mean you would have to become a regular, but a psychologist can listen to you and help you find better ways of coping. They can offer suggestions that a biased person (such as a friend or family member) might not see or be aware of. Many psychologists specialize in life changes and life stressors such as a relationship breakup.

Regardless of what you decide to do, make sure it is something that makes you happy.  Don’t think “He dumped me…” all day, every day.  Instead, smile and know that your next knight in shining armor is right around the corner.

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When you want to know how to get over your ex the starting point is to realize you have to close the door on your past.

Getting over an ex is never easy, and I can’t offer any quick fixes or easy solutions.  Anyone who does has never been through the process themselves.  If you’re thinking of ways on how to get over an ex, here are some tips you can start using today.

Deal with your pain

The worst thing you can do is suppress your emotions.  Hiding how you feel will only put your emotions in a box where it will be even harder to deal with them.  We see this in romantic movies.  The introverted character tries to put away their feelings, and finds out that they explode in some weird way elsewhere.  This will require some bravery on your part, but it can be done.

Having strong feelings towards the past

How do we deal with getting over an ex though?  It depends on the nature of your breakup.  If there was infidelity, then maybe you feel cheated.  If your breakup ended because one of you moved away or it felt like life was pulling you both in different directions, then maybe you feel guilty for having moved on without your partner having gone with you.  There are hundreds of unique reasons why people break up.

The way you deal with the emotions is give yourself time to be human.  You can’t do everything.  It’s alright to feel sad, depressed, lonely, or anxious.  In fact, feeling those emotions and letting them out is how you move on.  Never turn to drugs or alcohol to overcome your problems.  Try exercise and healthy eating instead.  You’ll find it so easy to gain control of your inner emotional life when your body is well taken care of.

Moving on and closure

Closure is what  you need right now. Closure is the understanding that things are over with and in the past.  In fact, closure is a way of giving us the personal strength to move forward.  In order to give yourself meaningful closure, you’ll have to start telling yourself, “It’s over.”  Saying it’s over is the best way of getting over an ex.  Find someone new to date, move to a new city, change your wardrobe and have a completely new look.

Closure is your right to say that your past doesn’t control you, you are the one to actually control your past.

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Should you get revenge on your ex-girlfriend? You just broke up. Maybe you’ve been dumped, Either way, you’re thinking you might like to get revenge. Should you?

Revenge isn’t a good idea. It may sound wonderful to think of ruining her life, embarrassing her in front of her friends, or even physically hurting her. However, the consequences are simply too large and the rewards are few. It isn’t always a good idea to get revenge on your ex-girlfriend.

Of course sometimes revenge is necessary as long as it’s civil. You should you get revenge on your ex-girlfriend – but the right type of revenge.

You’re allowed to get revenge on your ex-girlfriend as long as it’s in a civil and legal way.

Here are three things that you can do to get revenge on your ex-girlfriend:

First of all, get yourself a beautiful new girlfriend. Nothing’s going to bother your ex-girlfriend as much as seeing you with a smoking hot new girl. This is a positive way to get revenge on your girlfriend.

If you begin dating your perfect woman, then you can even enjoy this process. No need to do it just to annoy her, but do it for yourself as well!

Secondly, become unbelievably successful. If you want to get revenge on your ex, you’ve got to find a way to be successful. It doesn’t matter in what necessarily, money and finances, sports, academics. Just find something that you can excel at that lets her know what she’s missing out on.

There’s nothing worse for a girl than dumping her guy only to find that he has this really successful quality about him. make sure that she sees this quality. That is key.

It will drive her crazy and it will be a big win for you. Should you get revenge on your ex-girlfriend? Sure, just make sure it is about your success – don’t make it entirely about her.

Lastly, get revenge on your girlfriend in a healthy way that really benefits your life and doesn’t have any negative side effects is for you. Don’t embarrass yourself.

If she sees you and you’ve got yourself a new girlfriend, you’re more successful and you’re unbelievably happy, that’s the best revenge you could ever get. Happiness is ultimately one of the largest goals in life and she’ll wish she had stayed with you.

When you finally get revenge on your ex-girlfriend, make sure you savor it. Once she sees that you have moved on with your life and are happy, she’ll be confused, saddened and potentially devastated. Remember, everyone wants what they can’t have.

And finding your own happiness along the way is an added bonus!

If you’re tired of being one of the single women, you’re going to have to bring your A game to the dating world.  Don’t be scared, I’ll help you out.

You’re single because of the choices you’re making, not because there isn’t anyone interested in you. Many women are single because they don’t go out. If you aren’t going out and meeting new groups of people, then how do you expect to find someone?  But what if that just isn’t your style?  What if your idea of a great night out is a scrabble board and a cup of hot cocoa?

Not much of a “going-out” type? Then try online dating.

Whatever you do, you need to make sure that you are meeting new people and putting yourself out there. You can’t find someone when you are home alone or spending time with the same friends that you spend time with every week. It won’t work.  I’ve seen a lot of shy women try this, but there are no workarounds and no shortcuts to working on this aspect of yourself.

Often there are two things that can hold you back and keep you from finding new and fulfilling relationships.  What are those two things?

First, your body. No one wants to hear this but men tend to focus more on bodies and outward appearance. You can make yourself feel better and gain energy by working out. Begin a new fitness routine. It may also inspire the men around you to want to get to know you better.  This may sound superficial, but if you plan on having a sex life, then you want to tap into that.

Second, your interests. These are what link you to others and help you explore outside of your own family and friends. Try something new that you’ve always wanted to do but maybe haven’t found the time for. Join a group or a club that is actively involved in this activity and you may find a potential partner there.

The best advice I can give you is to be open and to be available.  Don’t shy away from crowds. Men cannot find you if you are at home or with family and friends. Sometimes you need to venture out on your own, try new activities that help you to meet new people and perhaps try online dating. Explore the possibilities and soon you’ll find yourself unavailable 🙂

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If you are having difficulty to get over a bad relationship experience then I’ve got some good news for you.

Bad relationships happen all the time, and if you have the right attitude, you can get over them quickly.  

I want to talk about the importance of when you want to get over a bad relationship to try an aspect of your life that provides a healthy escape.  You cannot focus on the same thing over and over and over again.  You have to be able to get your mind off your troubles with healthy activities like running and jogging.

We all know what unhealthy escapes are like so there are drugs and alcohol and risky behavior.

Find a hobby that captures your attention and makes you feel like life is new again. To get over a bad relationship is about having something more interesting to think about than your previous relationship.

Maybe do something like dancing or yoga or certain type of fitness classes. By moving your body you can start getting over these bad experiences. It is said that emotional trauma and bad memories are stored in the muscles.

Make sure you do something new, something different, something that you haven’t done before.

And this allows you to not only relax but also to escape from some of the things you’re experiencing.

It gives you an opportunity to let stuff out, maybe you want to take up martial arts, if you’ve had a particularly bad relationships so you can punch some of those feelings out or maybe you want to book around the world holiday or get into photography.

I highly recommend looking to start a new passion and new interest, or a new hobby. You’ll be getting over that bad experience and be able to get over a bad relationship in no time at all.

Rebuild your self-esteem!  A bad relationship happens to anyone!

It’s also a great idea to fill up your time because sometimes when you end a relationship, you end up having a lot more free time than you have before because you don’t have that person to fill it up. Part of getting over a relationship is dealing with the vacuum it creates in your life.

So it can be good to fill that space with some healthy activities that do make you feel good. For me if my biggest goal was getting over a bad experience I’d do Bikram Yoga every day until it was fixed. You can sweat out the problems.

That can really help you to get over a bad relationship.

What you want to avoid more than anything this point in time is spending too much time on your own just thinking, thinking about your relationship, thinking about the programs and engaging in all sorts of negative experiences.

You kind of want to after pretty short period of time, after maybe a week or two after break-up, unless you’re getting out of the house, you’re doing self-detective and you’re doing something that will make you feel good. Part of getting over is be smart about avoiding what makes you feel bad.

You don’t want to be sitting around the house for amount of period, you’re feeling sorry for yourself and playing the victim.

It’s time to take charge of your life, start to do some things that make you feel good and start to get into some new interests and some new hobbies. Start getting over what happened by living your life again.

It’s a really good way of rejuvenating yourself and healing to get over a bad relationship.

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One of the most important things you can do if you want to mend a broken heart, get over a bad break up, is to identify why this is hitting you so hard and move on.

Having a broken heart is part of the game of romance.  You’re not going to magically fall in love with the first person you meet, although, it has been known to happen.  Sometimes we think so much of our relationships and place lofty ambitions on them, only to have reality set in.  Here are some tips to mend your broken heart.


It’s all right to feel sad and it’s all right to be slightly depressed.  It’s not alright to crash land and never recover.  Everyone feels sad.  In fact, if something bad happened, and you didn’t feel sad, well, there might be something wrong with you!  Part of the process of letting go of past regrets and hurts is to grieve.

Grieving allows us to say, “It’s over with.  There’s no going back.”  It allows us to give our past the funeral it deserves.  If we didn’t grieve, then there is no way we could move forward into the future.  So what if your relationship didn’t work out?  That doesn’t mean much.  In fact, it really could be a blessing in disguise.

Renew yourself

Depending on how painful your broken heart is, the best way to mend it is to start filling yourself up with positive energy, which you can gain from simply doing things you enjoy.  Go rafting or explore the great outdoors.  Now’s the time to do things you do not normally do.  I remember when I was going through a bad case of heart ache, the way I mended my broken heart was to go hiking with some friends through the mountains.

Renewing yourself means to value yourself, to tell yourself that you are important enough to take time out of your schedule and treasure.  That’s how you tell yourself that the pain you are experiencing right now is just temporary, and that you are capable of feeling great again.

Forgive and Forget

Maybe the girl you liked didn’t like you back.  Maybe your relationship fell apart because one of you moved.  Maybe…well who cares!  Once you reach this stage, you don’t have to care about why you had a broken heart, you can just sit there and be confident that you mended it!

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