Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back

Knowing how to win him back will totally boost your happiness and energy.How To Win Him Back

I want to focus in this article on how you can energize yourself. It’s central to how to win him back.

What I like to do in these articles is give you the first step to getting the result you want.

If you can imagine there’s a path in front of you and where you are right now is your current position and at the end of that path, the end of that road is you getting back your ex.

Usually the first step is the most important. So I’ll teach you the first step in how to win him back.

I want to help you identify the first and second steps. Then you have momentum.

Usually momentum is everything, the most energy is expended in just getting you moving so my thinking is about what is the most important first step you can take.

The first step in how to win him back is really boosting your energy levels.

That would give you the most benefit and would help you the most.

I’ve got to tell you my opinion that first step to getting your ex back is to increase your energy.

I’ve got to say that this is definitely worth being your number one priority this is more important that anything because even if you get some information to help you get your ex back and it’s the best information in the world on specifically what to do.

If you’ve got no energy then you’re going to have trouble using it. Knowing how to win him back is useless you don’t have the energy to action that information. Relationship problems and breakups can seriously suck your energy.

You’re going not to be able to implement and you’re not going to have the chance to make the most of that energy.

What I recommend is to focus on lifting your energy.

You want to see if you can get 10%, 50%, 100%, 200% more energy in the next day or two and use that as a foundation to move forward with.

I want to give you three things you can do that’s going to instantly increase your levels of energy. You’ll discover how to win him back faster when you are bursting at the seams with energy.

Without a doubt the number one tip for increasing your energy is your nutrition.

Our body is like an engine, like a machine and it relies on fuel. That’s the best first imaginable on how to win him back – eat healthier. What a great foundation for everything else you will do/.

If you’re going to make one change, one simple thing you can do to improve your nutrition, get more energy from your diet in my opinion is to get fresh juice.

My favorite is a combination of apple, carrot, beetroot and celery. If you want him back you’ve got to be radiant, healthy and in better physical shape. Fit is sexy. Sexy is how to win him back.

Get one of those fresh juices in the biggest size and I find it has a very powerful detoxifying and energizing effect on me. I try not to go a single day without having one of these juices. Boost your energy and find out how to win him back. Lose weight and get sexier and know how to win him back for certain.

Generally when you’re a bit depressed , you’re a bit down, your diet can fall and you can eat a little unhealthy so what I recommend is to focus if just one thing juicing daily.

If you want to go crazy then check out a nutritional plan call ‘paleo’ that’s definitely my favorite.

Second thing is to improve your quality of sleep.

Your energy levels are closely related to the quality of your sleep. You might wonder what how to win him back has to do with sleep – well your sleep determines how you feel. And a bad stressful period can really mess up your sleep. Knowing how to win him back is about being in the best shape possible.

If you sleep badly which can happen sometimes through a breakup then your energy is going to seriously suffer.

You’re going to just struggle to have focus and to feel good. I want to focus mostly on your health how to win him back.

Whereas if you’re getting good quality sleep then your energy is going to fall into place.

The third thing I highly recommend is to seriously get out of the house.

Nothing is going to have a worse effect on your energy than being isolated and being trapped indoors all the time. Knowing how to win him back really does depend on your health and how you feel.

I watched a documentary recently of what happens to human being when their put in a room and they stay there for an extended period without a lot of stimulation and I’ve got to tell you it’s a very poisonous toxic thing.

So I highly recommend going to your local bookstore, going to the self-help section and reading books that make you feel good, sitting there for as long as you can just to get out of the house, just to fill you with some positive information.

Spend as little time as home as possible, go to the gym after work, maybe start socializing a little bit more. Knowing how to win him back usually involves a lifestyle change.

The more time you spend out of home the more energy you’re going to have.

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Winning your ex-boyfriend back is no easy task, but with the right moves, you can get your relationship back on track.

Winning your ex-boyfriend back is possible.  I’ve helped so many people repair their relationships that I’ve noticed there is a pattern, a simple formula every woman can use to get her ex back.  You see, men want stable relations too, but you have to remember, men have a lot of pride and don’t easily give it up.  If you understand a man’s psychology, then you can get back with him in no time!

First, do not beg and be sure you really want him back.  A lot of relationships end for good reason, and you need to figure out whether or not you just want him back because he left you and it hurt your ego, or if you really feel there was some positive spark to your relationship then by all means, try to repair your relationship. But if your relationship has left you in a negative cycle that you cannot seem to escape from, considering simply ending it.

First thing you must do is start teasing him.  You see, men love the hunt.  Even though your relationship may have ended, you are going to have to appeal to his instinctual masculinity.  It’s there, no matter how you ended your relationship.  You need to be subtle but let him know the door is still open.  You see, men like to hunt, and are natural hunters.  You need to be the prey, so to speak.

Next, disappear fora bit.  You really need to tease him, then go away for awhile.  Work on yourself.  Worship the wonder that is you and what makes you a great and wonderful person.  The next time he sees you, there will be this glow about you that will remind him of everything he loved about you in the first place.  This will rekindle the fire of romance and you’ll find yourself back together in no time.

If you’d like to take a different approach though, there is the chance that you can still rewind your relationship and get back those initial sensual feelings and keep them for good. Even identifying what went wrong will help you move on as well. Watch my FREE video presentation to see how…CLICK HERE to check out the video while you still can…

Be taught how to get your boyfriend back though getting yourself sorted first.How To Get Your Boyfriend Back

The first thing and most important step in how to get your boyfriend back is to learn some very powerful relaxation strategies and get back your positive sense of energy.

Whatever tools and strategies you learn for re-attracting you ex and getting him back and re-sparking your relationship is all going to be built on the foundation of you getting your energy back, your vibe.

Get down how to get your boyfriend back by completely making over how you feel.

You getting back that sense of yourself where you’re vibrant and happy and alive and very magnetically attractive to the people around you is what will be the cure to how to get your boyfriend back.

The first and most important way to start to reactivate this energy within yourself so that you can take full advantage of any tools or techniques you learn to how to get your boyfriend back is relaxation.

So I’m going to encourage you to go on a massive relaxation binge. It’s really the hidden solution to how to get your boyfriend back.

This is where you’re going to take massive action to get a lot calmer in your life, to remove stress and to simply become a lot more centered from within. If you want to know how to get your boyfriend back then figure how you can de-stress completely.

I’ve got three main ways that I’m going to recommend to you to start to get this flow of energy back into yourself.

So you feel more alive, you have more energy and you’re a lot more vibrant. To how to get your boyfriend back is to feel amazing from inside out.

So when your ex boyfriend sees you he’s going to be blown away by how positive and how radiant you look.

The first step is to dose up on any relaxing activities.

My recommendations are things like yoga, massage, meditation, breathing exercises, mindfulness, flotation therapy whatever you think of doing for relaxation, double it or triple it because you’re probably underestimating how much you need right now.

I guarantee you’re a lot more stressed than you think you are and you’re strategies for overcoming stress are poor. Consider how to get your boyfriend back by giving yourself some serious time out.

The second thing you can do is get involved in some creative pursuits.

So maybe start painting, or drawing, or writing, or recording music, or singing or playing a musical instrument. Grasp how to get your boyfriend back by switching off that conscious and serious part of your mind.

There’s something powerful in assessing your creative self that is great for increasing the flow of energy from within you.

It can act as a release, it can be somewhat of an escape and it can also help you to get your mind in a much healthier and happier place.

The third one is to focus on meeting some new people. Become aware of how to get your boyfriend back by increasing your amount of social interaction. That’s powerful for de-stressing.

There’s something powerful with your energy when you interact and when you meet new people. So I want to encourage you to get out there and socialize a bit more than you have been recently. Determine how to get your boyfriend back by getting some new influences and perspectives in your life.

To get some new people into your life and to connect and to relate to perhaps people you may not normally associate with.

By doing these three things what you’re going to do is to restart your energy and to start to be a lot more alive be a lot happier and you’re going to make far better use to any real tools or techniques to get your ex-boyfriend back. Work out how to get your boyfriend back by focusing initially on making yourself feel fantastic.

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In getting your man back there are some powerful first steps you can take. It’s time to learn a new principle of dating.

Are you worried about just HOW you are going to get your man back?  Don’t worry, it’s a lot easier than you might think.  They principle I want you to learn and master is the “Wow Factor” of dating.  It’s a simple principle that any woman could learn and it will go a long way in getting your man back.

So, what is the “Wow Factor” exactly, and how is it going to help you in your quest to see your boyfriend back at your side?  The “Wow Factor” is the technique where you drop off the radar completely.  You completely disappear from the scene where your ex-boyfriend doesn’t see you for maybe weeks at a time.  You stop talking to any friends who know both you and your ex, and you otherwise drop off the map.

Why go through all of this trouble?

Well, it’s all about wowing your ex-boyfriend the next time he sees you.  You see, getting your man back is about hitting the reset button on your relationship.  If you try to set things back up the way they were, then you’re just setting yourself up for another bad breakup.  So, you have to start off fresh and new, and you can’t do that if he sees you constantly, which is why we go off the radar.

What do you do while you are enjoying your life away from him?  You are planning to come back, better than ever.  You are going to have a new, hot wardrobe, and a body that will make the entire neighborhood’s heads turn.  You are going to walk different, talk different, and above all, BE a different person, a better woman than the one he broke up with.

When you complete this transformation, you’ll arrive back on the scene like a runway model bursting from the backstage from behind the curtains.  Who knows, you may not even be concerned about getting your man back, because you have so many new ones knocking down your door.

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If you are asking to get my ex-boyfriend back what might be on your mind is what is going to make the biggest difference.Help me get my ex-boyfriend back

What I am about to tell you might offend or shock you, but don’t worry, it’s really the best advice I can give to anyone who is crying out “Help me get my ex-boyfriend back!”  Attracting a man is one thing, but trying to rebuild a relationship that’s already been broken is another.  It will be hard and there may be little chance of success.  Don’t let that deter you though.  If you’re serious about getting your ex-boyfriend back, you’ll do what it takes.

First off, you need to be very careful about why it is you want your ex-boyfriend back.  Are you just feeling lonely and want something to do on a Saturday night?  Do you miss the old days when you and your ex-boyfriend would go out on romantic walks?  This is perfectly natural, but you have to remember, you broke up for a reason.  Have things changed since the breakup, or are you just hanging on?

I don’t know the exact circumstances under which you and your ex-boyfriend ended the relationship, but if there was infidelity involved, you may want to rethink the whole endeavor.  A man will cheat for a variety of reasons, but one thing is for certain, once he breaks your bond of trust once, he may just do it again.  Don’t get back together with your ex-boyfriend if you think that you want him to validate you after he’s cheated on you.

If you feel you have legitimate reasons for wanting to get back with your ex-boyfriend, read on!

The first thing to do is to wow him. If it’s been awhile since you last saw your boyfriend, then being super attractive is key.  You want him to barely recognize you.  This will mean you’ll need a brand new look.  Buy some magazines and figure out what’s hot right now.  Even if you’re not the fashion magazine type, now might be just the time to look into it.

When you re-open contact with your ex-boyfriend, you want to make sure it’s playful and fun.  Don’t ever seem like you’re groveling or that you desperately want him back.  You don’t want him to use you just for sex.  You want to restart your relationship on good, even footing.  You can engineer a rendez-vous where you just happen to run into him, or maybe you could go to an even where you know the both of you will be and strike up a conversation.

If you’re really serious about how to get your ex-boyfriend back, then you’ll take this time to reinvent yourself.  Always remember to maintain self respect.  Restarting the relationship is about making YOU happy.

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Are you sure you want to know how to get back your ex-boyfriend? In at least 50% of cases of when women want their ex back – they were too good for their ex boyfriend.

I think a good idea is a solid analysis of whether or not getting back with your ex is actually a good idea.

If it IS a good idea to get him back, I can give you some amazing techniques that have a track record of success. But let’s establish whether getting him back is a good idea or not first.

I can tell you everything you need to do to kick start this process, to get him attracted again, to restart the relationship, to get him to desire you.  My advice has been known to make men go so wild they leave their old girlfriends just to rekindle old flames.

Before I do that, I want to give you a quick test to see whether this is something you really want to go through with.

So I’ve got three questions for you.

First, can you see a future with this guy, seriously?

Would he be a good husband?

For example, how does he deal with problems?

One of the best signs of a husband, a good husband, is a guy who deals with problems really well. To get back your ex-boyfriend think about your future with him.  Picture living day in and day out with him.

For example maybe you have a relationship problem – a really good sign is that he is willing to talk about it, he’ll be honest, he’ll be open about it and he’ll look at doing solutions.  He’d be open to reading books, seeing a therapist, or going on a retreat.

He’s not resistant and he’s flexible.

I know, for me personally, when a woman wants to get back her ex-boyfriend I immediately ask her questions about how he tended to fix issues in his own life. To get back together with  your ex boyfriend you’ve got to look forward to the future.

What about problems in his own life?  Maybe he’s lost his job or has gone through some sort of trauma, how does he deal with it?  Does he shirk his responsibilities or does he own up to what he has to do.

Does he just shut off and have poor coping skills or does he put strategies in place to get his happiness back and get his life back on track?

One of the best skills, one of the best things you want to look for in a potential husband is a guy who works really well with adversity.  When things go wrong, he has a strong support network.  He’s got good coping skills and he’s open to letting other people help.

Bad things are going to happen in life. How he deals with them shows what sort of man he is. Before you start thinking about how to get back with your ex-boyfriend, you need to understand that not all men are created equal.  You want a stud, not a dud.

The second question I have is did the relationship make you feel good and was it a positive influence in your life?

Look at the time you were together, did your marks at university increase, did your income go up, did your level of happiness improve?  Was your life clearly better when he was around than when he wasn’t?

Did the relationships with your friends and family get better?

Sometimes just love isn’t enough, you want to look at the effect that the relationship had on you in your life. To get back your ex-boyfriend is to understand the influence on your entire life.

Good relationships have a very positive effect on your life.

The third thing to look at is, how does he treat you?

Does he treat you with respect?

Does he make you feel good about yourself?

Does he make you feel attractive and loved and wanted?

Be honest here, how he treats you is everything. Don’t even bother trying to get your ex-boyfriend if he treats you poorly.  This is about making YOUR life better.

There’s no problem, there’s no good thing in finding your perfect guy if he treats you badly. To get back your ex-boyfriend is really about making sure that relationship is a good idea.

What’s the point in a relationship where the guy doesn’t make you feel good?

It’s not just about who he is, it’s also about the connection between the two of you and in particular, whether he treats you like a princess or not. Make sure that you think first before you get back your ex-boyfriend.

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Do you think you have a shot of getting back together with your ex-boyfriend?  Need some advice?
Get Back Together With Your Ex-Boyfriend

Maybe your relationship really came apart and you do not know how to pick up the pieces and get back together.  How do you get started?  What do you say?  What do you do?

I have a suggestion about how to get the process started.

The following, in my opinion, is the best step to getting your relationship back on track and that first step is to reopen the lines of communication.

To get back together ex boyfriend you’ve got to open up to him again.  You can attract him just the way you attracted him before.

When you decide to get your ex-boyfriend back, you need to emotionally prepare yourself to be even more seductive, even more attractive than you were before.

When you raise standards of attractiveness, you tend to attract a lot better things into your life. So I want you to think right now about your life and what would make the biggest difference to getting your relationship back on track.

The problem with only wanting to get back together ex boyfriend is that you can develop a very narrow-focus.  You just think about how great the old times were.

A narrow focus never really works. You’ve got to think a bit wider and a bit more expansively.

You might have to make BIG changes to your life if you want your boyfriend to reconsider you.

You need to repair any damage that either of you felt, and you’re going to have to try and restart the relationship.  This can be hard if you broke up due to infidelity or simply had incompatible personalities.

To get back together ex boyfriend is to have him be really surprised when he sees you. In fact for him to be shocked. It’s this positive shock factor that causes massive attraction.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you can just do what you did before.  You need to be a bombshell, and make him turn his head again!

I had a female friend lose 14% body fat in 6-months after a breakup. Her ex-boyfriend wanted her back like CRAZY. To get back together, she was willing to make big changes. My friend goes to boxing classes almost daily, plus sees a person trainer twice per week.

It’s really important that you understand the power of making a change in your life, of turning things around and of lifting your standards.

To get back together with your ex boyfriend requires you to go beyond yourself and be a new, transformed person.

You’ve got to lift your game and when you do, you’ll attract much better things. Getting your ex back can actually be very easy if you are willing to embrace change and lift your game in many areas of your life to a new level.

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If you want to get your ex boyfriend back what is really going to help is to do things that will make you feel amazing. One of the best feel-good strategies is to build your support network. Especially if you’ve been through a hell breakup.How to get your ex boyfriend back

The advice I’m going to give you right now in this situation is to dramatically boost your personal support network. If you are wondering how this will get your ex boyfriend back then realize the power of you feel great and being confident.

See when you’re dealing with a difficult situation like a breakup or any story of emotional trauma what’s really important is that you have a powerful support network around you and you make the absolute best use of that as possible.

So in my opinion there are four elements of a strong support network.

So you want to have all these four in your life, and you want to be able to tap into them on demand. To get your ex boyfriend back is to get out of that negative emotion stage of breakups.

Number one is a professional support network, so this might come from your therapist or coach or consular.

You want to have some sort of person in your life that you can be totally honest with and who may be able to give you a bit of a professional experience perspective. Talking to them about getting your ex boyfriend back could give you some valuable awareness and ideas.

This is very valuable because it allows to have an atmosphere in your life where you can be totally open and you can allow someone who is very educated and has a lot of experience to share some ideas and perspectives with you.

So it’s a very powerful exercise to have a professional support network that you can tap into. Getting your ex boyfriend back is mostly about how attractive and magnetic your energy is.

If you don’t have a professional network at the moment then start to get one immediately.

I know the last time I went through a break up, what I did was I hired a couple of personal coaches.

They weren’t very expensive but they gave me a little of an action and orientated a future approach to rebuilding my life and myself.

The second support network is your friends.

Maybe during a relationship you lost a bit of the closeness with your friends or got a little bit out of touch. Getting your ex boyfriend back could be a case really of giving yourself a real boost of life and energy.

So it’s time to reengage them it’s time to maybe get in touch with some people you haven’t spoken to for a while. Wanting to get your ex boyfriend back is really about having him see you and him thinking “wow”.

Go out for coffee or drinks with the girls and just generally tap into your social circles and your friends.

Especially any you’ve lost touch with and particular girlfriends that you can be honest with and let things out. Make getting your ex boyfriend back part of an overall strategy of getting as much happiness into your life as possible.

Number three a big part of the support network is new people so I highly recommend look in taking up a hobby.

Maybe something like salsa or netball, something that allows you to let off some steam but also to have a little bit of social interaction as well. You can get your ex boyfriend back by surprising him with your new independence and lifestyle. Make him a little jealous.

The worst thing you can do when you’re dealing with a breakup and you want to get your confidence back is to isolate yourself. That certainly won’t get your ex boyfriend back.

So I highly recommend meeting new people and getting yourself in some situation when you can make some new friends and you can talk to some people. Wanting to get your ex boyfriend back is about making him feel a real sense of loss.

This ends up being a very valuable support network because there is something about new people that just gives us a real boost of energy and feel good chemicals. Wanting your ex boyfriend back could come down to simply being ridiculously happy and vibrant.

The fourth area of the support network is in reading and what you want to do at this point in time is really study everything you can on breakups and dealing with them and getting your ex back.

Especially anything to do with suffering from emotional trauma or post traumatic stress disorder or anything you can on healing or making yourself feel better or boosting your confidence.

A really powerful support network can come from understand what you’re experiencing and how you can move forward.

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I want to give you three principles to know whether or not it’s a good idea to contact your ex-boyfriend again or to contact your ex-boyfriend

These three things are not hard and fast rules, but more like general ideas to think about when thinking about reconnecting with your ex-boyfriend.

Think of this as your easy 3-step “contact Your ex-boyfriend” game-plan.

The first thing is asking yourself,  “Has he changed? Has he developed or grown or improved? In as far as action speak louder than words, so has he really changed?”

Has he improved himself?

Does he look different?  Does he dress better?

Is his life different?

Is he heading in a different direction?

Has he raised his standards?

Has he stepped his life up to the next level?

These are the sort of things you want to know about him because there’s no point if he hasn’t done these things. i I he’s still the guy he used to be, well he’s never going to change.

Don’t even bother to contact your ex-boyfriend unless he’s improved as a person. If he hasn’t move on, just got find another guy.  Remember, dating and relationships are about improving YOU.  No reason not to be a little selfish.

The second thing you want to ask yourself is “Why am I even thinking about contacting my ex-boyfriend?”  Your motivation for doing so is important.  A lot of times we do things that our emotions propel us to do without giving it too much forethought.

Only contact your ex-boyfriend if you actually think you’re doing it for the right reasons.  Don’t do it because you selfishly want something from him or are unrealistic about your expectations of getting back together.

These are the important elements to decide whether to contact ex-boyfriend or not:

He is potentially your soul mate.

He makes you feel great about yourself.

He’s makes life really worth living.

Sometimes the easiest person in the world for us to lie to is our selves, so really make sure you’re not lying to yourself here because it’s much easier to do it than you think. Don’t contact your ex-boyfriend unless he fits those criteria above. Don’t be an amazing woman with terrible taste in men – there are enough of those in the world already.

Are you really thinking with your head or heart?

Really, think about your motivations and be self aware.  You must be certain that he’s not a bad influence on your life. To contact your ex-boyfriend I believe that he’s got to add value to your life. Or else, why bother?

The third thing to consider if you want to contact your ex-boyfriend is to think about how much contact you’ve had with him since the breakup.

How did the relationship end?

Was it messy?

Have you stayed friendly with him since you broke up, or has there been nothing but radio silence?  Do you think you two would get straight back into an argument?

Have you been putting a lot of thought into the sort of contact you’ve had since your relationship and how the two of you last communicated?  Because this is going to heavily influence your strategy and how you contact your ex-boyfriend to see him again. To contact your ex-boyfriend is a real risk of going backwards in your life – so make sure it is the right decision.

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