Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Learning how to get an ex girlfriend back is usually a period of serious self-discovery.How to get an Ex Girlfriend Back

What I recommend if you’re going to focus on one single thing to get your ex back is to turn your life around. This is the central theme to knowing how to get an ex girlfriend back.

I want to explain what I mean by that and I want to explain to you exactly how you can do that.

Turning your life around while it may feel like a big deal or something that’s hard it isn’t.

It all begins with a single step and with starting the process immediately. Think about the first steps to really being certain about how to get an ex girlfriend back.

This has to be your number one focus because if you really want to get her back, if you really want to give yourself the best possible chance at reinventing that relationship then it’s time to leave no stone unturned in turning your life around completely.

You can dip your toe into the pool of improvement or you can decide to dive in. Begin to get clear on how to get an ex girlfriend back by increasing your level of commitment.

I highly recommend at this point diving in and getting the most benefit and change that is possible.

So these are three steps to turning your life around, implement them instantly. The starting path to how to get an ex girlfriend back.

These three things are:

Number one – thinking about a life changing decision for you.

It might be losing forty pounds or getting a better job or moving cities. It’s easier to know how to get an ex girlfriend back if you are willing to make big decisions and changes.

I want you to consider what a life changing decision is for you and make it right now and start taking action on it instantly. Don’t just think about how to get an ex girlfriend back be willing to make MASSIVE changes.

Don’t make decisions such as quitting smoking or starting to go to university again and put it off tomorrow. Make the decision and take a step to achieve it instantly.

The second thing is to invest in something that’s going to give you more emotional recovery and freedom. You’ll figure out how to get an ex girlfriend back by healing from any previous trauma you have experienced.

I highly recommend a technique called EFT which is the ‘emotional freedom technique’.

What this helps you to do is deal with difficult emotions and to free energy blockages in your body. Knowing how to get an ex girlfriend back is usually about getting yourself feeling good first.

It’s going to make you feel good, it’s going to give you more energy to take action and it’s going to help you deal with some of those negative emotions that you’re probably experiencing after your breakup.

So I high recommend EFT for you to start to get just a little bit more control over your emotions so your ruling and they’re not ruling you. Knowing how to get an ex girlfriend back is only part of it – you’ve got to be able to action advice.

The third thing I highly recommend is to start to take some action on living the life of your dreams.

If you want to get your ex back and you want to be incredibly sexy to them then what you need to do is be a guy that is chasing his dreams.

Sometimes when you’re dealing with a bad breakup it can kill your energy, kill your drive, kill your motivation and you can lose touch of going after what you really want in life. That’s not how to get an ex girlfriend back.

This ironically is what’s going to make you unattractive.

I highly recommend starting to take action and really having the life you want.

Taking action on living your dreams, maybe it’s a dream job or maybe it’s a dream lifestyle, but it’s time for you to start moving towards your ideal. Know how to get an ex girlfriend back by starting to really lift your game dramatically.



To get your ex back you need to be really creative…Get your ex back, Right Now

You need to remember to keep a healthy mindset about your ex-girlfriend. To get your ex back you need to be a happy guy. Your self-esteem plays a large role in how you deal with a break-up but it can also play a large role in the possibility of rekindling that relationship.

If you suffer from low self-esteem what you’re likely to do when you experience a break-up is lose it emotionally. To get your ex back you need to seriously pull yourself together. The trauma is going to affect you, you’re going to struggle. Being able to get your ex back is about sorting yourself out first. You need to be healed before you can make her fall in love with you again.

You need to find a way to completely accept what has happened and put it all in the past.

Do you deal with problems and trauma with alcohol or drugs? That will not help you get your ex back and most likely, it will ruin your changes of getting her back.

Maybe you don’t have a support network or people to talk to. That’s also going to affect your chances of getting her back.

Part of the process in order to get your ex back is de-stressing so when she sees you – you are completely centered and happy. You are balanced and relaxed. You can’t be a mess.

If you’re lacking in self-esteem you also probably are not being realistic about what the relationship was actually like. It’s probable that you put your girlfriend up on a pedestal and that isn’t healthy.

Now that you’ve broken up with her or perhaps she’s broken up with you – you see only the positive. Remember that she has negative qualities too and neither one of you is perfect.

Find a way to build confidence. Absolute rock solid confidence from the deepest reaches of your core being.

There are two major ways to do this.

The first is testing yourself. It’s very difficult to build your confidence in a room with no windows. To build your confidence you usually have to test yourself physically, mentally, emotionally. So this might mean starting an intense fitness routine or maybe going on some adventure or some exploration.

You’ve got to do stuff that challenges you and pushing you and makes you find confidence from surviving and succeeding in these challenges.

The second is actually studying confidence. Know what causes it and what you can do to influence those factors in your life. Build your confidence and you’ll have a much better chance at winning your ex back.

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To win an ex-girlfriend back, you need to re-think your approach.  You might have to totally reinvent yourself, but that could be a good thing.  

One of the challenges that men face when it comes to getting their ex-girlfriend back usually lie in the way that they view their ex-girlfriend. Guys have a tendency to put their ex-girlfriends on pedestals and this makes it very difficult to move on from a relationship or to actually win an ex-girlfriend back.  You cannot approach her the way you did before.

It’s all about the inner game.  You need your mind in the right place.

It’s okay when they are dating but the moment they break up, the guy has a tendency to view her as “miss perfect” and she isn’t. No one is perfect. The most important thing to realize when trying to win an ex-girlfriend back is that you are not trying to win a goddess back. It is possible but make sure that you actually want to win her back.

Be realistic. Right now, sit down and create a list of all of the things that you didn’t like about her. Get out a pad, a piece of paper, anything.  Don’t miss anything!  Write down all the big things that annoy you AND the small things you just cannot stand.  You need to remember this when looking to win an ex-girlfriend back.

Think of all of the things that were unattractive about her. i want to help you find a much more realistic perspective of what she was actually like and what the relationship was actually like. you need a balanced view if you are going to win an ex-girlfriend back.  See, you broke up for a reason.  Maybe you were incompatible. Maybe there was infidelity, but there is a big reason why your relationship is over.  Think about that.

So start writing. I want you to write for at least a half-hour. Write everything, even the tiniest things, that you didn’t like about her or about the relationship that you were both in. The way that you felt, her personality, her appearance, something annoying that she did all of the time, etc. There are so many possibilities. You can start to win an ex-girlfriend back by taking her off of the dream-girl pedestal that you’ve placed her on. Seriously.

Start preparing  yourself to be a better version of yourself.  

The next thing I want you to do is look at your list. Select the five things that are the most important to you and write those on an index card or the back of a business card. Put this in your wallet and read it often. If you don’t know who you are, how are you going to attract her?

I want you to keep reminding yourself of these things because this is going to help you get a lot more balanced perspective and to think about her and the relationship in a lot more realistic terms because let’s face it, it definitely wasn’t perfect right?

When you find yourself at the supermarket, reminiscing about your life together then pull out this card. Remember the uglies as well as the pretty parts of your relationship. It’s important to see her as a fellow human being. This is the perspective that you need to approach her from. Remember that and you’ll be on your way to winning your ex-girlfriend back.

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If you’re thinking “I want my ex back”, then chances are you’re feeling pretty low. You may be losing confidence in yourself. What I want to do is help you boost your confidence. It’s through this extra confidence, that your ex will come crawling back to you.I Want My Ex Back

When you gain confidence, everyone around you will notice. She’ll notice especially. Boosting your confidence will help you turn your “I want my ex back” plea to a “I have my ex back” statement.

I want my ex back, so should I beg?

No. Let her come to you by showing her what she’s missing. Avoid being clingy and needy. The first thing you should do is surround yourself with confident people. Their spirit and energy will rub off on you. Try making some new friends as well. Show her that others are still interested in what you’re doing even if she isn’t. It also just makes you feel good about yourself, which can keep your confidence high.

But I just want my ex back! If you focus on yourself, then you enact change. Changing yourself, for the better, will not only make you more attractive to your ex but it will make you happier! It’s a double win.

So make sure you hang out with people that believe in themselves, are happy, are confident. The go-getter’s is where it’s at.

The second thing you need to do is start to overcome your fears. Don’t let anything hold you back. Right now, sit down an write out a list. Try to focus on one fear each week. It may take a few “focus weeks” to eliminate a fear. Depending on how deeply rooted the fears are, you may also wish to see a therapist to help.

A guy whose confident actually tends to enjoy embracing his fears and going after them.

You get it. Confidence comes from overcoming fears and doing things ouside your comfort zone. So start!

The third thing you should do is SOCIALIZE! How will this help me? I just want my ex back. Then read on!

It’s no surprise that people often connect shyness with a lack of confidence so look to be just a little bit more social, meet some new people, get out there a little bit more and start to even talk to groups of people or attractive women that you normally would avoid. I’m not asking that you become an outgoing, life of the party guy. I’m just asking that you put yourself out there a bit more. It will help with your self-confidence.

Lastly, focus on doing everything to the best of your ability. This is a good strategy for everyday life as well as relationships. Don’t talk negatively to yourself. Encourage yourself with your self-talk. This will help. Then, whatever it is that you do, try to do your best. People who do this are called “naturals” and it’s often said, “yeah, that guy is just a natural with women.” You can be that guy. Get ready. Set. Go!

You don’t have to be the guy that waits at home saying, “I want my ex back. All I want is my ex back.” You can be the guy that makes a change and finds himself saying, “I’m so glad I was able to get my ex back.”

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What I recommend if you want to get your ex-girlfriend back is very different advice from the norm.Win my ex-girlfriend back

It’s a little bit more holistic.

It’s a little bit more powerful and it centers on the ideas of being a warrior and developing killer instinct. Wanting my ex girlfriend back could be a sign that you need to be better at getting results. Why is it hard for you to get my ex girlfriend back?

You see there’s something about warriors in the Eastern culture, where they have a certain type of killer instinct developed in them.

This is where they get a results and where they would close the deal. Perhaps you are lacking some of this when you have an honest analysis of the situation.

You see the same killer instinct in Wall Street types that want to make money.

They know how to be aggressive when they need to be.

They know how to negotiate. Getting my ex girlfriend back may involve some serious hustle.

They know the odds of the deal and they rhyme with the sense what the other person wants and give it to them while also having a win on their side.

What a lot of guys who struggle to get my ex girlfriend back lack is that hard edge of the warrior. It could be time to move away from being Mr Nice Guy.

Being too nice doesn’t help at all. In fact it’s the worst thing for you. Wanting my ex girlfriend back usually involves you to get your hands dirty and to get a result.

They often lack that ability to assess the situation, see the path that can deliver them more results and they also struggle with the element of killer instinct.

Maybe they feel bad about doing that extra ten percent or about using certain techniques to get a result but I love the book The Art of War which talks about how sometimes in war you have to use strategies, you have to use techniques and all about that book is thousand years of years old. It’s a bit of a war this situation with you wanting my ex girlfriend back.

It’s lessons are very true today and I’m going to say if you’re dealing with a difficulty, want to get your ex back, you’re not sure what to do.

This is a problematic situation you are in, and it isn’t that far for being over and you need to have some very powerful, some very clear and some very effective techniques and strategies that you can use right now.

I’d recommend not being afraid to use some seemingly borderline unethical concepts to get my ex girlfriend back. Playing the rules isn’t always going to work. Certainly don’t do anything illegal or immoral but consider really motivating her to come back.

Wanting my ex girlfriend back and getting her back is usually about you figuring out what excites her most and giving her what she really wants.

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Getting your ex girlfriend back could be the smartest move you make.How To Win Your Ex Girlfriend Back

I want to give you a bit of a game plan if getting your ex-girlfriend back is the most important thing to you in the world.

This is going to be the best thing you’ve ever read, I’ve got three men tips for you to get your ex girlfriend back.

The first one is to undergo some sort of transformation, the bigger, the better. Your ex girlfriend will be attracted to you the more you change and improve.

All is what you’re acting from super bad and how it looks to that way and how it’s barely recognizable fact, now you can actually see as what he is and almost shocked at that transformation. One thing about attracting your ex girlfriend is that you need to really shock her.

This is the sort of commitment you need, that’s the sort of dedication. Your ex girlfriend will notice believe me.

She needs to see you and be shocked. That’s the way to get an ex girlfriend back.

She needs to be surprised, she needs to be thinking, oh my God, what in the hell has he done, he looks amazing, he looks fantastic. Your ex girlfriend needs to be really surprised – in a good way.

He looks completely unbelievable. Your ex girlfriend will be blown away.

That’s the sort of personal transformation you need to undergo. That’s the key to dating an ex girlfriend.

Number two you need a vision for your life. Even if your ex girlfriend has a new guy she’ll respond to this.

Have you seen the movie “Limitless”? You know he’s a loser writer, he looks like he’s living on the streets, pops some magic pill and all of the sudden, he’s unbelievably successful. Sometimes your ex girlfriend needs to feel fear of loss.

You might not have a magic pill, what you do have is a decision to make.

It’s time for you to get some goals, vision and really get your life on track, look at your life path and get stuff that’s exciting.

Maybe it’s time to go back to university, maybe it’s time to do that start-up idea you’ve been thinking about for a long time.

Whatever it is, you need to inject your life with a big boost of passion, direction, excitement and intensity. It’s time for you to pull the roughing off, you performing your best.

What you want is for your ex-girlfriend to see you and you’ve got all these stuff to talk about or the stuff you’re doing with your time, with new vision.

You need her to feel a sense of fear about who you’re becoming.

It’s very unlikely you go everyday it’s a guy who’s, who get dumps a guy, who’s seriously on the open up.

And the third thing you can do is to dramatically improve your interpersonal skills and in particularly your dating skills.

Don’t be afraid when you break up with your girlfriend and go on lots of dates and build your confidence with women.

A lot of women have a lot in common, such as liking confidence If you are attractive to most women, you’ll be attractive to your ex-girlfriend.

So work on your seduction skills, get smoother, become more charming, get more charismatic, you want to become a master of talk in groups of people, persuading people, getting them to like you and being able to charm the lives of anyone.

You want your ex girlfriend to be wowed on your new presence and how centered you are and your ability to communicate and express yourself.

Do whatever it takes to become a master communicator and get yourself a lot more confidence and success with women.

She won’t be able to believe it.   

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Learning how to get your girlfriend back is a process that stimulates tremendous growth in many guys…How to Get Your Girlfriend Back

For most men one of the most life changing experiences that they ever have is the end of a relationship is when they break up with a girlfriend when it’s particularly traumatic and it beats down their confidence.

For most men this is what usually gives them a wake up call.

This is what usually gives them a massive about of drive to improve themselves and to change their life. Teaching you how to get your girlfriend back will often involve heading in a new direction.

So I want to give you three tips that are going to help you focus your energy in the right place. You’ll find how to get your girlfriend back by focusing on what will give you the greatest results and improvement.

When you have a bad breakup and you want to get your ex-girlfriend back you start to experience a lot more energy, a lot more stress, a lot more anxiety and a lot more motivation.

You are keen to know how to get your girlfriend back because it feels really urgent.

Your emotions are attached to whether you know how to get your girlfriend back or not.

So it’s important to pour your energy into the right places.

You don’t want to pour it into sitting on the couch, eating a lot of food, playing computer games.

You’re better off using this energy in a more productive way so these are the three ways I recommend for you to use this energy positively. They’ll show you how to get your girlfriend back.

To give yourself the best chance of getting your girlfriend back and even if that doesn’t happen you’re going to be in a much better place that you were three months ago.

The first one is to get into shape.

Whether you want to get your girlfriend back or not you’re going to have a better chance of being happy the healthier you are.

Fitness is the first step to knowing how to get your girlfriend back.

So this is a time for you to start exercising again and for you to start to eat healthy. They are critical elements to know how to get your girlfriend back.

Seriously, get into shape, start exercising, and start to get closer to your ideal and perfect body.

Number two is to identity patterns look at your previous relationships and look for patterns that have repeated themselves over and over. Figure out how to get your girlfriend back by learning from the past and not repeating mistakes.

Maybe it’s your dating low self-esteem girls maybe it’s your falling into similar traps of insecurity and jealously or maybe it’s simply that you sabotage things that are good. Use the past to teach you how to get your girlfriend back because you learn from what doesn’t work.

It’s time for you to break those patterns, so what you want to do is identify any negative patterns that appear to be repeating themselves over and over and over. I figured out how to get your girlfriend back by looking for negative patterns and avoiding them.

I want you to take action to stop those patterns from occurring.

Do whatever you can so that these patterns never reoccur in your life again.

Number three is to book a vacation.

Yeah, it’s a little bit weird and wacky advice but seriously, you need something positive you can focus on and look forward to and you need to be able to have a break.

Clearing your head is a good way to learn how to get your girlfriend back.

What you need is a break, you need some stress relief, you need to enjoy yourself and you need to let go and have fun.

So I want you to immediately jump on the internet or go to a travel agent and start looking at some possible vacation destinations.

If you’ve got the money book it in three, six, twelve months’ time.

What you need is a new focus, you need something else to look forward to and you need a bit more fun and excitement in your life. So it’s time to pick that perfect vacation.

What these three things are going to do is just lay the foundation so you’ve got a much better chance of making use of any information you get to help you get your girlfriend back.

If you get the foundation in place then you’re going to make a hell of a lot better use of any tools or techniques that you can learn to do just that. Make the first steps to discovering how to get your girlfriend back by laying the groundwork now with extremely high quality action taking.

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This point of time you might be wondering how to have sex with your ex-girlfriend.How to make your ex girlfriend want you

So you want to rekindle the romance between you and your ex?  Are you looking to restart your relationship, or are you just looking for some of the passion you two shared, but without the long term relationship?  I can give you some seduction tips that work just for ex-girlfriends to get you two in the sack in no time.

I had a friend once whose girlfriend cheated on him.  It was a really bad situation because I was friends with him and with his girlfriend AND the guy she was cheating on him with.  For me, it was an awful situation to know what was going on and then to watch the fallout.  My friend and his girlfriend broke up over her infidelity, and I thought that they would never get back together again.

Well, a few weeks later I had a big surprise.  My friend and his girlfriend were still hooking up!  I won’t get into the gory details of how I found out, but I was shocked to see that they still kept the passion for each other alive.  They never got back together though as a couple, but I know that they have secret meetings now and again.  How did that happen?

Well my friend knew how to seduce his ex-girlfriend.  He made it so she was addicted to him physically and wanted to still make love to him.  For him, it was a good arrangement.  He could have sex without the commitment.  He used a little known trick I like to call “forbidden fruit.”

Forbidden fruit is the sweetest fruit they say.  A lot of times women are attracted to the unattainable bad boy.  His ex-girlfriend cheated on him for that reason and started a relationship with a new guy.  Then, she went back to her old boyfriend because it was risqué.  He was the forbidden fruit, and she wanted a taste.

What does this story mean for you?  You need to be the “forbidden fruit” to your ex-girlfriend, that rare and hard to attain find.  Make it known that you’re interested, but constantly tease your ex-girlfriend.  Make her think that getting you back would be everything, and then act as if you are disinterested.  This push and pull will build attraction, and she won’t be able to resist.

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For a long time I wanted to get my girlfriend back but I didn’t know what to do.Help me get my Girlfriend Back!

The real key to get my girlfriend back is this principle called self-awareness. Self-awareness helped me to get my girlfriend back and it will help you as well.

I want to explain a little bit about what self-awareness is and how you can use it to get my girlfriend back because it’s so much more effective than any other technique.

So what is this self-awareness?

Self-awareness is the first step on the road to self-improvement and also to change. You want to get my girlfriend back – if you don’t know how then you probably lack self-awareness.

And it’s definitely the first step to get my girlfriend back because right now you’re probably somewhat in the dark about what you did wrong and why you did what you did.

And also, what the best way is for you to get her back or to prove yourself so she wants you back.

Self-awareness is about you starting to get a deeper understanding of why you feel the way you do and why you behave the way you do.

It gives you the power, freedom, and opportunity to change and start to create the results you want. It’s very difficult to move forward or ahead without this element of self-awareness.

It is really essential ingredient in figuring out what you need to do from this point forward. You’ll know how to get my girlfriend back if you can become aware of what is really going on.

It’s a level of honesty beyond anything you have experienced before.

The problem with regular dating advice you might read online is it’s not really personalized to you. You might read all these articles on how to get my girlfriend back but you are mostly just trying to outsource taking responsibility for your own life.

Its generic information- it might work, it might not.

The key with self-awareness is that you’ll be able to figure out exactly what you need to do that’s going to benefit you the most. Good online information powers up your self-awareness.

It really is essentially about thinking about your strengths and weaknesses, your thoughts, your beliefs, your motivations, and your emotions. To key to get my girlfriend back was to actually figure things I was doing wrong myself and to fix them.

You want to bring a lot of awareness to this relationship and try and figure out exactly what it is that your girlfriend wants and exactly what it is that’s going to get her to want you to be back.

I want you to set some time aside to meditate. In this time I don’t want you to have any distractions, no mobile phones, no laptops; I want you to see if you can get outdoors if possible.

Go to a park. See if you can sit there for 2-3 hours and just think.

I want you to think about two things: yourself and your relationship.

When it’s finished grab a notepad and write down anything you became aware of. If you want to get my girlfriend back then you’ve really got to start being far more self-aware. You want to get my girlfriend back – invest the time into figuring how to do it. It’s already inside you.

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When you want to get ex-girlfriend back a powerful strategy is to understand what may have caused you both to break up. The real reason might be different than you think.How To Get An Ex Girlfriend Back

What’s a really good idea at this point in time is to understand the most common reasons men get dumped. To get ex-girlfriend back you need to do a bit of research and get into the science of breakups.

If you can understand why women dump men, then this is going to give you a bit of a foundation on how to get your ex-girlfriend back because you’re going to know the real reasons why she dumped you and it may be very different from what she’s told you.

And there’s three reasons men tend to get dumped. And they do provide the key to get ex-girlfriend back.

The first is the guy gets too clingy, he gets too needy, he gets too attached, he gets too for long or he is pushing the relationship to grow fast than she wants it. You won’t get ex-girlfriend back if you are like that – that’s for certain.

You know, maybe he wants more commitment than she does or he’s getting too serious but this is the number one reason.

Sometimes we can buy into the stereotype that men want to have casual sex and women wants serious relationships but in the modern day world, often this is the exact opposite. If you are the more needy one then you are gone.

You won’t get ex-girlfriend back – you’ll scare her off.

A lot of women get very scared off when a guy gets too keen.

The second thing that tends to be the reason why girls dump guys is because they don’t see a long-term future with them. If you want to get ex-girlfriend back she’s got to see the potential to have babies with you – even if she doesn’t want to have babies, it’s a very primal thing.

Maybe he’s okay to have sex with or have a casual relationship with or maybe he’s okay to have as a fuck buddy but if he’s not the sort of guy she wants to introduce to her friends or family and he’s not the sort of guy who she wants to have children with – in her mind that guy has a bit of an expiry date.

It’s probably two months or 12 months until a woman hits that point but ultimately one of the big reasons men get dumped is because women don’t see them as a serious long term potential. To get ex-girlfriend back you need to fix whatever it is that is making women see you as Mr Short-term.

And the third reason is usually the guy doesn’t take enough action to improve his life for you.

He stalls, he’s not going anywhere, he’s not getting ahead and she kind of get sick of it. To get ex girlfriend back you’ve got to be headed somewhere – someplace good.

So I want you to understand these three reasons, you want to avoid them at all costs and if you made those mistakes in your relationship then they’re easily resolved and if at start is if you were too keen, well it’s time for you to play seriously how to get, it’s time for you to be very cruel and on reactively make her work for it.

Number two, if she didn’t see you as being someone who was serious relationship that you are, well it’s time to ramp up your levels of attraction. To get ex-girlfriend back you really do need to be the sort of guy she really wants to spend serious time with.

It’s time to be that sort of guy where women want to introduce you to their friends.

And the third action, the third situation is when you simply weren’t doing as much with your life as you thought you could. You progress enough stalling so then it’s time to take action.

It’s time to start living your dreams and seriously working on your goals.

You can easily get ex-girlfriend back if you hit these three pieces of advice.

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