Getting Your Husband Back

Do you sometimes want to scream, “I just want my ex back!” If so, you are not alone. After breaking up, hundreds of people find themselves wanting their ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend back. It is a perfectly natural response. However, how should you handle these feelings? Should you try to win your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend back? Or should you move on with your life? By asking yourself the following questions, you will be able to determine the decision that is right for you.

Do I want them back because I am feeling lonely? Ask yourself this question, because it is essential. Often times, it is not your ex that you are missing; it is the feeling of having someone in your life. When you are in a relationship, you constantly have someone to talk to and keep you company. After the break up, you usually lose this. Thus, it is likely that you will be feeling lonely. After you have realized this is the source of wanting your ex back, it will be easier to move on.

Do I actually love them? This is another important question that you should ask yourself, although it can sometimes be difficult to answer. If you want them back because you truly care, then it is a good idea to try for a second chance. Winning your ex back requires time and effort, but if you love them and don’t at least try, you will regret it. But how can you get your ex back, exactly? The three best ways are to have confidence, improve your appearance, and make an attempt to talk to them again – even suggest hanging out if you are feeling brave enough.

By asking yourself these important questions, you will be able to figure out if “I just want my ex back” is truly how you feel.

Here’s a question that was emailed to me recently:

For the past few months, my husband has been really distant. We don’t make love much and I feel like he’s beginning to move on. Things have been rocky in our marriage for some time, never to this point though. I’m hoping that you can help me find new ways to spice up our marriage before he asks for a divorce or cheats on me. Please help! I still love him.

Answer: This is a difficult situation but it isn’t uncommon. It’s always better to address these things as soon as they appear. Waiting until now wasn’t the best idea. However, it is as they say “better late than never.”

So what to do first? Where to start….

First off, always remember that you married for a reason.  That spark, that passion, is there, it’s just ebbed and gone out.  It’s to to rekindle it.  If you can, try to take some time out and deck your house in a romantic setting.  Send the kids to their aunts to play, because you are going to have a very adult night.  Fill the house with roses and get some aromatic incense to burn throughout the house.  Find some low volume, low key jazz music, and surprise your husband.

You see, men are natural hunters.  They’re made to hunt, to stalk through the forest and eventually grab their meal.  You have to tap into his primal need to hunt.  You see, this is actually quite pleasurable because you are going to be tapping into his primal sex urge as well, and he will thank you for it.  One way to get this effect is to leave a trail of rose petals to the bedroom or a bath.

You see, men need surprises, they need excitement, and they need something to break up their everyday lives.  Perhaps you have not helped him do that?  Surprises like this will give him something to look forward to, and see you as a sexual being he wants to make love to.  You want to blow his mind every time he thinks of you.

This is not a one time trick.  You are going to have to rework your relationship so that he sees you differently.  You cannot go back to the grind and monotony that defined your relationship before.  This is going to be quite an experience, but there’s no reason to feel afraid, because you can have a stronger, more fulfilling relationship from here on out.  Just peruse this website, and you’ll get all the information you’ll need.

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Seeing marriage problems signs early is very important.Seeing marriage problems signs?

What do we need to watch out for if we think we’re seeing signs of marriage problems?  We might think our marriage is going just fine, but are there special signs we should keep an eye on so that we can predict a problem before it becomes too much to handle?  There are, and if you’re knowledgeable, you can save your marriage before it’s too late!

First off, how often do you and your spouse make love?  Physical intimacy is the bedrock for many marriages.  Without it, your marriage devolves into simply a great friendship, and for many people, that’s just not enough.  If you feel your love life has taken a turn for the worse, it’s time to head off the problem and do something spontaneous and romantic.  Make sure that it breaks your normal routine and that your spouse is genuinely surprised.  Nothing builds romance and passion like uncertainty and spontaneity.

Another marriage problem sign you need to watch out for is if your spouse seems distant or aloof when they had been interested and engaged before.  This can be a surefire sign of marriage boredom, and if left to fester, can turn into strife later.  Marriage is supposed to build both people within the relationship and can offer ways for both people to grow and experience life in ways they couldn’t as individuals.  If your relationship isn’t accomplishing this, boredom can set in, and so can the wandering eye.

Does your spouse avoid you?  This might be, in fact, unthinkable for a couple.  However, when the glow of being newlyweds fades, have you fallen into the rut of monotony?  Do you feel that you do not need to do anything special for your mate now that you are married?  If you don’t show your partner that you value your relationship with them, they may feel slighted and distant.  They may find that staying at work extra hours or going out with their friends may be preferable to being home with you.

This might sound harsh, but relationships are ongoing and require a lot of work.  Your partner entered the marriage with you out of love, respect, passion, and because they though their life would be enhanced.  You most likely did for the same reasons, or more.  You cannot just rest on your laurels after you say “I do.”  It’s time to make the most of your relationship with your partner and to cherish them.

Do activities you know your partner loves, or talk about subjects they like to talk about.  Let them know you value your time together, and your marriage will take on a new character.  Change your home décor and buy a new car.  Go to a movie you would never otherwise go to or take up a new sport.  Take your spouse out to an art festival or to samba dancing.  There’s a world of new activities.

There are more signs of a strained marriage, but if you notice that your spouse is avoiding you, or you are having fewer and fewer chances to have intimate relations, or if you feel like your partner is just plain bored, there are ways to head off these problems so that you don’t find yourself in a psychologist’s office, wondering why you have to now have marriage counseling.

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Knowing how to win him back will totally boost your happiness and energy.How To Win Him Back

I want to focus in this article on how you can energize yourself. It’s central to how to win him back.

What I like to do in these articles is give you the first step to getting the result you want.

If you can imagine there’s a path in front of you and where you are right now is your current position and at the end of that path, the end of that road is you getting back your ex.

Usually the first step is the most important. So I’ll teach you the first step in how to win him back.

I want to help you identify the first and second steps. Then you have momentum.

Usually momentum is everything, the most energy is expended in just getting you moving so my thinking is about what is the most important first step you can take.

The first step in how to win him back is really boosting your energy levels.

That would give you the most benefit and would help you the most.

I’ve got to tell you my opinion that first step to getting your ex back is to increase your energy.

I’ve got to say that this is definitely worth being your number one priority this is more important that anything because even if you get some information to help you get your ex back and it’s the best information in the world on specifically what to do.

If you’ve got no energy then you’re going to have trouble using it. Knowing how to win him back is useless you don’t have the energy to action that information. Relationship problems and breakups can seriously suck your energy.

You’re going not to be able to implement and you’re not going to have the chance to make the most of that energy.

What I recommend is to focus on lifting your energy.

You want to see if you can get 10%, 50%, 100%, 200% more energy in the next day or two and use that as a foundation to move forward with.

I want to give you three things you can do that’s going to instantly increase your levels of energy. You’ll discover how to win him back faster when you are bursting at the seams with energy.

Without a doubt the number one tip for increasing your energy is your nutrition.

Our body is like an engine, like a machine and it relies on fuel. That’s the best first imaginable on how to win him back – eat healthier. What a great foundation for everything else you will do/.

If you’re going to make one change, one simple thing you can do to improve your nutrition, get more energy from your diet in my opinion is to get fresh juice.

My favorite is a combination of apple, carrot, beetroot and celery. If you want him back you’ve got to be radiant, healthy and in better physical shape. Fit is sexy. Sexy is how to win him back.

Get one of those fresh juices in the biggest size and I find it has a very powerful detoxifying and energizing effect on me. I try not to go a single day without having one of these juices. Boost your energy and find out how to win him back. Lose weight and get sexier and know how to win him back for certain.

Generally when you’re a bit depressed , you’re a bit down, your diet can fall and you can eat a little unhealthy so what I recommend is to focus if just one thing juicing daily.

If you want to go crazy then check out a nutritional plan call ‘paleo’ that’s definitely my favorite.

Second thing is to improve your quality of sleep.

Your energy levels are closely related to the quality of your sleep. You might wonder what how to win him back has to do with sleep – well your sleep determines how you feel. And a bad stressful period can really mess up your sleep. Knowing how to win him back is about being in the best shape possible.

If you sleep badly which can happen sometimes through a breakup then your energy is going to seriously suffer.

You’re going to just struggle to have focus and to feel good. I want to focus mostly on your health how to win him back.

Whereas if you’re getting good quality sleep then your energy is going to fall into place.

The third thing I highly recommend is to seriously get out of the house.

Nothing is going to have a worse effect on your energy than being isolated and being trapped indoors all the time. Knowing how to win him back really does depend on your health and how you feel.

I watched a documentary recently of what happens to human being when their put in a room and they stay there for an extended period without a lot of stimulation and I’ve got to tell you it’s a very poisonous toxic thing.

So I highly recommend going to your local bookstore, going to the self-help section and reading books that make you feel good, sitting there for as long as you can just to get out of the house, just to fill you with some positive information.

Spend as little time as home as possible, go to the gym after work, maybe start socializing a little bit more. Knowing how to win him back usually involves a lifestyle change.

The more time you spend out of home the more energy you’re going to have.

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When you want to make your husband horny you’ve got to do whatever it takes. Your sex life depends on it.

I want to encourage you if your goal is to make your husband horny to think outside the box.  You have to breathe new life into the bedroom.  You are going to have to be his little firecracker.

One of the big things for married people is to keep the spark alive in their love life.  You don’t get to have new partners, so you have to take the partner you have and make it work.  If you’ve hit a road block with your marriage and want to find out how to make your husband horny, then I can give you some tips that will drive him crazy.

Become the seductress

Men want to be seduced just like woman do.  They’re not obvious about it, but there’s no man on earth that doesn’t want his wife to intoxicate him with her attractiveness.  You’ll have to take on the role of the seductress.  Watch a few movies if you’re not sure how it’s done.  Batman 2 with Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman is a really great example.

Catwoman dressed provocatively, but was still full clothed.  She showed of her female curves and knew just how to accentuate them.  She left a lot to the imagination.  When you pick out your outfit for your husband, be sure that it leaves a lot to his imagination. It’s all part of teasing him.

Another way to seduce your husband is to show confidence in your mannerisms and the way you walk.  Watch actresses and models as they go down the run way.  Every step they take is filled with pride and confidence.  You can do the same thing.  Learn to swap your hips and hold your head up.  Your husband will see this and his subconscious will tell you are a great lover he wants to go to bed with right away.

Set the stage to be romantic

You want to have some drama.  Your husband wants to come home from a long, hard day’s work to something fresh and exciting.  Cover your bed with rose petals and leave a trail for him at the door to follow.  Put on some romantic music or fill the house with candles to set a romantic mood. Surprise him!  There are all manner of creative things you can do to set the stage.

Another way you can get him in the mood is to work on your foreplay skills.  Learn massage.  Massage is a great way to get him to relax and to get his erogenous centers going.  Focus on his back and his legs.  This is where a lot of his tension will be, and he’ll be so much more in the mood to take you to bed when all the stress is out of his body.

Tease, tease, and tease some more

The more he anticipates making love to you, the more he will not be able to control himself.  Talk about what you want him to do to you.  Play with him and be sure to laugh as much as you can.  As a woman, you can be a bit forward, but then back off quickly.  Let him chase you, but always remember, the chase has to have a prize.  When the time comes, he will be so overcome with attraction he’ll have only one thing on his mind.  Give it to him.

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To make your husband want sex you need to makeover your approach to sexuality.

What you need right now at this point in time is a crash course in sexuality. What you need to make your husband want sex is an instant shortcut to being a sex expert.

Understanding sexuality, in particular your husband’s sexuality, is going to be a very big factor in understanding why your husband doesn’t want to have sex and how you can get him to want more sex.  It’s time to get into his head.

Sexuality is more than just your sexual parts and having an orgasm.  Your brain is your greatest erogenous zone.  It needs to be used.

We are all sexual people and we all have a need to express ourselves.  Sometimes we are able to easily express our sexual selves, but other times, we need help.  Sexual energy ebbs and flows.

Understanding sexuality is about knowing exactly what your husband feels about sex. You can make your husband want sex by exploring sex with him.

Does your husband have confidence problems?  Sometimes people need baby steps before getting into sex.  You’ve most likely had sex before you were married, so you should know each other by now.  What’s changed?

Sometimes when couples start dating, these problems can be glossed over by the excitement of the new partner and the chemicals that happen in their early dating stages, but sometimes these can just cover these real problems that have been there for a long time.

And if your husband isn’t interested in sex, there are sometimes deeper emotional and psychological issues going on deep beneath the surface. You can begin to make your husband want sex by learning more about his connection with sex.  You are going to have to help him gain confidence, and look forward to connecting with you physically.

Sometimes when women attempt to increase their husband’s libido and drive for sex, they don’t have enough information about where what drives a man.  What drives a man to make love is complex.  We can break it down into understandable chunks though.

So I just want to give you one example, and this is that sometimes a man’s need for sex is tied his feeling of achievement. Why do you think it’s called “scoring?”  Your husband wants to feel like he is powerful, and that he has seduced you because of his animal magnetism.

There’s something in men where they want and need to feel like a hunter, like they’re going out and bring their spoils home.  They want the whole village to congratulate them for their achievement. It’s important that when it comes to sex, your man feels the sense of achievement.

This is something that women don’t necessarily feel but it’s something that’s important to know to get your male stimulated and turned on.

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I have done a lot of research and looked at a lot the studies on marriage breakdown and we can look at this from many ways.Marriage Breakdown?

We can examine it from the societal perspective, from a legal perspective, from a financial perspective but one thing is for certain divorce takes a major cause there on everything from the health care system to your own physical and mental health.

Research shows that marriage breakdown is taking a hold in many countries and the results are increased level of stress and a fundamental breakdown of structures of support.  If you are experiencing a marriage break down, then you need to know what it means and what you can do to pick up the pieces of your life.

A marriage breakdown can happen rapidly.  Maybe you feel like your marriage is slipping through your fingertips.  Maybe you are arguing with your spouse constantly and the stable domestic pattern you had established is now starting to unravel.  You find that you are not really looking forward to coming home to your spouse and find yourself working longer hours to stay away.

Marriage breakdown can happen slowly too.  Sometimes, neither partner feels brave enough to speak their feelings clearly to one another, and let things fester and rot before they get to the root of the problem.  This is actually worse, as one partner can really go along thinking everything is fine, and then one day, their spouse just explodes.

Marriage is an ongoing process, and to prevent marriage breakdown, you will have to take an active part in making sure your relationship is happy.  The magic of your honeymoon can make you feel that the good times will last forever, but a lot of it has to do with the effort YOU put into it.  This might seem like harsh advice, but it’s an opportunity.

The first thing to do is to remove the cause of the stress.  Do you ever take vacations with your spouse?  What about going out on a date?  It doesn’t have to be a big production where you dress up in suits and go out on the town.  A great date can be sitting at home and watching a movie with popcorn, it’s all about ambiance and atmosphere.

Are the pressures of child rearing too stressful?  Grab a babysitter and let the kids have some fun without you for an evening.  You cannot keep doing the same thing you’ve been doing and not breaking the pattern you’ve got yourself into.  Preventing a marriage breakdown is about creating a new paradigm.

Marriage affords all sorts of benefits to the couple and to society as a whole.   When you’re sick you have someone to depend on.  Marriage provides more income and family stability.  This is why we try to prevent marriage breakdown because all that we gain from happy marriages is worth the work to keep them going.

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There’s an important concept you need to understand if you are asking yourself “How do I get my husband back?”  It’s a concept called “closure,” and we’ll discuss it at length.
how do i get my husband back

How do I get my husband back? Answering that question is really about doing something powerful that will reactivate the attraction between the two of you.

Whether you get your ex-husband back or not, achieving closure is going to help your emotional state and is healthy.

You see, unfortunately women who haven’t achieved closure from a break-up or relationship problems tend to be less attractive.  They’re a lot more needy, they live in the past and they have a desperate vibe that men don’t like.  They complain and believe that somehow life has been unfair to them.

It is possible after you achieve closure that things still may work out with your ex. It’s really not just about how do I get my husband back – it’s about you being happy and having real peace of mind.

Achieving closure is about moving on, moving past the things of the past and coming into the future as the new you.  It’s about closing the door on things that you cannot change, no matter how much you might want to.

So how do you achieve closure? The first step towards closure is forgiveness.

It’s really time for you to forgive yourself and your ex-husband for everything that’s happened between the two of you.  Closure means that you must forgive yourself for any mistakes you’ve made and for anything that goes wrong. The first step to knowing how do I get my husband back really is forgiveness.

Accept the power of forgiveness.

Maybe you could go to a therapist, maybe you write a book or in a journal, but it’s important for you to get all your feelings out. Finding out how do I get my husband back is really about dealing with the trauma of the situation and breakup as fast as possible.

Get all your questions out!  Don’t wait and let the emotions build up!

Don’t let the feeling of wanting your husband back boil away inside you so you end up becoming like a volcano because that’s the opposite of getting closure. Unearthing how do I get my husband back is really about having him see that you are a different person than when the relationship ended.

The last step to achieving closure is to start to shift your focus forward, to start to move on from the past, accept that you can’t change the past and realize that it’s time to move forward.  Set some goals that don’t involve your ex-husband.

When you’re revolving your life around your ex- husband and you’re not even married anymore, men find that to be a real turn off.

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When you want to get your ex-husband back you’ve got to learn my technique of “Stepping out of the situation.”

Getting your ex-husband back is going to be a hard journey.  A broken marriage or separation is the harsher side of a relationship, but it doesn’t have to be the end.  You see, mending a broken marriage can be a healthy exercise.  Marriage is a much more complex yet far more nourishing relationship.  Mending it will take some know-how and a bit of strategy.  The trick is to think from your ex-husbands perspective.

Change the way you think

I do not know the specifics of why your marriage is on the rocks.  I don’t know if you’re divorced or just taking a time out from each other.  If you’re merely separated, then there are plenty of things you can do to try and get your ex-husband back.  The thing is to not make him the aggressor.  If you feel your marriage is on the rocks because of his behavior or something he’s doing, then stop and think for a moment.

My biggest advice to people in relationships is to always remember that there are two people together.  It’s easy to think that our partner is the source of all the problems and that we are guilty of no wrongs ourselves.  We do not look critically at ourselves first before going off on our partner.  This is entirely the wrong approach.

From my years of dating coaching, I’ve found that whenever a problem comes up, there’s always two ways to look at it, no matter what either partner thinks is true.  You are not perfect, and nor is your ex-husband, and it’s important to recognize that.  Think about the last time you and he had a really big argument.  Were you always blaming him?  Was he the one gumming up the works?

The “Stepping out of the situation” method

Now is the time to look at your relationship objectively.  That means, don’t blame him, don’t blame yourself, don’t blame anyone, just look at the situation from as far outside of yourself as you can.  You’ll see that a lot of your problems are a mix of things.  Maybe you or your ex-husband happen to be stubborn and sometimes circumstances outside of your control come together to create a horrible situation.

Recognizing this is the first step to looking at your marriage the right way.  How can you fix problems when your emotions are all tied up?  Using this “stepping out of the situation” method is going to go a long way in answer the question how to get your ex-husband back.  With this new perspective, you can find the parts of your relationship that are causing the project and cut them straight out.

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You are looking for get your ex-husband back fast? I want to give you something powerful.

What it’s time for you to do is get a bit of a jolt.

Have you ever seen in the movies when someone has a heart attack and they get those electronic devices and they put them on their chests and they give them a shock and they come back to life. This will help you get your ex-husband back fast.

Get your Ex-Husband back Fast

Well this is what I want to do for you, this is pretty much what you need right now. It’s time for you to have a bit of a wakeup call, a bit of a reality check and a bit of a new start. To get your ex-husband back fast you need to get some sort of shock to the system. Like someone pouring ice cold water all over you.

What’s really important is to change right now how your priorities, your values and what you’re focusing on. To get your ex-husband back fast is to shift your entire focus.

I’d say that right now the most important thing to you is to get your ex-husband back, your priorities focus and your values are probably out of whack.

And getting them in line, getting them back to where they need to be is actually going to help you get your ex-husband fast, more than anything else. To get your ex husband back fast is to realize what is going to help the most.

You know if it doesn’t work, you’re not going to be as bothered because you’re going to be a hell of a lot happier.

So let’s talk about these three things.

The first one is your values.

Do you feel like you’ve lost track of your values a little bit over the last period of time?

Maybe you have a childhood dream or some sort of passion that you’re not doing. To get your ex-husband back fast is to start living your life again. Your life. Not someone else’s.

Maybe there are some things that are very important and you’re living in conflict with them. Change that. It will lay the foundation to get your ex-husband back fast.

Maybe you’ve lost sense of your true self a little bit but it’s really time to align yourself back with your values. The next thing is what ware you priorities?

So when you wake up in the morning what’s the first thing you think of?

What’s the thing you must get done?

Well I’ve got to say your priority right now is being happy and feeling good about yourself. This will help you to get your ex-husband back fast – and it really does need to be your most urgent focus.

That needs to be the most important thing in your life this point in time.

Time for a little bit of a wake-up call as to what your dedicating your time and energy into.

It’s time for you to feel good about yourself and to be happy.

Nothing is more important than that. You might want to get your ex-husband back fast and are focusing on short-term stuff to make that happen. But you are the most important thing. Your own self-care.

The third thing is your focus, I reckon right ow the main focus you have is getting your ex-husband back then you’re probably not focusing on the right things.

The things you want to focus on most of all is your lifestyle.

The things you’re doing in an average week, particularly how much enjoyment you’re getting. Get your ex-husband back fast by living with passion.

How much fun you’re having and what you’re doing that gets you to look forward to the day.

Gets you to look forward to the week.

Hopefully you’re doing things that get you to lose track of time, you’re doing lots of thing that give you a boost of energy, and on top of that you get a bit of an emotional high. To get your ex-husband back fast is to being doing better in your life than he is in his.

This is where you want to be focusing your energy, it’s really time for you to snap out of this head space you’re in.

To get a bi of a shake if you can visualize me holding you by the shoulders and giving you a little bit of a shake.

It’s time for you to value yourself and for you to start feeling good.

Nothing is more important than that.