Getting Your Wife Back

Do you sometimes want to scream, “I just want my ex back!” If so, you are not alone. After breaking up, hundreds of people find themselves wanting their ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend back. It is a perfectly natural response. However, how should you handle these feelings? Should you try to win your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend back? Or should you move on with your life? By asking yourself the following questions, you will be able to determine the decision that is right for you.

Do I want them back because I am feeling lonely? Ask yourself this question, because it is essential. Often times, it is not your ex that you are missing; it is the feeling of having someone in your life. When you are in a relationship, you constantly have someone to talk to and keep you company. After the break up, you usually lose this. Thus, it is likely that you will be feeling lonely. After you have realized this is the source of wanting your ex back, it will be easier to move on.

Do I actually love them? This is another important question that you should ask yourself, although it can sometimes be difficult to answer. If you want them back because you truly care, then it is a good idea to try for a second chance. Winning your ex back requires time and effort, but if you love them and don’t at least try, you will regret it. But how can you get your ex back, exactly? The three best ways are to have confidence, improve your appearance, and make an attempt to talk to them again – even suggest hanging out if you are feeling brave enough.

By asking yourself these important questions, you will be able to figure out if “I just want my ex back” is truly how you feel.

win back my wife
Get that spark back in her eyes

Question: I want to win back my wife. We’ve been really distant lately and I want her to know that she’s still the person I want to be with. I just worry that she won’t listen. I worry that I’ve lost her. I’m pretty stubborn and I don’t know what to say, I have a hard time saying anything. What should I do?

Answer: When you are looking at finding ways to “win back my wife,” I want you to consider what you haven’t been doing.

Have you been complimenting her? I don’t mean fake compliments. I mean real, honest, genuine compliments. Find something compelling to say and say it. It will make her feel good and remind her that you’re still there. You still find her attractive and you still love all of her idiosyncrasies as well as her personality.

Another thing that I would ask you to look at, is the time you spend together. This is crucial. You may need to spend more time with her. Maybe you’re always off doing your own thing or you’re involved in a lot of outside activities. Find a way to make her feel special. Find a way to make her feel loved.

However, you may be spending too much time with her. Have you given her space to breathe? To pursue her own interests? It’s important that you allow her to do her own thing as well. It’s good for couples to have some activities that they do on their own. It’s healthy for you to spend time apart as well as together. Don’t suffocate her or she will be less likely to stay.

Regardless of what choices you need to make and what behaviors you need to alter, it’s important that you do so with her in mind. Listen to what she’s asking for and give it to her.

Nobody wants to go through a divorce. Sometimes though, even after the fact, you realize you should’ve stayed together…

Getting your wife back is going to be a big project.  Marriages end for a variety of reasons, and there are probably really big reasons why you and your wife broke up in the first place.  It isn’t unheard of for a man and wife to get back together, even if they separated under bad circumstances. However, it will take some work and you will have to rework your relationship.

Divorce is hard on people and a life altering event, but if you really feel that you could be successful in getting your wife back, then you need to put your best foot forward.  You need to do some soul searching and figure out why it is that your marriage was broken in the first place.  Was it infidelity?  Did you both give into the stresses of work and family?  Did you argue all the time about minutia?  You have to identify the problem first before you can fix it.

Once you know what the problem is, you need to go about fixing it.  Maybe you need a career change, or to grow more as a person?  If there was infidelity, then you will have to rebuilt the trust in your relationship.  Make some overtures to your ex-wife before you go too gung-ho.  She might look at your initial romantic advances with some suspicion.

How should I let her know how I feel?

You want to make small gestures towards your ex-wife first, just to see if she is interested.  You can’t force anyone to love you, and you can’t force the way she feels.  Maybe the divorce really upset her, or conversely, maybe she has thus moved on since your divorce and doesn’t feel like letting you back into her life.  You’ll have to do some persuading.

Make special time for her.  Try to remind her of what life was like when you first dated and you two were falling in love.  This will put her in the right mindset.  You’ll be the man she knew before the break up and the negative feelings that came from the separation might fade away.

Be patient with the process and don’t expect everything to turn out like a romantic comedy, and you should be fine.

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Seeing marriage problems signs early is very important.Seeing marriage problems signs?

What do we need to watch out for if we think we’re seeing signs of marriage problems?  We might think our marriage is going just fine, but are there special signs we should keep an eye on so that we can predict a problem before it becomes too much to handle?  There are, and if you’re knowledgeable, you can save your marriage before it’s too late!

First off, how often do you and your spouse make love?  Physical intimacy is the bedrock for many marriages.  Without it, your marriage devolves into simply a great friendship, and for many people, that’s just not enough.  If you feel your love life has taken a turn for the worse, it’s time to head off the problem and do something spontaneous and romantic.  Make sure that it breaks your normal routine and that your spouse is genuinely surprised.  Nothing builds romance and passion like uncertainty and spontaneity.

Another marriage problem sign you need to watch out for is if your spouse seems distant or aloof when they had been interested and engaged before.  This can be a surefire sign of marriage boredom, and if left to fester, can turn into strife later.  Marriage is supposed to build both people within the relationship and can offer ways for both people to grow and experience life in ways they couldn’t as individuals.  If your relationship isn’t accomplishing this, boredom can set in, and so can the wandering eye.

Does your spouse avoid you?  This might be, in fact, unthinkable for a couple.  However, when the glow of being newlyweds fades, have you fallen into the rut of monotony?  Do you feel that you do not need to do anything special for your mate now that you are married?  If you don’t show your partner that you value your relationship with them, they may feel slighted and distant.  They may find that staying at work extra hours or going out with their friends may be preferable to being home with you.

This might sound harsh, but relationships are ongoing and require a lot of work.  Your partner entered the marriage with you out of love, respect, passion, and because they though their life would be enhanced.  You most likely did for the same reasons, or more.  You cannot just rest on your laurels after you say “I do.”  It’s time to make the most of your relationship with your partner and to cherish them.

Do activities you know your partner loves, or talk about subjects they like to talk about.  Let them know you value your time together, and your marriage will take on a new character.  Change your home décor and buy a new car.  Go to a movie you would never otherwise go to or take up a new sport.  Take your spouse out to an art festival or to samba dancing.  There’s a world of new activities.

There are more signs of a strained marriage, but if you notice that your spouse is avoiding you, or you are having fewer and fewer chances to have intimate relations, or if you feel like your partner is just plain bored, there are ways to head off these problems so that you don’t find yourself in a psychologist’s office, wondering why you have to now have marriage counseling.

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When making up with an ex wife what is really important is how to clear the air between the two of you…

What you really need to do when making up with an ex wife is to develop the skill of how to give a heartfelt apology.  I know, it’s not the manliest thing in the world, but really, when you want to turn a new page and start a new relationship, then apologies are really the best way to go.  Let’s roll up our sleeves and talk about the art of apology.

So you can you give a very sincere, a very powerful apology that gets accepted and can build a bridge and really create a better connection between the two of you. This is really what making up with an ex wife is all about.

The first step to do is to take more responsibility for what you’ve done.

You really do have to I guess pay the price for whatever you’ve done to correct it, to deal with it, and to do give your best to make up for it. You know that making up with an ex wife is not just about talking. Often you need to have shown evidence that you mean it.

You can say you’re sorry but it’s really actions, it’s really what you to do that’s going to show whether you’re really sorry or not. Making up with an ex wife is about showing that you have changed.

It’s really important that you deal with the negatives and deal with the problems created and the issues and that you don’t deny them, you don’t argue about them, but you really do accept that you’ve caused a damage and be willing to accept some of the blame and to look at making a mess, that’s one thing of saying it but it certainly another thing to actually take action to correct.

Next is to ask for forgiveness.

Yes it’s really important that you take a very humble, take a very sincere, genuine approach to giving an apology and really ask for forgiveness, really make an effort to get the other person on your side, get them on your team. You ego is the barrier to making up with an ex wife. It’s what will stop you making up with an ex wife every time.

And the next thing is to move on.

If you keep bringing up old problems, if you keep causing then to be an issue, then it’ll keep being an issue. Start making up with an ex wife by moving on mentally from the past. Let go.

The good thing with an apology sometimes it allows you to lay the foundation for moving forward, from moving on. This is central to making up with an ex wife.  If you feel like you have to get the last word or you have to be right or you have to have all the power in your relationship, something like that, then your apology isn’t really going to work.

And it’s really important that you get into the habit of apologizing and accepting when you’re wrong.

And it’s really a powerful thing for you to get in the habit of doing this because it’s going to totally change how you’re ex wife sees you and how you’re able to deal with that.

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Find out how to win your wife back by focusing on what will help you the most.How To Win Your Wife Back

What I want to do right now is give you a bit of a heads up on process of getting your ex back.

I want to focus on stuff that’s really important at the beginning that gives you the best chance of getting her back and also making use of any information that gives you specifics on what to do. Establish how to win your wife back by identifying what will make you feel great.

Feeling great is the most important thing for you right now. Far more important than any desperate-types of action to fix your relationship.

One of the things that makes a difference between a guy who can very easily take action on getting her back and make it happen and have a good chance of success and a guy that can’t is something called emotional healing.

What emotional healing is talking about is how you can deal with emotional trauma. Dig out how to win your wife back by recovering from any pain you are currently suffering from.

A breakup is often much like a physical injury. If you want a clue how to win your wife back you’ve got to get on an emotional level with yourself.

The problem with having emotion issues is that you’ll carry them into your marriage and it’s like emotional baggage – it really doesn’t help at all. Learn how to win your wife back by moving on permanently from any pain you’ve experienced.

You’ve probably had a physical injury in your life, maybe a broken arm or some sort of wound.

When I was younger I had some pretty bad burns from boiling water and we are quite good at understanding what we need to do with these physical wounds.

We need to either go to the hospital, go to the emergency and do we need to treat them with a bandage, get them looked at. Obvious right. So is knowing how to win your wife back.

Then there is a period of recovery and if we break our ankle we understand that we can’t just go and play football the next day.

Sometimes with us guys we can be a little unaware of the actual true impact of emotional wounds and how we can deal with them. A breakup, divorce or marriage difficulties are going to scar you and mess up your mental focus.

So I want to give you three things you can do to speed up that emotional healing process from significant emotional wounds. That’s the shortcut to how to win your wife back.

The first thing you can do is you’ve got to talk about it to people.

The first step really in dealing with an emotional wound and healing and being able to talk about what happened. Determine how to win your wife back by not trying to go it alone.

Especially talk about it with people you can be absolutely honest with.

The next thing you can do is get more experience with healing wounds.

So look at any issues from your childhood or any other bad experiences you’ve had and get some practice in healing these wounds by fixing those things. Knowing how to win your wife back is not usually just about your marriage.

The better you are at that, the better you will be with dealing with this latest emotional wound.

They found that people who have suffered trauma in their childhoods are much more sensitive to trauma later on in their life. If they have to deal with haven’t dealt with these original injuries. Knowing how to win your wife back may require a larger approach than you think.

The third thing you can do is to get good at boosting up your life when you need it.

Sometimes when you do the difficult period you need to increase the amount of exercise you’re doing, the amount of socializing the amount of time you’re spending on your hobbies. Feeling great is the key to how to win your wife back.

Sometimes when we’re dealing with an emotional wound or injury it’s really important that we offset this by vamping up our activities in areas of our life.

When you get some specific information on how to get your ex back this is can be a hell of a lot more effective if you’ve recovered emotionally from this trauma. Master how to win your wife back by focusing on yourself first.

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I have done a lot of research and looked at a lot the studies on marriage breakdown and we can look at this from many ways.Marriage Breakdown?

We can examine it from the societal perspective, from a legal perspective, from a financial perspective but one thing is for certain divorce takes a major cause there on everything from the health care system to your own physical and mental health.

Research shows that marriage breakdown is taking a hold in many countries and the results are increased level of stress and a fundamental breakdown of structures of support.  If you are experiencing a marriage break down, then you need to know what it means and what you can do to pick up the pieces of your life.

A marriage breakdown can happen rapidly.  Maybe you feel like your marriage is slipping through your fingertips.  Maybe you are arguing with your spouse constantly and the stable domestic pattern you had established is now starting to unravel.  You find that you are not really looking forward to coming home to your spouse and find yourself working longer hours to stay away.

Marriage breakdown can happen slowly too.  Sometimes, neither partner feels brave enough to speak their feelings clearly to one another, and let things fester and rot before they get to the root of the problem.  This is actually worse, as one partner can really go along thinking everything is fine, and then one day, their spouse just explodes.

Marriage is an ongoing process, and to prevent marriage breakdown, you will have to take an active part in making sure your relationship is happy.  The magic of your honeymoon can make you feel that the good times will last forever, but a lot of it has to do with the effort YOU put into it.  This might seem like harsh advice, but it’s an opportunity.

The first thing to do is to remove the cause of the stress.  Do you ever take vacations with your spouse?  What about going out on a date?  It doesn’t have to be a big production where you dress up in suits and go out on the town.  A great date can be sitting at home and watching a movie with popcorn, it’s all about ambiance and atmosphere.

Are the pressures of child rearing too stressful?  Grab a babysitter and let the kids have some fun without you for an evening.  You cannot keep doing the same thing you’ve been doing and not breaking the pattern you’ve got yourself into.  Preventing a marriage breakdown is about creating a new paradigm.

Marriage affords all sorts of benefits to the couple and to society as a whole.   When you’re sick you have someone to depend on.  Marriage provides more income and family stability.  This is why we try to prevent marriage breakdown because all that we gain from happy marriages is worth the work to keep them going.

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If you want to know how to get your ex-wife back, you will have to realize that life is a journey filled with change…

For those of you looking for tips on how to get your ex-wife back, the only thing I can say is that the road is going to be difficult from here on out.  I don’t know the specifics of why your marriage ended, but divorce and separation are cataclysmic, life altering events.  It’s so hard to try and repair our relationship once so much damage has been done.  Here are some steps you can take if you are serious about getting your ex-wife back.

Heal first

You need some time to heal from the initial breakup.  The amount of time it will take to heal your emotional wounds depends on how long you and your partner have been separated and why you did.  Some marriages breakup because of the stress of everyday life where the family falls apart.  Sometimes married couples are too different to stay together.  Sometimes there’s infidelity.  The more negativity there was in your marriage in the way it used to be will tell you how much time you need to heal.

You cannot have a healthy relationship with your ex-wife if you haven’t healed from your past pain.  You need to focus on yourself for a while.  Forgive your ex-wife if there has been infidelity in the relationship.  Forgive yourself for the way you’ve acted and don’t dwell too much on the past.

Connect back with your ex-wife

You have to open up the bridge of communication between you and your ex-wife if you’re serious on figuring out how to get your ex-wife back.  It’d be best to really focus on just being friendly.  Do not rush into a new relationship because your ex-wife may not be interested on getting back together right away.  You have to rebuild the trust from your old relationship.

What does it mean to renew a relationship?  Well, it’s time for you two to heal as a couple.  Try to be friends again.  Don’t immediately go on a date, but try to rekindle the passion you had for each other.  Good marriages begin with both people as good friends.  You already know each other romantically, so it’s time to reintroduce yourselves to one another.

Reinvent yourself

You don’t want to be the same man she knew when you broke up.  You want to have moved on with your life so that she will not think the relationship will revert into the old pattern that led you two to breakup in the first place.  Have you spent some time working on your career?  What about a new look?  Do you have a new lease on life?

It’s time to realize that if you want your ex-wife back, life will have to change and you have to break out of the old paradigm of doing things.  It may mean getting in shape, eating healthier, taking time to develop your mind by reading new books, and a host of other things that grow and change a person.

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Sounds almost crazy doesn’t it?  So you may be thinking, “How to get my wife back?”  Well, here’s some advice…

How to Get My Wife Back

Separating or divorcing from your wife is a traumatic event, and it can leave an immeasurable rift between you and your ex-spouse.  However, maybe you’ve been having thoughts of getting back with your ex-wife, and you feel you can get past whatever hurt or pain separated you two in the first place?  This can be very tricky, and there are a few things you should think about before proceeding.

1. Why do you want to get back with her?

The answer to this question will decide everything.  Why exactly DO you want to get back with your ex-wife? You may have to do some soul searching to answer this question.  If she has moved on since the divorce, are you just trying to re-insert yourself into her life?  If so, she may not exactly want you back, especially if you divorced under especially bad terms.  Have you moved on since the divorce?  If you miss the old times, you may have to accept that they’re over with.

2. Why did you divorce in the first place?

Divorce is nasty and ugly.  There’s no two ways about it.  Rarely if ever do people fall back in love after the events that led up to divorce.  If you and your wife left on shaky terms, do you think that the situation has changed enough to re-open communication?  This is especially important if there has been infidelity.  Rebuilding trust from the ground up is a lengthy, protracted process with no guarantee of success.

3. How far are you willing to go?

It’s easy to think about the way things used to be when you were married.  Perhaps you want to reminisce on all of the romantic time you shared.  If you are serious about reconnecting with your wife and rebuilding your relationship, then it may be quite demanding on your part.  You may have to prove yourself again to her.  You may even have to fall in love one more time.  You have to determine that you are serious about seeing the process through to the end.  If you are just in a rut or lonely, then thinking about your wife may be comforting, but the reality of getting back with her not so sweet.

Answering these questions honestly will go a long way to getting your head clear on whether or not you want your wife back.  If you’re still asking yourself, “How to get my wife back,” then there are a few things you can do.

The first thing to do is try and reinsert yourself in her life, lightly at first.  She has probably since moved on since the divorce and started a new life.  This is a delicate process, as she may not initially want to see you.  You may have to do something bold to see her again, and rebuild a small modicum of trust.  If she trusts you enough and lets you back into her life, try to look at her and your relationship with fresh eyes.  You’re both changed people after the divorce, and maybe the problems that plagued you before are gone.  If that’s so, you can return to being romantic, and rekindling the passion that brought you together in the first place.

Don’t expect too much at first, but remain persistent.  Date her again, except this time, don’t be afraid to go over the top with new date ideas.  You want the old relationship to melt away, so try to be a new man and let her be a new woman.

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