How To Fix A Marriage

When searching online for relationship self help you will quickly find that one of the most important things to work on is recovering from mistakes. Every relationship has mistakes but not everyone responds to mistakes in the same way.Relationship Self Help...

I want to talk to you in this article about how you can recover from mistakes. Using relationship self help is about recovering from the mistakes that you and your partner make in your relationship.

One of the biggest problems with relationships is when mistakes happen but we don’t know how to fix them, deal with them or react to them. We make poor decisions about how to solve the problem and end up making it worse. Use relationship self help as a way of not letting the past limit the future.

So I want to give you three things that you can do to actively deal with mistakes in your relationship. First, take action. So many people wait around hoping for a miracle. Miracles happen when you work to create them. Any relationship self help advice will tell you this.

Act now. Take initiative.

If you had a broken vase in your home, you wouldn’t leave it out. You would clean it up. Your broken relationship needs to be cleaned up and you are the only people who can do it.

The second thing to remember is that it’s okay to make mistakes but what counts is the amount of effort you put into your relationship. When you watch a sport, often times someone who messes up spends the next ten minutes putting in twice as much effort. This should be the kind of approach you take with relationship self help.

It’s quite okay to make mistakes, so long as you’re willing to ramp up your effort if you do mistakes to push yourself much harder. Use relationship self help to make your relationship more of a priority.

So when you’re in a relationship, if you’d made a mistake it maybe time for you to put in a much bigger effort in investing and making sure your relationship is happy. Relationship self help can make you mroe knowledgeable and interested in relationships in general – which helps.

And the third thing is to practice forgiveness, sometimes forgiveness we need to practice is with our selves. Use relationship self help to move on and get closure.

Sometimes we need to forgive our self for making mistake or failing or doing something wrong and be able to move on. Using relationship self help is easy. Just start reading more about relationships.

If your partner is always stuck in the past, unable to move on then that isn’t such a healthy thing, so you want to set the example, sometimes you have to really forgive and forget. I like relationship self help because its proactive and focuses on the future.

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In order to save your marriage you need to start early.  Figure out what’s wrong.  It sounds simple, but it’s not.Save Your Marriage.

If you are wondering how to save your marriage, then you need to ask yourself one very simple question.

Why save my marriage?

Get your journal and a pen, or get your computer and start writing. Think of the reasons you want to save your  marriage.  This might sound like strange advice.  After all, who wouldn’t want to save their marriage?  Why ask such a silly question? Well, for right now, just get than pen moving!

It might be easier to list out the reasons.  It doesn’t have to be a great work of fiction, you can just list out sentences of why you want your marriage to stay together.

The point of this exercise is for you to think about the great parts of your marriage, and to help you understand that saving your marriage is a prize that’s worth working for.  It also helps you pinpoint all of the problem spots so you don’t waste your time with needless worry.

Think about exactly what it is you want, what’s going to make you happy, and how you can move forward in your relationship in the best possible way.

One thing that you will want to consider is couples therapy. A therapist can help you find the root causes of your problems and address them. They can help you devise a plan to save your marriage.

Don’t be afraid of going to therapy. After all, you will be going together. You want to face your demons, face what is difficult and find answers. Create solutions that work so you can save your marriage.

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If you want to save a marriage then you need to remember what life was like when you were first married.  It’s not as hard as you might think!

If you want to know how to save a marriage, then you probably know that there aren’t any easy answers and everyone’s situation is different.  If you feel like you are at divorce’s door, then you may feel desperate and uneasy about life and want things to return to the way they were before your life took a turn for the worse.  Maybe you’re facing divorce because of infidelity, or maybe finances and the stress of work have taken their toll.  There are some things you should think about.

Part of remembering what life was like when you were first married is to rekindle the very emotions that strengthened your marriage in the first place.  All too often I get emails from people who have forgotten the magic of getting married, and just needed to be reminded of what brought them together in the first place.  I might have some unique ideas to do this.

Go back to the place where you first met.  Was it a restaurant?  Was it in a special place?  it’d be great you could relive the story of how you and your significant other first fell in love.  This will invoke all of the emotions about your marriage that have been dormant for so long.  They will awaken, and you can start saving your marriage.  You see, if you are asking yourself how to save a marriage, it means that you’ve forgotten the bedrock of your marriage, and you need to revisit it: literally.

You see, marriage starts off with magic and then it wanes.  It happens to everyone. The magic doesn’t seem to last forever.  We get into a routine.  This is practically the death of marriage.  We wake up, we go to work, and then we spend the evening doing mundane things.  There’s no adventure in that kind of life.  This is why a marriage soon loses its flavor, and then we are feeling distant and as if life has taken a turn for the worse.

Identify where you and your spouse are feeling the most distant.  Do you not see each other enough?  It’s easy to let your career or life pull you apart when you should be relying on each other for strength.  It might be difficult to be more vulnerable to your spouse, but in many cases, you can save a marriage by renewing the feels that you had for each other when you were first married, and learn to rely on each other as you once did.

Talk to each other!  You’d be surprised how many marriages go to pot because one of the spouses doesn’t let out their feelings.  Your spouse cannot help you if you say nothing.  Problems fester, and what could have been is always hanging over your head.  If you’re really wondering about how to save a marriage, then you need to communicate.

One sure fire way to save a marriage is to go to a marriage retreat.  The best retreats are the intensive ones where you and your spouse sit down with a marriage specialist, a licensed therapist, who will look at your whole relationship and use their experience and wisdom to help you both select the best life path.   These retreats are intense.  Expect to really delve deep into your marriage problems and even into your past.  Be forewarned, though, marriage retreats are not necessarily always going to save your marriage.  Sometimes, if it’s best that you and your partner separate, then the specialist may recommend that.

The key to saving a marriage is to remember all the different things that brought you and your spouse together.  It’s easy to despair and say that everything is going to fall apart, but there was a bond between you and your spouse in the beginning, and more many people, it’s all about rekindling the passion and the connection that made your marriage work in the first place.

If the love you have is real, then it will last through any bad patch.

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To stop your divorce, you need to take stock of what’s really important in life and grab hold.

How bad do you want to stop your divorce?  Sounds like a silly question huh?  Well, it’s really important to focus on just how much you want to keep your marriage.  How important is it to you?  Are you a better person now that you are married?  To what lengths would you go to make sure your marriage is secure.  Answering these initial questions will help you figure out the next part of your journey.

If you feel that you need to stop your divorce at all costs, that if you were to be divorced, your life would be effectively crushed, then I’m glad you’ve figured it out.  See, I always ask people how much they want to stop their divorce, because it helps them think about why it is they value their relationship.  One problem in long term relationships is that you get so familiar with a single person that you start to forget the many reasons why it is you treasure them.

The best advice I can give you on how to stop a divorce is based on rediscovering what it is you find irresistible about your partner, and having them rediscover it with you.  One exercise I find that helps people a lot is for them to list the five most wonderful things about their partner that they can think of.  It sounds weird, I know. If you’re in the middle of a fight, how could you possibly be thinking good things about your partner?  This exercise takes the strife and anger out of the situation and instead focuses both members on the positive.

If you really feel that focusing on the positive is not going to cut it for stopping your divorce, then I highly recommend for you to see a marriage counselor immediately. They can delve into the complex psychological reasons you and your spouse are having problems.  You may need a professional to help you wade through any abuse or trauma you or your partner may have experienced from an earlier relationship.

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Here are three tips you can use to save a marriage.  They are tested and have been known to work.  Just do them!

The first tip is to do as many couples exercises as possible. Just tips to save a marriage won’t have as much impact as actual exercises.  You have to be proactive in saving your marriage.  You cannot sit back and wait for life to make decisions for you.

There’s a lot out there that can really help you for your relationship. These are better than tips to save a marriage because exercises are like fun little challenges you complete together.  My website is really a great start to get a new handle on your relationship and see all the possibilities for yourself.

With a couple’s exercise it is something you can together. It can be in the form of an assessment to more of a homework form, physical exercises and questions. You want something that you can actively do together. This is what causes growth in a relationship.

What do these exercises actually do?

These exercises function as a kind of communication tool and are a good way to add a bit of “fun” to this process. These exercises and tips to save a marriage could really push you outside your comfort zone – this is why they work.

Think of it as a board game. When I was younger, I loved playing Monopoly and Stratego. Consider these exercises as ways to create a fun game with your partner while working on your relationship. You’ll be amazed at your new growth.

Secondly, you want to have a really good strategy for dealing with conflict and stress because when you’ve got problems in your life, you need to have a system and strategy for dealing with them that is effective. You don’t want stress to ruin your relationship.

Use humor to try and combat negative emotions.  Laughter is the best cure for a negative mood and its useful to snap yourself out of an argumentative state. Perhaps you need to have a time out. Some couples have a word that they use when things are beginning to reach a nasty place. Then when the word is said, they leave and go into different rooms. Then later, after they have both calmed down, they come back together and talk things through rationally.

The third principle is to be extremely positive about your marriage. Any tips to save a marriage need to be based on the idea that you can have the best marriage imaginable.

You need to feel very optimistic about your relationship. Think of all of the wonderful things that you love about your partner.

For the time being, focus on your strengths. Look at the things both of you do well. Look at the really good parts of your marriage and look to increase the magnitude of this and to really strengthen your strengths.

From these, you’ll be able to get the energy and the resources to resolve and address the weaknesses as well.

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If you want to succeed in saving an estranged marriage, then you need to find the core of the problem.

An estranged marriage is usually because of special circumstances.  There are many reasons to be married, but to live completely apart from one another.  This is often due to one spouse having a mental illness or a terminal disease, or the relationship devolving to a point where neither partner really wants to take part in the other’s life, but they don’t feel like going through a divorce.  This is relationship limbo.

If your partner is sick or mentally ill, then life can be very difficult for you.  Watching your spouse in the hospital or mental illness ward is tough.  It is important you do not abandon them though.  We’ve all seen the tabloids with the husband who leaves his wife in a coma, or the man who drops his wife off at an asylum and is never seen again.  On the other hand though, if your wife is never going to get better or if you’re wife will never leave the asylum, what will you do with your future?

In some cases, it is alright to step away.  You can still maintain your legal rights regarding your spouse if they are terminally ill so you can make decisions about their medical care.  However, in some cases, you may not be legally able to divorce them, and might feel bad about seeking out new people.  You can be happy either way, just be sure you know what your’e doing.  There have been cases of people waking up from comas and their spouses having moved on.

If you are simply separated from your spouse, then you might need to read some of my articles on how to get your ex back.  That is, if you want to rekindle the old flame of your relationship.  If not, then you might want to simply break it off.  Leaving a relationship in limbo just heightens the emotional pain of any eventually break off.  Better to pull the band-aid off now.

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How can I save my marriage today?Save my marriage today!

If you find yourself asking this question then continue reading this article because I’m going to give you THREE principles that will help you to save your marriage today. Well, maybe not necessarily today.  It really depends on how troubled your marriage is, but these three principles will go a long way for you.

First, set some goals for your marriage. Think about the next week, three months, or twelve months. Start envisioning what your marriage will look like at those points in the future.  This will help you take the long view and develop a plan.

Will this really help me to save my marriage today? Yes.

Most people don’t set goals for themselves, even for important things like their own marriage!  Have you thought about where you want your marriage to be, even a week from now?

“So in order to save my marriage today, I need to have a plan?”

Absolutely.  Those that think ahead, win.

Next, I want to encourage you to keep an open mind when looking at your relationship problems. Marriage exists so that both people can grow from it.  Stop thinking just about yourself, and try to look at things from your partner’s perspective.  Are they enjoying the marriage?  Do they feel that they are moving ahead, trying out new things, and going out on all the adventures you two talked about in your most romantic of moments?  If not, start working on that!  Which leads me to my next principle…

Fix your communication skills. If your marriage is in need of saving, then chances are you suffer from having poor communication skills.  Don’t feel bad, a lot of people do. Open up the lines of communication by being honest with yourself and be sincere when you ask your partner questions. Really listen to what he or she says before responding.

Remember throughout this entire process to remember that there are no right answers but the ones that feel good.  Listen to  your heart.  Don’t ignore yourself. You need to become more confident, happier and improve your own quality of life. You directly influence your relationship and all of this “good” in your life will dramatically change your marriage. If you implement these changes, then you won’t need to ask “How do I save my marriage today?” because you’ll be saying “I’m so glad I was able to save my marriage today!”

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“How do I stop my divorce?” you ask.Stop my Divorce

The best advice in getting your partner back is more about what you don’t do than what you do. Being able to stop my divorce can usually come down to avoiding “relationship killers”. Unfortunately everyone is prone to relationship killing habits. Sometimes trying too hard is what kills your relationship.

I’m going to ask you to focus more on eliminating rather than doing.

First of all, don’t ask all of those questions about your partner, about the relationship, about what’s going to happen, and about how they’re feeling. You want to create as little pressure as possible. When I was finding ways to stop my divorce I found that I needed to focus on removing the pressure that my partner was feeling from my constant nagging.

The last thing you want to do is bombard your partner with questions. To stop my divorce, I worked hard to make sure that my partner felt good when she was around me.

You don’t want to overload them with all these questions about what she’s doing with her time and what she’s interested in and if she still loves you. This is just going to push her away and make you more unattractive.

The second thing you want to stop all forms of negativity. From criticizing to arguing and demanding things. Don’t do anything that causes conflicts, disagreements, problems, or tension. In order to stop my divorce, I had to let go of all of these things.

You need to instantly eliminate those nagging questions if you want to stop your divorce. I know it helped me to stop my divorce.

What you want is a complete atmosphere of peace between the two of you.

You want to avoid anything where you get defensive, emotional, reactive, or you feel any tendency to get into a fight. I did this and it tremendously helped save my marriage and stop my divorce.

And lastly, you want to stop complaining and whining. That’s the last thing that would keep your divorce from happening. Sulking and complaining to your friends or complaining to your partner is not going to help. You need to quit playing the victim if you are going to stop your divorce.

You have to take responsibility for where you are at. It’s one thing that I found difficult but that ultimately helped me stop my divorce.

You’ve got to get your peace back and your personal happiness back if you hope to share happiness with someone else.

There are three guiding principles that can help you stop divorce.

The first principle is: Stop what you’re doing.

Yes, I mean exactly that.  Stop whatever is going on in your life and focus on your marriage.  At this point, there is nothing more important, and you have to start acting like your marriage is worth more than the whole world.  It’s worth more than your job, It’s everything at this point.

It sounds drastic, but divorce is even more drastic.  From a recent survey of recently divorced adults, 56% of them responded that they had regretted getting a divorce.  Most divorces happen in the heat of the moment, when negative emotions start flying high and both partners lose themselves in whatever problems drove them to start arguing.  This is why you have to drop everything.  It allows you to focus on the real problems, not the minutia.

Second Principle: Stop Talking and Listen

This is not just good advice for stopping a divorce, it’s just a generally good idea.  Part of the reason marriages break down is because of poor communication.  If something is the matter, you have to say why. You cannot just sit there and think that your spouse is going to figure everything out for you.

One of the big reasons divorces happen is because people say  things they don’t mean or get into arguments about minutia, but are really angry about something else.  Humans are illogical, emotional creatures.  It’s hard to be reasonable when emotions are running high.

Third Principle: Remember Yourself

I say this a lot, and many of my readers don’t like hearing this, but sometimes a marriage is over with and it’s better if both people exit gracefully.  Remember, the purpose of your relationships is to be happy, and to expand your own happiness.  Your spouse is thinking the same way.  If the relationship is just breaking you down emotionally, or if there’s been infidelity, it may be time to pack up shop.

Apply these three principles and you are already on the way to stopping divorce!

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If you want to stop divorce now then time is of the essence.  You need a game changer, and you need it NOW.

The way you’ve been thinking about marriage, isn’t working.

Maybe you’re stuck in a rut or maybe you’ve let problems in your marriage reach a boiling point, and now you have absolutely no idea what to do next.  This happens to a lot of couples, and you do not need to let this crisis consume you.  You can empower yourself.  You can stop your divorce now, as of right this second, if you follow some of these tested ideas.

1. Halt any stressful activities and slow down

Stress makes everything worse.  It can make arguments fiercer and it can make hurt feelings unbearable.  If you are leading a stress filled life, you will need to take a few days off to get your head together.  If work is unbearable, take a week off.  If your kids are too much, send them to their aunt’s.  You and your spouse have to be laser focused on each other during this time, or it falls apart.

2. Stop the blame game

One of the biggest reasons couples reach the boiling point of divorce is because they are stuck in a pattern of blaming each other without thinking about what they’re saying.  Yes, this is a harsh indictment of what goes on in a lot of relationships, but I’ve seen it wreck people’s lives.  If you want to stop your divorce now, you cannot sit there and blame your spouse for everything.

Remember, a lot of what strains a relationship is how we choose to react to things.  It’s really about the inner game, what goes on in the mind.  Think about it this way.  If your spouse is angry all the time, do you add to the anger by reacting in a hurt manner?  Do you try to shout them down? Does that strategy ever work?  It couldn’t  possibly work!

3. Work on being a world class communicator

Get a book or take a class if need be.  Dale Carnegie has written several books on the subject and there are of course the world famous Dale Carnegie courses you can take.  You cannot have a communication breakdown now.  This would tear apart the fabric of your marriage.  You must know exactly how to not only say what you want to say, but learn to get into the head of your listener and be sure they understand you the way you want.

Misunderstandings kill relationships.  We end up saying things to satisfy our own ego without really understanding where the other person is coming from.  This is marriage poison, and if you want to stop your divorce now, you need to get on this problem pronto!

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