How To Fix A Relationship

When searching online for relationship self help you will quickly find that one of the most important things to work on is recovering from mistakes. Every relationship has mistakes but not everyone responds to mistakes in the same way.Relationship Self Help...

I want to talk to you in this article about how you can recover from mistakes. Using relationship self help is about recovering from the mistakes that you and your partner make in your relationship.

One of the biggest problems with relationships is when mistakes happen but we don’t know how to fix them, deal with them or react to them. We make poor decisions about how to solve the problem and end up making it worse. Use relationship self help as a way of not letting the past limit the future.

So I want to give you three things that you can do to actively deal with mistakes in your relationship. First, take action. So many people wait around hoping for a miracle. Miracles happen when you work to create them. Any relationship self help advice will tell you this.

Act now. Take initiative.

If you had a broken vase in your home, you wouldn’t leave it out. You would clean it up. Your broken relationship needs to be cleaned up and you are the only people who can do it.

The second thing to remember is that it’s okay to make mistakes but what counts is the amount of effort you put into your relationship. When you watch a sport, often times someone who messes up spends the next ten minutes putting in twice as much effort. This should be the kind of approach you take with relationship self help.

It’s quite okay to make mistakes, so long as you’re willing to ramp up your effort if you do mistakes to push yourself much harder. Use relationship self help to make your relationship more of a priority.

So when you’re in a relationship, if you’d made a mistake it maybe time for you to put in a much bigger effort in investing and making sure your relationship is happy. Relationship self help can make you mroe knowledgeable and interested in relationships in general – which helps.

And the third thing is to practice forgiveness, sometimes forgiveness we need to practice is with our selves. Use relationship self help to move on and get closure.

Sometimes we need to forgive our self for making mistake or failing or doing something wrong and be able to move on. Using relationship self help is easy. Just start reading more about relationships.

If your partner is always stuck in the past, unable to move on then that isn’t such a healthy thing, so you want to set the example, sometimes you have to really forgive and forget. I like relationship self help because its proactive and focuses on the future.

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Do you need a relationship rescue? If you’ve found this article, then I’m guessing you do.

I hope you’re prepared to roll up your sleeves, because if you are in need of relationship rescue, then things have gotten pretty bad.  First thing’s first, we need to identify the problem as specifically as we can and singlemindedly work towards a solution.  My advice is succinct and to the point, so it may not be what you want to hear, but it’s what you need to take to heart.

Are you in a rut?  A passionless relationship needs a major rescue plan if you want any hope of salvaging it.  This is especially true if you’ve let things stagnate past the point of no return.  If you find yourself coming home, exhausted, with no interest in having any romance or making love with your partner, you need a relationship defibrillator.

Romance cannot die in relationships.  I don’t care how monotonous your relationship has gotten.  I know sometimes routine can feel mechanical, and in a way, it makes us feel safe, but romance is not about feeling safe.  It’s about challenging yourself to grow in your relationship.  If you’re not doing new things, if you’re not having fantastic romantic weekend getaways, then you’re not living up to your potential.

The first thing to do is sit down with your significant other and start a Dream Journal.   A dream journal is something I started with my wife when we were first together and wanted to write out what we were looking forward to doing together in the future.  You see, you work harder as a couple when you have goals.  One of the things my wife and I put in your dream journal was an Alaskan cruise.  My wife wanted to see the glittering glaciers of the north up close and personal.

I wanted to do something wild and exotic.  I wanted to go skinnydipping near a waterfall.  My wife and I had a good laugh when I first proposed that, but that’s the fun of a dream journal: it’s there for you to figure out what you want out of life and how your partner can help you get there.  This is the basis of relationship rescue.

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If you are looking for a relationship repair starter-kit then look no further. This article will identify the best initial steps for you to facilitate relationship repair.How to Repair a Relationship

If you need a relationship repair then you are probably feeling stressed and burned out.

Don’t worry if you are looking for relationship repair. It doesn’t mean that you cannot repair your relationship and it doesn’t meant that you are alone. Millions of people have suffered through damaged relationships and found ways to save their relationship. We sometimes lose our spark, our energy and our goals as we trudge through life.

Now is the time to rekindle those sparks. Find the excitement in life.

The first thing you can do to add more magic in your life is to quit worrying and start problem solving.

Worrying ruins your energy. It also helps you attract negative things. You spend all of your time worrying instead of creating change.

The first step to relationship repair is to stop worrying. It’s not healthy.

The second thing is to start having more fun each day. Ask yourself this: when was the last time you really had fun? When was the last time that you enjoyed yourself?

Just because your relationship isn’t going well doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your life. Find it within yourself to pursue your passions. When you find yourself needing relationship repair, it’s usually because you need to focus on yourself. You lose sight of what makes you happy and you become unhappy. An unhappy person in a relationship doesn’t offer anything. Bringing yourself to your relationship as a happy and excited person is the best thing for your relationship.

If you want to give your relationship a spark you need to give yourself a spark.

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This may shock you, coming from a heterosexual, middle aged American man… but… I believe Oprah’s O Magazine featured one of the most interesting articles I’ve ever read.

And within it, I found one of the BEST Happiness Tools I’ve ever discovered.happiness

Here’s exactly what I mean:

(If you’re a proud, masculine, American man like me, you’ll have to suspend your macho-man instincts for a minute. Just trust me: There’s good stuff in this post. Happiness awaits.)

In the last issue of O Magazine (and on her website, if you follow this link.) Oprah encouraged her readers to summarize their life stories in only 6 words.

Then, she featured the results.

Neat idea, right? Well, the editors of SMITH magazine thought so, too. Actually, they thought so, first. They’ve been running the six word life story contest for years.

Inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s answer to the question, “What’s the shortest complete story?”…

… His answer: “For Sale. Baby Shoes. Never Worn.”…

Some of my favorites: “Old too soon. Smart too late.” “Survived the divorce. Learned to live.” “Sorry I’m not married yet, MOM.”

(You can check out 38 more, here.)

happinessThing is, SMITH magazine hasn’t just used this six word story technique for your life. They give other topics and other contests, around the year.

Whether it’s six words about a Halloween memory, a six word POEM instead of a story… or six words you wish you said to a bully from long ago… they’ve had tons and tons of different topics for writers.

This got me thinking:

This six word story technique could be a great HAPPINESS TOOL, too.

happinessHow, you ask?

For me, life gets complicated when I have too much stuff going on upstairs, in my head.

When I’m faced with complicated problems or issues, I get overwhelmed. Sometimes even so paralyzed, I can’t breathe or move.

When I was going through my relationship struggles, I felt this “unclear”, “murky”, and “over-thinking” feeling ALL THE TIME!

And it wasn’t until I got clarity… goals… and a step by step ACTION process, that I was able to find my way out.

How? I boiled down my situation and found the absolute bare minimums of each situation.

The simplest pieces it could possibly be made of.

This six word story idea can help you do that for yourself. It can help you find the happiness that you desire and that has always been so elusive.

For example:

Tired of fighting with your girlfriend? Give me six words about your relationship fights.

(Mine: Mad at night. Sorry in the morning.)

Worried about your children, if you’re going through divorce? Try planning a strategy for keeping them safe – but do it in just six words.

(An example: Little ears remember way too much. That’s my clunky way of saying, “Don’t fight in front of the kids.”)

Even: Are you ready to start a new life in a brand new relationship? Pep yourself up in six words.

(Think: Fresh, Free, On Top Of World!)

happinessTry one of these six word stories for yourself.

In fact, share your six word stories with me, in the comments below.

I can’t wait to hear what you come up with 🙂

Find Happiness in your Relationship,

– Ryan Rivers

If you find yourself in a sexless relationship, don’t panic. You are not alone.

A sexless relationship is really stressful and I have seen it ruin lives and leave people feeling empty inside.  Sex is such a vital part of a healthy relationship and building intimacy with your partner is so important that when your relationship becomes sexless, it feels as if your partner has betrayed an unspoken trust between the two of you.  If you find yourself in the midst of a sexless relationship, here is how you can survive it.

You are not going to last long without sex.  Some people have relationships with people who are really asexual, and they love their partner, but end up having to find sex elsewhere.  I have never liked these relationships.  I understand they feel a bond with their partner, but the fact they go elsewhere for sex is what makes it seem as if the relationship is more of a friendship than anything else.  You might think it’s okay to go looking for sex with someone to take care of your needs, but this is a mistake.

Do not commit adultery or cheat.  This is the worst mistake you can make.  Think about it: how can you rebuild your old relationship if you are cheating and your partner finds out?  If you really want to start a new relationship, why not cleanly cut off the old one before moving forward?  You must always be fair to yourself and fair to your partner.  If they find out about your cheating, then your relationship is over.

You’ll have to deal with the relationship problems head on if you are not already planning to separate.  You’ll have to rebuild intimacy, and you’ll have to figure out how you can reconnect with your partner.  If you are dedicated to the idea of rehabilitating your relationship, then you’ll do whatever it takes.  You’ll take time off work, you’ll set aside time during the week, and you might even invest in a clinical psychologist to look into your relationship problems.

No one can really go on with life surviving a sexless relationship.  Sex is a cornerstone of a relationship; without it, the boat sinks.  You cannot just ignore the problem either.  You’re only human, and you need intimacy and the comfort of your partner’s body.  You’ll be depressed and angry without it.  Don’t fight it.  Come up with a plan!  Read through this website to try and develop one, and you’ll come out alright.

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What I recommend if you want to get your ex-girlfriend back is very different advice from the norm.Win my ex-girlfriend back

It’s a little bit more holistic.

It’s a little bit more powerful and it centers on the ideas of being a warrior and developing killer instinct. Wanting my ex girlfriend back could be a sign that you need to be better at getting results. Why is it hard for you to get my ex girlfriend back?

You see there’s something about warriors in the Eastern culture, where they have a certain type of killer instinct developed in them.

This is where they get a results and where they would close the deal. Perhaps you are lacking some of this when you have an honest analysis of the situation.

You see the same killer instinct in Wall Street types that want to make money.

They know how to be aggressive when they need to be.

They know how to negotiate. Getting my ex girlfriend back may involve some serious hustle.

They know the odds of the deal and they rhyme with the sense what the other person wants and give it to them while also having a win on their side.

What a lot of guys who struggle to get my ex girlfriend back lack is that hard edge of the warrior. It could be time to move away from being Mr Nice Guy.

Being too nice doesn’t help at all. In fact it’s the worst thing for you. Wanting my ex girlfriend back usually involves you to get your hands dirty and to get a result.

They often lack that ability to assess the situation, see the path that can deliver them more results and they also struggle with the element of killer instinct.

Maybe they feel bad about doing that extra ten percent or about using certain techniques to get a result but I love the book The Art of War which talks about how sometimes in war you have to use strategies, you have to use techniques and all about that book is thousand years of years old. It’s a bit of a war this situation with you wanting my ex girlfriend back.

It’s lessons are very true today and I’m going to say if you’re dealing with a difficulty, want to get your ex back, you’re not sure what to do.

This is a problematic situation you are in, and it isn’t that far for being over and you need to have some very powerful, some very clear and some very effective techniques and strategies that you can use right now.

I’d recommend not being afraid to use some seemingly borderline unethical concepts to get my ex girlfriend back. Playing the rules isn’t always going to work. Certainly don’t do anything illegal or immoral but consider really motivating her to come back.

Wanting my ex girlfriend back and getting her back is usually about you figuring out what excites her most and giving her what she really wants.

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How to make girlfriend happy is the critical question.  It’s so much easier than many dating gurus make it out to be.

One thing that really helped me understand women was the first time I got a cat.  Seriously, the two are really not so different.

You see I’ve owned both dogs and cats when they were young as puppies and kittens and I’ve realized that puppies and kittens have very different personalities.

They respond to humans in very different ways, for example a dog is always happy to see you, it always wants to play, it loves attention, it never generally going to reject you, it’s always up for any type of activity that you’d want to do, and it loves you unconditionally.  Dogs are really social animals.

Cats are almost the opposite.  You see a cat will come for a little bit of affection and then leave, if you try too hard to pick it up, it will run away, it will generally make you work for it. However, when a cat does want to show you affection it will rub up against you and never want to leave.  Understanding this is how you’ll know make girlfriend happy.

For example, I dole out small bits of affection to my cat now.  I pet it a little bit, and then leave it to its own devices.  Then, after awhile, I’ll softly pet it again.  The cat will eventually come to me of its own accord when it wants affection.

The kitten can’t resist wanting to be picked up, wanting to be patted, because what I’ve done is I’ve generated the desire with push-pull.  What this technique means is that by giving a taste of affection, by playing a little bit of hard to get, you get the cat on your side,  That sort of thing doesn’t work for dog, it doesn’t get it.

Women are the same. You come on too strong and they run away. And if you don’t give them enough attention they lose interest.  This is why it’s so maddening at first until you strike the right balance.  This is how you can learn to make girlfriend happy.

In my experience of coaching, I found that generally for men, their personalities are a bit more like puppies and women are a bit more like kittens.  One of the big mistakes guys make when they want to make their girlfriend happy is they are direct like a puppy.

They’re too much, they’re too keen, and they end up not being exciting enough for their girlfriend.

The guy ends up being boring, predictable and they don’t know how to create the attraction and the pull needed to make a girl want to pounce all over you. That’s how not to make girlfriend happy.

Women love attention, even when in a relationship, they like to be challenged.  They don’t want it to be predictable, they want to have to put in every effort for your attention. Understanding that is the key to make your girlfriend happy.

They want to feel as though there’s a constant struggle, there’s a bit of a power dynamic going on and you’re not just really easy.  A lot of boyfriends forget this.  They get a girlfriend and at the start the guy was a challenge and he was difficult to attain.  He made the girl put an effort and work for it.

But after a while he gets boring and he stops being as interesting for the girl. That’s the opposite of how to make your girlfriend happy. You make your girlfriend happy by being exciting for her. She has to want to put forth the effort in attaining you.

So don’t stop that seductive stuff when you get a girlfriend, don’t stop that effort in creating attention, creating chemistry and putting a spark back into your relationship. To make girlfriend happy is to make her filled with desire.

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There are three things you can do that will really help to make your boyfriend happy.

The first one is to understand the male ego.

See the male ego is probably the most mysterious thing to a girlfriend.  Most women just don’t understand the male ego.

A man’s ego determines his behavior, it influences what he does and what’s important to him.  If you can nurse his ego in the right way, he will pretty much do anything for you, will be addicted to you, and will be hopelessly attracted to you.

See what the male ego is all about is feeling like he is in control of his life.

See every man has a need to feel significant, important.  It’s not just the normal need for people to feel important.

He wants to be a hero in his own eyes.  He wants to feel like the future is in his own two hands.

You can imagine in the old days, the men of the front would go out and kill an animal and bring it back.  He’d be the hero and everyone would celebrate, and cheer.  Every man wants to be lauded and praised.

But in modern day life, we don’t get a chance to generally kill the wild beast and bring it back, so we have to do this in our life somehow.  The opportunities are rare though to reenact this feeling.

What you want to do is notice his achievements and celebrate it with him, make him feel like he’s important and that he’s a a hero.  Ponder that for a moment and you’ll discover that the male ego is about giving him validation. That will certainly make boyfriend happy.

The second thing you can do is understand that lot of men don’t think with their head, they think with what’s in their pants.

So become an expert at turning him on and driving him crazy and ramping up his desire and getting him to really want you. Nothing will make your boyfriend happier more than a woman who knows his buttons.

Generally women that are spectacular at getting their men in the mood, are the ones that make their boyfriends happy.

So what I encourage you to do is become a master at getting him turned on and making him want you.  Learn to be seductive!

The third thing we can do to make your boyfriend happy is to understand what happiness and self-esteem is all about.  Encourage your boyfriend to do things that boost his self-esteem and his levels of happiness.

You see your ability to make boyfriend happy is actually limited.

A lot of his happiness comes from himself.

It’s up to him to do it.

You can only be so effective in making him happy, truth be told.

A lot of him being happy is really up to him and what he does.

So it’s not entirely your responsibility, and there’s only so much you can do. To make your boyfriend happy is to create an environment that helps him help himself.

But what you can do is help guide him in many ways, to doing things that make him happy and that’s the smartest thing you can do in the long run.

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It takes time to heal from the pain of an affair.  If you are in need of affair healing, then let me help you through this difficult time.  

If your partner has cheated on you, then life can feel almost hopeless.  It’s the ultimate form of rejection and a sign that your partner has little to know respect for you and that they simply do not value your relationship.  You are probably over the initial shock of learning that your partner has done this to you, but now it’s time to pick up the pieces to your life.

First off, spend some time away.  A lot of times, someone who cheats will try to put things back to normal and act like nothing has happened.  This is another way of minimalizing the hurt you feel.  Do not fall for it.  It’s alright to be mad and it’s perfectly alright to simply acknowledge that your relationship has changed and will not be the way it used to be.  After an affair, there’s no going back.

The first thing you should do is try and go back to your daily routine.  Don’t talk to the person that cheated on you.  Let them know that you are hurt and that you will not be easily manipulated into being their main relationship while they have something on the sign.  This is just basic human respect and you have to demand it.

But it hurts so bad….

Affair healing takes time, but it also takes a lot of courage to deal with all of the bad feelings and to remain adamant that you maintain your self respect.  You need to be prepared to break off the relationship.  Of course, after your period away from the cheater, you do need to listen to why they cheated on you.  Maybe you were distant and away too often, and they couldn’t go to you for physical comfort.  This happens a lot.  If that’s the case, you can try and work on your relationship.

If they are feeding you lies, however, do not hesitate to just move on . You are not a side thing, you are not a fling, and you are not just someone they can use for sex when they want.  If you continue in a relationship like that, your self worth will plummet, and it’ll be even harder to deal with your partner the next time they have an affair.

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Are you trying to get your ex back, but you need something unconventional to do it?  Here are some weird tricks to bring your ex back!

I have written many articles about what you can do to get your ex back, but sometimes, the conventional stuff just doesn’t cut it.  Every relationship is different. Sometimes you can get your ex back by concentrating on becoming a new person, while other times, you can get your ex back by trying to rekindle the spark between the two of you.  However, in some situations, you can’t just do the same old thing. Your ex will have to be really excited to be back with you, in which case, you’ll need some weird tricks up your sleeve.

One of the quirkiest things you can do is try to flirt with your ex incognito.  You need to get some sunglasses, a costume, and to take on a brand new identity.  Have fun with this idea!  If you want to be a Parisian fashion designer on assignment from France or if you want to be a body builder visiting for a competition, then do that.  You see, your ex will never expect you to take on a brand new guise, a new persona, and you can really romance them by pulling them into your fantasy world.

There is one thing about getting your ex back that really makes a difference, and that is the element of surprise.  That’s why it is so important for you to try something fresh and new that will truly surprise your ex and get things started again.

Another weird idea that you can try is for you to try and stage a meeting with your ex.  For instance, if you know that  your ex likes to hang out at a certain mall or they love a certain store, then try to frequent that store yourself and run into them.  Don’t be bland about it though!  For instance, I know one woman who knew that her boyfriend was working at a hospital, so she decided to dress in a ridiculously sexy outfit and go rollerskating.  When she saw him, she literally fell in his arms.

You see, weird tricks are not really going to magically get your ex back . What does it is breaking the old mold, smashing it to pieces, and starting over anew.  You have to convince your ex that life will be different if you two get back together, so if you can do that, things will be alright.

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