How To Make Up With Your Boyfriend

Think about making up with your ex and what that would really mean for you…

It seems almost impossible to get an ex back . After all, you broke up for a reason and it’s hard to forget all of the negative feelings and hurt that led to the break up.  Never fear though, if you really want your ex back, then there are plenty of things you can do to get back on track.

The better the quality of your life, the less a break up is going to affect you.  In turn, that means the less what your ex does or doesn’t do is going to bother you. Being obsessed about making up with your ex is usually a sign that your life isn’t going so well right now.  You might need to think about something else.

But on the same token if your life isn’t going somewhere right now, if you’re financially stressed, if you’re overweight, if things aren’t falling into place for you, you going to care a hell lot more about your exes, break ups are going to affect you hell lot more.

So in my experience, caring a lot about, or trying to get an ex back has more to do with getting your life back on track than anything else. You might be only focused on making up with your ex but perhaps your life needs some serious attention as well.

It’s probably expected that you’re falling off the wagon a little bit with taking action on your dreams and your goals.

So how can you get your life back on track?  How do you turn a new page?

You must be focused, start to get more results, and start taking more actions because if you want to make up with your ex, what you’re going to do is become more attractive, you got to be sexier, and you’ve got to be a lot more desirable, you’ve got to be through the roof attractive.

Making up with your ex often has to do with you and your life, not just what you do with her. Part of making up with your ex is demonstrating that you are really going somewhere and things are good. You won’t stand much of a chance of making up with your ex if your life totally sucks let’s be honest.

And generally it’s the people who have that life totally on track have a clear direction are ambitious, are heading towards that are making things happen that are going to be more attractive.

So the number one thing you can do is focus on a 30-day goal.  Set up a plan for yourself!

Think about an area of your life you want to improve and think about a 30-day goal that would make a huge difference to your goals, so a 30-day goal that could change things completely for you.

They might give you a bit of a breakthrough, maybe it’s exercising, the next 30-days you decide to exercise once a day or perhaps it’s just social confidence and you decide talk to two new people a day for 30 days but I want to encourage you to have a 30-day focus, something you can focus on, push yourself, and offers you a whole range of benefits in growing yourself in becoming more attractive.

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There are three things you can do that will really help to make your boyfriend happy.

The first one is to understand the male ego.

See the male ego is probably the most mysterious thing to a girlfriend.  Most women just don’t understand the male ego.

A man’s ego determines his behavior, it influences what he does and what’s important to him.  If you can nurse his ego in the right way, he will pretty much do anything for you, will be addicted to you, and will be hopelessly attracted to you.

See what the male ego is all about is feeling like he is in control of his life.

See every man has a need to feel significant, important.  It’s not just the normal need for people to feel important.

He wants to be a hero in his own eyes.  He wants to feel like the future is in his own two hands.

You can imagine in the old days, the men of the front would go out and kill an animal and bring it back.  He’d be the hero and everyone would celebrate, and cheer.  Every man wants to be lauded and praised.

But in modern day life, we don’t get a chance to generally kill the wild beast and bring it back, so we have to do this in our life somehow.  The opportunities are rare though to reenact this feeling.

What you want to do is notice his achievements and celebrate it with him, make him feel like he’s important and that he’s a a hero.  Ponder that for a moment and you’ll discover that the male ego is about giving him validation. That will certainly make boyfriend happy.

The second thing you can do is understand that lot of men don’t think with their head, they think with what’s in their pants.

So become an expert at turning him on and driving him crazy and ramping up his desire and getting him to really want you. Nothing will make your boyfriend happier more than a woman who knows his buttons.

Generally women that are spectacular at getting their men in the mood, are the ones that make their boyfriends happy.

So what I encourage you to do is become a master at getting him turned on and making him want you.  Learn to be seductive!

The third thing we can do to make your boyfriend happy is to understand what happiness and self-esteem is all about.  Encourage your boyfriend to do things that boost his self-esteem and his levels of happiness.

You see your ability to make boyfriend happy is actually limited.

A lot of his happiness comes from himself.

It’s up to him to do it.

You can only be so effective in making him happy, truth be told.

A lot of him being happy is really up to him and what he does.

So it’s not entirely your responsibility, and there’s only so much you can do. To make your boyfriend happy is to create an environment that helps him help himself.

But what you can do is help guide him in many ways, to doing things that make him happy and that’s the smartest thing you can do in the long run.

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Knowing how to win him back will totally boost your happiness and energy.How To Win Him Back

I want to focus in this article on how you can energize yourself. It’s central to how to win him back.

What I like to do in these articles is give you the first step to getting the result you want.

If you can imagine there’s a path in front of you and where you are right now is your current position and at the end of that path, the end of that road is you getting back your ex.

Usually the first step is the most important. So I’ll teach you the first step in how to win him back.

I want to help you identify the first and second steps. Then you have momentum.

Usually momentum is everything, the most energy is expended in just getting you moving so my thinking is about what is the most important first step you can take.

The first step in how to win him back is really boosting your energy levels.

That would give you the most benefit and would help you the most.

I’ve got to tell you my opinion that first step to getting your ex back is to increase your energy.

I’ve got to say that this is definitely worth being your number one priority this is more important that anything because even if you get some information to help you get your ex back and it’s the best information in the world on specifically what to do.

If you’ve got no energy then you’re going to have trouble using it. Knowing how to win him back is useless you don’t have the energy to action that information. Relationship problems and breakups can seriously suck your energy.

You’re going not to be able to implement and you’re not going to have the chance to make the most of that energy.

What I recommend is to focus on lifting your energy.

You want to see if you can get 10%, 50%, 100%, 200% more energy in the next day or two and use that as a foundation to move forward with.

I want to give you three things you can do that’s going to instantly increase your levels of energy. You’ll discover how to win him back faster when you are bursting at the seams with energy.

Without a doubt the number one tip for increasing your energy is your nutrition.

Our body is like an engine, like a machine and it relies on fuel. That’s the best first imaginable on how to win him back – eat healthier. What a great foundation for everything else you will do/.

If you’re going to make one change, one simple thing you can do to improve your nutrition, get more energy from your diet in my opinion is to get fresh juice.

My favorite is a combination of apple, carrot, beetroot and celery. If you want him back you’ve got to be radiant, healthy and in better physical shape. Fit is sexy. Sexy is how to win him back.

Get one of those fresh juices in the biggest size and I find it has a very powerful detoxifying and energizing effect on me. I try not to go a single day without having one of these juices. Boost your energy and find out how to win him back. Lose weight and get sexier and know how to win him back for certain.

Generally when you’re a bit depressed , you’re a bit down, your diet can fall and you can eat a little unhealthy so what I recommend is to focus if just one thing juicing daily.

If you want to go crazy then check out a nutritional plan call ‘paleo’ that’s definitely my favorite.

Second thing is to improve your quality of sleep.

Your energy levels are closely related to the quality of your sleep. You might wonder what how to win him back has to do with sleep – well your sleep determines how you feel. And a bad stressful period can really mess up your sleep. Knowing how to win him back is about being in the best shape possible.

If you sleep badly which can happen sometimes through a breakup then your energy is going to seriously suffer.

You’re going to just struggle to have focus and to feel good. I want to focus mostly on your health how to win him back.

Whereas if you’re getting good quality sleep then your energy is going to fall into place.

The third thing I highly recommend is to seriously get out of the house.

Nothing is going to have a worse effect on your energy than being isolated and being trapped indoors all the time. Knowing how to win him back really does depend on your health and how you feel.

I watched a documentary recently of what happens to human being when their put in a room and they stay there for an extended period without a lot of stimulation and I’ve got to tell you it’s a very poisonous toxic thing.

So I highly recommend going to your local bookstore, going to the self-help section and reading books that make you feel good, sitting there for as long as you can just to get out of the house, just to fill you with some positive information.

Spend as little time as home as possible, go to the gym after work, maybe start socializing a little bit more. Knowing how to win him back usually involves a lifestyle change.

The more time you spend out of home the more energy you’re going to have.

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Winning your ex-boyfriend back is no easy task, but with the right moves, you can get your relationship back on track.

Winning your ex-boyfriend back is possible.  I’ve helped so many people repair their relationships that I’ve noticed there is a pattern, a simple formula every woman can use to get her ex back.  You see, men want stable relations too, but you have to remember, men have a lot of pride and don’t easily give it up.  If you understand a man’s psychology, then you can get back with him in no time!

First, do not beg and be sure you really want him back.  A lot of relationships end for good reason, and you need to figure out whether or not you just want him back because he left you and it hurt your ego, or if you really feel there was some positive spark to your relationship then by all means, try to repair your relationship. But if your relationship has left you in a negative cycle that you cannot seem to escape from, considering simply ending it.

First thing you must do is start teasing him.  You see, men love the hunt.  Even though your relationship may have ended, you are going to have to appeal to his instinctual masculinity.  It’s there, no matter how you ended your relationship.  You need to be subtle but let him know the door is still open.  You see, men like to hunt, and are natural hunters.  You need to be the prey, so to speak.

Next, disappear fora bit.  You really need to tease him, then go away for awhile.  Work on yourself.  Worship the wonder that is you and what makes you a great and wonderful person.  The next time he sees you, there will be this glow about you that will remind him of everything he loved about you in the first place.  This will rekindle the fire of romance and you’ll find yourself back together in no time.

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If you want to know how to make up with your boyfriend, you’ve really got to get better at taking action in general…How to Make Up With Your Boyfriend

I just want to lay it out there that making up with your boyfriend is an active process – you’re going to have to take action.

This may seem an obvious part to knowing how to make up with your boyfriend however in my experience people can underestimate how much effort you need to put into make peace.

People can tend to underestimate the amount of things they need to do and the reality of the current situation.

It might be harder to figure out how to make up with your boyfriend than you might think.

So be prepared to have to really push yourself to do a lot more than maybe you expect and to stretch your action a little bit further than you may have expected.

This is the 1 thing you can take action on that will give you the best chance of making up with your boyfriend imaginable. These will show you how to make up with your boyfriend.

This single most powerful piece of information to learning how to make up with your boyfriend is to get over your self.

What do I mean?

The concept to get over yourself often means that perhaps you are holding too high an opinion of yourself or you’re behaving in a bit of a conceited pompous manner. Being humble is the way to know how to make up with your boyfriend.

Maybe you can’t chill out; maybe you’re just taking yourself far too seriously or even maybe taking your life far too seriously. Relax a bit. It’s the key to learning how to make up with your boyfriend.

So the process of getting over your self is just being a little bit more humble, it’s being a little bit more down to earth, it’s just being a little bit easier going, a little bit more approachable.

Sometimes, the process of making up is all about reconnecting, it’s all about just coming at a situation with a slightly different angle and in this case I find that sometimes it’s good to be low maintenance.

It’s good to be just really, really relaxed and light and just have that energy where it’s kind of ‘let’s see what happens’. Do that and you’ll know how to make up with your boyfriend.

Sometimes a lot of these problems are caused by just thinking too far ahead, taking yourself too seriously and getting far too pumped up.

So learn how to make up with your boyfriend by really turning it down a notch and taking all the pressure off yourself.

So if you want to know my tip to make up with your boyfriend, it’s to relax, it’s to not take yourself too seriously, not take the relationship too seriously and stop over-analyzing, stop thinking about it too much, stop playing around scenarios in your mind too much and learn to live in the moment just a little bit more.

So decide to take action and get back to that blissful state of mind when you’re in the honeymoon phase of your relationship. It’s certainly possible to do this and make up with your boyfriend. Watch my FREE video presentation to see how…CLICK HERE to check out the video while you still can…

Perhaps if you are wondering how to have sex with your boyfriend you are lacking in sexual confidence…

What I encourage you to do if you want to boost your sex life with your boyfriend is to focus on massively ramping up your sexual desire and your sexual energy. That really does hold the keys to how to have sex with your boyfriend.

For women this happens in a different way to men. How to Make Love With Your Boyfriend

Men are very visual creatures so they may get pumped up with their sexual energy by looking at a Penthouse magazine but for women it happens a lot more with words and experiences.

Increasing desire will automatically allow you the space to learn how to have sex with your boyfriend.

So I highly recommend first of all that you read some erotic fiction. Discover how to have sex with your boyfriend through feeling far more sexual.

These are stories about having sex because there are words that really spur the female imagination on. Knowing how to have sex with your boyfriend is not all about him – it’s mostly about how you feel and the state that you personally are in.

I highly recommend reading this erotic fiction as much as you can.

You want to increase your sexual energy by 10 or 20 times. That will help you know how to have sex with your boyfriend permanently.

Your boyfriend will be blown away when you’re aggressively holding him down and have sex with him.

When your sexual desire is high you’d be willing to do almost everything and anything to have sex and have the wildest sex in your life. You’ll discover how to have sex with your boyfriend just through having his energy in yourself.

The second thing is to look on a sex toy or vibrator to help you to explore your sexuality on your own and to increase your levels of awareness and also to get your sexual energy fly normal.

The good thing with a vibrator is it’s very discreet, it’s very easy, and it’s very powerful at giving you orgasms and giving you sexual pleasure. Learn how to have sex with your boyfriend by mastering pleasure in your own body.

It may not be as good as having sex with your boyfriend but what it will do is charge up your sexual energy. Most of knowing how to have sex with your boyfriend is about “you” – not him.

I highly recommend you do this as often as possible to get yourself as charged up as you can.

And the third thing I encourage you to do is add just a little bit more sensuality to the way you express yourself, to the way you talk, to the way you dress, to the way you walk and interact with people.

Look to add just a bit more sexuality to your energy and to your vibe and this will fire into how your boyfriend sees you, connects with you and feels about you. Learning how to have sex with your boyfriend is primarily about developing your own sexuality. The stuff with your boyfriend will happen automatically.

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In getting your man back there are some powerful first steps you can take. It’s time to learn a new principle of dating.

Are you worried about just HOW you are going to get your man back?  Don’t worry, it’s a lot easier than you might think.  They principle I want you to learn and master is the “Wow Factor” of dating.  It’s a simple principle that any woman could learn and it will go a long way in getting your man back.

So, what is the “Wow Factor” exactly, and how is it going to help you in your quest to see your boyfriend back at your side?  The “Wow Factor” is the technique where you drop off the radar completely.  You completely disappear from the scene where your ex-boyfriend doesn’t see you for maybe weeks at a time.  You stop talking to any friends who know both you and your ex, and you otherwise drop off the map.

Why go through all of this trouble?

Well, it’s all about wowing your ex-boyfriend the next time he sees you.  You see, getting your man back is about hitting the reset button on your relationship.  If you try to set things back up the way they were, then you’re just setting yourself up for another bad breakup.  So, you have to start off fresh and new, and you can’t do that if he sees you constantly, which is why we go off the radar.

What do you do while you are enjoying your life away from him?  You are planning to come back, better than ever.  You are going to have a new, hot wardrobe, and a body that will make the entire neighborhood’s heads turn.  You are going to walk different, talk different, and above all, BE a different person, a better woman than the one he broke up with.

When you complete this transformation, you’ll arrive back on the scene like a runway model bursting from the backstage from behind the curtains.  Who knows, you may not even be concerned about getting your man back, because you have so many new ones knocking down your door.

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To get your boyfriend in the mood you will have to learn how to take control of his physiology.

If you really want to get your boyfriend in the mood, one of the best things you can do is to do things to boost his testosterone.

The more testosterone men have, the hornier they’re going to be, the healthier their sperm and the healthier his reproduction system is going to be. If you can boost his testosterone levels then it will be easier to get your boyfriend in the mood.

Testosterone is the hormone that is linked to higher muscle mass and aggression, as well as sexual appetite.  Men’s testosterone levels go up under a variety of different conditions, so knowing how to boost your man’s testosterone levels means that you’ll be able to hit the sheets when you want.

Here are five tips to boost his libido:


Exercise is associated with elevated testosterone levels because testosterone is used for muscle rebuilding.  Get your boyfriend to lift weights or do a lot of heavy lifting to boost his testosterone levels.

So, it might be time for him to get his ass in the gym and do some solid training. You may you think that you have to do all this stuff to get your boyfriend in the mood, when in fact most of the work to get your boyfriend in the mood is done by him.

That’s a pretty major shift.

Next is food.  A good, nutritious diet is key to healthy testosterone levels.  There’s a lot of food that is very positive for testosterone production, such as eggs, nuts, healthy fats, seeds, cabbage and avocado.

Do a little bit of extra research you’ll find that by putting a little bit of these foods into his diet, his testosterone production will greatly increase. Get your boyfriend in the mood by improving his nutrition.

The third thing is make sure he’s doing some “boy activities”. What do we mean by that?  Sports or any sort of physical activity that he can do with other men.  Boxing or martial arts are good examples of guy activities that would be healthy for your boyfriend.  If he’s not incredibly masculine, you can slowly ease him into it.

The third thing is to consider encouraging him to get a health check. The goal to get your boyfriend in the mood might be impossible if he has a hormone imbalance.

Doctors can do test to see if your boyfriend’s testosterone levels are where they should be.  Low levels of testosterone may account for his lack of libido.  

Hormonal problems happen more often than you might think.  A lot of my other tips won’t work if he has a natural imbalance.  Medication can take care of this problem.

And the fifth and last thing I highly recommend you do, is to consider taking supplements.

I’m a really big fan of taking a supplement called Tribulus, I find this really boosts your testosterone levels, but Zinc, Vitamin E, Vitamin A have been proven to increase testosterone levels. These vitamins will work wonders if you’re wondering about how to get your boyfriend in the mood.

So don’t be afraid to get your man to take some supplements, maybe a multi-vitamin.  You know you’re doing it in his best interest because the higher his testosterone, the hornier he’s going to be.

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Having a nasty fight with boyfriend could be a sign of deeper issues that need to be addressed.Fight With Boyfriend

Having a fight is a normal part of being in a relationship.  You can’t possibly agree on everything and there will be times when you or your boyfriend’s behavior will step on the other person’s toes.  The worst thing you can do is to make the situation more than it is.  Making mountains out of mole hills never helps.  If you find yourself screaming at your boyfriend a lot though, it could mean that there is something deeper to the problem.

A perfect relationship where you never fight with your boyfriend is probably not a realistic expectation.  Part of the reason you are attracted to your boyfriend is that he is confident and his own person.  He knows where he wants to go, how he wants to get there, and for the moment he wants you to make that journey with him.  If you have your own plans for your life and are your own person, then conflict is inevitable.

In those cases, you must always remember to be assertive.  Remember, being assertive does not mean being mean or a jerk.  It means valuing yourself and knowing your boundaries.  There are things you like and things you don’t, things you stand for and things you don’t.  You can always make your point and stand your ground in a non-combative way, and you’ll find it’s healthy for your relationship.

If you find that you and your boyfriend are having fights frequently, then it might be a bigger problem.  You don’t always have to think that you must do everything your boyfriend wants you to, especially if you don’t want to.  If he’s domineering or controlling in the relationship, it might indicate that he is insecure and afraid of losing you.  Some men don’t believe on some level that they deserve to have a girlfriend, and their insecurities manifest themselves as arguments.

In such cases, you must decide whether or not you want to stay in such a relationship.  You cannot repair his self-esteem nor can you make him confident.  You can be nurturing and try to make it very clear that you want to stay in the relationship.  This might assuage his nervousness.  If not, well, the sea is full of fish!

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Looking for quotes about fighting with your boyfriend might be a sign that it’s time to figure out what the real problems in your relationship are – and then fixing them.

If you find you’re fighting with your boyfriend all the time, what I recommend is to see if you can get to the source of the problem. You might be in need of some sage advice, which is probably why you are looking for quotes and advice on fighting with your boyfriend.  Perhaps some wise man on a mountain said something that can magically fix the un-fixable situation you now find yourself in.

Well, let’s begin with the first quote that I think everyone knows:

It is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.

A relationship and the fleeting moments of happiness it affords us are really the heart of life.  You may have horrible fights with your boyfriend, but you are looking at inspirational quotes so that you can repair you relationship and get things back to the way they were.

It’s sometimes like digging for gold when you have these conversations. You’ve got to find common ground and the solutions for your fighting. Searching for fight with boyfriend quotes won’t do that – you’ve got to have the courage to have those difficult conversations.

You have to dig and dig and dig until you find the source of the gold and then you become wealthy. Finding fight with boyfriend quotes is not really worth the effort. Instead be more assertive and stand up for yourself more. Quit taking the avoidance route.

It’s the same if you’re fighting with your partner, you want to spend time meditating and thinking about the cause of this fighting is. Talk to them in unemotional language.

What is causing these problems, what’s causing these difficulties and what can you do to fix it?

When I was younger I avoided these sorts of conversations. I might have looked for fight with boyfriend quotes because I was afraid to hurt the other person’s feelings or cause them to break-up with me.  Remember a quote from the Buddha:

Anger is like holding a burning coal to throw at someone.  All it results in is burning your hand.

So the tension simmered away inside until it finally exploded. It was a horrible explosion and now you have no idea how to deal with aftermath.This had a very negative impact on my health. I might have looked for fight with boyfriend quotes simply because I was too weak to hit problems head-on and have difficult conversations.

I avoided confrontation and this caused me major relationship pain. I took the easy way out and this caused all those bad relationship issues. Don’t look for fight with boyfriend quotes find ways to have very honest and real relationships where you are not afraid to say whatever it is you want to say.

Your boyfriend might have issues, you might have issues – whatever is causing the fights isn’t going to fix itself. One thing is for sure – fight with boyfriend quotes won’t fix it.

What I recommend at this point is increasing your relationship consciousness. Being very proactive and not tolerating any crap in your relationships. This may cause short-term pain but it will provide long-term gain.

Lift your standards and quit putting up with anything that drains you. Get what you deserve.

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