How To Make Up With Your Girlfriend

Follow these tips when you’re confused about how to fix things with your girl…

There will be times in your life when you’ll have people who are upset with you. Sometimes that person will be your girlfriend. What do you do if she’s upset with you and you don’t know why? How do you fix things with your girl?

Relationships have ups and downs.  That’s one thing every guy needs to understand.  If you didn’t fight with your girlfriend or have disagreements, then you two would just be friends and that’s it.  There wouldn’t be any passion or flame in your relationship, and there’s no point  to that at all.  So instead, learn to understand it’s all one big, fun process, and keep yourself on the winning team.

The best way to fix things with your girl is to find out what’s troubling her, acknowledge her feelings, share your feelings, and work towards a healthy compromise.

To find out what’s troubling her…ASK. It isn’t rocket science, but many men just wait for their girl to tell them. If you wait for her to come to you, she’ll feel like you don’t care enough to figure it out on your own. You aren’t asking her what’s wrong. Instead you’re just hiding out. Show her that you care and ask.

Don’t be a wimp about it though.  There are a lot of ways women try to subtly communicate their feelings that a man would never think about.  Remember, she wants you to take the initiative.  After all, you’re the man in the relationship!  She just wants you to constantly SHOW it by acting like a man would in various situations.

Next acknowledge her feelings. She’s allowed to feel the way that she does and you need to accept that. You don’t have to agree with her, but you need to accept that she is having these feelings.

Then share your feelings. Tell her how you feel about what’s troubling her and your reaction to what she’s just shared. Be honest. Don’t hold back, but don’t be mean or spiteful either.

Lastly, work together to find a healthy compromise. Apologize if necessary. Together you can work towards your future. This experience will end up being positive if you remember these steps. It will then ultimately better your communication skills and enable your relationship to – stand the test of time!

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This happens in EVERY relationship, but it’s important to know how to work through hurt feelings…

We’ve all made mistakes in our personal lives and that includes our romantic relationships. Sometimes we may take things too far and cause our partners considerable stress. What do you do when you’ve hurt your woman’s feelings? Is there a way that you can return things to the way they were before?

First off you have to respect your feelings and you have to understand the fact that there is a process.  Emotions are like a rail car.  They get started and its hard to stop them suddenly.  However the process itself is valuable and it’s well worth going through.  This, however, depends on your willingness to let yourself feel the full range of emotions.  Do not suppress how you feel!  Do not think that just pretending everything is all right is going to help you!

It all depends on your relationship and connection together. If you have a strong relationship then it will be much easier for you to talk through things and trust one another in the future. It also depends on what you’ve done. For those of you who have cheated, that’s a much bigger issue than simply saying something hurtful.

Sometimes men say things that are hurtful for a variety of reasons. If you’ve been verbally abusive at all, then you must apologize. These are usually the things that hurt women the most. If you’ve said something that has hurt her deeply then you need to apologize.  It’s not un-manly to admit you’re wrong.  If you care about your relationship, then you’ll do it.

After you apologize, you need to talk things through with her. Communication is of the utmost importance here in terms of restoring your relationship. Don’t let her feel alone and don’t let her feel as though you don’t care about her feelings. Show her that you care by being there for her and listening. Understand what you said that hurt her and why it hurt her.

Once you know what you’ve said and why it hurt her, you can explain to her why you said it. Maybe you were taking out your anger on her because of something that happened at work. Perhaps you over-reacted in a heated argument the two of you were having. Maybe you didn’t even mean to say what you said and you don’t actually agree with what you said. It doesn’t matter what it is. Apologize for having said it and let her know why.

Talking through the hurt, though you may need to give her a bit of space first, is the best way to restore your relationship.

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So, how do you handle a fight when you’re at school?  How do you keep your relationship from exploding out into other parts of your life?

What happens when you and your girlfriend have a fight during school hours? For those of you who have ever found yourself in this situation, you already know how embarrassing this can be. It’s difficult to resolve as well. So what should you do?  What should you look out for.

First, try to explain gently to your date that you’d rather talk about this later in private. Don’t be alarmed if this only outrages the other person and they begin screaming or insulting you. They may think that this means you want to keep things quiet because you want to break up with them or because you want to save face. Try to let them know that it’s only because this is a personal matter and should be discussed in private.

This is actually rather optimistic.  As you most likely already know, when an argument starts, it’s hard to keep our cool.  We do not usually tell the other person in a calm and soothing manner that the high school hallway is not the best venue for an argument.  You must take care to be the person that is more in control.  This might take some practice, but it would also behoove you to keep an eye on your own “emotional meter.”

Next, let them know how you feel in a few words to help tide them over until you can talk and perhaps calm them down. If you still love her, tell her. Saying, “I still love you, I’m just a little upset about some things” can help reassure her that everything will be okay and you can talk about it later. If you’re late for class saying something like, “I can’t talk now because I’m late for class, but I want to talk after school and understand how you’re feeling” lets her know that you do want to understand. Show that you’re willing to listen, but that it can’t be now in the schoolyard.

Then walk away. She won’t continue to scream at you if you aren’t around to listen. She either wants you to hear what she’s saying, embarrass you, or fix the situation immediately. Regardless of her plans, if you aren’t there, she can’t do anything about it.

This is actually quite hard.  You see, we have the need to act out in front of others to get their validation.  Some people take their arguments in public because they are not confident enough in their own position and they feel they need outside validation to win.  This is passive aggressive and you do not need it.

After school, make sure that you follow through. Send her a text or give her a call and ask to meet her somewhere. Then talk about your problems together and reach a conclusion. As long as you listen to what she’s saying, she will listen to you and you’ll both be able to reach a decision about the future of your relationship and resolve the argument at hand.

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You’ve made a mistake and tried to make up for it.  But what do you do when it isn’t working and she’s mad?

We’ve all had those days where we’ve said something or done something that has upset our girlfriend. The difference is that some of us have been able to resolve the fight and some of us have ended up – dumped.

I know it feels bad, but one thing you have to remember is the principle of assertiveness.  The principle is based on valuing yourself first before you deal with others.  You have to base your reality on what is best for you, and to honor yourself first, then you can honor another.  Yes, your girlfriend is angry with you, but what about you?

This is not a call to selfishness.  You’ll find that wantonly trying to calm down her anger will make her lose respect for you and actually make things worse.  You see, your response to her anger is just as important as trying to calm her down.  It’s how you’ll be judged as a man.

So then, what do I do?  How should I handle this?

When your girlfriend gets upset with you – trust me, it’s a “when” and not an “if” – then you need to be prepared and knowledgeable about what to do.

First, you need to read her. Does she want you to go away and give her some space or is she looking for you to reach out and try to fix the situation? Always first try to fix things. If you don’t know what you did wrong, then ask her. Explain that you don’t know what happened, but you’d be willing to talk about it and you’d like to understand. Women want to feel understood, just like men, and if you convey that you care enough to try to understand how she is feeling…you’ll be in a much better position to resolve the situation.

That’s all well and good, but what if she gets too emotional?

Next address the problem. If you said something that hurt her feelings, then apologize. You shouldn’t have said it. Perhaps she’s over-reacting and you don’t want to withdraw what you said, but if it isn’t important then you should really withdraw it. You may find it difficult to apologize, but if you do you’ll be able to stop things from getting worse.

The most important thing is to remember that this will happen again if you don’t learn from the experience. If she told you that it upsets her when you are going to be late and you don’t text or call, then call or text next time you’re going to be late! Listen to her and she’ll listen to you. This is the best way to resolve arguments and make up with your girlfriend. It’s also the best way to develop a deep and meaningful relationship.

Top 10 Things to Do to Make Up With Your Ex-Girlfriend

1.     Remind her of the good times

Instead of bringing back bad memories try to remind her of all the good times you’ve shared together. Laugh about a funny event that happened or a trip you went on. Hopefully she will remember how much fun she had when she was with you.

2. Stay Confident

Do not break down. Keep the confidence you had when you first begin dating her. Confidence is a big attractor to women.

3. Cut the communication off

Yes, this is a hard step because it’s tough not to talk to the one you love, but chances are it will be even harder for her. By cutting off all communication she will realize how much she misses you and needs you in her life.

4. Emotionally Recover

Women are not interested in men that are desperate, clingy and emotion, they need a steady emotionally-stable man. So, before you go trying to get her back make sure you get your act together.

5.     Persistence

When it comes to dating persistence can be a very successful method. You want to make sure she knows that you still want her. However, with that said make sure that you don’t try to hard and create an imbalance in the relationship, showing her that you are the only one making all the effort.

6.     Keep it cool and relax

Keep yourself busy and don’t act desperate. Don’t sit around all day just waiting for her to call you, and if she does call wait a little while before answering it. Make her a little anxious. If you are on the phone with her don’t talk forever, cut it a little shorter leaving her wanting more.

7.     Do NOT get Jealous

Women want to be the only one in your life, so making her jealous by flirting with a lot of girls or dating a lot of women in front of her is only going to make her jealous and turn her away.

8.     Give her some time and space

Allow her to have some time to think and reflect on your relationship. If you shared a great loving relationship it may only be a short amount of time before she realizes that she misses you and wants to get back together.

9.     Take it Slow

If or when your ex-girlfriend want to make up take it slow. Don’t start taking right away about your relationship. A better solution is to pretend that you have never dated before and act like she is an old friend. You can slowly turn this friendship into a new relationship whenever you both are ready.

10.  Remember Problems and Fix them

When trying to make up with your ex-girlfriend remember what caused the break up the first time and try to learn from your mistakes. No one is perfect but this is the perfect time to work on your flaws and become a better man.

Here’s a question I received from a reader just last week:

My girlfriend and I got into a big fight a few days ago and I’m writing to you to ask, how do I make up with my girlfriend? She’s really special to me and I can’t even remember what we were fighting about. I really just want to make up with my girlfriend as soon as possible.

How Do I Make Up With My Girlfriend?
How Do I Make Up With My Girlfriend?

Answer: If you cannot even remember what you were fighting about, then chances are it was pretty petty. Don’t worry about the fight, but do worry about your level of communication. It’s pretty bad if you haven’t talked about this fight over the past few days. Get together with your girlfriend and start up a conversation. Let her say whatever she wants to without interrupting. Really listen.

Don’t worry about apologizing or feeling bad about yourself.  Remember, relationships are built on the fact that there are going to be disputes.  It’s not realistic for two people to get along 100% of the time.  Fights are natural, so there’s no need to prophesize doom and gloom before it’s too late.

The way to any girl’s heart is to listen to what she is saying. It may be difficult for her to communicate with you and share her feelings, but if she does, then be a good listener.

Next, focus on resolving the issues. You don’t have to beg for forgiveness.  Remember, be assertive.  Assertiveness is being firm and defending yourself.  It’s about self respect.  Focus on compromising and finding a solution. This is important because if you both skate around the issue, you won’t be able to move forward.

It can be helpful to give her flowers or create a homemade gift that shows how much you care. Whatever you do, make sure that it is infused with meaning. Women want to know that you truly care and they want you to prove it. Show her that you remember her favorite artist with a new mix CD or remind her of the time you first met by getting her something from that location. Don’t be cheesy with your gift.  Put some thought into it and I’m sure you can come up with something meaningful.

If you follow this advice, you’ll be back in a happy relationship in no time.  You won’t be asking yourself, “How do I make up with my girlfriend?” again.

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If winning your ex-girlfriend back is really important to you then you need to focus on changing your life.winning your ex-girlfriend back

First, find a way to add an X factor to your life. You need to find a way to increase your sexiness by trying something new. Look for something adventurous. Take additional visits to the gym. Find something about you that is amazing and that will make your girl excited.

Winning your ex girlfriend back can often come down to having a new story to tell. Being more exciting than you were before can do the trick.



A big part of winning your ex girlfriend back has to do with shifting her mindset of who you are. She needs to feel like she doesn’t really know you. You’ve got to surprise her.

Don’t be desperate. Don’t be clingy. You need to be independent in addition to having you “Wow” factor. She needs to see that you are surviving without her. It’ll only make her want you more. She’ll want what she can’t have. She’ll also have an opportunity to get jealous.

Winning your ex-girlfriend back can seem daunting but it is possible. You just have to be willing to work at it and put in the proper amount of effort. If you are not ready for that, then you probably need to find someone else to be with and forget about winning your ex-girlfriend back.

It’s up to you. What will you choose to do? Leave me some comments about your decision.

Do you wish things could return to the way they were?  Are you thinking about getting your ex back, but just don’t know what to do?  Here’s some food for thought.  

The first thing you need to think about when deciding on getting your ex back is to really think about if that is what you really want.  Seriously, I know it can feel like you desperately want life to return to the way things were.  Everyone feels like that after a breakup or during a massive life change, but there’s no reason for you to make hasty decisions.  You have to take some time to explore your feelings.

Are you just lonely?  Have you not found someone else?  A lot of times we want to get our ex back because our life never moved on from when we broke up.  We never sought new experiences or tried to reinvent ourselves.  Because, if you think about, trying to get back with your ex is saying that you currently don’t have any prospects on the horizon.

Am I a loser for wanting to get back with your ex?

Not necessarily, but if you are trying to get with your ex just because you haven’t moved on with your life, you may want to rethink the entire enterprise.  You see, if you try to get your ex back with a mindset of desperation, then you’re going to have a difficult time.  What’s worse, even if you get back with your ex they may try to manipulate you.  I wouldn’t want your ex to play with your emotions for their own personal gain.

So, if you want your ex back, and you’re only doing it because you’re desperately trying to live in the past, my advice is to forget about the whole thing.  It will not end well.  You cannot go back into the past you have to look forward towards the future.  There’s no other choice.  If you are actually regretful about how you broke up and think that you could have an honestly healthy relationship with your ex, then we have something to discuss.

How do I restart our relationship?

Good question.  First, you have to hit the reset button.  You two have a history together that cannot be erased, but it cannot play a huge factor in how you attract your ex back to you.  You do not want all of the old problems to resurface.  You really want to start off as if you are two brand new people.  This is why you need to take some time to get to know yourself and reinvent yourself.  Start wearing new clothes, going to new spots, and trying new things.  Expand yourself.  Do things that would otherwise embarrass you.

After you start working on the new you, approach your ex in a way where there are no expectations . Do not lay it on too think that you want them to get back with you. In fact, act totally ambivalent and make it look like you would be completely happy whether or not you ever got back together again.  You’ll see their behavior change instantly.

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Learning how to get an ex girlfriend back is usually a period of serious self-discovery.How to get an Ex Girlfriend Back

What I recommend if you’re going to focus on one single thing to get your ex back is to turn your life around. This is the central theme to knowing how to get an ex girlfriend back.

I want to explain what I mean by that and I want to explain to you exactly how you can do that.

Turning your life around while it may feel like a big deal or something that’s hard it isn’t.

It all begins with a single step and with starting the process immediately. Think about the first steps to really being certain about how to get an ex girlfriend back.

This has to be your number one focus because if you really want to get her back, if you really want to give yourself the best possible chance at reinventing that relationship then it’s time to leave no stone unturned in turning your life around completely.

You can dip your toe into the pool of improvement or you can decide to dive in. Begin to get clear on how to get an ex girlfriend back by increasing your level of commitment.

I highly recommend at this point diving in and getting the most benefit and change that is possible.

So these are three steps to turning your life around, implement them instantly. The starting path to how to get an ex girlfriend back.

These three things are:

Number one – thinking about a life changing decision for you.

It might be losing forty pounds or getting a better job or moving cities. It’s easier to know how to get an ex girlfriend back if you are willing to make big decisions and changes.

I want you to consider what a life changing decision is for you and make it right now and start taking action on it instantly. Don’t just think about how to get an ex girlfriend back be willing to make MASSIVE changes.

Don’t make decisions such as quitting smoking or starting to go to university again and put it off tomorrow. Make the decision and take a step to achieve it instantly.

The second thing is to invest in something that’s going to give you more emotional recovery and freedom. You’ll figure out how to get an ex girlfriend back by healing from any previous trauma you have experienced.

I highly recommend a technique called EFT which is the ‘emotional freedom technique’.

What this helps you to do is deal with difficult emotions and to free energy blockages in your body. Knowing how to get an ex girlfriend back is usually about getting yourself feeling good first.

It’s going to make you feel good, it’s going to give you more energy to take action and it’s going to help you deal with some of those negative emotions that you’re probably experiencing after your breakup.

So I high recommend EFT for you to start to get just a little bit more control over your emotions so your ruling and they’re not ruling you. Knowing how to get an ex girlfriend back is only part of it – you’ve got to be able to action advice.

The third thing I highly recommend is to start to take some action on living the life of your dreams.

If you want to get your ex back and you want to be incredibly sexy to them then what you need to do is be a guy that is chasing his dreams.

Sometimes when you’re dealing with a bad breakup it can kill your energy, kill your drive, kill your motivation and you can lose touch of going after what you really want in life. That’s not how to get an ex girlfriend back.

This ironically is what’s going to make you unattractive.

I highly recommend starting to take action and really having the life you want.

Taking action on living your dreams, maybe it’s a dream job or maybe it’s a dream lifestyle, but it’s time for you to start moving towards your ideal. Know how to get an ex girlfriend back by starting to really lift your game dramatically.



To win an ex-girlfriend back, you need to re-think your approach.  You might have to totally reinvent yourself, but that could be a good thing.  

One of the challenges that men face when it comes to getting their ex-girlfriend back usually lie in the way that they view their ex-girlfriend. Guys have a tendency to put their ex-girlfriends on pedestals and this makes it very difficult to move on from a relationship or to actually win an ex-girlfriend back.  You cannot approach her the way you did before.

It’s all about the inner game.  You need your mind in the right place.

It’s okay when they are dating but the moment they break up, the guy has a tendency to view her as “miss perfect” and she isn’t. No one is perfect. The most important thing to realize when trying to win an ex-girlfriend back is that you are not trying to win a goddess back. It is possible but make sure that you actually want to win her back.

Be realistic. Right now, sit down and create a list of all of the things that you didn’t like about her. Get out a pad, a piece of paper, anything.  Don’t miss anything!  Write down all the big things that annoy you AND the small things you just cannot stand.  You need to remember this when looking to win an ex-girlfriend back.

Think of all of the things that were unattractive about her. i want to help you find a much more realistic perspective of what she was actually like and what the relationship was actually like. you need a balanced view if you are going to win an ex-girlfriend back.  See, you broke up for a reason.  Maybe you were incompatible. Maybe there was infidelity, but there is a big reason why your relationship is over.  Think about that.

So start writing. I want you to write for at least a half-hour. Write everything, even the tiniest things, that you didn’t like about her or about the relationship that you were both in. The way that you felt, her personality, her appearance, something annoying that she did all of the time, etc. There are so many possibilities. You can start to win an ex-girlfriend back by taking her off of the dream-girl pedestal that you’ve placed her on. Seriously.

Start preparing  yourself to be a better version of yourself.  

The next thing I want you to do is look at your list. Select the five things that are the most important to you and write those on an index card or the back of a business card. Put this in your wallet and read it often. If you don’t know who you are, how are you going to attract her?

I want you to keep reminding yourself of these things because this is going to help you get a lot more balanced perspective and to think about her and the relationship in a lot more realistic terms because let’s face it, it definitely wasn’t perfect right?

When you find yourself at the supermarket, reminiscing about your life together then pull out this card. Remember the uglies as well as the pretty parts of your relationship. It’s important to see her as a fellow human being. This is the perspective that you need to approach her from. Remember that and you’ll be on your way to winning your ex-girlfriend back.

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