Lasting Relationships

When we think of strong relationships, we often think of older couples. Those couples that have made it through life together and reached their old age side by side. However, it isn’t necessary to have been together for 20+ years to have a strong relationship. To keep your relationship strong, it’s important to address the most basic issues that jeopardize that very strength.

Building trust in a relationship is one of the best ways to keep your relationship strong.

One of the most fundamental issues facing couples is trust. We all know the importance trust plays in our relationships with our family members, our friends, and our mentors. Yet sometimes we ignore trust within our romantic relationships, especially once we have already cultivated trust. We assume that it will stay there, but often as relationships progress both partners do things that undermine that very trust. So what can we do to make sure that our relationships last and are kept strong?

The first step to maintaing trust in a relationship is honesty. If you haven’t been honest in the past with your partner, explain yourself and apologize. Then, begin again. Pledge to be honest and then follow-through with your promise. Ask your partner to be honest as well. Honesty in all relationships creates trust automatically. If you can believe that your partner is being honest, then you can feel comfortable trusting them. If you worry that your partner is lying to you or being manipulative, then it will be difficult to trust them. You will automatically find yourself worried, nervous, anxious, or uncomfortable. Knowing your partner is honest, allows you to trust them when they say that they care about you or share their thoughts with you.

Once you have established honesty in your relationship, you must work on your communication skills within the relationship. Relationships that are lacking in communication cause trust issues naturally because both partners become confused or unsure of the other’s intentions, feelings, and thoughts. Be open to discussing with one another what is working and what isn’t. Stay honest and stay open. When you feel that your partner is truly communicating with you, there is no need to worry about anything. If something is wrong, you know that your partner will talk with you about it. This security is the foundation for creating trust and maintaing it.

While it may be difficult to rebuild trust that was previously broken, it can be done. If you are looking to keep a healthy relationship strong, then you will want to use trust, honesty, and good communication skills. These skills are what lead to lasting, successful, happy relationships. If you haven’t been practicing these skills in your relationship, don’t despair. It’s never too late to try something new. Talk with your partner about changing the nature of your relationship to a more honest, open, trusting format. Share with them the changes that you are looking to make and explain how it will enhance the quality of your relationship. Remember, trust is not built overnight, but it can be shattered in minutes. Be patient if you are rebuilding trust that was previously lost. If you already have a trusting relationship, be patient as that trust grows and strengthens.

New couples, whether of the recently married or recently “official boyfriend/girlfriend” status, often struggle with trust issues in their relationship. Being able to trust your relationship is one of the most important predicators to a healthy, lasting relationship. For those who may be struggling with building trust in their relationship or would just like to enhance the existing trust in their relationship, these tips will guide you there.

Trusting your partner is a key factor in building a healthy, lasting relationship together.

The first step to building a strong level of trust in your relationship is telling the truth, almost all of the time. I say almost because a surprise birthday party is still okay. Everything else though, really needs to be honest. When someone is truthful with you and you are truthful with them, you are able to rely and depend upon one another. For any kind of relationship, this is crucial.

The second step is being a reliable and dependable person in the relationship. If you tell your partner that you’ll be home at a certain time or that you will bring home the groceries, do it! Following through on what you say is important when building trust in a relationship.

Next, set boundaries. Jealousy has a way of ruining relationships and crushing trust. It’s best to set boundaries with your partner. If you know it upsets her when you take phone calls with your ex, then don’t set out for lunch dates with your ex. Respect one another enough to follow boundaries. While no one should be completely restricted, it helps to know what is upsetting to one another and doing your best to avoid those things.

Another important step in order to trust your relationship requires being trustworthy yourself. If your partner cannot trust you, then how will they be able to commit to the relationship? They will be worried as well and the two of you will be ruminating over the lack of trust present in the relationship. If you are trustworthy and your partner is right to trust you, then he or she can trust you as well. Remember, relationships are mutual and most definitely not one-sided. If he or she cannot trust you, how do you expect to be able to trust your partner?

Lastly, trust in yourself! You have decided to be with this person right now, in this moment. Something inside told you that this person was a good fit, a perfect match. Let yourself cherish the relationship rather than worrying about it’s demise. Trust in your own judgement and believe that the relationship is not only worthwhile, but one that you can feel safe in.

Trust is one of the aspects in relationships that keeps people together. If you look at any lasting relationship, a strong foundation of trust exists. Regardless of the nature of the relationship, for it to be successful, both parties must trust one another. If you have a particularly difficult time trusting others, it may be something that you need to address more openly. Sometimes trust issues work against not only romantic relationships, but relationships with friends, family members, and mentors. Remember that you’ve chosen to be with this person and trust yourself. Be someone that your partner can trust and he or she will trust you. While trust is not always the easiest thing to cultivate, it is definitely a quality that can be cultivated with the proper time and commitment.

So you finally got that special man to be you boyfriend. But now how do you keep him? Many women have no lack in finding a guy; they just have trouble staying in a relationship with him. Though being boyfriend and girlfriend can bring you great joy, it can also bring stress and heartache. However, by following this advice, you will learn all the tricks on how to keep your boyfriend.

When you are in a relationship, it is always important to give your boyfriend his space. If you are clingy, demanding, and want to spend every second of your life with him, he will feel suffocated. Bad things happen when men feel suffocated, and he will most likely break up with you. Being overly-attached is a very bad thing because not only will it annoy your boyfriend, but it can also make you lose yourself. Focus on yourself and your own life too, not just your boyfriend.

Another mistake that women tend to make is being too self-absorbed to care about their boyfriend. Though it is important to give him his freedom, if you stop caring about him altogether, he will feel neglected. Men do not like to say out loud that they want to feel loved, but – in reality – they do. When you talk to him, make sure you listen to what he has to say too; don’t just talk about yourself the entire time. Ask him how work is going, what’s new in his life, and if anything exciting has happened to him lately. Show your interest and support him in his tough times!

By avoiding these two common mistakes, the risk of your relationship hitting the rocks will be much lower. Want to know how to keep your boyfriend? Give him his freedom, care about him, listen to him, and remember to have your own life in the process.

Lasting relationships are made up of several important things. One of the most important is adequate emotional support. When trying to develop a strong and lasting relationship with your significant other, your emotional support makes all the difference.

From a woman’s perspective, emotional support can be more important than all of the other little things you may have been focusing on. Don’t worry about the right thing to say or the right questions to ask, if you can offer the appropriate emotional support then you’re in.

Many studies have shown that women care most about their man’s effort to be with them and support them. They care most about the way their man responds. Does he appear to care? Is he trying to understand the situation? Is he being empathetic? If he is not, then it doesn’t matter if he understands what is actually going on. All a woman wants from you is effort. That’s what emotional support is. Showing up for someone and making the effort to give them what they need as well as understand what they are going through.

Instead of worrying about the perfect gift, the perfect kiss, the perfect conversation…focus on providing the perfect emotional support. If you find yourself looking for a lasting relationship, then providing great emotional support is your best bet.

You’ve been dating for a couple of months and everything is going well. Scratch that, it’s going better than well. It’s going unbelievably fantastically incredibly great – and you think he might just be “the one.”

Is marriage in your future? This is a question that many couples ask themselves as their relationship progresses. The best way to assess the status of your relationship is to discuss it with your partner. Let him know what you’re thinking and find out what he’s thinking. Communication really is everything.

Whatever you do, it’s usually a safe bet that you should proceed with caution before you have a lengthy discussion about your relationship and it’s marriage potential. Guys are often more commitment-phobic than women at the beginning of stages. Then, later on, it tends to be the opposite. Regardless, every person is different. Give him at least three months before you discuss marriage. Sometimes if you come on too strong, you can stop a relationship that would have been perfect. I’m not saying to not ever talk about it – just to wait at least three months. You also need time to figure out how you truly feel. Puppy love can be overwhelming and fade fast. Make sure what you have is real and lasting before you make any sort of declaration.

Bottom Line: You’ll know if marriage is in your future or not at a certain point. There will come a time when you know that you want to be with this man for the rest of your life, or you’ll never want to be with him for the rest of your life. There will come a time for him too. Don’t rush that moment. Let it happen when it happens. You’ll know – and then be open to sharing your feelings with him and hopefully, he’ll be sharing his with you as well.

We spend so much time talking about relationships that have gone awry or ended badly. So I thought, why not talk about some relationships that go right? What is it about two people that make it work?

It works when two people are compatible and are attracted to one another. This is the first step. You need to be with someone who has a few of the same interests that you do. You need someone who has compatible morals and values. You need to be attracted at some level. Without these qualities, it’s nearly impossible to make a relationship work. It’s more than likely setting yourself up for failure.

It works when two people connect on a deeply emotional level. We hear so much about the power of communication in relationships. Why is that? It’s because communicating is a strong way to share your fears, sadness and worry with someone. It’s important to share these things with family members or friends. Everyone needs a support network. If you want your boyfriend/girlfriend to become an important part of your life, then you need to let them become someone who you share with. I wouldn’t trust your date right away, but at some point, you must. They must trust you as well. Developing emotional intimacy is a crucial part of relationships that go right.

Lastly, it works when two people understand the concept of space. If your whole life is wrapped up in your significant other’s arms, your chances of success are much lower. You’ll burn out. You both need to have some things that are individual things. Some friendships or social events that are separate. Avoid becoming overly dependent. Yes, you should depend on each other. However, those people who give up their outside activities and do not spend time away, will burn out. Imagine being stuck with someone, and only that someone, for hours and hours every week. Never seeing anyone else. Never getting out. It can exhaust people and that’s when they become lazy in their personal relationships. Recognize that you both have some interests that are not shared and allow one another to continue to passionately explore them separately.

In the end, it’s a mix of all of these things: being compatible, attracted to one another, care deeply for another, develop a strong emotional intimacy with one another, and individual space.

Rarely do we come across people who proclaim that they, “just don’t really care for music.” Rather, we find people who obsess over the latest songs and will adamantly defend their genre of choice. Scientists are beginning to study the connection between music and the brain more now than ever before. Science has begun to show us that music can actually alter brain waves and can greatly enhance mood. So what does this have to do with dating? I’m glad you asked. Today, I’d like to talk with you about the power of song in romance.

If you’re looking for a lasting relationship that may lead to a future filled with love, then you shouldn’t ignore the power of song in romance.  A great gift for a newer girlfriend can be a mix CD with some of your favorite songs. Create a playlist for her on her Ipod. Take her to a concert. These are all just basic ideas surrounding the use of song. If used properly, you can help her fall in love with you by awakening her true passions and emotions through song.

I’m sure you’ve heard of couples who have a “song.” What does that mean? It means that there is one particular song that speaks to the heart of their relationship and every time they hear it, they think of their relationship with one another. It isn’t a good idea to try to establish a “song” for your relationship until it’s become more serious. It’s also important that the song be special to both of you.

The advice from this research is that it’s best to use song when you can. If you’re driving with your date, you can set the mood with some music. First kiss? More magical if you can manage to play the right music in the background. Think of the movies. Instrumentals and vocals both have the power to change or enhance mood. Let her feel more into you by playing mood-setting music. Will music alone get her to fall in love with you? No. Of course not. However, it can be a powerful way to set the mood for the evening or to make a special moment even more special.

There are a few things to keep in mind to have a long lasting and loving relationship…

We’ve all seen these kinds of couples. They’re older, they’ve got gray hair and they seem so unbelievably happy. Not everyone wants this kind of love. Not everyone is ready for it. And then there are those that crave it and that would do anything to find it within their own lives.

If the latter sounds like you, then be prepared to find love in a lasting relationship.

#1. Look in the Right Places

So many people head to bars to pick up women or to find men. If you’re the party guy or gal who enjoys going out and rocking it every night – then good! You’re absolutely looking in the right places. However, if you aren’t into the party scene or you prefer to do other things, then that’s where you need to be looking. If you’re an adventurous type then join a few clubs and jump onto a trail. You’ll have a much better chance at meeting someone who enjoys what you do and your interests will better ensure compatibility. If you’re a member of a religious denomination, joining a church group can be another great way to meet interested singles.

#2. Take a Chance

You’ll never know love if you hide out in the corner. People complain about their options because they often aren’t pursuing anything. They have plenty of options in front of them, but because of a fear of rejection or failure they don’t seize them. If you like someone, let them know. It’s okay if they aren’t interested. Move on. You want someone who wants you. Just make sure that you’re encouraging those who might be interested by letting them know that you’re interested too.

#3. Open Up

A lasting relationship is built on good communication and on a deep connection. Don’t jump into revealing personal, sensitive truths about yourself. Do open up slowly so that one day you can reveal those truths about yourself and share your intimate thoughts with your partner. It’s okay to protect yourself by taking things slow emotionally, but make sure that they are moving. Allow yourself to open up as time goes on and the relationship progresses. This is important for both parties.

When following these tips it’s definitely possible to find someone who you can grow old with. Even after time passes, you grow older, and that spark typically fades…it is possible to always rewind your relationship to it’s most blissful states. Watch my FREE video presentation to see how…CLICK HERE to check out the video while you still can…

Follow a few key principles and you too can have a lasting relationship…

You’ve found someone who lights up your world and makes you the happiest you’ve ever been. You never tire of seeing her and every moment seems magical. How do you keep this feeling before the honeymoon phase is over?

Puppy love. We’ve all been through it and we know what it’s like. This time, however, you’d like it to be different. You’d like to stay with this girl and hold her hand forever. You don’t want the relationship to fade away like the others. If you’re looking for a lasting relationship, it’s important to realize that the puppy love will fade away. There’s nothing you can do to stop that. There are things that you can do to keep your relationship strong and special though.

First, make sure that you have common interests. You don’t need to love all of the same things, it’s better if you have your own private interests as well. However, you can’t expect to keep a girl in your life that doesn’t share any common interests with you. This is one thing that can hold you together. As you grow old together, you’ll find that those common interests bind you.

Second, allow yourself to spend some time apart. If you suffocate each other, you’ll both run the other direction. Everyone needs to have some things that they do alone or with other friends. When you see each other every day for hours on end, you’ll start to feel confined and cornered. Make sure you have something that you do by yourself (yes, your work can count as some time away unless you work together) and one or two interests that you pursue on your own.

Balance is important in all lasting relationships. 

Lastly, make sure the connection you have is real. If you aren’t connecting with each other and sharing your intimate thoughts, then you’re likely to fall apart. Let her into your world and she’ll let you into hers. Then you’ll be able to stay connected forever.

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Sometimes we smother each other with our presence. For some people, this is what they want. They crave time together, both mentally, emotionally and physically. For some people, however, this is debilitating and leads to failed relationships…

We all have different needs and some of us need individual freedom. You can keep your relationship alive with individual freedom if you follow these simple guidelines.

Have one activity that is yours alone. Do not share everything with your partner. Sure, tell him or her where you’re going and what you’re doing. Just don’t take them along with you. It’s great to share similar interests and to participate in activities together. Just make sure that you have one activity that is only yours. It serves as a way for you to meet new people and to spend some much-needed time out on your own.

Don’t be afraid to ask for quiet space. Not everyone wants to spend time with their partner every second of every day. It’s okay to ask for some time alone so you can read a book, take a calming bath, or go on a tranquil walk. You may just need time alone with your thoughts. Those who are introverted need time to reflect and ponder without anyone in their presence. Let your partner know that sometimes you need to be alone and I’m sure that he or she will honor that.

One of the best ways that I’ve found to keep my relationship alive with individual freedom is by creating a space that is mine. Everyone knows to let me be in that room and I can go there to retreat and do my own thing. Then I re-emerge full of life and ready to spend every moment with my partner. By allowing me to spend time alone and refuel, it enables me to be fully present with my wife when we are together. Those moments become all the more special.

I would encourage you to remember that it’s okay to spend time alone as long as you aren’t hiding or running from your partner. Let yourself find individual freedom and keep your relationship alive!

With more individual freedom, you’ll have a clear head so you can better work on your relationship when you are together. You’ll be able to keep those initial sensual feelings and keep them for good. Watch my FREE video presentation to see a powerful method to do just that…CLICK HERE to check out the video while you still can…