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Are you looking for singles in Las Vegas? Look no further.  The Sin City offers pleasures and sights to satisfy any desire.  

My trip to Las Vegas was pretty memorable.  I was a single man, out of a longstanding relationship, and I wanted to “Sew my oats” as the saying goes.  Las Vegas isn’t called the Sin City for nothing.  From the moment you enter the city, you see nothing but neon lights and attractions as far as the eye can see.  It’s really a great night out.

There are tons of singles in Las Vegas, and it’s a great city to practice “your game,” and see how well you can pick up women.  You see, with all of the neon lights, the casinos, the dancers and entertainers, the tuxedos and gamblers, the whole place is straight out of a movie!  It’s the perfect backdrop to find some singles and have a night on the town.

When I was there, I made sure I looked the part.  You need a good suit that’s comfortable, stylish, and says you’re a high roller.  You’ll turn more than a few eyes when you walk into the casino and sit down to play poker. You’ll notice all kinds of people, so you’ll get to try you hand at expanding your social skills and being the life of the party.

One thing I highly recommend is to brush up on your small talk skills.  One thing I learned to do really well in Vegas is to spot female singles and strike up a conversation.  You see, you’ll pass by a lot of attractive women, at the slot machines, the poker table, and at a lot of shows.  You’ll need good small talk and a lot of “game,” that is building attraction through conversation, to strike gold.  You’ve got the wind at your back, so do your best and don’t worry, the Sin City easily forgets.

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We get a lot of questions about online dating settings. What should my online dating settings be? How do I know if I’ve chosen good online dating settings?

Never fear. Ryan’s here.

If you’re looking at setting your online dating settings, you want to remember this simple tip: be flexible.  Different dating sites have many different settings that will change how you appear to a prospective mate.

Flexibility is key to the online dating world. Adjusting your settings can make all of the difference in your search results. It can let others find you and you find others. If you’re actually interested in meeting someone and this isn’t just a browsing game for you, then you need to have the most compatible settings.

I’m sure you’d like to meet someone who lives near by. Perhaps you’ve limited your distance settings to 30 miles or so. Errr, wrong. You shouldn’t be doing this. What if the man or woman of your dreams lives 40 miles or 50 miles away? Would you dismiss them merely because you might have to drive an extra 10, 20, 40 minutes to see them?

What about hair color, religion, or any of the other dozen or so different characteristics you’re asked?  What if you like black haired girls, but only for certain looks, and the love of your dreams actually has blonde hair?  How do you balance all of the different things you like in a person, with all of the caveats and “but thens” that are only natural when it comes to dating?

Or what if you’ve decided that you only want partners who are “Methodists.” Okay, I understand that your religion is important to you and you’d like a partner who also resides within your denomination. However, what if someone is Methodist but they didn’t see that option and they chose “spiritual” instead? Or “other”? You should include those settings in your search results and online dating settings so that you don’t miss out on someone who may have just labeled their religious denomination more generally.

Make sure that you try to get middle numbers or middle scores on issues that aren’t deal breakers to you. If you’d really like someone who doesn’t drink often, try using that option but maybe just excluding “drinks all the time” instead of excluding “drinks socially” or “drinks often.” The problem with these labels is that they are often taken as absolute but we all have different perceptions. It’s important that you not allow these perceptions to cloud your judgement of someone. Drinking socially could mean 1-4 times a week or 1-2 times a week, even 0-1 times a week. Don’t consider these setting as absolute and unchanging. Remember that everyone has different perspectives of these settings.

Also don’t feel you have to be absolutely honest in everything you put on your settings.  Some things should be a mystery to any prospective date.  Only pick “must haves,” or things that you really could never picture yourself living without.

Be flexible with your online dating settings and you’ll be much happier with your results!

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Should I message a guy before he messages me? Many women wonder whether or not they should initiate contact in online dating situations. We all know that it can be considered forward or forceful in real life, but online do the same rules apply?

No. They definitely do not. Approach that man you think is so sexy with his lopsided grin and hazel eyes. Don’t let him slip away. He may be too nervous to message you or he may not have run across your profile. By not messaging him you may be letting an important opportunity go. The opportunity to get to know him better and perhaps find the love of your life.

You see, the internet works on different dating rules.  The fact that you are not face to face makes all of the difference.  It’s like a marketplace or speed dating.  Normally, the woman is not going to be the aggressive one, but the online dating ring is different.  Men actually really enjoy it when women pick them out of the thousands of different profiles.  Think of it as a big compliment.

When we think about potential partners, we often think that the man will find us. And yet it’s important to recognize that in the online world there are so many options. Scrolling through the search results, he may overlook you even if you’re exactly the kind of girl he’s looking for.

Just because he doesn’t find you or hasn’t messaged you for whatever reason, doesn’t mean he isn’t interested. Show initiative and message him first. I can promise you, you won’t be disappointed. If he doesn’t respond then it’s his loss. Move on to other guys. That’s the beauty of online dating. You can message multiple people and get to know someone before meeting in person. You are not making a commitment just by sending a nudge, a wink, a smile or a short, brief message.

Once you do get his attention, you want to have him chase you a bit.  It’s always nice to be noticed, but making a man work for it is always going to raise his passion level for you.  Remember, online dating has to be exciting.  It’s nice because you can control the flow, so be sure to use that fact to your advantage.

Open up the possibilities by feeling free to message any guy that you find interesting, attractive and compatible. If you aren’t sure, take a chance and message them. You’ll feel better if you haven’t any regrets and you never know who will turn out to be the best man of them all.

Should I message a guy before he messages me? If you’re interested, go for it.

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When looking at dating profile tips, it’s important to remember that your profile needs to adequately express who you are.  You want to leave some mystique though.

It’s difficult to sum yourself up in one profile, but you have to do your best to attract the men who are browsing through.  Basically, think of your profile ad as a 30 second commercial all about you.  You have to be able to sell yourself in just a few seconds.

First, make sure you upload plenty of pictures. Men want to know that you are a real person and that you exist. One photo not only makes you seem fake but makes it seem like maybe you only have one attractive photo of yourself. Let them see who you are by first knowing what you look like.  I can’t stress this enough.  People don’t necessarily trust what they see on an online dating site.

Second, avoid cliches. Avoid these at all costs. Everyone uses them and you won’t stand out. You won’t be interesting. We know that you have so much to offer but they don’t know that. All they get to see of you is your profile. Make sure that they get a feel for who you are. Don’t just say, “I’m unique” or “I’m looking for my best friend” and “I don’t do drama.” Make it more than that. Get specific. Share a sliver of you.

Third, don’t wait to initiate contact. Too many women wait for the man to introduce themselves or to message first. In the online dating world, it isn’t too forward to say “hey” first. Go ahead. Don’t sit back and let someone else get him.  A dating site is not like a bar.  In real life, you wait for men to initiate contact.  On a dating site, those conventions are gone.

No matter what, remember that there aren’t any rules. Other than not scaring away a potential boyfriend, anything goes. Have some fun. Share a little without giving away things like your phone number or street address. Enjoy yourself. You never know who you’ll hit it off with and end up meeting later.

In the end, make sure you are 100% comfortable with what you are sharing because you are sharing it with people that you don’t know very well. It wouldn’t be good to give them access to extremely personal details. However, saying that you love Wednesdays or that you love that feeling when you first wake up and then lie in bed before beginning your day…these things aren’t going to ruin you. They may be personal, but they won’t harm you to share them. In fact, they may intrigue someone. With these women dating profile tips in mind, you’re ready to go meet people through online dating!

So be yourself, but be careful. End of story.

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online dating profile photo tips for women
A picture really can be worth a thousand words.

If you’re looking for online dating profile photo tips for women, look no further. These three tips can change the way online dating works for you. Sometimes women get little response from other men and they wonder why….here’s why.

It’s simple really.

#1. Your Profile Photos

You have to have them. Not just one, but several. Men are particularly interested in the physical attraction elements of a relationship. They won’t want to spend time communicating with you if you only have one photo up. They aren’t dumb. They are well aware that you could have thousands of hideous photos and decided to post this one attractive photo. Now, I’m not saying post unattractive photos. I’m just saying  post multiple good ones. This gives a man confidence that he might be attracted to you.

# 2. Profile Photos with Sports

Men love profile photos of women being active. If you play sports or enjoy running, walking, hiking, biking, etc. then get a photo or two up! Let them imagine playing sports with you. Remind them that you are healthy and attractive.

#3. Please SMILE

Don’t smirk or try to look sexy. Most likely, even if you do look good, men will see it as a negative thing. Save that for them.

Post a multitude of photos so that the men can start to get a feel for what YOU look like. It’s the same thing that we do when we add someone on Facebook. Oftentimes if we have not met them in person we take a gander at their profile. Check out their photos. This helps us get a feel for what they really look like and it makes the person feel more real.

These men who are looking at you are interested in meeting the real you. They want to know what they’ll be getting themselves into and the best way for them to know is to see photos of who you are. So share yourself!

When you’re looking online for love, you may wonder how it differs from looking in the real world. Eventually, you’ll meet the person you find online and then all of the regular love advice will apply but for now, as you look online, you’ll need a different set of skills. This article will give you online love advice. 

Is it even possible to find your true love online?  The statistics say yes.  Over 1/5th of marriages in the U.S. are by people who met each other on dating sites online. What used to be seen as a fringe dating service for people who couldn’t find each other the “old fashioned” way, online dating has exploded onto the scene and gone high tech.  You just need to jump in. If you’re still not confident, keep reading.

Here are 5 basic tips to help you find love online.

1 – Add photos to your profile. If a person is going to be interested in you, they will want to know what you look like. Hiding what you look like will keep other people from contacting you and will not help you find love.

2 – Spell correctly. When people use “i” instead of “I” or spell incorrectly simple words, it makes it look as though they don’t care about the dating process. It shows a lack of commitment. Furthermore, many people do not like incorrect spelling of simple words and will immediately write you off as unintelligent. So do not construct your profile summary like you do your texts.

3 – Be yourself. If you’re going to find someone, then list hobbies and interests that you care about. List beliefs and values that you hold close. Let them know who you are because you don’t want them to fall for the pretend you only to discover that you’re someone completely different.

4 – List what you are looking for. If you’re looking for a real relationship then list that. You don’t want to spend time courting someone who is only looking for a casual, physical relationship.

5 – Commitment. If you want to find love online then you have to be committed to finding people and communicating with them. If you ignore things or take them too lightly, then you will not have the chance to meet someone. You have to remain focused to talking with others. If someone doesn’t interest you and you find yourself not wanting to communicate with them, then don’t. Only communicate with those people that you find attractive and interesting, give them your commitment and time.

6- Refrain from giving out too much personal information when you first meet someone, because if you do, you might become the target of a variety of different internet scams.

Lastly, remember to have fun. Just be yourself and meet new people. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself and let yourself just enjoy the experience. And don’t forget to use these five online love advice tips!

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If you’re not into the idea of paying for an online dating site, this article will point you in the right direction…

There are hundreds of free dating sites on the internet, but some of them can really be a waste of time.  How do you sift through them and figure out which ones will have the love of your life, and which ones are just fishing for your credit card information.  Just type in “free online dating sites” in Google and you’ll get thousands of hits.  Here are a few that rise to the top.

OKCupid is pretty popular with over which is called the “Google of Online Dating,” with over 3.5 million active members.  It’s easy to create a profile and put your photo up, and you find other people by answering all sorts of questions and finding people who answer the same.  OKCupid is great for people who are just looking to meet new people or answer an endless line of quizzes and tests that test compatibility.

Zoosk is another free online dating site that is integrated with Facebook.  The name is a bit silly, but millions of people use Zoosk to find fun for Friday night.  Zoosk allows you to search based on religious preference or ethnicity, so there are a lot of parameters to choose from when looking for a date.  Zoosk is totally free, as they make their money from advertising. is another great site to try, and again, it’s absolutely free!  Many online dating sites allow you to put up a free profile, but make you pay if you want to use their email system or any feature that would actually help you find someone. is not like that.

Be careful with free online dating sites because many of them are just looking to get your credit card information and then leave town.  Always be sure to check out the profiles on the site, and be sure that there are plenty of real people to talk to and not fake profiles created by the website.

Here are some websites you can try!





5. www.datingfriend.netFree Online Dating Sites

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Are you looking for popular dating sites? Look no further. I’ll walk you through the various dating sites available and give you their pros and cons.

First, decide if you’re willing to pay or not. If you aren’t willing to pay a monthly membership fee then many of these sites will be virtually worthless to you. Sites such as eHarmony and are not truly free sites. You may be able to create a profile but you will not be able to actually contact members.

If you need a completely free site then I would recommend that you visit or if you are Catholic, Both sites are free and offer a decent number of matches.

For those of you who have the option of a paid membership there are several sites worth looking into.  Remember, you can have a profile and start browsing without paying, but if you want to send messages and actually use the site for what it was meant to be used for, you’ll have to open your wallet.

Paid Popular Dating Sites:

These eight sites boast large memberships, great additional features and have multiple success stories. These sites also will not charge you after you cancel your membership. In other words, you won’t need to worry about the legitimacy of these sites.

The site I really recommend is  It’s really the crown jewel out of all of them, because it really delves into what makes you tick as a person.  I personally know three couples who got their start off of, The site asks a host of questions that will help pair you with a person that complements you.  The trick is to find someone that makes you whole, not someone that you may actually feel a lot of friction with after a few dates.

Any of these popular dating sites can help you find that special someone. Just remember that it isn’t just about the site. It’s about you.

You have to present yourself as positively as possible while remaining honest. Don’t misrepresent yourself because your match may find the misrepresented version of you attractive and then run when they set eyes on the real you. Use real photos. Share honest interests and personal values. This is the best way to ensure dating success.

Ready? Visit one of the popular dating sites above and enjoy!

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If you’ve been wondering what the deal is with online dating, this review will shed some light on one of the more popular sites…

If you watch television then you have probably seen commercials for, a dating website.  There is no shortage of dating websites, and you might be wondering if E-Harmony offers anything that other websites do not.  The answer: yes.  E-Harmony is actually quite popular and offers high quality people to add to your dating pool.  The site was started by Dr. Neil Clark Warren, a clinical psychologist who condensed his 25year couples therapy practice into a website.

The idea behind E-Harmony is simple: successful relationships have certain characteristics, and if you match people based on these characteristics then the chance that they will have an effective relationship is higher.  The formula is rather complex, as E-Harmony matches people based on 29 separate characteristics and weighs them.  If you’re thinking of just putting up a picture and a profile, well, you’re in for a far more intense experience.

There are all sorts of great things you can get for free on the site.  You’ll answer a long questionnaire that will investigate your personality and proclivities and match them along different psychological axes.  This is how E-Harmony matches you with an appropriate partner.  This approach must work, because E-Harmony boosts that it accounts for 5% of all marriages that occur within the U.S.

E-Harmony works if you are serious about finding a long term relationship with a quality person.  If you are just seeking a hookup or someone to have a six month fling, it’ll be harder for you to find a partner. Most of the people on E-Harmony are searching for their soul mate.  There is also the occasional person who might not have great social skills and might find that online dating is there only outlet, but these people are few and far between.

Some people don’t find E-Harmony to be the right fit because they have very unique and special requirements for dating.  For instance, some people who want to marry people of a specific religion or ethnicity might find E-Harmony to be lacking in the department.  You can select to only look at profiles of people of the specific ethnicity or religious background you would like, so there are some accommodations made.  If this is not enough though, the E-Harmony may not be for you.

All in all, there’s a reason why has risen to the top of the heap of dating websites.  It’s attractive, easy to use, in depth, and has a track record of success.  The questionnaire handles everything from what you expect out of a relationship to balancing the importance of spiritual connection and physical attractiveness.  If you can make the investment in the monthly payments are looking to eventually be in a long term relationship, is a great investment. Review

Cost. eHarmony is one of the pricier online dating options. They claim that this is because their site actually works unlike other sites. If you would like to join don’t pay attention to the sticker price. Wait until they have a special and then join. The site has several deals throughout the year that make the site more than affordable.

Overall, is a wonderful site. It allows you to connect to others and get to know them better before offering personal contact information. It matches you with others who share common interests. Lastly, it has one of the largest online dating site memberships. If you’re looking for love, you may need to look at eHarmony.

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If you’ve ever heard of “personals” but haven’t been sure what they are or if you should use them, then read on. In this article we’re going to address exactly what personals are and whether or not they can be useful.

Personals are dating advertisements that can be found in the newspaper or online. They are beginning to move online with various personals available on sites such as Craigslist and OKCupid.  In fact, we can easily say that printed personals are no longer en vogue, and that you can find what you want on the internet.

Should you use them? Short Answer: Yes!

Personals have moved to the online realm, although the newspaper personals are still in use in certain cities if you’re interested in finding people that fit certain niches.  Usually, newspaper personals are there to advertise sex services, so if you’re looking for dating or marriage, then online personals are the way to go.

Although personals are old-fashioned they may still seem like a good idea. The truth is that no one really reads them anymore. You’d pay money to post your photo and description in a newpaper that no one will notice. It’s a better idea to take that money and join a respectable dating site.

A lot of dating sites are perfectly free.  You won’t need any money to set up a profile and look through potential partners.  You might have to pay to use the full resources of the site, but that’s okay.

You may be thinking, “Wait. I’ve seen personals online at different sites though. Wouldn’t that be the same kind of thing as a dating site?”

Good question but the answer is still: No.

Personals online are just photos and descriptions with a phone number or email address attached. Dating sites actually allow two people to meet under safe conditions. You still have to exercise common sense, but they’re safe for the most part.  You use the messaging system within the dating site rather than your personal cell phone number or personal email. You are also able to take compatibility tests and ask each other personal belief and value questions before meeting in person or sharing personal information such as your personal email.

Don’t use personals. If the idea appeals to you, then join a dating site. This is a much better alternative and will offer you more results. There are a variety of dating sites available on the Internet today. Head over to Google and check them out!

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