Online Dating

Dating websites are all the rage nowadays and a lot of people use them.  In fact, one in five marriages in the United States started off as an online romance!

This is where dating websites come into play. The question is: will dating websites actually help you find a girlfriend?  The answer: yes!  Dating websites are a great way to date.  They are especially useful if you haven’t dated in awhile and don’t want to jump head on into the game.

If you intend to actually communicate with and potentially meet some of these matches then it’s a great idea. You may meet someone that you really like and begin to really care about. If you’re unwilling to meet any of your “matches” in person however, the chances of you finding a girlfriend are rather slim.  You have to be able to feel comfortable taking it to the next logical step.

Dating websites are best if you are willing to embrace them. You need to create a profile and flesh it out with photos and a basic summary about yourself. Be fun!  Leave some mystery for the other person.  Girls like it when a guy is sexy and has a bit of mystique about him.  Then you need to search for other like-minded individuals and contact them. It’s only through communication that you might meet a girl who becomes your girlfriend.

Eventually, you’ll want to meet in person. Don’t intimidate her and choose a public place so that she can feel safe. Always choose a public place, anything else is just creepy.  Then you’ll want to turn on the charm and be endearing. If you want to find a girlfriend, I’m assuming you want to keep her. A romantic first date (but don’t make it too intense!) will keep her interested and will guarantee you future dates.

In the end, it isn’t the dating website that will help you keep a girlfriend but it can certainly help you find a girlfriend if you’re willing to put in the time and effort. All you need to do is look and communicate.  Remember to build attraction and try to keep up the appearance of being sexy.  Attraction is something you can build online, but don’t use the dating site as a crutch.

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Dating services are a bit outdated.  Nowadays, people use online dating sites to find their next true love.
Dating Services

In the olden days you used to have many different types of dating services that would set you up with a matchmaker.  These services are outdated with the advent of the internet.  Nowadays, you can surf the internet and find all types of dating services that cater to every need.  The internet can be a harsh mistress, so here’s some food for thought when looking for a dating site.

If you have a very specific category of people you are looking for, then there are plenty of dating sites for you.  For instance, if you want to find someone who is Christian, Jewish, or some other religion, or if you’re interested in dating someone that is of a certain ethnicity, then there are specialized website like that can set you up with what you’re looking for.  This is great for people who are just looking to marry.

If you are looking for something light and fun, then places like OKCupid are good choices, both because they’re free and also because the people on the website are just like you, looking to meet new people and enjoy life.  You can setup a profile within minutes and chat with people from all around the world, maybe even start an international affair!

There are of course dating services for people who are not so much looking to get married, but rather for a hot summer fling. is one of these sites, and you’ll know right off the bat what people visit the site for.  If you have sexual fantasies you have yet to realize, then it’s a good site to look up.  It’s not G rated however, so be forewarned.

Dating services have been replaced with the online constellation of dating sites and matchmakers.  A savvy internet user can get up and running in seconds.

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If you’re tired of being one of the single women, you’re going to have to bring your A game to the dating world.  Don’t be scared, I’ll help you out.

You’re single because of the choices you’re making, not because there isn’t anyone interested in you. Many women are single because they don’t go out. If you aren’t going out and meeting new groups of people, then how do you expect to find someone?  But what if that just isn’t your style?  What if your idea of a great night out is a scrabble board and a cup of hot cocoa?

Not much of a “going-out” type? Then try online dating.

Whatever you do, you need to make sure that you are meeting new people and putting yourself out there. You can’t find someone when you are home alone or spending time with the same friends that you spend time with every week. It won’t work.  I’ve seen a lot of shy women try this, but there are no workarounds and no shortcuts to working on this aspect of yourself.

Often there are two things that can hold you back and keep you from finding new and fulfilling relationships.  What are those two things?

First, your body. No one wants to hear this but men tend to focus more on bodies and outward appearance. You can make yourself feel better and gain energy by working out. Begin a new fitness routine. It may also inspire the men around you to want to get to know you better.  This may sound superficial, but if you plan on having a sex life, then you want to tap into that.

Second, your interests. These are what link you to others and help you explore outside of your own family and friends. Try something new that you’ve always wanted to do but maybe haven’t found the time for. Join a group or a club that is actively involved in this activity and you may find a potential partner there.

The best advice I can give you is to be open and to be available.  Don’t shy away from crowds. Men cannot find you if you are at home or with family and friends. Sometimes you need to venture out on your own, try new activities that help you to meet new people and perhaps try online dating. Explore the possibilities and soon you’ll find yourself unavailable 🙂

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Is it possible find free online dating?Free Online Dating - Is It Possible?

Yes. However, the real question is whether or not it is possible to find high-quality free online dating. Luckily, the answer still remains YES.

If you’re interested in trying online dating but want something that is completely free then stay away from paid sites. If they ask you to pay at all then most likely your “free membership” signup will not actually allow you to communicate with matches. Worse, it will have been a waste of time.

The first thing you’ll need to do is locate a free online dating site that is actually completely free. A great site to start with is I always recommend this site because it is 100% free and it has a lot of potential partners on the site. There are a variety of other free online dating sites available, you just have to look for them.

Everyone is different and you may find that one site doesn’t offer any potential matches but another offers several matches that you are interested in. It’s best to try out a couple to get a feel for what works best for you.

Although people may tell you that you have to join a paid site to get all of the benefits of online dating, this simply isn’t true.

Free sites offer just as many benefits as paid sites. The only difference can be in the kinds of people that join each site. These vary from site to site because each site usually sells something different. There are religious, fitness, and other speciality dating sites. It’s really just about finding what works for you.

Bottom Line: Free online dating is possible and you should give it a try.

It’s hard to believe that there are still people who don’t know what an online dating service is, but in case you missed the digital revolution, here’s the skinny.

The online dating service has essentially replaced newspaper personal ads as a way for people to find possible mates.  An online dating site will allow you to setup a profile, answer some questions about yourself, and try to find people that might be compatible with you.

1. Profiles – You get to make your own profile and your matches will have their own profiles. Usually this includes photos, answered questions (How many books have you read in the last year?) and hobbies. It may include religion and occupational status.  Try to make your profile stand out and be sure to have a picture.  Profiles with no picture don’t get noticed.

2. Compatibility Tests – Whether these are actually helpful or not is debatable. It does seem that some work well while others are merely a draw to lure people in. The best compatibility tests will ask questions about your values, beliefs and relationship needs. Then  it will match you with those who meet most of your qualifications.

3. Messaging System – One of the benefits of online dating services is the built-in messaging services. While you are getting to know matches you can communicate with them through the site rather than through your personal Facebook or MySpace pages. It also lets you avoid using your personal email as well. Eventually, if you really like someone, you may then ask about moving your relationship to one of these personal mediums for further communication.

4. Payment – There are very few effective “free” online dating services. If you are looking for an online dating service then you should expect to cough up a bit of cash.  Most are free if all you’re looking to do is put up a profile, but you will have to pay if you want to communicate with a prospective mate.

In the end, online dating sites are there to help you find a potential partner. They may work for you, they may not. The only way to find out is to be open and daring enough to make the attempt.

Internet Dating. Finding someone on the Internet is much easier than ever.  They say that 1 in 5 marriages in the U.S. started from an online romance.  There are now more options than ever!Have You Ever Thought About Internet Dating?

Online Dating is all the rage now as many people have gotten over their reservations and are joining online dating sites in droves.  Some of the biggest websites include OkCupid and with millions of members all over the U.S. and other countries in the world.  Online dating offers all sorts of venues for you whether or not you are looking for a serious relationship or just something to do on a Friday night.

Online Dating?  Really?

First off, what do you expect to get out of online dating?  Are you looking for a wife or husband, or are you just looking for someone to hit the clubs with?  Either is fine, but some sites are catered to one thing more than the other. You’ll find out soon enough, because you normally have to fill out a questionnaire with questions about your future plans.  How many children do you want?  If you were a flower, what flower would you be?  Some of these questions are just silly.  Sites like OKCupid are filled with these kinds of quizzes.

More serious sites will actually want to look into what kind of person you are.  E-Harmony, for instance, actually takes a deep look at your personality and will look at you holistically.  Do you like organization and regimentation, or do you enjoy being free and creative?  Are you reserved, or really extraverted?  These questions will let the site know more about you so that it can find people that match your personality and are more likely to form a longer relationship with you?

Well, I’m not ready to get married just yet!

For those of you who aren’t looking to walk down the aisle just yet, there are other sites for just casual dating. has millions of members who are looking for steamy, hot fun.  Are you looking to take part in a sexy pool party or want to find someone that can kindle passion?  You can have a profile setup in minutes and find someone that fits you.

Most online dating sites take a few minutes to sign up.  You usually can put up a picture of yourself and a quick profile, summarizing what you’re looking for and what kind of person you are.  It takes a few minutes.  The more involved dating sites will have you answer a series of questions.  Most dating sites are free too, or at least they let you have a profile free of charge.  Most will restrict whether or not  you can communicate with others, so if money is an object, then places like OKCupid might be more for you.

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How safe is online dating really?  Well, the short answer is “Pretty safe.”  It’s a good idea so long as you follow some basic, common sense rules.

Online dating is more popular than ever.  Millions of people are online, right now, looking for their next Romeo or Juliet to sweep them off their feet.  Online dating offers all sorts of venues and can be tailored to meet your expectations.  If you want to get married, then there are online dating sites for you.  What if you just want a steamy encounter?  There are plenty of those sites you can visit.  As always, though we need to exercise caution.

Anyone can use these sites, and I mean everyone.  Everyone has probably heard of the Craigslist killer, the man who would put up an ad on craigslist and kill the unfortunate victim that came along.  These are of course the exception.  If online dating sites were death traps, then no one would go to them and they’d be nowhere near as popular as they currently are.  You can go to almost any site and expect that you’ll be fine, but there are some pointers you may want to keep in mind:

1. Don’t give out too much personal information in your profile

It’s best if you just keep your online profile to light information like your name, your favorite color, or whether or not you think the Beatles are the best rock band ever, you should be fine.  Do not put your address or phone number on your profile.

2. Be careful when you first meet people

Be sure of who you are talking to.  Just because the profile shows a hot girl or a hunky guy, doesn’t mean that that’s actually whose there behind the profile.  Most dating sites do a great job of screening people, but really, you can never be too careful.

3. Set meetings in public places

Do not meet at your place on a first date.  It’s not safe.  No matter how much you think you know the person on the other end, it’s just plain safer to meet at a cafe or a bowling alley when starting off a relationship.  Always have your first meeting during the day where there are lots of people around.

Online dating is a snap and it’s so easy to find your dating niche, no matter if you’re looking to date a person of a certain religion, ethnicity, or who has the same relationship expectations that you have.   Online dating is mostly safe, and with some common sense, you won’t be landing on the front page of any newspaper.

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Online dating is here to stay.  The number of online dating sites out there has exploded and there’s no going back.  But, should you get in the game?

What is it that you seek to get out of it?

There are dating sites that cater to every niche imaginable, so the first step is to figure out your own goals.  You can use dating sites to find someone for one night stands, long term relationships, or people who share a common interest.  There are even dating sites designed for people of a certain religion or ethnicity, so if you remain focused on your objectives, you should find a site that’s just perfect for you.

In fact, for those of you who are shy and do not know how to step out into the dating world right off the bat might find that online dating sites allow you to take things at your own pace.  It’s like speed dating, except no one there staring at you! Just be careful.  It’s usually easy to tell if you’re speaking to whom you think you’re speaking, but all basic rules about safety apply.

There is a dating site just for you!

Dating sites are great for those who are really picky or have a very strict set of guidelines in choosing their mate.  Dating sites also work wonders for people new to an area or are living in a spot where there are not a lot of communal places to meet new people.

If you’re looking for an intense experience and want to find your soul mate, then sites like and e-harmony are right for you.  E-Harmony takes a look at your personality type and asks deeper questions about your likes, dislikes, and your hopes for the future.  If you’re looking for a more long term relationship, one that may eventually lead into marriage, then and are the right places to start.

What if you’re more into having a fling or a weekend flight of fancy?  There’s dating sites for you too.  You could try if you want a brief, fiery romance, or Adult Friend Finder if you want a midnight hookup.  You’ll find plenty of likeminded people on these sites.

Whether you want to find someone to walk with you down the aisle or someone to head out into the city on a new adventure, online dating sites offer a wide variety of people to choose from and are a great way to get into the dating scene.  I know plenty of people who have met the love of their lives online, so there’s a good chance you could too!

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Have you ever wondered whether or not you should use a personal ad online?  Will it make you look desperate, or is it the new wave of dating?

Taking out an online personal ad is a great idea, so long as you’re smart about it.  Millions of people do it, it’s no longer seen as something that only the desperate and lonely turn to.  In fact, one fifth of all marriages in the U.S. started from online dating.  It’s difficult to actually find someone nowadays.  Not everyone’s daily life is the set of a romantic comedy.  This is fine!  You can have a great relationship from a personal ad.

Get online, and find some of the free online dating sites to take out a personal ad.  Do not give out too much information, like your address.  You should use basic common sense when working online so that you are not the target of identity theft or someone with a mental disorder.  Now that you’ve got a good looking profile, you can start looking for a date!

Be clear with yourself beforehand on what you are looking to get out of having a personal ad.  If you are just looking for a quick date, a hot steamy romance, or someone to walk down the aisle with, then that’s fine.  Just be up front and pick the right website that reflects what you want to do.  There are hundreds of online dating sites of every niche possible.  You can find one that’s perfect for you.

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