Sexless Relationship

If you are searching for sexless relationship advice for men then realize that you are not alone. Many men have gone through this situation.

I’m going to give you a little bit of tough love right now. Most sexless relationship advice for men is too nice and not realistic. This article is different.

It’s probably what you need more than anything else. Some real sexless relationship advice for men.

I know your life sucks. I know it’s hard. It’s difficult. It isn’t any fun. And it can get better. It CAN. But you have to be willing to work hard. You have to be willing to help enact change.

I like the sort of sexless relationship advice for men that is in your face and confronting.

So why are you in this, why are you staying in it, and how can you add some more solutions to the situation? Perhaps some sexless relationship advice for men that pushes you would be valuable.

Now, you may be really discussing this with your wife, you may be already talking about it, trying to resolve it, but I guarantee that it isn’t working. Why? You aren’t going at it with the right strategy.

Your wife if she may understand that you want more sex in relationship but what is she actually doing to make it better? It’s time that both of you took this seriously and made things happen.

If you want her to take this seriously then you need to take it seriously. And you both should be taking this seriously. Make sure she’s taking action to resolve the situation and following your lead. So give her something to follow! Create a plan, follow it and let her in on it.

A sexless marriage is where sex is infrequent or non-existent to the point where one partner feels dissatisfied with the relationship.  A marriage without intimacy cannot last.

Sexless marriages bring heartache and pain, and are far more prevalent than most people think.  It is estimated that upwards of 15% of marriages in the United States are sexless marriages, but the true percentage can never truly be known.  When one partner is disinterested in making love, it can leave the other feeling alienated, isolated, and angry.  Your advances are rebuffed, and even when you make special time for intimacy, your partner either ignores you or has some excuse as to why they do not want to make love.  These relationships either end in total heartache, or both parties accept their circumstances, but live in a loveless relationship where neither is happy.  It’s important to recognize whether or not you are in a sexless marriage, and to take action as soon as possible before the years wear on, and you wake up one day dissatisfied with your relationship.

One thing you must not do is have an affair.  It’s easy to think about doing.  You feel you can patch things up with your current spouse, but get your physical needs met elsewhere.  This is dangerous.  You will ruin your relationship with your spouse if they ever find out, and really, if sex is the most important thing in a  relationship to you then you need to simply leave your spouse and move on.  Otherwise you need to deal with them honorably.

The relationship becomes especially destructive when you are the one that has a high sex drive.  Most people who need an active sex life have a hard time feeling intimate and close with someone without having sex with them on a regular basis.  It almost feels as if the partner who is withholding sex is the one holding all the cards in the relationship, and it can add a dimension of frustration and anger to the relationship that can be nothing but poison.

It’s time for you to get information in hand and act.  How can you identify whether or not you are stuck in a sexless marriage?  There are two books that have helped so many women in their sexless marriages, and those are “The Sex-Starved Marriage: Boosting Your Marriage Libido, A Couples Guide,” by Michele Wiener-Davis, and “The Sex Starved Wife,” by the same author.  These books will help you identify exactly why it is your partner does not seem to desire you, and what you can do to bring the flame back into your life.

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Sexless marriage depression is a wide spread issue that affects millions.  You are not alone, but you do need to start proactively deal with your problem.

If you are suffering from sexless marriage depression, then I feel your pain.  I know of many couples who seem happy on the outside, but behind closed doors, one of the partners is deep in the pangs of depression.  It’s hard to see, but it’s there.  When you’re in a sexless marriage, it’s like being in prison.  If you are the partner that wants to have more sex, then your partner feels distant, almost abusive.  If you are the one that is avoiding sex, then you feel like you’re betraying your partner, but cannot get over your feelings.

Depression is repressed anger.  It’s how we feel when we cannot let our more aggressive feelings out.  Of course you don’t want to start a blow out with your partner over the fact you’re not having as much sex as you would life.  Blaming your partner and pointing the finger is a sure fire way to make the situation a lot worse than it is.  The problem is, you still feel the way you do, and unless you rekindle your sex life, you’ll grow to become distrustful, and the relationship will end.

It’s time to rip off the band aid.  You will have to have a sit down talk with your significant other and deal with the problem head on.  It’s important not to get too emotional.  Find a quiet moment and just bring up the subject as lightly as you can. NEVER point fingers or make your partner feel responsible for everything that is happening in the relationship, or you’ll be starting an argument rather than a discussion.

I can’t promise sex will return to your relationship right away.  I usually find that it  takes months to rekindle passion and restart a relationship that has been starved of intimacy.  This is just the way it is.  You have to remember, a lot of the reasons why people stop having sex is because of trauma experienced in previous relationships that surfaces once intimacy starts to become a major player in the relationship.

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Getting sexless marriage therapy could really make a difference in your relationship.

Being in a sexless marriage is emotional poverty.  I have talked to so many people, both men and women, who feel like their marriage went from being a wonderful delight to a sexual prison with their partner as the guard.  A sexless marriage is truly unsustainable and has to be dealt with post haste.  Sexless marriage  therapy is really the way to do it.

You’ll have to put away your reservations about going to a therapist, because sexless marriages are not like the normal bumps in the road with normal relationships.  Some people think that their marriage has failed if they have to seek professional help, but I always remind people that if you truly value your marriage, then you’ll do what it takes to save it.

Many times we are stuck in a sexless relationship because our partner had experienced some trauma early in life, and have carried that baggage into your current relationship.  Rape, incest, abuse, all of these things can be hidden away by your partner because they are too embarrassed to share.  This can be difficult to pull out without a professional to help.

Finding a reputable therapist that can deliver results is not simple.  So many psychologists offer help with sexless marriages, but then come up short.  You need to scrutinize any possible therapist and check their credentials.  Most reputable therapists will have their credentials visible in their office or on their website.  If they are not forthcoming with their educational background, or their philosophy of therapy, then you can just skip them and move on.

After finding a reputable therapist, you need to mentally prepare yourself for what will most likely be a highly emotional journey.  If you’re in a sexless marriage, that means that your relationship has disintegrated and you may not be ready for the roller coast of emotions that awaits.  You’ll be spending a lot of time rebuilding lost trust and exploring your past and your partner’s past.  This can be draining.

Set aside some time from work or other distractions when undergoing sexless marriage therapy.  You do not want your professional life to be negatively affected, and you also just want to give yourself a break.  You are not a machine, no person is, and repairing your relationship will be emotionally draining for you.  Prepare yourself and know yourself; it’s the best advice anyone can ever give.

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Look out for these sexless marriage signs to warn you if you are in a sexless marriage.

What are the scariest signs of a marriage without intimacy?  There are plenty.  I’ve seen some horrible marriages go under like the Titanic because they lacked the essential ingredient for all functioning marriages: intimacy.  It’s like relationship oxygen, no couple survives without it.  If you see these signs, then you know you are in a marriage without intimacy, and you will need to act fast.

One of the biggest signs is that your partner has all sorts of excuses when it comes time to have sex.  They will talk about how busy they are at work, how tired they are, or simply throw up their hands and say that they’re just not in the mood.  They won’t respond to any of your advances, and during sex they may seem distant and not entirely there.  It’s like making love to a mannequin.

This is a huge warning sign.  Sex is something that both people in a healthy couple should crave.  It’s the glue of your relationship.  If your partner seems distant and far away, this could be one of the scariest signs of a marriage without intimacy.  There are more though.

What about when your partner spends a lot of their time alone and doesn’t talk or communicate with you for extended periods of time.  This can get very creepy very fast.  They do it because they are mostly ignoring you.  I knew of one couple stuck in a sexless marriage where the wife was addicted to computer games.  She played World of Warcraft for hours on end and used that time to stay away from her husband.  It was sad.

If you see any of these scary signs of being in a sexless relationship, you need to get on top of the problem.  It will not resolve itself magically: you must actively work to change it.

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Take this simple quiz and find out if you are in a sexless marriage!
Sexless Marriage Quiz

  1. How often do you have sex with your spouse in a month?

This may seem like an obvious question, but some people don’t ever think about how many times per month they make love with their spouse.  If you have sex infrequently, this is a tell-tale sign that you are in a sexless marriage.  If you have sex less than once a month, then it’s clear you are in a sexless marriage.

2. Does your spouse make excuses not to make love?

One of the hallmarks of a sexless marriage is when the partner who does not want to have sex makes excuses every time the subject is brought up.  They might say they are too stressed, tired, or that they just aren’t in the mood.  These excuses may work one once or twice, but after several months, something deeper is going on.

3.  Does your spouse not respond when you try to set the mood?

It’s natural for you to try and set aside time to be romantic.  Maybe you tried to set up a nice candlelit dinner, or booked a vacation to Hawaii.  Was your spouse happy to hear about your plans, or did they seem indifferent?

4.  When’s the last time you were intimate with your partner? 

Intimacy doesn’t necessarily mean sex.  Intimacy could mean hugging, cuddling, light touching, or sitting in a relaxed position with each other.  Cuddling is often just as important as having sex, and it’s the way you maintain a bond as a couple.

After  taking this test, try and sit down and really look at your relationship honestly.  It’s not nice to hear that you are in a sexless relationship, but this sexless relationship quiz will have you asking the right questions so that you can stare the truth in the face.

There are some sexless marriage alternatives that don’t involve cheating.

First of all, you’ve probably heard of all of the terrible sexless marriage alternatives.  I won’t waste your time with those, because they don’t work and often just make things worse.  This is to find sex outside your marriage, maybe to cheat, have an affair or have some sort of infidelity. Cheating will make things worse.  It’s just not an alternative.

The other alternatives are to go without sex and just recognize that you will always be sexually frustrated. Those sexless marriage alternatives are not really viable options.  I’ve never heard of a man that could stand going without sex and stay sane.

The best sexless marriage alternatives are positive, not negative.

Those alternatives are weak, they show a lack of self-worth on your part and they’re definitely not on the road to happiness. Don’t consider those negative sexless marriage alternatives.

The real alternatives to deal with a sexless marriage are to fix the problems that are causing it or to leave. It really boils down to those two choices.  You have no other ways out.  The best sexless marriage alternatives are about creating an amazing sex life for both of you. It’s about rekindling what you once had.

You’ve got to be a little bit more proactive, show more initiative and be more aggressive when dealing with this situation. The sexless marriage alternatives you’ll learn here work but you have to implement them. 

In my opinion, a sexless marriage is close to a form of abuse. One partner is being very inconsiderate, mean and cruel to the other partner. They may not be as interested in sex but if they’re unwilling to make the effort to increase their interest in sex, then essentially, they’re torturing the other person.

So the first thing you need to do is to make sure that your partner is fully invested in this.

They need to understand how important this is for you and they need to be willing to take whatever steps necessary to rectify the situation. Some sexless marriage alternatives may require hard work from both of you.

If they’re unwilling to do that, well you need to hit them with an ultimatum and you need to show them that you’re serious. That you need them to support you and you will support them, otherwise you need to leave and being your life over with someone else.

SIt down, talk openly and come up with the causes of your sexless marriage. Then create solutions and implement them.  I have plenty of articles on this site that can help you get started.

So quit the excuses and take action immediately!

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Dealing with a sexless husband is very difficult for any wife.  The best thing to do is take action.

What do you do if your husband doesn’t want to have sex?

First off, if you find yourself in this position, then you are not alone.  There are many couples across the world who are stuck in sexless marriages.  Some estimates put the percentage at 15% in the United States, but no one can ever know the true number.  It can occur at any point in life, and doesn’t necessarily happen to just elderly couples.

This happens to many couples, so don’t feel afraid!

Many relationships begin where both partners are passionate for each other and both people felt an unquenchable flame for each other, only to have that flame fizzle out for some unknown reason.  Sexless relationships are relationships where sex is either non-existent or infrequent to the point that one partner is dissatisfied and frustrated.

Why does my husband not want to have sex?

There are a variety of reasons for why your husband just doesn’t want to make love.  If you are serious about tackling the problem, you need to carefully consider your options and understand the problem.  Try not to blame your husband or become angry, as strife between you and he will only exacerbate the situation.

Your husband should get a physical checkup to be sure he isn’t suffering from impotence.  This is a sensitive subject with men, but it does need to be brought up.  Impotence can happen to males of all ages, and poor physical fitness is a huge contributing factor, but not the only factor.  If he has erectile dysfunction or a hormonal imbalance, then your physician should be able to prescribe something.  He’ll feel more confident in the bedroom, and your sex life will change. Don’t be afraid to bring this subject up with him, because the sooner you deal with it, the better.

If your husband is in good physical health, but doesn’t want to make love, then he might have a much deeper psychological problem you’ll have to deal with.  Some men may have intimacy issues that developed from abuse in an earlier relationship or perhaps when they were children.  Feelings of rejection and pain can lie beneath the surface for years, only to emerge during times of intimacy.  If this is the case, your husband may not even be aware of what is holding him back or what is killing his desire for you.  In this case, a trained therapist would be needed to get to the root of the problem, and help your husband become consciously aware of what it is that is destroying his libido.

You will need patience and understanding for this difficult period, but in many cases, couples learn more about themselves and each other, and the intimacy intensifies.  Removing the mental blocks from love making helps both partners to realize what they loved about each other in the first place, and can lead to stronger, longer lasting relationships.

Dealing with a sexless marriage, when your husband has a low sex drive, is difficult. It may feel that you managed to get the only man not interested in sex.sexless marriage

Usually if you’re in a situation where your husband doesn’t want to have sex with you, when you’re in a sexless marriage, you feel like there are only four options:

  1. stay and be permanently unhappy and frustrated

  2. have an affair or cheat and

  3. get a divorce

  4. the fourth option often isn’t talked about enough in my opinion.

That fourth option is the real option and this is to find the solution to the problem. Having a sexless marriage is painful but it doesn’t have to last. You can have a happy, balanced sex-filled relationship.

The first thing you need to do is identify the cause.

For example, if your partner had some sort of psychological issue then this needs to be addressed. Your husband may not even know that this is affecting him. That’s where a good sex therapist can come in. They can help you find the causes that you or your husband may miss.

Next, you have to get him to cooperate. It’s about getting him to do it and getting him to take a risk. He needs to put himself out there. Part of fixing a sexless  marriage is taking ACTION.

Men in particular are really bad at this; they’ll often refuse to go to counseling. The biggest challenge with fixing a sexless marriage is getting the man to quit playing tough and admit his fears.

They’ll kick and scream before they do it but they need to. You have to let him know how important this is to you. If he truly loves you, he’ll want to do everything that he can to help the situation and make you happy.

A sexless marriage will only be remedied of he is committed.

Sexless Marriage

So flex your muscles a little bit and show him you’re serious, that you’re not screwing around, that you’re not someone to be played and that you want to fix this immediately. 

See men sometimes don’t respond until they get a real wake-up call.

Women often play too nicely, too gently and they are not tough enough or hard enough.

So what I recommend is: show your tough side, be a little ruthless and put a lot of pressure on him to make a difference. Help him to take action and be supportive throughout the process.

If you have a sexless girlfriend it can be one of the most frustrating experiences of your life…Sexless Girlfriend

This can be a nightmare scenario for some boyfriends.  If you are stuck in a sexless relationship, and you don’t want to just break up, there is a way out.  A sexless relationship is where one partner only wants to have sex infrequently, if at all.  Sexless relationships leave the affected partner feeling lonely and useless, but this doesn’t have to be the case.

Why does my girlfriend not want to make love?

If you feel that you want to keep your relationship going, and feel that it’d go much better if there was more sex, then that means you are committed to your partner.  That’s great!  If your girlfriend does not want to have sex, then that can point to a horrible trauma sometime in her past.  Some women fear intimacy because they’ve been molested or raped and need counseling before they can feel close to another man.  Seek out a professional who can diagnose sexual abuse.

There’s been no trauma, now what?

If there has been no previous sexual trauma, then that means your sex life may need a bit of a boost.  You may have to spend more time building attraction between you and her until she feels a connection.  Women need to feel a connection to their male before they can become intimate.  Try to rebuild your relationship and add spontaneity and fire to it so that you and she can feel a connection with you again.

Don’t know how to get the passion back in your relationship?  Well you are going to have to seduce her one more time.  Go out on a surprise vacation or take a trip to somewhere completely new.  You’ll need to take charge of the situation and remind her of all your manly qualities that she fell in love with in the first place.  All too often couples get into ruts, which is a sure fire way to douse the fire between you.

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