Stopping Divorce

In order to stop divorce and save your marriage you need to change your attitude completely about what to do.Stop Divorce and Save Your Marriage

I want to help you formulate a new idea on what to do to save your marriage. A strategy to stop divorce and save your marriage will involve completely changing your thinking.

When you’re facing a divorce and you’ve got marriage and relationship problems, your focus is probably going to be on your partner and the relationship itself. Part of the process to stop divorce and save your marriage requires that you shift your focus away from just your relationship as hard as that might be.

You’re going to be thinking out what you can do to salvage it and what you can do to make it better. To stop divorce and save your marriage you do need to focus on your relationship but you also need to focus on the way that you are thinking about that relationship.

I want to help you shift your focus to what’s going to help you most. The shifting of your focus that will give you the greatest benefit and the greatest result is focusing on yourself.

That’s right, instead of focusing on the relationship and constantly trying to do all these things to salvage it you need to focus on yourself.

Focusing on yourself is going to give the greatest possible return because when you change and improve yourself, then a foundation is set. This enables your relationship to also change and improve. To stop divorce and save your marriage you do need to invest in yourself in order to have the greatest returns.

Your spouse most likely is asking you to become a better person. Making yourself more attractive, gaining greater self-esteem, more confidence, whatever it is, will help you in your relationship. To help stop divorce and save your marriage your secret should be focusing on yourself.

You probably feel a strong temptation at this point to focus purely on your marriage and the divorce, trying to find some sticky-type techniques to improve it, fix it and make it better. One of the best strategies I’ve ever found to stop divorce and save your marriage is to sort out all your own issues first.

What’s going to deliver the greatest results is deciding to focus purely on YOU. The best idea to stop divorce and save your marriage is to be a really exceptional part of this marriage.

So take the time to sit down with yourself, think about what you need to improve, what is time-sensitive, and make a plan to change it. Maybe it’s getting in shape, maybe it’s dealing with a drinking problem, maybe it is improving your communication skills, maybe it’s lifting your self-esteem, or perhaps it’s becoming more relaxed. Whatever it is – do it now.

This is the way to stop divorce and save your marriage.

When looking for solutions to stop divorce you need to remain optimistic. Although it’s hard, it’s not impossible.Easy Solutions to Stop Divorce

The name of this article is possibly a bit misleading, as stopping a divorce is rarely if ever easy, but if you are pointed in the right direction it is markedly less difficult.  You want your marriage to stay together and you do not want to go through the life altering process of divorce.  Who would?  There are some steps you can take to protect your relationship, and you can get started right now!

Reinvent your relationship

Right now your relationship is plagued with negative cycles.  You come home tired from work and irritable because your boss hates you and your job is getting worse by the day.  Then your spouse brings up something small and you go off the rails.  You feel like your temper is always a short fuse.  You find yourself arguing about things that may not even matter.  You feel like your entire life is filled with strife.

If this is the case, it’s time to reinvent your life and relationship.  There is no need for things to continue on as they are now.  Change careers, change neighborhoods, change clothes, change whatever needs to be changed so that you can feel satisfied when you look at yourself in the mirror in the morning.  This way, you can look at yourself, and your spouse with entirely new eyes.

Take a break from the everyday

Another way to break the cycle of conflict is to break out of the old mold and go on vacation.  A couples retreat works wonders for many couples who feel they need to hit the reset button on their relationship.  In fact, going on a couples retreat is an easy solution to stop a divorce.  Picture yourself enjoying the view of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado or witnessing the view of a deep blue ocean in Hawaii.  There are many exotic locales you can go to so that you and your spouse forget all of your troubles.

Get serious

One of the simplest things you can do to stop a divorce is to set aside some time with your partner in a quiet setting and talk.  Talk like you’ve never talked before.  Communication breakdown is the greatest contributing factor in divorces.  Think of how many people sit in divorce court, wondering what happened when they just could’ve spoken up much earlier.

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As ridiculous as this sounds, there’s some truth to what you can learn from celebrity relationships…

Have you heard the latest gossip?

Another hyped-up celebrity break-up leads to another romance we BOTH know will never last.  It’s all over the tabloids!  Their relationship won’t last too much longer.

… Or will it?

Rumors are going around that Scarlett Johansson is dating another man. In fact, they were caught holding hands!

So who was it? George Clooney… Her ex, Ryan Reynolds… or maybe some other Hollywood celeb?

No. In fact, she was caught dating a New York City ad executive. This article reveals all of the juicy details.

That’s so cliche! Right?

Well, I’m going to tell you that their relationship seems to have not just one… but all FIVE of the qualities I look for in a perfect relationship.  We can learn a lot from celebrity relationships, and what we find out can save ours!

Here they are:

1) Equal Power

Yes, a Hollywood starlet MAY have more power than a New York City ad executive…but really, in this relationship, it has more to do with personal presence than money.

And in any relationship, this is CRUCIAL!

In the old days, “power” would mean where you’re employed and how much money you have.  In this case, it’s partly that, but it’s also about personal charisma and presence.

Make too much more – or less – than your partner, and your relationship may suffer. It’s not just me saying this, either, countless studies have been done on the “money factor” in relationships.

2) Equal Status

Same as above. If one partner controls more of the relationship than the other partner, fights are bound to happen. And they’re gonna be brutal!

Not only will you two be at each other’s throats… this difference in power and status leads to passive aggressive behavior. One partner will snipe at the other because they feel they cannot take their partner on in a head on match.

How can you even out power and status? Have “the talk.” No, not marriage. I’m talking about the “who pays for what” talk.

Because even if your partner has a whole lot more money… if you pick up the dinner tab once in awhile, your relationship will still be on an even footing.  You’re letting your partner know, “I can be in control sometimes too!”

3) Equal Love

If you love your partner more than they love you – or vica versa – you’re in for disaster.  I’d spend more time on this concept, but I’ve already covered it in GREAT depth in Relationship Rewind.  It’s a topic that really requires a whole chapter to talk about.  I call it “Switching”, then “Drifting” away. You can read all about it, when you order your copy.

4) Separate Lives

Ah hah! So… equality is the secret, eh?

Well, not so much.

As it turns out, you can’t share everything.  Who wants to see the same person every minute of every day.  Talk about boring.

So what should be yours – and yours, alone? Your career and your friends.

Sharing all your friends not only leads to awkward break ups… it can actually make you stay in a TERRIBLE relationship, just because you’re scared to leave for fear of what your friends might think.  This is why it’s good to have some parts of your life TOTALLY SEPARATE from that of your partner.

5) Separate Loves

What’s something else you should keep separate?

Your passions and your career.

Two actors shooting for stardom or two musicians in the same band SEEMS like a good idea. It’s very romantic.  It’s like something right out of a movie, right?

Reality isn’t so sweet.  The reason why? We defend our egos, ourselves and the things we love with a fierceness otherwise not seen in our daily lives.

Picture this: Your partner hits it big! They’re the next Al Pacino or Angelina Jolie!

But you’re still struggling along at local theaters and doing unpaid work.  You don’t think you’ll ever escape from your office cubicle, or live your dream of being a big bank executive.

Don’t you think you’d be jealous?

Don’t you think you’d undermine their success?

Listen: You may say you’d be supportive now, but studies – and my own, personal experience – say otherwise.  Be honest.

My suggestion: Find someone who has their own vision in life. Then try to help each other succeed.  Always have your own ideas, and your own goals though.  Your partner is just their to help you.

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Have A Happy Relationship,

– Ryan

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Can sexless relationship therapy really work?  Can it repair a loveless relationship?

Sexless relationships occur when one partner is dissatisfied with the amount of sex happening in the relationship. Usually in these cases, the sex drive of each partner is mismatched, where one partner wants to make love with far greater frequency than the other. There is natural variation in the human sex drive, so it’s highly possible that you can connect with your partner on a number of levels, but in terms of the bedroom, you two can be polar opposites.

In other cases, though, some couples simply lose interest in having sex. Many married couples go for years without having sex, but it’s only recently that this problem is being talked about in the open. Why are there sexless relationships, and does sexless relationship therapy really work? There are ways to deal with a passionless marriage, because a sexless relationship can lead to divorce or separation. Couples who undergo sexless relationship therapy usually lead happier lives. But what type of therapy is best?

When looking through the many books on sexless relationship therapy, or when trying to choose a therapist, always remember that the best sexless relationship therapy is usually intensive and lasts awhile. 

Beware of any book that promises to magically bring romance back into your life, especially with little effort or superficial exercises.

Most of the time, sexless relationships are due to a past trauma in one partner’s life that had remained secret, or other deep, complex issues that cannot be dealt with in a single therapy session or a simple exercise. The longer it is you’ve gone without sex as a couple, the more intense therapy you’ll need. Marriage boot camps are excellent forms of therapy for severe cases, as you’ll spend hours with a trained therapist in a closed, intimate setting, where you will be able to talk at length about issues that may have been bothering you, but you were never conscious of. These camps are usually retreats and most couples who go to them rave about their efficacy.

Specialized Sexless Relationship Therapy

Tantric yoga is a great way to bring a spark back to a relationship and is an effective form of sexless relationship therapy. Tantric yoga focusses on getting the person to be in tune with the energy of their body, especially sexual energy, and teaches people how to heighten their sensory perception. Couples who do tantric yoga together report that their intimacy increases many fold after a few sessions, and find that it’s easier to initiate love making once they reconnect with their spouse. Check your local yellow pages to see if there is a tantric instructor in your city. Even if you have to make a long trip, it’s quite worth it.

Sexless relationship therapy is designed to rebuild intimacy and help you and your partner reconnect and make you remember earlier parts of the relationship when there was still passion and fire. Any therapy worth its salt will not be easy, but the rewards will last a lifetime.

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Here are some tips to help you stop your divorce in 4 weeks.. That’s right, in as little as 4 weeks you can stop your divorce. Read on.


If you want to stop your divorce in four weeks, it’s time to take action.  You are going to have to undo everything in your relationship that’s leading to divorce.  Remember, it’s our habits and thoughts that form who we are and the relationships we begin or end.

Oftentimes in relationships, the guy will work to become the “sweet guy” when things turn sour. He does whatever she wants and lets her walk all over him. Then, she dumps him. If you want to stop your divorce in 4 weeks then you need to play hard to get. Don’t be so easy to hold onto. Girls like a bit of a challenge. Just remember not to be too hard to get. Girls don’t want to spend all of their time trying to reel you in either.

And while I’m not condoning “being nice”, I just want you to remember that your girl wants you to have your opinions as well. You have to be a real person and not just someone who is willing to do whatever.  Girls can tell the difference on an instinctive level, I’ve seen it happen.

Remember, you have to SHOW that you want to end  the divorce!

Don’t try to talk her out of divorce. Act indifferent. She has to see proof that something has indeed changed in your relationship.  You are a man.  You demonstrate your feelings.  You DO things instead of talking about them.  Trying to talk her out of it won’t stop your divorce in 4 weeks.

Maybe you start to become a little more disconnected, a bit more independent. Sometimes it can be very powerful for you to play her bluff and to go for it as well. It can be a very effective way to stop your divorce in 4 weeks.

Not only will this help your masculine energy but it will show her that you’re serious, you’re not just going to cave in, you’re not just going to give up, and you’re not going to be soft.  She’ll respond to this more than anything.

Things can change!  4 weeks is more than enough time.

Lastly, let her know that you are upset. Doing this in small doses can help stop your divorce in 4 weeks.

Maybe you have a moment where you’re dramatically honest, where you lose your cool a little bit or you get angry – you don’t want to do this too much, you know, maybe once every few months.

But you want to show that you really care and that you’re bothered by this and maybe even give her a little bit of a wake-up call. It’s these kinds of moments that can stop your divorce in 4 weeks.

Sometimes what she wants to see from you is passion, she wants to see fire, she wants to see that you care, and she wants to know that this relationship is important for you. She wants to know that you want to make it better. Show her that you do.

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When stopping divorce is your goal, you’ve got to act fast.  The longer you wait, the worse it can get.

What should you do if your goal is stopping your divorce?  It may be too late, but there is a way out.

You need to gain some clarity.  If divorce seems imminent, then you are probably extremely stressed and think that everything is lost.

Calm yourself.  It’s not.  Some couples have gone to the brink of divorce and have come back to be better, stronger couples.  It’s really a wonder, let me tell you.  They did not get their by going into a panic, though, so the first step is to breathe!

Stopping divorce is your biggest priority because you have become a slave to this situation. It’s all you can think about.

Let’s be objective.  Why are you thinking about divorce?  Is it you, or is it your spouse?  Why is this?  Are you two not making love as much as you used to, if at all?  Are you arguing constantly?  What are you arguing about?  Do you find yourself not looking forward to seeing your spouse?

Part of stopping divorce is knowing exactly what is going on with you emotionally, and the state of your relationship.  Don’t leave it up to chance, really examine the root of the problem.

Do you even know?

There is always this hope in these situations.  Many people hope that things will magically turn around. That you just need time. Time can help, but only if you make changes. You are the one that will change your circumstances.  Then as time goes on, your partner can see these changes in action and your relationship can improve.

It is crucial that you realize where you truly are at in your relationship and what you need to do.

Learn some problem-solving techniques. Stopping divorce is just problem-solving when you think about it.

I know for myself that I read a couple of books on problem-solving techniques and this changed my life considerably.  Go to your local library, you can get many great titles for free.  I learned how to approach problems in a very different way.

I am now more objective, more rational and use a lot more logic. I stopped getting so emotionally connected to problems and being so reactive to them.  I stopped having so many reactionary fights with my spouse.  Through my new more logical mindset, I found out that most of my problems were completely fixable.  I found objectivity and understanding. I believe stopping divorce has to do with how you mentally approach difficulties and problems.

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Finding yourself stuck in a sexless marriage means it’s time to find an escape…Sexless marriage - What to do if you're stuck in one

I think what surprised me when I started researching sexless relationships and sexless marriages was finding out that so many others suffer from this problem.

Being stuck in a sexless marriage is surprisingly common.

There’s one group I found online, where over 22,000 people are members. They all claim to be in a sexless marriage and mention that it’s probably the most painful and most difficult thing in their life.

It’s unbelievable how big an issue it is and this is only really scratching the surface. There are all these people stuck in a sexless marriage without a real solution.

For the vast majority of people stuck in a sexless marriage, both partners feel the pain and the hurt. It isn’t just one. Both people are affected.

It goes both ways.

One partner suffers because they feel rejected, unattractive, and worthless, and the other partner suffers because they don’t feel understood, they feel pressured and are not sure what to do with themselves.

I may say that the most common strategy used in a sexless marriage is what’s called The Talk; this is where you discuss how you feel with your partner.

I would also say it’s one of the worst strategies in terms of results.

The most important thing to realize is that it’s not necessarily your partners fault. You need to shock yourself out of being stuck in a sexless marriage. Big change is needed.

You may think they’re doing it to spite you or to get at you. Most of the time, this isn’t true. Your partner isn’t deliberately withholding sex. Instead, they are becoming uninterested in sex or perhaps feel that your sexual encounters do not satisfy their needs. Changing the way you think about your partner is the first change that you need to make in order to keep from being stuck in a sexless relationship.

It isn’t your partner’s fault. Usually, it’s something that they are not aware of, that they’re struggling to control. The reality of being stuck in a sexless marriage is that your partner might not be able to just fix their sexual desire.

So to begin with, take their side in this difficulty and give them a lot of understanding. Help take the pressure off of them, because as you explore different options, you’ll begin to move forward from having a sexless marriage to passionate sex and delicate intimacy.

If you want to make a true change then your partner is going to have to be open. They won’t be able to talk about their feelings or reveal their thoughts if the atmosphere is one of high-pressure and interrogative tendencies.

Instead, make the atmosphere a mutual, friendly, supportive and encouraging one. To get out of being suck in a sexless marriage, both of you need to want to fix it.

Often they have a problem that they don’t even know about. Or perhaps they do but they don’t know what to do about it. Don’t stay stuck in a sexless marriage because you make your partner feel embarrassed.

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Identifying how to stop your divorce is worth every effort it takes.

Right now you may be looking at a doorway that represents your divorce and you might be very close, this might be a critical time for you to deal with your situation. You are close to walking through – it’s getting closer and closer.  You can practically see yourself in divorce court.

You know, perhaps, it is too late but maybe you might have some hope. Hope is what you need right now. Knowing how to stop your divorce will make you feel better than anything.

What will help your peace of mind is to take action immediately.  Don’t spend too much time thinking, you might end up being depressed and spend more time thinking than doing.  From now on, you must look at your old self as a distant memory.

Don’t make promises – simply change your behavior. That’s how to stop your divorce.

The first thing you can is to look objectively at your partner’s grievances.  Do they have real complaints?  Are you just refusing to change your behavior?  Does the problem in fact lie with you?  We all too often want to blame everyone in the world besides ourselves.  We’d rather our spouse carry the burden of the relationship, but this is foolhardy and is no way to stop a divorce.

If it’s your habits, change them.  If it’s your mannerisms, fix them.  If your spouse feels you need to spend more time with them, then take a week off and do it.  Spouses that make radical changes to their lives are the ones that survive in the long run.  Couples who just sit around and wait for the magic marriage fairy to visit them end up in divorce court.  I’ve seen it happen enough times, trust me.

If you do not think the cause of the problem is you, even after a lot of honest self reflection, then you’ll have to perform some radical honesty.  Radical honesty is to be open and honest with your partner.  You have to break through their barriers and see if you can get them to consider their own behavior and how it’s affecting you.  You can’t force people to do one thing or the other, but you can let them know that what they’re doing is affecting you and that you need it to stop.

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What are the most powerful ways to stop a divorce from happening?

So, you need some emergency assistance with your marriage.  You want to prevent the worst from happening. Don’t worry, there are very few marriages that have never hit hard patches.  Many couples come out of adversity all the better for it.  The main thing to do right now is to remain calm, and start developing a plan.  Don’t worry, I’m here to help.

I’ve coached many couples that were on the brink of painful divorce.  It’s really no fun when your marriage is falling apart and you think that your life is coming to an end.  The first piece of advice I always give is simple, but so many people don’t do it and it ruins their chances at putting the pieces of their relationship back together.

You must gain control of your emotions

Emotional flareups or prolonged depression is not going to stop divorce, a clear level head will.  This is one of my biggest pieces of advice for couples.  A lot of relationships that could have been saved end when one member loses control.   Other  times, neither party ends up doing anything because one partner is just too depressed or loses all will to move forward.  Emotional control is one of the mainstays of life, and if you want to stop a divorce, you have to rein yourself in.

If you are having a lot of heated arguments with your spouse, you may want to take a timeout from one another for a while.  Use the time for self reflection.  Why are you getting so angry?  What is the true core of the problem?  Is it really about the topic of the fight, or are you angry at a lot of other things and you just explode because you don’t know where else to put your anger?  Without sufficient self control, it’s impossible to answer this question, and it lies at the heart of stopping a divorce.

Know when you need professional help

A lot of people bring past baggage with them into the relationship.  This happens, no one knows everything about their partner down to the minutest detail before they got married.  However, some problems cannot be done away with meditation or simply  trying to work them out directly; you may need a psychiatrist.  It doesn’t mean you are crazy and it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you, it means you’re human.  It means that you have to do what it takes to stop a divorce.

If you think sitting down on the psychiatrist chair might be too much for you, consider going on vacation to a couple’s retreat.  There are actually some that are designed for marriages that are on the rocks and need special help.  They usually are in some scenic spot that will help you relax and focus on the matter at hand.

Don’t worry about the future.  You can pinpoint the problems in your marriage and learn to solve them.

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What do you want to know about how to stop a divorce? Thinking about how to stop a divorce usually means that things are urgent. So let’s give you an action plan on what to to stop a divorce

If you’re faced with the prospect of divorce – what it probably does is seriously heighten your awareness, much the same as if you were going to rob a bank, time seems to slow down, everything becomes more red, brighter and more intense, you know every step you take and everything you do somehow becomes a lot more meaningful and a lot more powerful, and you’re so much more aware of it.

What a difficult time like going through divorce can do for you personally, is provide a huge spring board and massive motivation for you to sort out some of your deep issues. Learning how to stop a divorce is usually only part of the picture. Knowing how to stop a divorce usually includes your own issues coming to the surface.

The more issues you have internally inside you, the more likely this are going to lead to relationship issues down the track. Knowing how to stop a divorce can often make you realize that you need to get yourself sorted. Divorce is so painful no-one wants to experience something like that – ever.

Usually, the health of your relationship is going to be determined to a great extent on the health of you internally and the health of you internally comes down to lots of things, from your body image to childhood issues to your sense of confidence, your levels of self-esteem, and your levels of happiness and then the peace.

And one of the tools I suggest you look to do that will be very powerful at addressing these things is called timeline regression. Timeline regression might help you know how to stop a divorce better than anything else.

What timeline therapy allows you to do is go back and neutralize anything that unsettles your sense of self, so anything that cause you to have issues or problems or causes you to add toxins to your relationship, you find that if you can neutralize all these and you can achieve a sense of certainty within yourself and peace and you can have massive sense of presence.

A lot of the problems in your relationship will go away, it’s not a magic bullet and that will solve everything but when you do solve the issues you have within yourself and any of these things that causes recurrent patterns, you’ll notice this will flow into your relationship. Often your problems create relationship problems.

It will change how you deal with your husband or wife, it will affect the priorities you put in your relationship, and it will change everything you do about making your relationship happy. Knowing how to stop a divorce is about getting yourself sorted first before even focusing on your relationship.

Your issues will affect your standards, it will affect how you think about your relationship and it will certainly affect the action you’ll put in to making it work. Learning how to stop a divorce comes down you being proactive with being the best partner you can be. Which is usually about leaving your issues at the door and not bringing them into your relationship.

So I highly recommend timeline regression – it’s something you can do for yourself to heal and give yourself a massive boost in your own internal presence with power.

And one of the benefits of doing something like this is that you’re showing to your partner that you’re willing to make changes and you’re willing to invest in yourself to make your relationship work, and that’s usually a big catalyst for an improvement in your relationship.