The Honeymoon Stage

For couples who need a change, marriage retreats are an excellent idea.Marriage Retrets - Are they everything they promise to be?

If you feel like your relationship with your significant other is on the rocks, then a marriage retreat might be just the thing you need.  A marriage retreat is a form of counseling, where you can take a break from daily living and focus just on your relationship and the troubles that ail it.  Maybe you feel you’ve fallen out of love with your spouse, or perhaps you find that the same conflicts you had in a previous relationship plague you now, even when you had thought you found happiness?  Maybe you’re stuck in a sexual rut, or feel that somehow you and your partner have grown distant, and communication has become difficult, if not impossible.  A marriage retreat is a way to deal with those issues with a professional counselor, in a relaxed, comfortable setting.

Why do people go to marriage retreats?

There are a myriad of different marriage retreats you can try out, depending on the level of intimacy you would like and what type of problems you are experiencing in your marriage.  Some marriage retreats are intensive.  You and your spouse will meet one on one with trained marriage counselors and do exercises to work through your problems.

Do you deal with serious problems while at a marriage retreat?

If you feel you are carrying baggage from a previous relationship, or feel that there is some type of damage you need to have repaired, intensive, one-on-one marriage retreats offer the privacy and intensity you need to work through the most difficult of psychological issues.  For those with especially strained marriages, marriage boot camps are also an option.  Marriage boot camps are a special kind of marriage retreat, and are super intensive.  You’ll perform group activities and exercises designed to rebuild trust and promote intimacy.

You’ll talk about your innermost feelings and work through trauma and heartache that may be damaging your relationship, but which you have thus far found no way to deal with.  Most people who try marriage boot camps say they leave with a new perspective on their relationship and a renewed sense of confidence.  Do be warned though, that the point of many marriage retreats is about finding out what is best for both partners.  Many people leave the retreat feeling stronger in their marriage, but a few find that moving on is best for them.

Who are marriage retreats really for?

If you just feel your marriage could use a kick start, many marriage retreats offer more relaxed programs that are designed more as vacations with group therapy.  Most will whisk you away to a beautiful, scenic area such as a valley nestled within mountains or a seaside getaway.  You’ll find plenty of romantic spots where you and your spouse can be intimate and alone while you drink in the fantasy landscape around you.

These retreats focus more on group therapy sessions where you’ll meet other couples and listen to their problems and provide solutions.  This will help you meet other couples and expand your comfort zone, as well as participate in trust building exercises.  These types of retreats are much more relaxed and are good vacations for couples who feel they just need to breakup their routine and do something new.  These retreats make for good memories and are highly recommended if you want to spend your vacation time building your relationship.


To make your wife horny you need to know what drives women crazy with sexual excitement. The key to how to make your wife horny is really is being able to stimulate her sexual energy. Be better at her at switching on her powerful internal sexual energy.How to make your wife horny

One thing I really encourage you to do if you want to make your wife horny is to become an expert in kissing.

Men and women often kiss for very different reasons, but for women kissing is often an indicator of how she feels about you. Kissing is a major key to make your wife horny. It does something very different to men than women.

One of the most powerful ways to stimulate her sexual energy and to get her horny is to develop great kissing skills.  It’s a form of physical intimacy that can really build a connection to develop a deep bond. Becoming an expert on kissing will make your wife horny.

Look at spending as much time affectionately kissing and making out with your wife as possible. That’s a shortcut to make your wife horny if there ever was one.  It really works!

I encourage you to focus more on that in the coming month – look to massively increase the amount of time you spend kissing with your wife.  Even if it’s a quick peck on the check or making out on the couch like two teenagers, increase the amount of time you and your wife play tongue hockey.

Study kissing techniques and tools.  There’s a lot of videos out there that can give you tips on proper technique.  Some men think they are great kissers, but are in fact not, and failing to make their wives horny because of their poor skills.  Don’t be one of those guys!

Women get really turned on by kissing and usually in longer term relationships, couples kiss less and less and less. Kissing is a very primal process in humans. For women it creates very powerful intimacy and connection and as men sometimes we can fall out of the habit.

Create that powerful connection and you’ll really make your wife horny.

Usually when people first meet they spend lot of their time kissing and then after a while both parties seem to have a lot less interest in it. Don’t let that be you and your marriage. Keep the fire burning and if it goes out, put forth a massive effort into reigniting it.

I highly recommend basing your entire strategy on making your wife horny and boosting your sex life in your marriage around kissing.

Become a master of kissing, spend a lot of time just kissing your wife. Don’t care what happens next.  Take the focus off of intercourse and more on exploring each other’s bodies.

Don’t have the expectation of sex and remove any pressure she might be feeling. If you are sexually frustrated you could actually be making the problem worse. So don’t do that by having any expectation that kissing might lead to sex.

In fact often kiss her with no intention of sex. That will certainly make your wife horny because it will build in her a sense that something will happen. Tension is the greatest aphrodisiac.

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What can you do to make your boyfriend want sex?

I think what’s really important to understand is that sexual desire and the entire issue of sex very sensitive thing. If you want to make your boyfriend want sex more, it’s worth thinking about what might be causing the problem in the first place.

There are many things that can cause sexual issues – there’s many influences of his sex drive and if you want your boyfriend to have more sex than you’re currently having, you’ll need a strategy.  Men should want a healthy sex life unless they’re the asexual type.  Don’t despair: there ARE techniques you can use to get him in the sack.

there are three things you could get good at, first of all is building sexual tension. Building tension will make your boyfriend want sex.

Building sexual tension is a game.  You have to do it bit by bit.  You have to tease him.  You have to dangle it in front of him and then snatch it away.  Building sexual tension will actually increase the intensity of your love making once you do get him in bed.  It’s like a spring that just wants to snap.

Learn to be a master of sexual tension. Generate massive desire and tension and make him put forth effort to attain you. Don’t just give in and make it easy. Do that and you’ll really make your boyfriend want sex.

The second thing you can do is be good at pushing him to the point of no return.

Guys will resist sex up to a point until they simply cannot say no. So become an expert at getting him to that point.  Every guy’s point is different, but know this, once he gets started he instinctively cannot stop once he’s past this point.

So learn to be persistent, determined, and push until he has no other way out but to make love.  You can do this in many ways.  It might mean that you’ll have to be more aggressive and play with him.  Make out and do a lot of touching.  Rub his chest and touch his skin as much as possible to start the hormones going.

Many women quit and give up too quickly. Women in a sexless relationship tend to get less sex than a man in a sexless relationship because women aren’t typically as persistent as men. They quit too quickly. You want to make your boyfriend want sex by pushing him past the point of no return.

And the third thing is to get into the habit of regular sex, sometimes having sex daily is just the matter of getting into the groove of it.  If you do it regularly, his body will begin to expect it and he’ll be more comfortable.  Often the key to make your boyfriend want sex is to make sex a very regular habit. You just do it without thinking about it too much and you avoid falling out of the habit.

Think of regular sex as a habit and work really hard to get into the habit to begin with, and once you do that it will be a lot harder to fall out of it.

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If you want to make your boyfriend horny you need to know how to press his buttons.

It sounds a bit silly, right?  Men are supposed to love sex and be ready for it at a moment’s notice.  This is a bit of a stereotype and isn’t true of every male.  Some men need a jump start to get going in the bedroom, and as a woman, it’s part of your job to know what buttons to press to get him between the sheets.

How do I find out what his buttons are?

The first thing to do is look at your appearance.  Are you doing your best to look as attractive as possible?  Men want to go to bed with a firecracker, someone that will excite them and make them feel primal.  This doesn’t mean you have to start dressing super skimpy all the time, but it does mean that you should really pay attention to your appearance and look like a woman who knows what to do in bed.

Next, tease him.  Part of what makes him horny is that anticipation that he’s going to have sex soon.  Teasing and flirting are ways of telling him that you do plan to get him under the covers, you just haven’t decided where and when.  Brush up against him provocatively when you walk past or say something dirty.  One thing that drives men crazy is when a woman licks a lollipop or eats food in a sexy manner.  It’s your way of saying “Play your cards right and this could be you.”

Spontaneity is one of the best aphrodisiacs if you can play it right.  Try to have more quickies with him.  It will require you to be aggressive, but to men, there is something very attractive about a woman taking them aside and making love.  Try to pick random places so that he’s not expecting it.

You see, the key to making men horny is to realize they’re hunters at heart.  We haven’t been so far removed from the jungle that this is no longer true.  Thousands of years ago, men would wander and hunt food, so they’re used to responding to excitement.  The idea of finding a woman who will take them to some grove in the forest and make them feel good reaches into the depths of our primal nature.  As a woman, it’d be good to try and tap into it.

If you follow these steps you’ll have no problem getting him in bed when you want it.  He’ll be ready when you want him, and maybe sometimes when you’re not!  Try not to rebuff him when he starts to crave you.  Once he gets started, he won’t want to start.

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There are three things you can do that will really help to make your boyfriend happy.

The first one is to understand the male ego.

See the male ego is probably the most mysterious thing to a girlfriend.  Most women just don’t understand the male ego.

A man’s ego determines his behavior, it influences what he does and what’s important to him.  If you can nurse his ego in the right way, he will pretty much do anything for you, will be addicted to you, and will be hopelessly attracted to you.

See what the male ego is all about is feeling like he is in control of his life.

See every man has a need to feel significant, important.  It’s not just the normal need for people to feel important.

He wants to be a hero in his own eyes.  He wants to feel like the future is in his own two hands.

You can imagine in the old days, the men of the front would go out and kill an animal and bring it back.  He’d be the hero and everyone would celebrate, and cheer.  Every man wants to be lauded and praised.

But in modern day life, we don’t get a chance to generally kill the wild beast and bring it back, so we have to do this in our life somehow.  The opportunities are rare though to reenact this feeling.

What you want to do is notice his achievements and celebrate it with him, make him feel like he’s important and that he’s a a hero.  Ponder that for a moment and you’ll discover that the male ego is about giving him validation. That will certainly make boyfriend happy.

The second thing you can do is understand that lot of men don’t think with their head, they think with what’s in their pants.

So become an expert at turning him on and driving him crazy and ramping up his desire and getting him to really want you. Nothing will make your boyfriend happier more than a woman who knows his buttons.

Generally women that are spectacular at getting their men in the mood, are the ones that make their boyfriends happy.

So what I encourage you to do is become a master at getting him turned on and making him want you.  Learn to be seductive!

The third thing we can do to make your boyfriend happy is to understand what happiness and self-esteem is all about.  Encourage your boyfriend to do things that boost his self-esteem and his levels of happiness.

You see your ability to make boyfriend happy is actually limited.

A lot of his happiness comes from himself.

It’s up to him to do it.

You can only be so effective in making him happy, truth be told.

A lot of him being happy is really up to him and what he does.

So it’s not entirely your responsibility, and there’s only so much you can do. To make your boyfriend happy is to create an environment that helps him help himself.

But what you can do is help guide him in many ways, to doing things that make him happy and that’s the smartest thing you can do in the long run.

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When you want to make your husband horny you’ve got to do whatever it takes. Your sex life depends on it.

I want to encourage you if your goal is to make your husband horny to think outside the box.  You have to breathe new life into the bedroom.  You are going to have to be his little firecracker.

One of the big things for married people is to keep the spark alive in their love life.  You don’t get to have new partners, so you have to take the partner you have and make it work.  If you’ve hit a road block with your marriage and want to find out how to make your husband horny, then I can give you some tips that will drive him crazy.

Become the seductress

Men want to be seduced just like woman do.  They’re not obvious about it, but there’s no man on earth that doesn’t want his wife to intoxicate him with her attractiveness.  You’ll have to take on the role of the seductress.  Watch a few movies if you’re not sure how it’s done.  Batman 2 with Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman is a really great example.

Catwoman dressed provocatively, but was still full clothed.  She showed of her female curves and knew just how to accentuate them.  She left a lot to the imagination.  When you pick out your outfit for your husband, be sure that it leaves a lot to his imagination. It’s all part of teasing him.

Another way to seduce your husband is to show confidence in your mannerisms and the way you walk.  Watch actresses and models as they go down the run way.  Every step they take is filled with pride and confidence.  You can do the same thing.  Learn to swap your hips and hold your head up.  Your husband will see this and his subconscious will tell you are a great lover he wants to go to bed with right away.

Set the stage to be romantic

You want to have some drama.  Your husband wants to come home from a long, hard day’s work to something fresh and exciting.  Cover your bed with rose petals and leave a trail for him at the door to follow.  Put on some romantic music or fill the house with candles to set a romantic mood. Surprise him!  There are all manner of creative things you can do to set the stage.

Another way you can get him in the mood is to work on your foreplay skills.  Learn massage.  Massage is a great way to get him to relax and to get his erogenous centers going.  Focus on his back and his legs.  This is where a lot of his tension will be, and he’ll be so much more in the mood to take you to bed when all the stress is out of his body.

Tease, tease, and tease some more

The more he anticipates making love to you, the more he will not be able to control himself.  Talk about what you want him to do to you.  Play with him and be sure to laugh as much as you can.  As a woman, you can be a bit forward, but then back off quickly.  Let him chase you, but always remember, the chase has to have a prize.  When the time comes, he will be so overcome with attraction he’ll have only one thing on his mind.  Give it to him.

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To make your husband want sex you need to makeover your approach to sexuality.

What you need right now at this point in time is a crash course in sexuality. What you need to make your husband want sex is an instant shortcut to being a sex expert.

Understanding sexuality, in particular your husband’s sexuality, is going to be a very big factor in understanding why your husband doesn’t want to have sex and how you can get him to want more sex.  It’s time to get into his head.

Sexuality is more than just your sexual parts and having an orgasm.  Your brain is your greatest erogenous zone.  It needs to be used.

We are all sexual people and we all have a need to express ourselves.  Sometimes we are able to easily express our sexual selves, but other times, we need help.  Sexual energy ebbs and flows.

Understanding sexuality is about knowing exactly what your husband feels about sex. You can make your husband want sex by exploring sex with him.

Does your husband have confidence problems?  Sometimes people need baby steps before getting into sex.  You’ve most likely had sex before you were married, so you should know each other by now.  What’s changed?

Sometimes when couples start dating, these problems can be glossed over by the excitement of the new partner and the chemicals that happen in their early dating stages, but sometimes these can just cover these real problems that have been there for a long time.

And if your husband isn’t interested in sex, there are sometimes deeper emotional and psychological issues going on deep beneath the surface. You can begin to make your husband want sex by learning more about his connection with sex.  You are going to have to help him gain confidence, and look forward to connecting with you physically.

Sometimes when women attempt to increase their husband’s libido and drive for sex, they don’t have enough information about where what drives a man.  What drives a man to make love is complex.  We can break it down into understandable chunks though.

So I just want to give you one example, and this is that sometimes a man’s need for sex is tied his feeling of achievement. Why do you think it’s called “scoring?”  Your husband wants to feel like he is powerful, and that he has seduced you because of his animal magnetism.

There’s something in men where they want and need to feel like a hunter, like they’re going out and bring their spoils home.  They want the whole village to congratulate them for their achievement. It’s important that when it comes to sex, your man feels the sense of achievement.

This is something that women don’t necessarily feel but it’s something that’s important to know to get your male stimulated and turned on.

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One thing about marriage conferences is that not too many people know what they are.  They are quite effective at keeping a relationship healthy.

I know that new, avante garde couple’s therapy is all the rage nowadays, so I thought I’d wade into the debate.  Marriage conferences are the new way to put a spark back into your marriage, and they are billed as super serious, intense, low cost ways to deal with your marriage.  I love marriage conferences, but really, they’re basically group retreats.  So much for sticking a new name on an old practice.

Why are they simply group retreats?  Because what you do at a marriage conference is the same thing you do at a group retreat.  I know, I’ve been to both and I saw absolutely no effective difference.  How they’re marketed, though, is where the difference lies.  Marriage conferences are billed as being like a business, as if you’re networking with other couples.

What should I expect if I go on one?

There’s a huge increase in couples’ attending retreats, seminars, workshops, getting therapies, reading books, listening to audios and doing things as a couple and I think why this is occurring is because we live in the information age. I like marriage conferences because there is good information to learn that can help you.

Can a marriage conference help my struggling relationship?  

People are realizing that there’s information available in the modern day world to fix any problem, to solve any difficulty and I think people are also realizing that marriages require a constant investment and maintenance for them to be as healthy as possibly. Part of marriage conferences is teaching you those important skills.

Is it important that I go to one?

Couples are no longer leaving their relationship to the winds of fate.  They know that their relationships require constant tune ups and constant vigilance, so marriage conferences have become all the rage.  Plus, marriage conferences can be a lot of fun as they are usually on some tropical island or a mountain retreat where you can get away from the perils of modern life.

I think whole lots people are realizing marriage can take an effort, can take work, and it can take a process of growing and learning together.

This is why marriage conferences take place where a lot of couples can attend an event where there are different speakers and workshops. There’s different skills and strategies to learn.  You can start to look at your relationship as a project or a work in progress, and less as something that just happens and goes on its own.

For example I was looking at one marriage conference recently and they were teaching all the participants mindfulness.  Mindfulness is actually derived from Zen Buddhism and is a technique to clear the mind of unnecessary “noise.”

Mindfulness is a way of relaxing, meditating, living in the now, removing stress, removing anxiety and not putting so much pressure on yourself. What a great idea marriage conferences really are.

Mindfulness is about clearing your mind and enjoying life. If they teach that at marriage conferences – then make sure to go.  Mindfulness has its roots in Buddhist teachings: it’s one of the nine pillars of behavior that is supposed to lead to enlightenment.  We won’t go too much into the Buddha, but mindfulness is an excellent way to tweak your behavior for optimal results.

And I can has it a guess that if every couple out there, every married couple wants to learn mindfulness and practice it together, there would be a lot less divorces and a lot less marriage problems and this is one thing I want to encourage you to do as a couple. Part of the appeal of marriage conferences is learning skills like this – so powerful.

If you’re thinking about how to strengthen your marriage and how to make it better and how to invest in it, make it grow, look for these things called practices. I really like marriage conferences because you can learn practices that will help your marriage.

Practices are something that you never really get good at like yoga, it’s something you practice and you constantly improve and when you’re in a marriage, you want to see if you can have practices that you do together.

It could be rock climbing, it could be meditation, it could be anything at all, it might be learning a language but it can be really beneficial for you both to engage in these practices together then you’ve got something to talk about, you’ve got something to share and it can be a really cool experience when the both of you are doing these sort of things together.

That’s why when I researched marriage conferences recently and I saw how they’re running mindfulness classes for couples, I thought it was just one of the best ideas I’ve ever seen.

If you are thinking about checking out marriage conferences – then definitely do it. Going to marriage conferences will really help your relationship. It has to.

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Perhaps if you are wondering how to have sex with your boyfriend you are lacking in sexual confidence…

What I encourage you to do if you want to boost your sex life with your boyfriend is to focus on massively ramping up your sexual desire and your sexual energy. That really does hold the keys to how to have sex with your boyfriend.

For women this happens in a different way to men. How to Make Love With Your Boyfriend

Men are very visual creatures so they may get pumped up with their sexual energy by looking at a Penthouse magazine but for women it happens a lot more with words and experiences.

Increasing desire will automatically allow you the space to learn how to have sex with your boyfriend.

So I highly recommend first of all that you read some erotic fiction. Discover how to have sex with your boyfriend through feeling far more sexual.

These are stories about having sex because there are words that really spur the female imagination on. Knowing how to have sex with your boyfriend is not all about him – it’s mostly about how you feel and the state that you personally are in.

I highly recommend reading this erotic fiction as much as you can.

You want to increase your sexual energy by 10 or 20 times. That will help you know how to have sex with your boyfriend permanently.

Your boyfriend will be blown away when you’re aggressively holding him down and have sex with him.

When your sexual desire is high you’d be willing to do almost everything and anything to have sex and have the wildest sex in your life. You’ll discover how to have sex with your boyfriend just through having his energy in yourself.

The second thing is to look on a sex toy or vibrator to help you to explore your sexuality on your own and to increase your levels of awareness and also to get your sexual energy fly normal.

The good thing with a vibrator is it’s very discreet, it’s very easy, and it’s very powerful at giving you orgasms and giving you sexual pleasure. Learn how to have sex with your boyfriend by mastering pleasure in your own body.

It may not be as good as having sex with your boyfriend but what it will do is charge up your sexual energy. Most of knowing how to have sex with your boyfriend is about “you” – not him.

I highly recommend you do this as often as possible to get yourself as charged up as you can.

And the third thing I encourage you to do is add just a little bit more sensuality to the way you express yourself, to the way you talk, to the way you dress, to the way you walk and interact with people.

Look to add just a bit more sexuality to your energy and to your vibe and this will fire into how your boyfriend sees you, connects with you and feels about you. Learning how to have sex with your boyfriend is primarily about developing your own sexuality. The stuff with your boyfriend will happen automatically.

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Are you trying to get your ex back, but you need something unconventional to do it?  Here are some weird tricks to bring your ex back!

I have written many articles about what you can do to get your ex back, but sometimes, the conventional stuff just doesn’t cut it.  Every relationship is different. Sometimes you can get your ex back by concentrating on becoming a new person, while other times, you can get your ex back by trying to rekindle the spark between the two of you.  However, in some situations, you can’t just do the same old thing. Your ex will have to be really excited to be back with you, in which case, you’ll need some weird tricks up your sleeve.

One of the quirkiest things you can do is try to flirt with your ex incognito.  You need to get some sunglasses, a costume, and to take on a brand new identity.  Have fun with this idea!  If you want to be a Parisian fashion designer on assignment from France or if you want to be a body builder visiting for a competition, then do that.  You see, your ex will never expect you to take on a brand new guise, a new persona, and you can really romance them by pulling them into your fantasy world.

There is one thing about getting your ex back that really makes a difference, and that is the element of surprise.  That’s why it is so important for you to try something fresh and new that will truly surprise your ex and get things started again.

Another weird idea that you can try is for you to try and stage a meeting with your ex.  For instance, if you know that  your ex likes to hang out at a certain mall or they love a certain store, then try to frequent that store yourself and run into them.  Don’t be bland about it though!  For instance, I know one woman who knew that her boyfriend was working at a hospital, so she decided to dress in a ridiculously sexy outfit and go rollerskating.  When she saw him, she literally fell in his arms.

You see, weird tricks are not really going to magically get your ex back . What does it is breaking the old mold, smashing it to pieces, and starting over anew.  You have to convince your ex that life will be different if you two get back together, so if you can do that, things will be alright.

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