One of the best ways to keep your relationship from ending is to find a way to spice it up.How to save your relationship from breaking up...

Often times your relationship is an extension of your own life. It reflects what you are doing personally. After all, you are one half of the relationship equation.

And if you’re stuck in a rut, if you have too much routine and especially if you’re not doing anything new or exciting things together – your relationship could suffer because it gets caught up into a repetitive, boring cycle.

So I encourage both of you to explore new interests together. Try things that you’ve never done before.

It could be a new hobby, passion, or interest. It could involve getting back in touch with something that you enjoyed as a child. It might involve doing something that you’ve never done before. It could include world travel or anything that you never thought you’d consider doing.

Turn these activities into meaningful time together. Act as a team and your relationship will be much stronger because of it.

And you’ll find that the two of you learn more about yourselves. Increasing self-awareness leads to better relationships because both partners are actively aware of what needs to be done.

Usually repetition is the death of a relationship. The relationship gets comfortable and boring and lacks any sort of excitement. Change this immediately. Give your relationship lots of spark by doing some new interests together.

I’ve seen a lot of couples take up dancing lessons for a while and often the guy didn’t really want to do it but he did it just for something to do. And you can see the couple getting stronger with each lesson, you can see them bonding and having fun. Many times, the guy succumbs to the activity and finds that he does enjoy it once he knows what to do.

Maybe take a cooking course together or learn a foreign language. Building a really strong relationship can come down to thinking outside of the box and trying different things. 

It’s worth investing the time to do this. Your relationship will be much stronger because of it and your whole level of life enjoyment will increase.

So take a risk, go wild, do something different – your relationship will really thank for you for it.

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If your marriage is in trouble, and you’re looking for a book on stopping a divorce, there’s plenty to choose from.

How can I stop my divorce - can my marriage be saved with a Book?

No one wants to go through a divorce.  Your emotions will be put through a shredder, and in the case of children, you will find that your once happy family life will be filled with pitfalls and pain.  No one wants to go down this road if there is something they can do about it.  Maybe you’re in the market for books that can stop a divorce and repair your damaged relationship?  There’s quite a few on the market, and each has their own take on marital problems.

“Breaking the Argument Cycle: How to Stop Arguing Without Therapy,” is a good book for couples who might find it financially stressing to see a professional therapist, and instead want easy, practical tip to take the rancor out of a relationship plagued with screaming matches.  The author, Sharon Rivkin, is a couple’s therapist who has condensed her experience with couples who often argue into a book.  Most of the time, your arguments with your spouse can be over trivial, meaningless things, where the core problem lies somewhere else.  This book has exercises and tips on how to cut through the trivialities and get straight to the core of the problem.  It doesn’t just give you anecdotal evidence, but real things you can try out with your spouse, and see if it affects your relationship in a positive way.

“Take Back Your Marriage: Sticking Together in World That Pulls Us Apart,” By William J. Doherty PhD, is another great book for couples who feel their relationship is on the rocks.  Doherty suggests that marriage requires a lot of active effort by both parties.  Most relationships fail because many people feel that their relationship was complete once they tied the knot.  Marriage is a journey, not an endpoint, suggests Doherty, and it’s good advice, especially to those who feel their marriage might soon be ending.  Doherty advocates for “intentional marriage,” or marriage where both partners are active daily in strengthening their bond.  As always, practical advice is always better than just hearing about other people’s lives, and this book has many exercises that build intimacy and break barriers between partners.

If you really want to cement your relationship and say “Goodbye!” to the possibility of divorce, then you should try Barry Cooper’s “Stopping the Epidemic of Divorce: Practical steps to stop divorce in its tracks.”  The books is light yet deals with a very heavy subject, and its designed to help people avoid the pitfall of divorce.  It’s painful honesty and rapier wit will leave you chilled, but at the same time, give you hope that there is indeed a way you can patch things up and avoid divorce.  The market is of course filled with other books on avoiding divorce, but these ones will provide you with a good head start.

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