What To Say To Get Your Ex Back

Getting a man back is all about your own self image.  The battle will not be to get him back, but to get yourself into a new way of thinking.

What I’m going to do in this article is help lay the foundation for you to have the best possible chance at getting your man back as possible. You’ll be able to take the first steps to discovering how to get a man back.

Dating is all about the mental game.  It’s not just about wearing the right dress or picking out the right makeup.  Those are part of it, but the game is all in the mind.  If you’re looking to get a man back, you have to think the right way, and understand his mindset.

First, work on your own mind.  Do not fall into the trap of circular thinking.  I’ll give you an example circular thinking.  You say to yourself, “I’m so depressed that I don’t have the energy to make things better and I don’t have the energy to make things better because I’m so depressed.”   That thinking spirals downward into an abyss.

Often after a breakup where you want to know how to get a man back you are having many repeated disempowering thoughts.

When I talked to a lot of people that are dealing with a difficult breakup, they are stuck in their cycles where they are reliving all of the bad parts of their relationship and never get past why it is they broke up in the first place.

You don’t have time to worry about finding all of the causes of your breakup.  It’s in the past.  Leave it there, because it cannot be changed.

You might be beating yourself up about how you could have saved the relationship.  If there was infidelity, perhaps you are blaming yourself for not being attractive enough.  Do not spend one more minute on these kinds of thoughts!

You’re not thinking about fixing the problem.  You’re not really working on the problem of how to get your man back. You’re just trapped with no way out.

It’s very easy when you suffer from a very traumatic breakup to be stuck in this kind of thinking. You need to change it if you are to ever know how to get a man back.

It’s very important that we learn to adjust our thinking for different things, different scenarios, so we can think about them in a healthy way. Tell yourself that you are attractive, and that the breakup is in the past.  You did your best, and now, you are ready to be 10 times as attractive as you were before.

Positive thinking helps us and empowers us.

Write down, right now maybe three or four things that you think about that make you feel bad when you think about them and they don’t seem to provide you with a solution.

Next to those see if you can write down a different way of thinking about the situation – possibly a new perspective or a new approach that doesn’t feel as bad. Change the way your brain is wired so you don’t feel so bad because of this situation. Do that and how to get a man back will become clearer to you.

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I want to help you find the source code on how to ex back. Getting your ex back is probably the biggest thing on your mind right now. Let’s find out why.How to ex back

One thing that is worth building awareness around is which types of people are more likely to get seriously affected by a breakup and which types of people aren’t.

I will tell you that there are three different indicators that mean someone is more likely to experience very negative effects from a breakup. If you all you can think about is how to ex back then it’s likely that you are effected by one or more of these three elements.

If you’re able to deal with these three things, what you’ll realize that first of all a breakup won’t be as bad, it won’t be as traumatic and it won’t be as negative for you. You won’t care as much about how to ex back because you’ll be coming from a more powerful place. Which also ironically gives you more chance of actually getting your ex back.

So you’ll have a much better chance of getting your girl back because your head will be a lot clearer and you’ll be coming at it from a much more powerful position.

In my experience these three things that are more likely to make a breakup worse are number one having some sort of issues with your childhood. The people that usually are obsessed with how to ex back usually have experienced some (usually unresolved) childhood trauma. This makes the breakup harder to handle.

If you’ve been through some traumatic difficult experiences in your childhood – it makes it worse.

And you haven’t actually dealt with these and you haven’t probably had them sorted out. One of the reasons I’m giving you this information is because when people usually want to know how to ex back they don’t really hit the core of what is really going on. In fact they don’t even usually know what the core really is.

Statistically you are hundreds of percent more likely to have a problem dealing with relationships ending if you had a tough childhood. All you might care about right now is how to ex back but it’s worth thinking about why this is so tough for you in the first place.

You’re more likely to be severely impacted by these events and for it to take a major toll on you when you’ve had this childhood difficulties. You might only want to how to ex back but it could be helpful to use this as an opportunity to get your “internal” stuff sorted out.

Number two is if you’re suffering from anything like depression or anxiety. This will dramatically increase how much you care about how to ex back.

If you’re suffering from these type of things that when you go through something like a break up it will hit you much harder. Seriously discovering how to ex back will become the most important thing in your life if you are dealing with these types of issues.

It will really impact you. It will take a really negative toll and you’ll be heavily affected.

Number three is not finding it easy to get back into the dating world, you know if you’re the sort of person that has trouble meeting girls, dating them and having sex. You might think that grasping how to ex back is the most important thing to you – but it might only be because you are scared of being single.

When you experience a breakup especially if it’s very hard for you to date someone the quality of your ex – this is going to hit you very hard. Especially if you’re very shy and introverted and you have trouble making friends. You’ll really want to determine how to ex back if you struggle with meeting people of the opposite sex.

A breakup is going to be a very difficult situation for you to handle. Especially if you aren’t used to dating high quality people. You’ll be super keen to identify how to ex back because you’ll feel like this was one of your only shots at dating someone like this.

So what I recommend is to focus on these three things.

If any of each of these three things is an issue for you it’s very important that you get on top of it. Get those issues sorted first. No matter how hard that might be. All you can focus on is how to ex back and this is a very ineffective and limiting thing to focus on. Move from thinking about how to ex back to what you can do to get yourself feeling powerful.

Because when you’re able to enter a relationship having had these three things handled you’re going to be a lot more attractive.

You’re going to be a lot more centered and solid and if things do go wrong it’s going to hit you as hard. You won’t care as much about how to ex back because you’ll be much more grounded and centered.

Do you wish things could return to the way they were?  Are you thinking about getting your ex back, but just don’t know what to do?  Here’s some food for thought.  

The first thing you need to think about when deciding on getting your ex back is to really think about if that is what you really want.  Seriously, I know it can feel like you desperately want life to return to the way things were.  Everyone feels like that after a breakup or during a massive life change, but there’s no reason for you to make hasty decisions.  You have to take some time to explore your feelings.

Are you just lonely?  Have you not found someone else?  A lot of times we want to get our ex back because our life never moved on from when we broke up.  We never sought new experiences or tried to reinvent ourselves.  Because, if you think about, trying to get back with your ex is saying that you currently don’t have any prospects on the horizon.

Am I a loser for wanting to get back with your ex?

Not necessarily, but if you are trying to get with your ex just because you haven’t moved on with your life, you may want to rethink the entire enterprise.  You see, if you try to get your ex back with a mindset of desperation, then you’re going to have a difficult time.  What’s worse, even if you get back with your ex they may try to manipulate you.  I wouldn’t want your ex to play with your emotions for their own personal gain.

So, if you want your ex back, and you’re only doing it because you’re desperately trying to live in the past, my advice is to forget about the whole thing.  It will not end well.  You cannot go back into the past you have to look forward towards the future.  There’s no other choice.  If you are actually regretful about how you broke up and think that you could have an honestly healthy relationship with your ex, then we have something to discuss.

How do I restart our relationship?

Good question.  First, you have to hit the reset button.  You two have a history together that cannot be erased, but it cannot play a huge factor in how you attract your ex back to you.  You do not want all of the old problems to resurface.  You really want to start off as if you are two brand new people.  This is why you need to take some time to get to know yourself and reinvent yourself.  Start wearing new clothes, going to new spots, and trying new things.  Expand yourself.  Do things that would otherwise embarrass you.

After you start working on the new you, approach your ex in a way where there are no expectations . Do not lay it on too think that you want them to get back with you. In fact, act totally ambivalent and make it look like you would be completely happy whether or not you ever got back together again.  You’ll see their behavior change instantly.

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Knowing how to get over your ex girlfriend comes down to your mind. It’s all in your head as they say.To Get your Ex Back

One of the things that’s going to heavily influence your ability to getting over a period of relationship or learning how to get over your ex girlfriend is going to be how responsive and how open your mind on the amount of change.

You see getting over an ex and moving on and dealing with these sort of relationship processes are just really a function of change. How open you are to change and acceptance and how much you enjoy change is going to be, probably be the biggest factor in how you deal with this relationship break-up and getting over your ex.

Knowing how to get over your ex girlfriend is mostly just knowing how to deal with change.

So if you’re quite change adverse, if you’re somebody who’s very conservative and somebody who doesn’t like change and someone who deals very poorly with change and somebody who lives with a lot of certainty in their life and lacks to be familiar – you can really struggle because you’re just not used to change.

Knowing how to get over your ex girlfriend really comes down to having more self-awareness about why this is hard for you personally. It doesn’t really need to be hard. Learning how to get over your ex girlfriend can be an enjoyable process. You’ve got to learn to enjoy change though.

If you’re someone who’s constantly involved in trying new things and exploring different options and you often embrace change, you search for it, you enjoy it and you like it. That’s the real key to how to get over your ex girlfriend right there.

Dealing with one relationship break-up and moving forward in your life is just going to be another function that change and I want to encourage you to be someone who is more responsive to change. Someone that embraces change. That’s really how to get over your ex girlfriend.

The more self-esteem you have, generally the more responsive and open you’re going to be to change because change is a normal pattern in our life, the world is constantly changing around us and if we don’t change then we’re going to be left behind. Essentially how to get over your ex girlfriend is just another function of change.

Make an effort to do something new every day, make an effort to make decisions, maybe move house, move cities, change jobs, change exercise routines, make new friends but make things that are new and changing, very normal part of your life.

If you lifestyle is about change then knowing how to get over your ex girlfriend is just another challenge for you. If you tend to be stuck in the same situation constantly then you’ll deal badly with breakups and relationship breakdowns.

Be very much someone who enjoys change embraces it and searches for it. That’s the key to how to get over your ex girlfriend.

Learning how to get over your ex boyfriend could help shape the rest of your life. And I think you already know that.how to get over your ex

What’s going to help you more than anything else is the concept of reinvention. This will help you with how to get over your ex boyfriend more than anything else.

Reinvention is when you go through a process of very positive change.

If you imagine in fashion when someone reinvents something – it becomes popular, becomes cool, they put a slightly different angle and edge on something and it makes it fresh and people love it. It’s a similar thing with discovering how to get over your ex boyfriend.

It’s the same for you, it’s really time to look at reinventing yourself, not changing who you are but adding a bit of an edge, adding a little bit of an extra thing to yourself to just give you a boost of energy, a boost of confidence and to ramp up your attraction.

I want to give you three tips to have a successful reinvention when it comes to you. The real secrets to how to get over your ex boyfriend

The first thing is to try some new things.

You never really know what’s going to work for you unless you experiment a little bit so if you’re very risk adverse and you’ve very safe and you’re very scared – it’s time to start taking some small steps to being a little bit more of a risk taker and to start experimenting and trying some new things in your life.

This is the only way you’re going to find what really works for you. You’ll get clear on how to get over your ex boyfriend not through theory but through experience.

The second thing is to step outside your comfort zone.

Everything you want is just outside that thing called a comfort zone and you’re not going to reinvent yourself and you’re certainly not going to deal with this ex-situation if you’re playing safe after just sticking to what you know and you’re just playing it like that.

Learning how to get over your ex boyfriend will probably only happen outside of your comfort zone. It won’t happen through playing it safe.

It is really time for you to just step outside your comfort zone, to embrace the new and to face your fears a little bit and do some things that previously you may have thought was difficult.

The third thing, a reinvention really does give you the time to sort any issues you have. Knowing how to get over your ex boyfriend can often come down to sorting out any internal issues and conflicts that you are suffering from.

Some of those issues are beneath dealing with an ex.

Say for example you have some underlying issues that like anxiety, insecurity, or poor self-image, even a lack of confidence – a bad breakup is going to make them worse.

Whatever these things are, it’s really important that you use it as an opportunity to address them. Learning how to get over your ex boyfriend is often about dealing with problems you’ve had for a long time. It’s these issues that makes the breakup worse. Figuring out how to get over your ex boyfriend usually comes down to fixing you.

The best change and the best improvement often come from the inside out.

So focus on making yourself an issue-free zone, a problem-free zone.

Focus on being someone who doesn’t have any underlying issues, someone who isn’t easily stressed and someone who has a really good grasp of life. Understanding how to get over your ex boyfriend is usually about sorting your own stuff out more than anything to do with the relationship.

This is the sort of frame you want to be on that’s going to help you bounce back from a bad break-up and hit the ground running.

Learning how to get an ex girlfriend back is usually a period of serious self-discovery.How to get an Ex Girlfriend Back

What I recommend if you’re going to focus on one single thing to get your ex back is to turn your life around. This is the central theme to knowing how to get an ex girlfriend back.

I want to explain what I mean by that and I want to explain to you exactly how you can do that.

Turning your life around while it may feel like a big deal or something that’s hard it isn’t.

It all begins with a single step and with starting the process immediately. Think about the first steps to really being certain about how to get an ex girlfriend back.

This has to be your number one focus because if you really want to get her back, if you really want to give yourself the best possible chance at reinventing that relationship then it’s time to leave no stone unturned in turning your life around completely.

You can dip your toe into the pool of improvement or you can decide to dive in. Begin to get clear on how to get an ex girlfriend back by increasing your level of commitment.

I highly recommend at this point diving in and getting the most benefit and change that is possible.

So these are three steps to turning your life around, implement them instantly. The starting path to how to get an ex girlfriend back.

These three things are:

Number one – thinking about a life changing decision for you.

It might be losing forty pounds or getting a better job or moving cities. It’s easier to know how to get an ex girlfriend back if you are willing to make big decisions and changes.

I want you to consider what a life changing decision is for you and make it right now and start taking action on it instantly. Don’t just think about how to get an ex girlfriend back be willing to make MASSIVE changes.

Don’t make decisions such as quitting smoking or starting to go to university again and put it off tomorrow. Make the decision and take a step to achieve it instantly.

The second thing is to invest in something that’s going to give you more emotional recovery and freedom. You’ll figure out how to get an ex girlfriend back by healing from any previous trauma you have experienced.

I highly recommend a technique called EFT which is the ‘emotional freedom technique’.

What this helps you to do is deal with difficult emotions and to free energy blockages in your body. Knowing how to get an ex girlfriend back is usually about getting yourself feeling good first.

It’s going to make you feel good, it’s going to give you more energy to take action and it’s going to help you deal with some of those negative emotions that you’re probably experiencing after your breakup.

So I high recommend EFT for you to start to get just a little bit more control over your emotions so your ruling and they’re not ruling you. Knowing how to get an ex girlfriend back is only part of it – you’ve got to be able to action advice.

The third thing I highly recommend is to start to take some action on living the life of your dreams.

If you want to get your ex back and you want to be incredibly sexy to them then what you need to do is be a guy that is chasing his dreams.

Sometimes when you’re dealing with a bad breakup it can kill your energy, kill your drive, kill your motivation and you can lose touch of going after what you really want in life. That’s not how to get an ex girlfriend back.

This ironically is what’s going to make you unattractive.

I highly recommend starting to take action and really having the life you want.

Taking action on living your dreams, maybe it’s a dream job or maybe it’s a dream lifestyle, but it’s time for you to start moving towards your ideal. Know how to get an ex girlfriend back by starting to really lift your game dramatically.



To get your ex back you need to be really creative…Get your ex back, Right Now

You need to remember to keep a healthy mindset about your ex-girlfriend. To get your ex back you need to be a happy guy. Your self-esteem plays a large role in how you deal with a break-up but it can also play a large role in the possibility of rekindling that relationship.

If you suffer from low self-esteem what you’re likely to do when you experience a break-up is lose it emotionally. To get your ex back you need to seriously pull yourself together. The trauma is going to affect you, you’re going to struggle. Being able to get your ex back is about sorting yourself out first. You need to be healed before you can make her fall in love with you again.

You need to find a way to completely accept what has happened and put it all in the past.

Do you deal with problems and trauma with alcohol or drugs? That will not help you get your ex back and most likely, it will ruin your changes of getting her back.

Maybe you don’t have a support network or people to talk to. That’s also going to affect your chances of getting her back.

Part of the process in order to get your ex back is de-stressing so when she sees you – you are completely centered and happy. You are balanced and relaxed. You can’t be a mess.

If you’re lacking in self-esteem you also probably are not being realistic about what the relationship was actually like. It’s probable that you put your girlfriend up on a pedestal and that isn’t healthy.

Now that you’ve broken up with her or perhaps she’s broken up with you – you see only the positive. Remember that she has negative qualities too and neither one of you is perfect.

Find a way to build confidence. Absolute rock solid confidence from the deepest reaches of your core being.

There are two major ways to do this.

The first is testing yourself. It’s very difficult to build your confidence in a room with no windows. To build your confidence you usually have to test yourself physically, mentally, emotionally. So this might mean starting an intense fitness routine or maybe going on some adventure or some exploration.

You’ve got to do stuff that challenges you and pushing you and makes you find confidence from surviving and succeeding in these challenges.

The second is actually studying confidence. Know what causes it and what you can do to influence those factors in your life. Build your confidence and you’ll have a much better chance at winning your ex back.

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What to say to get my ex back? Many people find themselves asking this question.

Throughout these articles, I really want to help you lay the ground work for getting your ex back. Understanding what to say to get your ex back usually starts with some basic steps.

Figuring out what those first one or two steps are will give you the greatest chance of success. It’s one of the most powerful ways to approach getting your ex back that i’ve seen. what to say to get my ex back – it’s something many people wonder but few people ever figure out. if you’re ready to be honest with yourself then proceed. i’ll help you get your ex back.

If you’re living in a state of denial or are dishonest with yourself, then you won’t be able to get your ex back. What to say to get my ex back? I know you’re still asking this question but read on and I’ll explain.

Sometimes we’re the easiest people to trick; it’s often easier to lie to ourselves than it is to lie to anyone else. Determining “what to say to get my ex back” is about discovering that awareness that only comes from living in consciousness.

It’s very difficult for you to figure out what’s really going on and take the action required to get your ex back, if you are lying to yourself.

So these are the three things you can do to help minimize this problem.

The first one involves stopping your rationalizing. Rationalization is what happens when there is something or someone in your life that you don’t like and you rationalize why you should put up with it, why you should change or why you shouldn’t change.

If you want to “get my ex back”, then you need to figure out what you are rationalizing and why. These rationalizations may or may not have to do with your ex but there is only one way to find out. Look within and examine yourself with loving but critical honesty.

The second type of lying to ourselves is: excuses.

Excuses are what stop us from taking actions or stop us from going after the things we want. With excuses, we lie to ourselves.

And the third area where people tend to lie to themselves is with happiness.

We all have happiness. Right now at this very moment. But sometimes we lie to ourselves about what makes us happy and what we need to do to make ourselves happy.

Everyone actually knows and sometimes we lie to our selves that we don’t know what would make us happy or that we don’t know what to do to make ourselves happy. You do. You just may not  be willing to go after it.

So get honest with your relationship. Be honest with yourself about where you’re at in life, where your ex is at in life, what you think about your relationship and what your ex thinks about your relationship. What to say to get my ex back? That will become a part of your past. You’ll know what to say to get your ex back if you are honest with yourself and with your relationship.

The question on your mind is what to say to get your ex back.  I’m sorry, but there are no magic words.

There are no magic words to get your ex back.  If there were, then a lot of people would find it easy to get back with their ex.  In my experience, trying to repair a long dead relationship is not really worth the effort.  You could instead focus your energy on getting into a new relationship or rebuilding your life.

You see, as people we want to go back to periods in our life when we were happy.  We tend to remember all of the great times we had with our ex and how life was so much better.  Well, for one, your relationship was probably nice, but I bet it wasn’t quite as magical as you make it out to be in your own mind.  You see, we have a tendency to focus on what we want rather than looking at what we have.

If you really want to get your ex back, then you are going to have to build some confidence in yourself.  You see, you’re reading this article because you are not sure of how you should approach the situation.  You lack confidence, and you lack  it possibly because your ex rejected you and you feel if you were just given a second chance the relationship would work out.  This is why you’re trying to find a quick fix for your situation.

YOU are the person that is important here, not your ex.  You do not want anyone in your life that does not add to the quality of it.  So, what do you say to them to get them back?  Nothing.  You talk as if you have the greatest life in the world.  You go about your daily routine as you normally would.  You talk about  your hopes, dreams, aspirations, and what you want out of life.

Your ex will notice that in your mind you have moved on.  You are not a person that thinks about the past incessantly to the point where you shut down.  They will be drawn to you, attracted to you, and THEY will be the ones thinking about what they should say to get you back.  Isn’t reverse psychology fun?

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Win Ex-Boyfriend Back. If you find yourself thinking this, then don’t worry. You’ve come to the right place. I can help you find the ways that you can win an ex-boyfriend back.Win an Ex-Boyfriend Back

The advice I have to share with you right now is true. It’s things that no one else would think to tell you but that you need to know!

Everyone else is going to give you advice that’s very theoretical, and sounds good but doesn’t actually work or you’re not motivated to do it. To win an ex-boyfriend back you need to be able to handle real advice that works – even if it is challenging.

Are you ready for it?

Dramatically boost your self-confidence. You can win an ex-boyfriend back by getting your spark back, by believing in yourself.

You need to feel confident in the way you look, feel that you have an attractive personality and get rid of any negative emotions that are holding you back. If you feel amazing, you will have a much better chance at finding a way to win an ex-boyfriend back.


You want your ex-boyfriend to see you and you’re glowing, you’re magnetic, you’re charismatic and you look like you’re on top of the world.

Clear out your energy. Rid yourself of emotional blockages. Bikram Yoga or hot yoga will help you in this process. That’s my recommended first step to win an ex-boyfriend back.

Now stick with me, this is going to change your whole perspective. To heal yourself and find yourself within is the best way to win an ex-boyfriend back. He’ll notice the way that you’ve changed and he’ll want you back in his life. Bikram Yoga is hot, you sweat and it helps you sweat out bad thoughts, bad memories and negative energy. Cleanse yourself and re-gain your power. Men like confident women, it gives you a sexual vibe.

Many studies show that negative, traumatic events find ways to store themselves within our muscles. Quite often when people have an injury, it lasts. A sore shoulder may not be the result of something physical. The emotional self can and will affect our physical selves. The mind and body are connected. For example, sometimes financial stress can reveal itself in lower back pain.

So what Bikram Yoga allows you to do is to stretch and sweat a lot of these negative experiences out of yourself. It’s a very powerful way to recover emotionally and to get your confidence back.

A lot of the female friends I have that do bikram say that it really improves their body image, it makes them feel sexy. And if you feel sexy, others will see you as sexy. You are in charge of your own image. It doesn’t have to be slutty sexy, you can be an innocent sexy but your guy will notice this new image and it can be whatever you like.

It’s helpful for removing anxiety and for giving your health and energy a huge boost as well. Plus, it can help you lose weight! It’s always nice to look in the mirror and notice that your thighs are a new shape or your butt has been lifted. It’s good for your physical, mental and emotional health as well as a way to win an ex-boyfriend back!

If you really want to win an ex-boyfriend back then…

Start a thirty day bikram challenge immediately.

Do 30 classes in 30 days.

Search for your nearest bikram yoga studio and get into it immediately.

This is going to give you that kick start that you’ve been looking for and will help you win an ex-boyfriend back.