What To Say To Get Your Ex Back

To get back your ex-girlfriend you need to really step up your game.Get Back Your Ex-Girlfriend

I want to help shift your thinking on what you can do to get back your ex-girlfriend. If I can do that – then you’ll notice a big change in your relationship.

A lot of the various advice you’re going to get in this breakup situation is going to be fairly generic, it’s going to be fairly stereotypical. You know – stuff you’ve heard before but I want to give you something a lot more powerful than that, I want to give you a much stronger strategy that’s going to deliver you the results guaranteed.

First off, ask yourself why you want to get back with your ex-girlfriend in the first place?  You broke up for a reason, and maybe the two of you have moved on in your lives.  Do you miss the way things used to be?  Do you miss having a companion and find that you’re bored on a Saturday night?

The way to figure out why it is you want to get back with your ex is to take a few weeks and forget about her.  

Sounds strange right?  Well, you need to have your own life, and see if it really feels right if she’s a part of it again.

You don’t want to get back with your girlfriend just because you’re feeling lonely or you want things to magically return to the way things were.  You want it to be because she will add to your life.

Really make sure that you give it some thought and if it feels right and you think that your ex-girlfriend is right for you, try to start up romance again.  Try to go back to the magic that brought you two together and rekindle your romance.

You need to reinvent your relationship.  You don’t want to sink into the old pattern that led to your break up in the first place.

Another way to get your Ex-Girlfriend back is to show her how successful you are going to be and that your life is organized and heading somewhere.  This takes time and self reflection.

Normal advice wants to trick you into believing that you can learn some quick techniques and all of a sudden she’ll want to get back with you.  This is not true, it’s not magic.

You don’t have to actually become successful for this to work, that’s the key. Being rich is not the secret to get back your ex-girlfriend. The secret is to get your sense of ambition back. In a big way.

You don’t have to become a billionaire in the next 12 months.  You do have to get  your life back together.

All you need to do is lay the foundation. To get back your ex-girlfriend she needs to feel that you are on your way to wherever it is that you are going. And make sure where you are going to is exciting. To get back your ex girlfriend is to have her feel that sense of excitement.

To start you need to start to listen to the keys of success, you need to have some goals, you need to be talking about your ambitions and what you’re going to do. To get back your ex girlfriend she needs to feel that enthusiasm.  Buy some self help books from the bookstore.  Dale Carnegie is really great int his regard.

Many guys fail to get back your ex-girlfriend by trying too hard to get her back and not focusing enough on his own life. It’s improving his own life that gives him the most change to get back your ex girlfriend.  It works every time.

It’s often just the energy of being around a guy like this, that women find attractive.

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Are you sure you want to know how to get back your ex-boyfriend? In at least 50% of cases of when women want their ex back – they were too good for their ex boyfriend.

I think a good idea is a solid analysis of whether or not getting back with your ex is actually a good idea.

If it IS a good idea to get him back, I can give you some amazing techniques that have a track record of success. But let’s establish whether getting him back is a good idea or not first.

I can tell you everything you need to do to kick start this process, to get him attracted again, to restart the relationship, to get him to desire you.  My advice has been known to make men go so wild they leave their old girlfriends just to rekindle old flames.

Before I do that, I want to give you a quick test to see whether this is something you really want to go through with.

So I’ve got three questions for you.

First, can you see a future with this guy, seriously?

Would he be a good husband?

For example, how does he deal with problems?

One of the best signs of a husband, a good husband, is a guy who deals with problems really well. To get back your ex-boyfriend think about your future with him.  Picture living day in and day out with him.

For example maybe you have a relationship problem – a really good sign is that he is willing to talk about it, he’ll be honest, he’ll be open about it and he’ll look at doing solutions.  He’d be open to reading books, seeing a therapist, or going on a retreat.

He’s not resistant and he’s flexible.

I know, for me personally, when a woman wants to get back her ex-boyfriend I immediately ask her questions about how he tended to fix issues in his own life. To get back together with  your ex boyfriend you’ve got to look forward to the future.

What about problems in his own life?  Maybe he’s lost his job or has gone through some sort of trauma, how does he deal with it?  Does he shirk his responsibilities or does he own up to what he has to do.

Does he just shut off and have poor coping skills or does he put strategies in place to get his happiness back and get his life back on track?

One of the best skills, one of the best things you want to look for in a potential husband is a guy who works really well with adversity.  When things go wrong, he has a strong support network.  He’s got good coping skills and he’s open to letting other people help.

Bad things are going to happen in life. How he deals with them shows what sort of man he is. Before you start thinking about how to get back with your ex-boyfriend, you need to understand that not all men are created equal.  You want a stud, not a dud.

The second question I have is did the relationship make you feel good and was it a positive influence in your life?

Look at the time you were together, did your marks at university increase, did your income go up, did your level of happiness improve?  Was your life clearly better when he was around than when he wasn’t?

Did the relationships with your friends and family get better?

Sometimes just love isn’t enough, you want to look at the effect that the relationship had on you in your life. To get back your ex-boyfriend is to understand the influence on your entire life.

Good relationships have a very positive effect on your life.

The third thing to look at is, how does he treat you?

Does he treat you with respect?

Does he make you feel good about yourself?

Does he make you feel attractive and loved and wanted?

Be honest here, how he treats you is everything. Don’t even bother trying to get your ex-boyfriend if he treats you poorly.  This is about making YOUR life better.

There’s no problem, there’s no good thing in finding your perfect guy if he treats you badly. To get back your ex-boyfriend is really about making sure that relationship is a good idea.

What’s the point in a relationship where the guy doesn’t make you feel good?

It’s not just about who he is, it’s also about the connection between the two of you and in particular, whether he treats you like a princess or not. Make sure that you think first before you get back your ex-boyfriend.

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If you want to get back together with ex you’ve got to speed up the recovery process. You can become a centered, confident person with these tips.

Stop torturing yourself.  Getting back together with your ex is not as hard as it may seem.  

I’ve got one very good piece of advice for you right now.

I want you to get a bag and I want you to get anything that reminds you of your ex and stick it in that bag. It might be photos of the two of you together. To get back together with ex you’ve really got to take action to get out of victim-mode and feel-sorry-for-yourself mode.

It might be love letters. It might be a gift she got you, but I want you to put all of that stuff in a bag right now. 

Remove all of those things from your apartment so that they are out of sight.  To get back together with your ex, you need closure and finality.  You need to close the book on that chapter in your life.

So right now, go around your life look for anything that reminds you of your ex-girlfriend and stick it in that bag.

If you feel overcome by emotion, then know that there are hundreds if not thousands of people just like you who have felt the exact same way in your position. Let everything out. Emptying the glass as Bruce Lee calls it.

One of the goals here is to help you get to the point where you’re a fresh canvas so you can approach your relationship with your ex-girlfriend with the right frame of mind. I know you want to get back together with ex – well, you start this by being further “moved on” than she is.

So go right now with the bag and collect anything that reminds you of your ex.  The next thing I want you to do is to take that to a friend’s house.

Go over to your friend’s house with this bag and just ask them to keep it there for a while for you. You’re going to leave that there until you’re in a position where you are totally over this relationship and it doesn’t affect you.

Whether you get back together with ex or not, the most important thing is that you feel better.

If you find that all of the knick knacks and memories are too painful to keep around, then you have to figure out how to dispose of them.  You can donate them, give them away or find some other means of disposal.  If it’s not too painful, just keep them.

So go right now with the bag and collect anything and everything that reminds you of your ex girlfriend.

To get back together with ex is being willing to make big changes and take action.

What this is going to allow you to do is to heal.

It’s going to allow you to get in a place where you can heal faster.  You can recover quickly and you can get your focus and your confidence back. To get back together with ex is really about laying the groundwork for a whole new stage in your life.

You really have to start from a healthy, happy position to have any real chance.

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So what is the one thing that will help you get back together ex girlfriend?  Is there a magic trick to do it?Get Back Together With Your Ex-Girlfriend

What I highly recommend at this point of time is changing your focus in your life.  Time to reorder and reinvent yourself.

When you change your focus, you change your results and you can change your life.  To attract your girlfriend, you can’t just do the same old things you’ve always done.

So the thing I would encourage you to focus on right now is becoming a high achiever. To get back together ex girlfriend you’ve got to blow her away with what you are doing.

One of the things that can happen when you’re dealing with a difficult break-up is that you lose sight of yourself.  You saw yourself as part of a pair, a unit.

You can lose a bit of touch with what’s important to you, what’s in your best interest and what you love the most, so I highly recommend if you’re going to focus on one thing at this point in time, you should focus on becoming a high achiever. If you do this, you’ll find it is easier to get back together with your ex girlfriend

What you want to do is shock your girlfriend by how much you’ve changed, by how much you’ve achieved. To get back together with your ex girlfriend is really all about shocking her a bit. Making her feel fear about losing you.

Maybe she has an image in her head of you being a certain way.

You want to kind of prove her wrong as it were, you want to show that, you’re a lot more successful, you’re a lot more persistent and determined than she and maybe other people could give you credit for.  It’s all about the new you!

This process will take time.  Do not be impatient!  Reorganizing your life and doing things according to a new paradigm is not going to happen overnight!

She needs to see that you are now different than the guy she knew.

Always aim to be elite in everything you do, by elite always aim to be in that top 20%.

So whatever you put your mind to whether it’s work, or your interests, or with pretty much everything, aim to be in that top center. To get back together with your ex girlfriend requires a big shift in your lifestyle.

If you aim to be elite in everything you do, even if you don’t succeed, your change will flow through your life and your girlfriend will love you for it. Really, the secret to get back together with your ex girlfriend is about building attraction. Having her really want you.  Having her really desire you.

Believe in yourself and start to have a higher opinion of yourself.  Remember, your inner life shows in your outer life.  

The problem with the lot of generic advice on how to get your ex back is that it’s based on the idea you have to do gimmicky things to get your ex. Most is a little manipulative, it’s all about trying to trick her into liking you. That doesn’t really work to get back together ex girlfriend – you’ve probably already tried it.

When you become more of a high achiever and you get genuine self-confidence and you start to get better results more often, these results and these progress shines out to everyone who knows you.  There is no way she’ll miss it.

You don’t need tricks.

She’ll be naturally attracted to you and want you back. You’ll get back together with your ex girlfriend by being you – but the 2.0 version.

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Do you think you have a shot of getting back together with your ex-boyfriend?  Need some advice?
Get Back Together With Your Ex-Boyfriend

Maybe your relationship really came apart and you do not know how to pick up the pieces and get back together.  How do you get started?  What do you say?  What do you do?

I have a suggestion about how to get the process started.

The following, in my opinion, is the best step to getting your relationship back on track and that first step is to reopen the lines of communication.

To get back together ex boyfriend you’ve got to open up to him again.  You can attract him just the way you attracted him before.

When you decide to get your ex-boyfriend back, you need to emotionally prepare yourself to be even more seductive, even more attractive than you were before.

When you raise standards of attractiveness, you tend to attract a lot better things into your life. So I want you to think right now about your life and what would make the biggest difference to getting your relationship back on track.

The problem with only wanting to get back together ex boyfriend is that you can develop a very narrow-focus.  You just think about how great the old times were.

A narrow focus never really works. You’ve got to think a bit wider and a bit more expansively.

You might have to make BIG changes to your life if you want your boyfriend to reconsider you.

You need to repair any damage that either of you felt, and you’re going to have to try and restart the relationship.  This can be hard if you broke up due to infidelity or simply had incompatible personalities.

To get back together ex boyfriend is to have him be really surprised when he sees you. In fact for him to be shocked. It’s this positive shock factor that causes massive attraction.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you can just do what you did before.  You need to be a bombshell, and make him turn his head again!

I had a female friend lose 14% body fat in 6-months after a breakup. Her ex-boyfriend wanted her back like CRAZY. To get back together, she was willing to make big changes. My friend goes to boxing classes almost daily, plus sees a person trainer twice per week.

It’s really important that you understand the power of making a change in your life, of turning things around and of lifting your standards.

To get back together with your ex boyfriend requires you to go beyond yourself and be a new, transformed person.

You’ve got to lift your game and when you do, you’ll attract much better things. Getting your ex back can actually be very easy if you are willing to embrace change and lift your game in many areas of your life to a new level.

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Are you in an off and on relationship?  It happens.  One week you are madly in love and the next week you feel at odds with your girlfriend.  How do you stabilize these types of relationships?

If you want to get your ex-girlfriend back and get her back for good, then there are things you can do to actively change the situation.  If your relationship is unstable, and you fall in and out of love, then you need to think about what you want to do with your relationship.  Some people are okay with being together for two months, off for three, and then back together again.  In fact, I knew a couple like this.  What can we learn from them?

My two friends are passionate for each other.  Maybe a bit too passionate.  When they are together, they practically hang all over each other.  They love to go on short trips to somewhere tropical and come back with a photo album of great pictures.  They call each other “honey” and “sweetheart” all the time.  But then, they’d have a blowout.  I know, because the boyfriend would call me and tell me all about it.

Couples like this have their extreme ups and downs.  They are together because of the extreme attraction for one another.  There is a lot of great sex, but the problem is, they have all sorts of other problems.  They are really two incompatible people.  She is rather uptight and straight laced, while he is rather free spirited and sometimes sloppy.  Arguments between people with their complete opposite personalities is inevitable.

So, I bet you think that they’re separated now right?  Nope, in fact they’re married, and happily at that!  They learned to work through all of their problems, even though they still seem to be on the edge, at least from my eyes.  See, the guy, my friend, knew just how to get her back every single time.

Strategies for attraction

His strategy was something to behold.  See, he knew how to build attract.  He knew how to be manly, he knew how to be his own person, and he knew all of the different keys to attraction.  Sure, there were always fights, but he knew how to maintain himself and be assertive about what he wants and who he is.  His girlfriend could never resist, no matter how big their blowouts were!

If you want your ex-girlfriend back and want her back for keeps, you need to be like my friend.  When you go back to your girlfriend, don’t grovel!  You must be assertive.  Assertiveness doesn’t mean that you have to be mean or abusive.  It means that you know you want, and that other people are not going to define you.  You are the one that defines you.  For a man, this is practically an aphrodisiac for women!

More strategies to getting your ex-back and keeping it that way

If you want your girlfriend to really see that you’re a keeper, you have to keep the relationship fresh.  If you start seeing each other practically every day, start to back off.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder.  If you busy yourself with volunteer work and doing whatever your life journey takes you, then she’ll notice that you’re out there and that you’re living your life.  It’ll also let her know that she can start thinking about you in the long term.

A woman wants a man who has a zest for life.  You have to let your girlfriend know that 5, 10, even 20 years from now, you are going to be on a great life journey that never ends.  No one wants monotony and no one wants to be stuck in a rut.  Don’t be that guy.  Be the guy that grabs the bull by the horns.

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If you want to get your ex boyfriend back what is really going to help is to do things that will make you feel amazing. One of the best feel-good strategies is to build your support network. Especially if you’ve been through a hell breakup.How to get your ex boyfriend back

The advice I’m going to give you right now in this situation is to dramatically boost your personal support network. If you are wondering how this will get your ex boyfriend back then realize the power of you feel great and being confident.

See when you’re dealing with a difficult situation like a breakup or any story of emotional trauma what’s really important is that you have a powerful support network around you and you make the absolute best use of that as possible.

So in my opinion there are four elements of a strong support network.

So you want to have all these four in your life, and you want to be able to tap into them on demand. To get your ex boyfriend back is to get out of that negative emotion stage of breakups.

Number one is a professional support network, so this might come from your therapist or coach or consular.

You want to have some sort of person in your life that you can be totally honest with and who may be able to give you a bit of a professional experience perspective. Talking to them about getting your ex boyfriend back could give you some valuable awareness and ideas.

This is very valuable because it allows to have an atmosphere in your life where you can be totally open and you can allow someone who is very educated and has a lot of experience to share some ideas and perspectives with you.

So it’s a very powerful exercise to have a professional support network that you can tap into. Getting your ex boyfriend back is mostly about how attractive and magnetic your energy is.

If you don’t have a professional network at the moment then start to get one immediately.

I know the last time I went through a break up, what I did was I hired a couple of personal coaches.

They weren’t very expensive but they gave me a little of an action and orientated a future approach to rebuilding my life and myself.

The second support network is your friends.

Maybe during a relationship you lost a bit of the closeness with your friends or got a little bit out of touch. Getting your ex boyfriend back could be a case really of giving yourself a real boost of life and energy.

So it’s time to reengage them it’s time to maybe get in touch with some people you haven’t spoken to for a while. Wanting to get your ex boyfriend back is really about having him see you and him thinking “wow”.

Go out for coffee or drinks with the girls and just generally tap into your social circles and your friends.

Especially any you’ve lost touch with and particular girlfriends that you can be honest with and let things out. Make getting your ex boyfriend back part of an overall strategy of getting as much happiness into your life as possible.

Number three a big part of the support network is new people so I highly recommend look in taking up a hobby.

Maybe something like salsa or netball, something that allows you to let off some steam but also to have a little bit of social interaction as well. You can get your ex boyfriend back by surprising him with your new independence and lifestyle. Make him a little jealous.

The worst thing you can do when you’re dealing with a breakup and you want to get your confidence back is to isolate yourself. That certainly won’t get your ex boyfriend back.

So I highly recommend meeting new people and getting yourself in some situation when you can make some new friends and you can talk to some people. Wanting to get your ex boyfriend back is about making him feel a real sense of loss.

This ends up being a very valuable support network because there is something about new people that just gives us a real boost of energy and feel good chemicals. Wanting your ex boyfriend back could come down to simply being ridiculously happy and vibrant.

The fourth area of the support network is in reading and what you want to do at this point in time is really study everything you can on breakups and dealing with them and getting your ex back.

Especially anything to do with suffering from emotional trauma or post traumatic stress disorder or anything you can on healing or making yourself feel better or boosting your confidence.

A really powerful support network can come from understand what you’re experiencing and how you can move forward.

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The best way to get your ex back quickly is to understand how to maximize our attractive powers.

There’s three ways you can develop a much more powerful sense of attraction. Getting your ex back is only the start.

If you want to get your ex back in a hurry and don’t want to wait, then you are going to have to be serious about cranking up the attractiveness-meter in your life.  You cannot play the slow game.  You have to wow your ex with all of your attractive qualities, putting them on full display.

Number one is your inner self; this is about really investing in the inner side of who you are as a person. Those people who know how to get their ex back quickly know all about the inner game.

This might be improving your self-esteem, it might be removing anxiety, it might be dealing with the recovery from traumatic experiences when you were a child. It might boosting your confidence.

Attractiveness is one of those qualities that is born from within and the explodes out into the scene.  You have to work through your problems, but once you do, everyone will want to simply be near you.  There will be some ineffable quality about you that no one will be able to put their finger on. Often really powerful attraction is caused by being a very centered, present and powerful person.

You can develop this aspect of yourself.  You can have incredible charisma that no one can resist.

Usually when you’ve gone through some sort of break up you’re quite the opposite of feeling like you can conquer the world. You are probably filled with turmoil, so it’s really time to turn that around and start to invest in your inner self and begin to build your confidence form the inside out.

The second thing that I recommend if you’re looking to turn yourself around quickly is to start to have fun again. If you really want to get your ex back – you won’t do it sitting on the couch feeling sorry for yourself.

What I am encouraging you to do is if you have some interests or flights of fancy, start thinking about just going after them with reckless abandon.  A person who knows what they want and where they’re going is beyond attractive and one of the key things we can do if we’re trying to reinvent ourselves.

For example if bowling was your favorite thing in the world when you were younger and it made you feel amazing and got you into a whole new world of enjoyment, then pick it up again!  There’s no reason not to.  Don’t worry about what anyone might think or so.  People who own themselves are highly attractive.

Sometimes through a relationship and through a break up period we can actually lose touch with yourselves and the things we enjoy. Wanting to get your ex back might give you that surge of motivation to improve your life.

So I highly recommend getting in touch with some things that make you feel good.

Find your passions, find your interests, and develop new hobbies.  Act as if nothing in the world could stop you from enjoying yourself.

The third thing I highly recommend is to get out there and go out with your friends.

Getting back in touch with maybe some old friends is important, as well as perhaps maybe new friends. It’s really important that the last thing you do is isolate yourself, You really must avoid that at all costs.

There’s a really a documentary called “Alone” and what it does it shows the effect of human beings when you remove all outside sensory input.

When you isolate a human being and give them no interaction with people, no information, and no stimulation, they break down.  They undergo severe psychological damage that can sometimes never be repaired.  So right now the worst thing you can possibly do is to isolate yourself. It’s really time to start living to start meeting some people, to start socializing. Isolating yourself will make it impossible to get your ex back.

As much as you might resist this, as much as you want to avoid it, and as much as you might hate this, it doesn’t matter, because you have to do it.

This is going to be the best thing possible for you.

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Need strategies for how to contact your ex-girlfriend?

You might want to know how to initiate contact, how to get things started, and how to progress things along.  Here’s some straight up advice on how to contact your ex-girlfriend.

Here is a 3-step plan to contact your ex-girlfriend – with everything you need to know.

So I want to give you three principles that hopefully will make a big difference in your being successful at contacting your ex-girlfriend.

These three things are going to give you the greatest result and the greatest benefit. To contact your ex-girlfriend is to plays your cards right – it’s a very sensitive period in time. Everything you do needs to be exactly right. The idea to contact your ex-girlfriend is a little like walking through a mine-field.

The first tip is to put no pressure on her when you’re having a conversation.  Don’t jump bombard her with trying to restart the relationship.  You’ll sound needy and whiny.

You want to be as chilled out as possible. You want to be like an ice cube at the North Pole,  You cannot sound needy or whiny, because she will instantly lose attraction to you.

You want to give the feeling that your call or email is just being friendly, that you have no ulterior motive in contacting her.

The second tip to contact your ex-girlfriend is to catch her and meet face to face.

There’s only so much you can do by email or through cards or by phone.

Meeting face to face allows you to figure out whether or not there is chemistry between the two of you.  You can’t really tell that over the phone.  You’ve got to be face to face and see if she’s really digging you again.

And the third principle to contact ex-girlfriend is to really think about whether you want to do it or not.

Seriously, if it was a messy relationship, if she was a toxic person and if she really knew how to pressure her partner, but wasn’t the best person for you, then don’t catch up with her.  There’s people out there who are very attracted to you, who you really want to have sex with but who are really bad for us, It’s not good to put ourselves in situations where we are tempted with these sort of people.

So really think about whether she’s the sort of person you want to get back in your life. If you want to contact your ex-girlfriend, it’s worth thinking about whether it’s a good idea or not.

Make sure you’re thinking with the head that’s above your shoulders, make sure you’re being real, realistic and intelligent, because the last thing you want to do is go backwards in your own journey. If you are going to contact your ex-girlfriend then make sure that it’s going to be a real positive for you and your life.

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I want to give you three principles to know whether or not it’s a good idea to contact your ex-boyfriend again or not.how to contact your ex-boyfriend

These three things are not hard and fast rules, but more like general ideas to think about when thinking about reconnecting with your ex-boyfriend.

Think of this as your easy 3-step “contact Your ex-boyfriend” game-plan.

The first thing is asking yourself,  “Has he changed? Has he developed or grown or improved? In as far as action speak louder than words, so has he really changed?”

Has he improved himself?

Does he look different?  Does he dress better?

Is his life different?

Is he heading in a different direction?

Has he raised his standards?

Has he stepped his life up to the next level?

These are the sort of things you want to know about him because there’s no point if he hasn’t done these things. i I he’s still the guy he used to be, well he’s never going to change.

Don’t even bother to contact your ex-boyfriend unless he’s improved as a person. If he hasn’t move on, just got find another guy.  Remember, dating and relationships are about improving YOU.  No reason not to be a little selfish.

The second thing you want to ask yourself is “Why am I even thinking about contacting my ex-boyfriend?”  Your motivation for doing so is important.  A lot of times we do things that our emotions propel us to do without giving it too much forethought.

Only contact your ex-boyfriend if you actually think you’re doing it for the right reasons.  Don’t do it because you selfishly want something from him or are unrealistic about your expectations of getting back together.

These are the important elements to decide whether to contact ex-boyfriend or not:

He is potentially your soul mate.

He makes you feel great about yourself.

He’s makes life really worth living.

Sometimes the easiest person in the world for us to lie to is our selves, so really make sure you’re not lying to yourself here because it’s much easier to do it than you think. Don’t contact your ex-boyfriend unless he fits those criteria above. Don’t be an amazing woman with terrible taste in men – there are enough of those in the world already.

Are you really thinking with your head or heart?

Really, think about your motivations and be self aware.  You must be certain that he’s not a bad influence on your life. To contact your ex-boyfriend I believe that he’s got to add value to your life. Or else, why bother?

The third thing to consider if you want to contact your ex-boyfriend is to think about how much contact you’ve had with him since the breakup.

How did the relationship end?

Was it messy?

Have you stayed friendly with him since you broke up, or has there been nothing but radio silence?  Do you think you two would get straight back into an argument?

Have you been putting a lot of thought into the sort of contact you’ve had since your relationship and how the two of you last communicated?  Because this is going to heavily influence your strategy and how you contact your ex-boyfriend to see him again. To contact your ex-boyfriend is a real risk of going backwards in your life – so make sure it is the right decision.

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