Celebrity Relationships Can Save Yours?

Celebrity Relationships Can Save Yours?

As ridiculous as this sounds, there’s some truth to what you can learn from celebrity relationships…

Have you heard the latest gossip?

Another hyped-up celebrity break-up leads to another romance we BOTH know will never last.  It’s all over the tabloids!  Their relationship won’t last too much longer.

… Or will it?

Rumors are going around that Scarlett Johansson is dating another man. In fact, they were caught holding hands!

So who was it? George Clooney… Her ex, Ryan Reynolds… or maybe some other Hollywood celeb?

No. In fact, she was caught dating a New York City ad executive. This article reveals all of the juicy details.

That’s so cliche! Right?

Well, I’m going to tell you that their relationship seems to have not just one… but all FIVE of the qualities I look for in a perfect relationship.  We can learn a lot from celebrity relationships, and what we find out can save ours!

Here they are:

1) Equal Power

Yes, a Hollywood starlet MAY have more power than a New York City ad executive…but really, in this relationship, it has more to do with personal presence than money.

And in any relationship, this is CRUCIAL!

In the old days, “power” would mean where you’re employed and how much money you have.  In this case, it’s partly that, but it’s also about personal charisma and presence.

Make too much more – or less – than your partner, and your relationship may suffer. It’s not just me saying this, either, countless studies have been done on the “money factor” in relationships.

2) Equal Status

Same as above. If one partner controls more of the relationship than the other partner, fights are bound to happen. And they’re gonna be brutal!

Not only will you two be at each other’s throats… this difference in power and status leads to passive aggressive behavior. One partner will snipe at the other because they feel they cannot take their partner on in a head on match.

How can you even out power and status? Have “the talk.” No, not marriage. I’m talking about the “who pays for what” talk.

Because even if your partner has a whole lot more money… if you pick up the dinner tab once in awhile, your relationship will still be on an even footing.  You’re letting your partner know, “I can be in control sometimes too!”

3) Equal Love

If you love your partner more than they love you – or vica versa – you’re in for disaster.  I’d spend more time on this concept, but I’ve already covered it in GREAT depth in Relationship Rewind.  It’s a topic that really requires a whole chapter to talk about.  I call it “Switching”, then “Drifting” away. You can read all about it, when you order your copy.

4) Separate Lives

Ah hah! So… equality is the secret, eh?

Well, not so much.

As it turns out, you can’t share everything.  Who wants to see the same person every minute of every day.  Talk about boring.

So what should be yours – and yours, alone? Your career and your friends.

Sharing all your friends not only leads to awkward break ups… it can actually make you stay in a TERRIBLE relationship, just because you’re scared to leave for fear of what your friends might think.  This is why it’s good to have some parts of your life TOTALLY SEPARATE from that of your partner.

5) Separate Loves

What’s something else you should keep separate?

Your passions and your career.

Two actors shooting for stardom or two musicians in the same band SEEMS like a good idea. It’s very romantic.  It’s like something right out of a movie, right?

Reality isn’t so sweet.  The reason why? We defend our egos, ourselves and the things we love with a fierceness otherwise not seen in our daily lives.

Picture this: Your partner hits it big! They’re the next Al Pacino or Angelina Jolie!

But you’re still struggling along at local theaters and doing unpaid work.  You don’t think you’ll ever escape from your office cubicle, or live your dream of being a big bank executive.

Don’t you think you’d be jealous?

Don’t you think you’d undermine their success?

Listen: You may say you’d be supportive now, but studies – and my own, personal experience – say otherwise.  Be honest.

My suggestion: Find someone who has their own vision in life. Then try to help each other succeed.  Always have your own ideas, and your own goals though.  Your partner is just their to help you.

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Have A Happy Relationship,

– Ryan

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