Characteristics of a Healthy Marriage

Characteristics of a Healthy Marriage

If you’re in a situation right now where you have a healthy marriage or don’t and you want a healthy marriage this article is going to help take your relationship to the next level.Characteristics of a healthy marriage

My advice on how to have a really healthy marriage is to find more direction in your life.

What’s really helpful is for you to have a clear path about where you’re going and where you’re going to end up. This will feed into developing a healthy marriage.

So I encourage you to ask yourself these five questions and these five questions will help you just direction in life and a clearer path. A healthy marriage will essentially be a side-effect.

Question number one, on your current lifestyle and your current daily life, where are you going to end up in five years?

So if you repeated today at five years over, where are you going to end up?

In terms of your relationship will this lead to a healthy marriage? Why?

Question number two, are you happy at this destination?

What it is that you like about it and what is it you don’t like about it?

Ideally where would you like your life to be like in five years, where would you like to be living?

Is your current path guaranteed to lead to a healthy marriage?

How would you like to be as a person?

What about your fitness, your financial situations, your relationship?

I mean you write down right now brief little plan about where you would like to be in five years’ time. Perhaps write about your healthy marriage in 5 years’ time and exactly how you would like it to be.

Next I want you to break that down to being 90 days but to in the next 90 days take some steps towards reaching that five day goal. To have a healthy marriage is to have a plan on how you will do it. They rarely are accidents.

What would you do?

What would be some things you could do to give you that purpose direction in your life.

And the last thing is to think about what are some small habits that could get you started?

So what are some small things that you could even do right now that would get the process going, and would get the process kick started that you could build on? Because it’s all about action. Having a healthy marriage is about taking action now to secure your future.

It’s all about doing things.

Some of the main benefits for getting more direction in life are that you get more results. A healthy marriage leads to all sorts of positive flow-on benefits in your life.

You always get more progressive results when you are headed in a definite direction. You can have a healthy marriage by thinking about what you need to do to achieve that goal. Get clarity.

You can always change your plan later just because you set some five year goals doesn’t mean you can’t change them but you’re always going to get a hell of a lot further with the plan than without a plan.

The other thing is that when you are in a marriage, people who have a plan and people who have a strong direction are much more attractive to their partners and have a stronger leadership sense. Add some leadership to your marriage. Take control of healthy marriage and make it happen.

Those leading partners are much more internally strong with who they are and they certainly make a lot better use of their time and energy.

And this ends up making them a hell lot more attractive to their partners and leads to a much greater chance of having a healthy marriage.

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