Couples therapy?

Couples therapy?

Couple therapy can be a really smart move to strengthen your relationship and, if needed, it can solve any major problems that might affect your harmony.

Couple’s therapy is an investment in the health of your relationship.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a psychiatrist, books, CDs, or just making sure that you have date night once a month; there are all sorts of ways to maintain a relationship and ensure that our bond doesn’t break.  Relationships are like a bed of flowers.  It needs regular watering and love.  Without that, the garden withers away and dies.  I sound dramatic, but really, there’s nothing more important than couple’s therapy.

Do you and your spouse bicker constantly?  Do you feel like acrimony and anger are just around every corner?  I knew this couple that avoided each other almost at every turn.  I was friends with the husband, and he would tell me that they spent most of the evening away from each other, working on separate projects and generally keeping their interaction to a minimum.  I thought to myself, “What kind of marriage is that?”

I told them that their relationship needed a tune up, and right away!  There is no way that a married couple should feel that they need to be far away from each other.  Their marriage was on the rocks, but neither of them seemed to know it.  They just settled into a pattern, and that was that.

I bought the husband a series of CDs off of Amazon for him and his wife to watch.  I knew that he wasn’t going to take the initiative to do things himself, even though I tried to give the best advice I could.  Sometimes people need to hear things from strangers.  They started working on their relationship and diligently did the exercises necessary to rebuild intimacy between them.  They breathed new life into their relationship.

Even if things are going well, do not neglect couples therapy.  You may have a problem, and it may be growing bigger right under your nose without you knowing it!

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