Couples Therapy – Can It Help?

Couples Therapy – Can It Help?

Couples therapy is a good idea.  Some people wonder whether or not it’s worth the time and effort.  Some people think, “Couples Therapy – Can it Help?”  It can!

You see different people experience different things from couples therapy or what probably makes the biggest difference is how much ownership you’re taking in the process.

What do I mean by ownership?

It is how much you’re investing in the process, how much you want it to work, and the sort of level of commitment we have. Couples therapy is not a passive process where you just attend and cross your fingers and hope it works.  It involves doing exercises, activities, and it calls upon you to make a lot of decisions for your life.  Your relationship will not repair itself.

You know, are you trying to outsource making your relationship better to this therapist or are you looking to do much of the leg work yourself?I highly recommend taking this approach to this so realize that a therapist can only do too much, however much therapy you get is going to make the biggest difference to your relationship as you putting in a huge effort to make it work.

Couples therapy is not a magic solution. What it is there to provide is some ideas for you to action. Couples therapy is designed to help you help the relationship yourself.

So the sort of attitude you want to have is one of being very proactive, one of not being passive, and showing that love and initiative. couples therapy always works much better if you play an EXTREMELY active role in making it work.

So always take an elite mindset into this, always do the as many of the recommended exercises you can, invest the most into the process, being honest as open as possible. Put 110% into the couples therapy process.  Do not be afraid to try out what your therapist asks you to do.  Sometimes it’s hard. You might have to leave your comfort zone.  In fact, I guarantee you’ll have to leave your comfort zone.  If you didn’t, because couples therapy is supposed to be hard.

Not only couples therapy but also any other information you read and advice you implement into your relationship. The success of couples therapy varies from relationship to relationship mostly because different people have different levels of commitment to the process.

Don’t resist change.  Couple’s therapy will result in you changing your world view.  It will happen, just let it happen and you’ll see a big change in your life.

So I highly recommend putting as much effort into this process as you can, taking as much action, pushing as hard as possible to get the absolute best result because you’re going to get out of it what you put in.

Use couples therapy as a way of boosting your level of commitment. Then it will work.  I guarantee it.  

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