Couples Therapy Exercises

Couples Therapy Exercises

Couples therapy exercises are like getting a tune-up for your car.  You really need to do them every once in awhile to maintain the health of your relationship.

Maybe you aren’t ready to meet with a couple’s therapist, but you’d like to try a few couples therapy exercises? It’s an excellent idea and a great first step to identifying your problems. If you already know what your problems are, it can be a way to develop insight about why the problems exist and what can be done to rectify the situation.

Talk. You must communicate in order to make any sort of progress.  There are so many couples who are in love but fall into disorder when they let communication break down.  There is no reason you should not be able to talk to your significant other.

This may not sound like an exercise, but it can be with a twist.  Sit down together and make sure that there are no distractions. Set a timer for five minutes. Partner A will use these five minutes to say all of the things that they like about Partner B. Partner B cannot say anything. At the end of the five minutes, set another five minutes and begin again. This time Partner B will say everything that they like about Partner A, while Partner A sits in silence. Then Partner A will take five minutes to talk about anything that has happened in his or her day. Next Partner B will take five minutes to talk about anything that has happened in his or her day. The key here is not to interrupt. The partner that is not talking must be silent. He or she will get their turn.

This exercise allows both partners to share without the fear of interruption or inattention. It also allows both partners to remember what they love about one another. Furthermore, it promotes communication. Lack of communication, especially positive communication, is often at the source of many couple’s problems.

Trust falls.  This is a common exercise for people in adventure challenges, but it works just as well for couples.  You see, couples need to develop a relationship on a bedrock of trust.  Trust is part instinctual.  You cannot just decide to trust someone, you build a relationship over time where you feel like they will do nothing to harm you.

The exercise works where one partner stands behind the other.  The partner in front of them is blindfolded.  They should let themselves fall into your waiting arms. This builds instinctive trust, and you’ll find that more trust in your relationship will help things go smoother.

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