Couples Therapy Retreats

Couples Therapy Retreats

Is a couples therapy retreat the solution you’ve been searching for?

When most people think of the word “therapy” it doesn’t sound fun. Sitting on an overly plump couch while you talk about your feelings every week with a total stranger isn’t a trip to the movies. It is, however, one way of approaching the problems in your relationship. Couples therapy retreats are another option.

One such program, called Marriage Quest, takes couples on a private three-day retreat. During this time, two qualified psychologists meet and discuss the couple’s issues with them. This retreat is not actually a vacation, but couples often stay at a nearby B & B while attending the counseling sessions over the three-day period.

There are a variety of couples therapy retreats out there today, but they are not a means of going on a vacation. They are instead a way to objectively look at your problems with less time constraints. In usual private practice, clients may meet for a 30-40-45-60 minute session every week, but a retreat allows windows of 2-6 hours of time. It also promises to be the best way of quickly addressing the problem. If you or your spouse had an affair or the marriage seems to be in immediate risk of ending in separation or divorce, then a retreat may be your best option. It will definitely allow you to jumpstart the process and see where you stand as a couple.

If you and your spouse aren’t having significant problems and would just like to strengthen your bond together, then couples therapy may not be necessary. Those couples that are just looking for time away together could go on a cruise, a yoga retreat, escape to the sea, climb through the mountains or go backpacking through Europe!  You could even combine both the vacation and the therapy time into a longer, extended vacation.

Whatever you do, make sure that both of you are 100% committed and ready to participate. Choose to go somewhere that you both want to go and/or find a counselor that you both click with.

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