Dating Profile Tips

Dating Profile Tips

When looking at dating profile tips, it’s important to remember that your profile needs to adequately express who you are.  You want to leave some mystique though.

It’s difficult to sum yourself up in one profile, but you have to do your best to attract the men who are browsing through.  Basically, think of your profile ad as a 30 second commercial all about you.  You have to be able to sell yourself in just a few seconds.

First, make sure you upload plenty of pictures. Men want to know that you are a real person and that you exist. One photo not only makes you seem fake but makes it seem like maybe you only have one attractive photo of yourself. Let them see who you are by first knowing what you look like.  I can’t stress this enough.  People don’t necessarily trust what they see on an online dating site.

Second, avoid cliches. Avoid these at all costs. Everyone uses them and you won’t stand out. You won’t be interesting. We know that you have so much to offer but they don’t know that. All they get to see of you is your profile. Make sure that they get a feel for who you are. Don’t just say, “I’m unique” or “I’m looking for my best friend” and “I don’t do drama.” Make it more than that. Get specific. Share a sliver of you.

Third, don’t wait to initiate contact. Too many women wait for the man to introduce themselves or to message first. In the online dating world, it isn’t too forward to say “hey” first. Go ahead. Don’t sit back and let someone else get him.  A dating site is not like a bar.  In real life, you wait for men to initiate contact.  On a dating site, those conventions are gone.

No matter what, remember that there aren’t any rules. Other than not scaring away a potential boyfriend, anything goes. Have some fun. Share a little without giving away things like your phone number or street address. Enjoy yourself. You never know who you’ll hit it off with and end up meeting later.

In the end, make sure you are 100% comfortable with what you are sharing because you are sharing it with people that you don’t know very well. It wouldn’t be good to give them access to extremely personal details. However, saying that you love Wednesdays or that you love that feeling when you first wake up and then lie in bed before beginning your day…these things aren’t going to ruin you. They may be personal, but they won’t harm you to share them. In fact, they may intrigue someone. With these women dating profile tips in mind, you’re ready to go meet people through online dating!

So be yourself, but be careful. End of story.

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