Divorce Busting

Divorce Busting

Divorce Busting is a book written by Michel Weiner Davis — and it has a lot of good feedback.

It’s written by Michele Weiner Davis and it’s a book that really revolutionized a lot of the treatments on divorce but it doesn’t work for everyone. You might be seeking some divorce busting tips, and this book is a great start.  Believe me, divorce is a horrible, life changing event that you would really want to avoid at all costs.

You find that just about every divorce can be a little bit different and there’s a bit of a limitation on what a single book can do. My idea of divorce busting is to use as many techniques as you can to fix your marriage. This is because each marriage has it’s own set of problems.

As good as a book might be and as powerful as the information, it can sometimes lack some elements but it’s a start to get the problem sorted out.  There are some books that are good with dealing with adultery, while other books deal with communication problems.  Try to be specific when choosing a divorce busting book.

I think it’s a very good first step. Make divorce busting your priority by not just stopping with one book or one strategy.There’s a lot of useful information and it can get the process going, what I want to encourage you to do is to not just stop there. Do some hard-core divorce busting by leaving no stone un-turned to fix your marriage.

What the book “Divorce Busting” recommends is that we try to keep ourselves attached to the idea that our marriage will be a success.  It’s easy to take a defeatist stance when it seems there’s no way out.  All the screaming and fighting takes its toll, and sometimes we think “Well, just let the divorce happen. It’ll just be all over.”  Divorce Busting is all about taking an aggressive stance to preventing your divorce from happening.

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