Divorce mediation?

Divorce mediation?

If you are thinking about getting a divorce, then divorce mediation is a must.  It can make you think about your marriage in a new light.  

Divorce is a really painful life event.  Of adults surveyed, 56% say they regret having divorced.  It’s really a point of no return.  I know all too well how difficult it is to restart a broken, dead marriage.  Divorce mediation is just the ticket.  You can sit down in a quiet space with a professional, and work through all of your problems.

The first step is to find a really good psychologist.  It’s really the main point of divorce mediation.  You need someone experienced, someone who is accredited, and someone who is sensitive to your needs.  There are a lot of psychologists out there trying to be the next Dr. Phil.  You have no time for them and their sugarcoated, reconstituted theories.  You need a psychologist that will tackle all of the hard issues.

Do not pick the first therapist you find.  Look up their accreditation.  You don’t want one that’s graduated from the University of Aruba.  Next, try and see if they have a professional website that details their theories as a psychologist.  Do not look for one that’s going to promise to stop your divorce in its tracks.  I had a bad experience with a poorly trained psychologist and it almost cost me my marriage.

I was tricked into thinking that therapists had magic wants to fix all of your problems.  A good therapist forces you to do things that are uncomfortable and look at issues you don’t want to.  You are never going to move past the problem without the hard work necessary to root out the negativity that has been building up in your relationship.  If your therapist does not understand this fact, then that is a big sign that he or she is not experienced enough to handle your problems the way they need to be.

When you undertake divorce mediation, remember, it’s about repairing your relationship.  You need to focus on what is best for you.  In some cases, that may mean you and your spouse will split up.  You’ll know what the best course of action is, and what is best for your own future.

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