Do I Want My Ex Girlfriend Back?

Do I Want My Ex Girlfriend Back?

After a breakup, it is natural to have conflicting feelings. You may miss having that special girl in your life, but is she worth the time and effort it would take to win her back? Perhaps you are unsure if you even still have feelings for her. However, you may also realize that you actually love her when she is already gone. Though these thoughts may constantly tear at your mind, there are certain ways to determine the answer to the question: Do I want my ex girlfriend back?

Ask yourself if you enjoy spending time with her. Whenever you hang out together, do you have a good time? Is she interesting and fun to be around? Do you feel like a better person around her? A “yes” to any of these hints that you really care about her, and can also mean that you take delight in having her in your life.

Does she make you happy? If the answer is a yes, then you are likely to want her back. Do you always find yourself smiling when you see her? Does that butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling come over you every time you talk to her? If so, then you will sincerely miss being in a relationship with her.

Do you get jealous of other men that talk to her? Jealousy is one of the biggest hints that you still have feelings for her. Though you may think you do not want her any more, once you notice another guy is interested in her, you may realize that you actually do want her back. Pay attention to this sign, because it is a major hint of how you really feel.

If you find yourself guilty of any of these, it is an obvious sign that you really care about that girl. Once you have realized that you want your girlfriend back, do not be afraid of asking for another chance with her!