Does Love Like in “The Notebook” Really Exist?

Does Love Like in “The Notebook” Really Exist?

When you wonder whether love truly exists, you might think of “The Notebook.” One of the most popular movies in existence, it centers on the idea that we all have one soul mate who we will find true love with. For some people, this concept is foolish. For some, it makes complete sense.

I think that the love found in “The Notebook” does really exist. I’ve seen it in many couples. However, I wouldn’t say that everyone has only one soul mate. Even if you do have one soul mate, I think there are other mates that you’ll find and who can cultivate great love for you.

Not every relationship begins with this incredible spark or this “love at first sight” phenomenon. Some relationships begin the more natural way. Basic attraction, time alone, and are then developed over time. This kind of a relationship has the power to offer the same kind of love found in “The Notebook,” though it starts off differently.

It’s important to remember that love comes in all shapes and sizes. No two loves are alike, though the experiences may be similar. Allow yourself to remain open to the possibilities of finding love in someone who doesn’t look like he or she walked out of a fairy tale. Stay away from the mindset that there will be a magical movie moment to begin your relationship. Movie moments often come later in a relationship as it progresses. It isn’t an instantaneous surge of love on day one. Let love progress in it’s own time.  If you do, you’ll be much happier with the results, I promise.