Don’t Assume in the Dating World

Don’t Assume in the Dating World

Making assumptions about relationships can be a very dangerous thing.  We make lots of assumptions about potential partners, what they like and don’t like, and what we think we want in a long term relationship.  Learn to stop making assumptions and to really think.

Don't Assume in the Dating World
Never giving up that search for love without assumptions.

Think back to some of your greatest relationships and try to remember what you first thought of your partner.  Did you think that they were romantic, spontaneous, and adventurous, or did you think something much of worse of them?  Why?  Did you let their clothes, or their mannerisms, or even the car they drove, make you assume things about them that were eventually disproven?  This is the trap we fall into when we make too many assumptions in the dating world.

Nothing is really as it seems.  In society, people put on a lot of airs to try and put the best face to the world.  That smartly dressed, professional looking man may attract you when you first seem him at the office or at the bus stop, but he might be, in fact, a terrible bore and no fun to take out on a date.  Conversely, that guy or girl you ignored because they wore drab clothing or because they weren’t popular at the office is in fact your soul mate.  If you let assumptions govern your behavior, how will you know which is the better partner?

Even when you are dating someone for a long time, assumptions can be deadly.  We make all kinds of assumptions with people we think we know.  It’s often how infidelity happens, because we assume that what we see is real, and what we think is real.

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