Dr. Phil’s Sexless Marriage Advice

Dr. Phil’s Sexless Marriage Advice

You might be wondering what Dr. Phil’s sexless marriage advice is like.  If you’re in a sexless marriage, what would he say to you?

Dr. Phil's sexless marriage advice

Dr. Phil is a world renowned psychologist and has made dozens of TV appearances on well-known shows, including Oprah.  Just about everyone knows him and has seen him help couples through their problems.  What does Dr. Phil say about sexless marriages, and is his advice really worth the price of one of his books or one of his marriage retreats?

Dr. Phil has some good advice for people who are stuck in sexless marriages, that’s for sure, but some of it does come off as generic.  This could be because a lot of what Dr. Phil does is private therapy where he gets to tailor his advice to the specific needs of the couple.  However, there are some patterns that occur in sexless marriages that he points out.

Dr. Phil recognizes that when one partner does not want to have sex, they use it as leverage against the other, and that can create a negative feedback cycle in the relationship that can eventually lead to divorce.  Dr. Phil’s sexless marriage advice really focuses on rebuilding the relationship from scratch.  This will rekindle the passion for sex between the two partners and break the sexless marriage cycle.

One of the things Dr. Phil suggests is to take a break from your partner.  This is important for the partner who wants to have sex, because it oftentimes feels like the sexless partner is the one holding the keys to the castle.  He suggests to go out with friends and pursue interests outside of the relationship, and then come back.  This may or may not be good advice, because when you regroup with your partner, things may not have changed necessarily.

Dr. Phil also likes to look at a patient’s background to see if there was some trauma in the past that is affecting the relationship now.  For instance, some women have problems with intimacy because they had an awful relationship with a previous boyfriend, or they were violated.  The woman may not tell her partner for fear of losing them, but the pain from the past still shows to the present.

Dr. Phil’s books and TV appearances are great for general guidelines about what to do if you are in a sexless marriage, but his advice might be too general for your particular circumstance.  This is of course natural since Dr. Phil cannot materialize in your living room, but it does call into question how helpful he might be in your specific circumstance.

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