Establishing Trust in Your Relationship

Establishing Trust in Your Relationship

New couples, whether of the recently married or recently “official boyfriend/girlfriend” status, often struggle with trust issues in their relationship. Being able to trust your relationship is one of the most important predicators to a healthy, lasting relationship. For those who may be struggling with building trust in their relationship or would just like to enhance the existing trust in their relationship, these tips will guide you there.

Trusting your partner is a key factor in building a healthy, lasting relationship together.

The first step to building a strong level of trust in your relationship is telling the truth, almost all of the time. I say almost because a surprise birthday party is still okay. Everything else though, really needs to be honest. When someone is truthful with you and you are truthful with them, you are able to rely and depend upon one another. For any kind of relationship, this is crucial.

The second step is being a reliable and dependable person in the relationship. If you tell your partner that you’ll be home at a certain time or that you will bring home the groceries, do it! Following through on what you say is important when building trust in a relationship.

Next, set boundaries. Jealousy has a way of ruining relationships and crushing trust. It’s best to set boundaries with your partner. If you know it upsets her when you take phone calls with your ex, then don’t set out for lunch dates with your ex. Respect one another enough to follow boundaries. While no one should be completely restricted, it helps to know what is upsetting to one another and doing your best to avoid those things.

Another important step in order to trust your relationship requires being trustworthy yourself. If your partner cannot trust you, then how will they be able to commit to the relationship? They will be worried as well and the two of you will be ruminating over the lack of trust present in the relationship. If you are trustworthy and your partner is right to trust you, then he or she can trust you as well. Remember, relationships are mutual and most definitely not one-sided. If he or she cannot trust you, how do you expect to be able to trust your partner?

Lastly, trust in yourself! You have decided to be with this person right now, in this moment. Something inside told you that this person was a good fit, a perfect match. Let yourself cherish the relationship rather than worrying about it’s demise. Trust in your own judgement and believe that the relationship is not only worthwhile, but one that you can feel safe in.

Trust is one of the aspects in relationships that keeps people together. If you look at any lasting relationship, a strong foundation of trust exists. Regardless of the nature of the relationship, for it to be successful, both parties must trust one another. If you have a particularly difficult time trusting others, it may be something that you need to address more openly. Sometimes trust issues work against not only romantic relationships, but relationships with friends, family members, and mentors. Remember that you’ve chosen to be with this person and trust yourself. Be someone that your partner can trust and he or she will trust you. While trust is not always the easiest thing to cultivate, it is definitely a quality that can be cultivated with the proper time and commitment.