How to get your ex boyfriend back…

How to get your ex boyfriend back…

If you want to get your ex boyfriend back what is really going to help is to do things that will make you feel amazing. One of the best feel-good strategies is to build your support network. Especially if you’ve been through a hell breakup.How to get your ex boyfriend back

The advice I’m going to give you right now in this situation is to dramatically boost your personal support network. If you are wondering how this will get your ex boyfriend back then realize the power of you feel great and being confident.

See when you’re dealing with a difficult situation like a breakup or any story of emotional trauma what’s really important is that you have a powerful support network around you and you make the absolute best use of that as possible.

So in my opinion there are four elements of a strong support network.

So you want to have all these four in your life, and you want to be able to tap into them on demand. To get your ex boyfriend back is to get out of that negative emotion stage of breakups.

Number one is a professional support network, so this might come from your therapist or coach or consular.

You want to have some sort of person in your life that you can be totally honest with and who may be able to give you a bit of a professional experience perspective. Talking to them about getting your ex boyfriend back could give you some valuable awareness and ideas.

This is very valuable because it allows to have an atmosphere in your life where you can be totally open and you can allow someone who is very educated and has a lot of experience to share some ideas and perspectives with you.

So it’s a very powerful exercise to have a professional support network that you can tap into. Getting your ex boyfriend back is mostly about how attractive and magnetic your energy is.

If you don’t have a professional network at the moment then start to get one immediately.

I know the last time I went through a break up, what I did was I hired a couple of personal coaches.

They weren’t very expensive but they gave me a little of an action and orientated a future approach to rebuilding my life and myself.

The second support network is your friends.

Maybe during a relationship you lost a bit of the closeness with your friends or got a little bit out of touch. Getting your ex boyfriend back could be a case really of giving yourself a real boost of life and energy.

So it’s time to reengage them it’s time to maybe get in touch with some people you haven’t spoken to for a while. Wanting to get your ex boyfriend back is really about having him see you and him thinking “wow”.

Go out for coffee or drinks with the girls and just generally tap into your social circles and your friends.

Especially any you’ve lost touch with and particular girlfriends that you can be honest with and let things out. Make getting your ex boyfriend back part of an overall strategy of getting as much happiness into your life as possible.

Number three a big part of the support network is new people so I highly recommend look in taking up a hobby.

Maybe something like salsa or netball, something that allows you to let off some steam but also to have a little bit of social interaction as well. You can get your ex boyfriend back by surprising him with your new independence and lifestyle. Make him a little jealous.

The worst thing you can do when you’re dealing with a breakup and you want to get your confidence back is to isolate yourself. That certainly won’t get your ex boyfriend back.

So I highly recommend meeting new people and getting yourself in some situation when you can make some new friends and you can talk to some people. Wanting to get your ex boyfriend back is about making him feel a real sense of loss.

This ends up being a very valuable support network because there is something about new people that just gives us a real boost of energy and feel good chemicals. Wanting your ex boyfriend back could come down to simply being ridiculously happy and vibrant.

The fourth area of the support network is in reading and what you want to do at this point in time is really study everything you can on breakups and dealing with them and getting your ex back.

Especially anything to do with suffering from emotional trauma or post traumatic stress disorder or anything you can on healing or making yourself feel better or boosting your confidence.

A really powerful support network can come from understand what you’re experiencing and how you can move forward.

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